Discovering Sex


I’m feeling guilty. Guilty but very happy. But maybe I should explain something first. I’m eighteen. My birthday was a month ago, I’m about to graduate from high school. My sister is about a year and a half older than me but just one year ahead of me in school. She goes to our local community college. We have good parents, go to church every Sunday — not real religious but we know right from wrong. My sister’s and my bedrooms and our bathroom are in a separate wing from my parents and since we’re fairly grown up our parents leave it up to us to keep things clean and almost never come into our wing.

My sister is a fox. Beautiful. Gorgeous body. Always has dates for everything. I have dates for nothing. Talking to girls almost scares me. I ‘m on the school wrestling team and am not ugly so I know I look o.k. but I think I’m afraid of girls saying no to me or something. I’d love to be more like my sister, more outgoing, but I’m not.

Anyway, a week ago, as I took a shower I started feeling horny and playing with myself a little. When I got back to my room, I lay on my bed naked, on my back, and played with myself some more until I got really hard. Then I started jerking off. I had my eyes closed,trying to imagine some naked girl but pretty much having to remember pictures from magazines. Usually, I jerk off in the bathroom so I can shoot into the toilet and then use toilet paper to wipe up anything that missed the bowl and then flush it all down, leaving no trace for anyone to see. This time, though, I’m laying on the bed and when I shoot off it lands all over me. I open my eyes, knowing that I’m going to have to clean myself and maybe even the bed cover, and my sister is standing in the doorway watching me.

“What are you doing?” I yell out.

She grins, “What are you doing? I’m just watching you.”

“You’re my sister, you shouldn’t watch me jerk off.”

“Why not? It’s very arousing. Your thing is awfully big. Are all guys things that big?”

“What? Uh, I don’t know. Maybe I’m a little bigger than average but, yeah I think most cocks are sort of like mine.”

“I’d never seen a real one before. It looks too big to fit inside a girl.”

“Well, mine has never been inside a girl but they must fit because a lot of people are sure doing it.”

“Yeah,” she says and just looks at me for a moment. Then she turns and walks away. To her room, I imagine.

I’ve got cum all over me so I head to the bathroom and wash it off. I never even thought about it but I’m still naked. When I come out of the bathroom, I’m looking right into my sister’s room. She’s laying on her bed naked, her knees up and her legs off to the side and she has one hand down in the hairy area where her pussy is and the other looks like it’s pulling on one of her nipples. I freeze sort of. I should go away, not watch my sister masturbate but I almost can’t move.

“Want to watch me like I watched you?” she says. I can see the hand at her pussy moving fairly rapidly.

I just stare. I might have grunted something. I wanted to run because this is all wrong but I didn’t.

“Yours is so big I could see it from the door. Come closer, you probably can’t see much from there.

“But you’re my sister.”

“So? It’s a learning experience. I bet you’ve never seen a girl’s pussy so now’s the time to find out what they’re like. C’mon in.”

I crossed the hall and went in, actually sat down on the end of her bed, perhaps three feet from her naked pussy.

She reached down with her other hand and used both hands to spread herself open. It’s all sort of pink and red in the midst of a lot of hair. Dark hair. The hair on her head is like mine, brown, but her pubic hair is darker. I guess mine is too now that I think of it. “This is it,” she says. She moves a finger. “These are my pussy lips. Here is my vagina.” She points sort of low in the pink area, then pushes a finger in herself. “This is where a thing like yours would try to fit, but up until now the only thing that’s ever been there is my finger.” She pulls her finger out, I can see it glisten like it’s wet a little. She points to another spot. “This is my clit. This is really where I can arouse myself a lot. Playing with it is what makes me cum.”

While I had never seen one for real, I’d learned the parts before. But the clitoris she was pointing at didn’t look like it was anything. Where’s your clit?” I ask, “I don’t see anything.”

“You probably have to either get closer or touch it yourself, it isn’t real noticeable.”

Almost without thinking, I slid closer and leaned a little. My face was probably a foot from her pussy. I could smell her. She used her finger and moved it back and forth. “See it now?” she asks. Actually I could, just a little nub sort of.

“Yeah,” I say. “I didn’t realize girls masturbated like guys.”

