The Present…“WHAT THE HELL DO YOU TWO WANT?”After my yell there was silence outside our door. Amber and Brie were no doubt wondering whether to answer or flee. Perhaps I overreacted? My only excuse was that I’d reached my limit of ‘almost’ having sex!Poised above me, Danny froze like a deer caught in headlights. Soft kisses to my neck ceased. The cock tip between my outer lips, which had just begun penetrating my pussy, pulled back as he swore in frustration. I felt his frustration. To have come so close, AGAIN!, only to have something come between us finally having sex… God definitely has a sense of humor!With a groan of defeat, Danny turned his head to look at the door of our bedroom. There was a sudden look of an Oh-Shit! moment on his face before he moved quickly from between my legs to lie down beside me. Pulling the sheets up to cover our nakedness, he whispered, “Is that door locked?”Crap! It wasn’t! I shook my head.“OK. I’ll find out what my sister wants and lock the door,” Danny said and started to scoot out of bed.’Oh, hell no!’, was my only thought as I grabbed his arm and pulled him back before he could move from under the bedsheets. The last thing I wanted was for him to get caught up in some family thing. No one out there was MY family though! I could, and would, tell ’em to eat shit and die! All with a glad heart the way I was feeling… So I pressed Danny flat to the mattress and told him, “Danny, you’re not leaving this bed unless the damned hotel is on fire!”I swung out of bed and found where I’d tossed the nightshirt I’d worn earlier. Slipping it over my head, I continued, “I’ll find out what those girls want and lock our door.” With a pointed finger and an admonishing ‘Stay!’, directed at Danny, I opened the door.Behind me I heard Danny huff, “I am not a dog!”In front of me, Brie, Amber and Stanley were on the other side of the common area. Opening my arms, in an aggrieved tone I asked them, “What?”“We just wondered if it would be OK to invite a couple of friends over,” Amber replied timidly.Was that all? A couple of friends invited for a sleepover in an expensive hotel suite? Hell, it’s what I would have wanted to do in their shoes. After all, an opportunity like this doesn’t happen very often…“Go for it,” I agreed, happy to have settled the problem in under a minute. I went to the mini-bar and loaded my hands up with the small booze bottles. “One condition, though. You leave me and Danny alone.”They quickly agreed and I went back to the bedroom, this time making certain to lock the door. Thinking that Danny and I might want to get silly drunk later, I stuck my head back out the door, “One more thing. Call room service and ask them to send someone to restock the mini-bar. Add a nice tip to the bill and just sign for it to be charged to the room.”I closed the door, made sure to lock it again, stacked the bottles in my hand on the nightstand, stripped off my nightshirt and jumped onto the bed next to Danny. All in less than ten seconds. I was horny and in a hurry! This time Danny wasn’t half comatose in a drunken stupor. This time Danny was awake and an arm snaked around my waist to pull me down, around and under him all in one motion.“I think you missed me,” I laughed.My eyes would need a few moments to adjust to the gloom of our bedroom but I didn’t need eyes to feel Danny’s lips on mine, his hand cupping my breast. A slight nod of his head and warm breath in my ear, “Every second…”I needed very little to be ready. This time as Danny moved on top of me… This time as I spread my legs to let him settle between my thighs… This time as I reached between us to guide Danny’s cock to my pussy slit… This time as I moved his cock tip up and down my slit to moisten it… This time there were no interruptions. I felt pressure and sighed in pleasure as Danny took me. My sigh was half in pleasure, half in relief, that I finally had Danny inside me despite all that had kept us so close and yet so far from this moment.Soon my sighs were all in pleasure as Danny took his time and in small, slow strokes pushed into me. Once his cock was firmly inside me, I took my hand away from between my thighs to enjoy that wonderful feeling of having my pussy stretched and filled. With easy in-and-out motions, Danny lubricated his cock with my juices. Once deep in my pussy, he stayed his motion and groaned out his pleasure, ‘God, you’re incredible.’Feeling a thick cock stretching me deliciously wide, I put my mouth next to Danny’s ear and sighed that he felt just as good to me. Lifting my knees, I let my legs fall to the sides to open myself so Danny could take me deep with every bit of his cock.Danny continued to lie atop me without moving except for a slow shifting of his body occasionally as we kissed. With every small motion, it felt as if Danny’s cock slid deeper inside me. Stretched my pussy wider… I was very content to just lie there with his weight pressing me into the mattress while his mouth on my lips and neck continued to make me gasp and quiver. I’d done my part in just getting us to where we were now. Everything past this point was all up to Danny. It wasn’t long before I felt Danny’s hips begin to move and the slide of his cock inside my very wet pussy made thinking impossible.I closed my eyes and whispered to no one in particular, ‘Oh fuck, this feels so good…’It had been a very long time since I’d enjoyed a man making love to me. With clients, it was just about sex. With clients, I always had to be thinking about their bahis siteleri pleasure. With clients, my purpose was to put their enjoyment before mine. With Danny, all I had to think about was the sensations I felt between my legs as my body responded to a lover and not a client.Danny continued to take me with slow, deep movements until his shaft was completely lubricated with my juices. God, I was so wet that even Danny’s thick cock slid between my tight pussy with ease. Deep inside me, cunt muscles flexed… Constricting pussy walls tried to grip the moving hardness that felt so damned good. Consciously I contracted those muscles more and Danny gasped as my pussy walls clamped around his cock in a