She starts moving her finger on herself real fast, rubbing, I guess. “We’re all humans, males or females. We’re just as horny as you but görükle escort bayan learn to control ourselves better. Or at least some of us do.” She pushes a finger into herself and then starts sliding it in and out, With her thumb of the same hand, she’s diddling on her clit some. With her other hand, she got hold of one of her tits and is pulling on the nipple. She starts to moan and her hips seem to jump a little. Then she lets out some sort of “uh – uhs” over and over, and her pink area is obviously getting wetter, I can see it, and then a little fluid of some sort squirts out just a little and she pulls her hand away from herself for a moment and then reaches back and just sort of lays her hand on herself, hiding her pussy from me. “I don’t know whether you could tell but I just came,” she says. “It doesn’t squirt like yours but it sure feels great as I imagine you feel when you cum.”

All of a sudden I realize that I’m sitting there naked, next to my sister who’s naked, and I have one of the biggest hard-ons of my life. I almost feel like I could cum again just from watching her. So I stand up, pretty quick, and start backing out of the room. I want to say something but I don’t know what. “You’re all hard again. Are you going to masturbate again? Can I watch?”

I have no idea what I was going to say, if anything. But what she said stopped me. I sort of wanted to turn and run. But I was also feeling hornier than I ever had. Then she turned some, sat on the edge of the bed and then stood up and stepped towards me. I was seeing her full, naked body in front of me. Her tits moved with every move she made. Her nipples were like they were staring at me. Without even thinking, I reached down and grabbed my cock. She stepped closer. “Can I touch it?”

Without waiting for an answer she has her hand on my cock. I let go and let her hold it. She’s so close her tits are touching me. My move is almost involuntary. I reach up with my left hand and hold her right breast. “Softer,” she says, “Don’t just squeeze it, act like you like it.” So I held it softer, moved my hand a little, feeling her. “I like that,” she says. “Do the other one.” So I reach up and hold her other breast the same way. “Play with the nipples a little,” she says. Meantime, I can feel her hand moving back and forth on my cock.

“The skin on your thing moves and it’s so hard and yet not hard. Is this right, just move my hand back and forth?”

“Yeah,” is all I can think to say. I’ve never felt like this before in my life.

“Want to kiss my nipples?” she asks. I lower myself some and get my face to where my hands are and kiss one nipple. I don’t just kiss it, I stick my tongue out and lick it. I move my mouth to the other one. I use my hand to sort of feed it to me and get my mouth around the nipple and lick and suck. “Oh fuck,” she almost murmurs, “That is so great.”

She’s let of of my cock, I’m too low now. Her hands are on my face and on my back. “Let’s get on the bed,” she says. She lays down on her back and I crawl on top of her to get my mouth and hands back to her breasts. Her legs are up, on either side of me. Her pubic air is against my abdomen. “Billy,” she says softly, “Can you use your mouth like that on my pussy please. I’ve heard about it but never experienced it and I’m just so aroused I really want you to try please.”

Well, I’d heard about it, too, and had wondered how to do it. So I look up at her from where my face is at her tits and start sliding down her. She brings her knees up almost to her shoulders and I’m looking right at the pink area in amongst a lot of hair. I use my hands to push the hair out of the way and in the process it pulls her open slightly, so I stick my tongue out and push it into her pink area and start licking up and down a little. “Yes, yes,” she says. I lick down slightly to where I saw her push in her finger and I tried pushing in with my tongue. It actually did go in. “Oh,” comes out of her. Then I think about her clit, that she said really aroused her, so I licked up some and felt a little bump. “Oh,” from her again. I lick back and forth on it. I think it actually grows a little as I lick it. “Do that more,” she says. I do. “Can you get a finger in me?” she asks. I get my hand down under my chin. It’s awkward but it’s possible, I have to move my head to a different angle. “Oh, fuck,’ comes from her. “Yes, do that,’ she says. I start sliding the finger in and out while I lick on her clit. She keeps on making noises and then her hips start bouncing. I move my head away. “Don’t stop, don’t stop” she actually yells. So I get back to licking her. Everything is moving and she’s getting wetter and wetter. Then both her hands are on my head pulling me into her. Her legs are waving back and forth against the side of my head. She starts almost screaming and I get a faceful. Whatever she squirts, I get it squirted on me. Not bad, no strong flavor, sort of sticky. Then her whole body relaxes, her legs fall to the altıparmak eskort side, her hands come away. I pull my finger out of her and look up at her. “That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had. By far,” she says in an odd, hoarse voice.

“She pulls on my shoulders. “Come up here,” she says, almost like an order. I slide up over her again and she pulls my head to her and kisses me. I can’t help it, I kiss back. Her other hand is down between us, grabbing my very erect cock. Her tongue pushes into my mouth and we sort of lick each other inside my mouth. She pulls her tongue out, “Roll over”, she says. I roll onto my back and she follows, almost on top of me. “I’ve heard of this a lot so now I get to try it,’ she says. She moves off me a little and sort of half sits up to the side. She has hold of my cock and then leans over it and get her lips around the head and starts licking. Then she pushes her head down and takes more of me into her mouth, licking and sucking. She pulls her head loose and looks at me, grinning. “This is so sexy,” she says and then acts as if she’s trying to swallow my cock.

She can’t get all of it in her mouth. She uses a hand to hold it at the bottom, then starts sliding her lips up and down on my cock, like she’s jerking me off with her lips. “Watch the teeth,”I say, when I can feel something. She looks up at me, her lips spread around my cock. I realize she has to have her jaws open pretty wide to take my cock into her mouth. She just keeps bouncing her head up and down, sucking me and I can feel my insides so I say to her, “I’m going to cum.” I don’t know why I told her and I don’t know why she paid no attention but just kept sucking and bouncing and then I shoot a load into her mouth. Her eyes widen and she lifts up some and another shot comes out and hits her chin. She looks surprised and then takes my cock back into her mouth as I shoot off a couple more times. I can see her throat move, she swallows what I’m giving her. She continues to suck me after I’m done until my cock starts to get smaller. She looks at me. “A girl told me about that but it surprised me when it happened. It doesn’t taste bad at all so I swallowed it. I guess you got some of mine earlier so it seems fair.” Then she laying on top of me kissing me again, tonguing me again. I put my arms around her and kiss back.

“This is all wrong, you know. You’re my sister. If Mom and Dad found out it would really hurt them because we’re wrong morally and legally.”

She grins and moves her hips to rub her pubic hair against me. “Yes, but isn’t it terrific? I’ve never felt like this before in my life. I plan on our doing this a couple times a day at least. We just have to make sure Mom and Dad never know. And your friends and my friends never know. Don’t you feel the same?”

“Yeah, I do. And doing this as often as possible is what I want too.” I lift my head some to kiss her. She kisses back, pushing my head back down onto the bed.

We swap tongues for a while and then she says, “You’re probably not ready yet for me to suck you again but I’d love to have you lick me again if you’re willing.” I kiss her again and roll us over so I’m atop her now. I kiss her some more and then slide down a little to get at her breasts. I’m even thinking of them as breasts now instead of tits. I relish touching and tasting every part of her body practically, down her legs and back up again, and finally to her pussy where I did everything I could think of.

This kept up for three days. The only change is that I tell her that her bushy hair gets in the way of licking her pussy and we need to cut it some. She mentions shaving but we agree that shaved, she would need to keep shaving regularly. Just trimming the hair a lot will do what I think will work out well. And it does. While we’re at it, she trims my pubic hair some, too. We eat each other almost constantly every day. As soon as I can get hard again, she has me in her mouth. Well, except when we’re in school. She seems to really love sucking cock and swallowing cum. Claims it’s sexy. I enjoy handling her body, her breasts and her pussy. But truthfully I don’t get the kick out of eating her that she seems to get out of sucking me. I mean I like it. But the biggest kick is seeing how it makes her react. But on the fourth day things change.

We come home from school, shower together, feeling each other all over, and she kneels in the shower and sucks me off. After we dry each other, I lay her on the bed and kiss all over her body, ending up eating her to a great orgasm. All of that is normal. She then feels to see if I’m hard yet and I am. I roll onto my back and she straddles me down over my legs, all pretty normal as she decides to suck me. She does suck me. But only for a short time. She then sits back, rolls a condom down over me and sits on top of me and starts dropping herself down as my cock goes up inside her. She’s slow about it, commenting on how big I am. I’m in nilüfer escort her an inch or more and I can feel I’ve hit something in there. She can feel it, too. She lifts up very slightly and pushes herself down and I can feel that I’ve broken through something. She makes a face and a hurt kind of noise but then starts taking more of me into her. She grunts and exhales and finally her pubic hair meets mine.

We’re fucking. She raises and lowers herself and makes all sorts of loving noises and I can’t imagine anything better than her very tight insides massaging all over my cock. She cums and we roll over and I fuck her some more, really pounding into her, until I finally cum. So fucking regularly enters our daily routine. I really feel guilty. I mention it to her several times.

“Billy, if you feel so guilty, there’s only one solution. You need to find another girl for sex and I need to find another guy. I can’t believe anyone else will actually meet all our needs, I bet we continue to do each other afternoons and at night. But it does make sense that we widen our horizons. What girl at school would you most like to fuck?”

“What? Oh,probably Amy Strasser.”

“Good. The prettylittle blond. I remember her. Well, if she’s what you like, you have to try. You might be surprised that she’s not as pure and innocent as you think.”

“Well, I said I’d like to have sex with her. That doesn’t mean I have the nerve to ever talk to her and get her to want to have sex with me.”

“You have to. Look, you have nothing to lose. Tomorrow, as soon as you see her, go up to her and say, ‘Amy, I’d like to get a date with you.’ Don’t think about it, don’t let it worry you, just do it as soon as you see her the first time.” She went on to make me promise to try.

So, the next day, I see Amy as I walk up to the school, before school starts. She’s just walking up, too. I go up to her and she says, “Hi, Billy” and I say, “Amy, I’d like to get a date with you.”

She surprises me and says, “O.k. when, and what do you want to do?”

I almost swallow my tongue. How do I answer her. Just tell her I want to fuck her? That certainly won’t work. But I can’t stall any longer so I blurt out, “I probably can’t tell you what I want to do or you’ll slap me.” That’s dumb, I know immediately.

She looks at me with a big grin. “That’s intriguing Billy. You’ve got to tell me.”

“Uh, well, ever since I first saw you, I’ve wanted to kiss you.”

She grins, looks up at me (I’m a lot taller than her) and says, “Well, then, kiss me.”

Right in front of the school! But I lean down and kiss her. She kisses back. I get one arm around her and kiss her more and she does the same. I finally break the kiss. “Wow,” I say, “I bet you’d taste delicious.”

She grins again and says, “Do you mean what I think you mean? I’d like that.”

“Well, I’m thinking of working on your clit with my tongue.”

She gives a little shriek. “Oh, I’d love that. I’ve never had anyone do that yet. And I bet you’d be delicious, too. So, would right after school be a good time, so I could get home in time for dinner?”

After school we walk to my house. My parents are at work and even if she comes home, Linda won’t bother us. For the moment it seems like the best place to have sex with Amy. “I’ve been getting wet all day waiting for what we’re going to do,” she tells me as we walk.

“About every two minutes, I’d think of it and get a boner. I’ve been mostly hard all day. It’s almost embarrassing.”

“Well, I hope you’ve saved some of that hardness for me.”

I’m really amazed that Amy is so sexy. So openly sexy. She certainly sounds as if she’s far from being a virgin. I mean, I start talking to her and she’s ready to do it the very same day. If we had time before school I think she was ready to do it right then. I guess Linda was right, girls are human, too, and get horny just like guys.

“You’ve always been so quiet,”she says. “I’ve seen you wrestle and you have a great body. I would have liked to date you sooner but you never asked.”

“You’re so beautiful,” I answered, “that I never thought I had a chance. To be truthful, it surprises me that you’re not a virgin, that you’ve had sex with guys before.”

“Well, I’ve never had sex with a guy in my school class before. I’d just as soon have most of you think that I was a virgin. But I love sex. I love to fuck, love sucking cocks. I’ve just always done it with guys older. My first was Gary Walker, you know him?”

“Yeah, I think my sister dated him.”

“Well it was at the lake, we were in bathing suits. We went off alone, away from everyone and started making out a little and the next thing I know, my bottom is off and he’s pushing in to me. I hadn’t planned it but it was great. So we started doing it a lot. He got me to suck him and I discovered I loved it, it’s so sexy somehow. I’ve gone on the pill so I don’t have to worry about getting pregnant. Then, at a couple parties, I met other sexy guys and pretty soon I’d blown four different guys and three of them had fucked me. I guess I’m a dirty slut but I really love it. Those guys never seem to brag about it or tell others, so I still have a good reputation so I hope you don’t go talking about it either.”

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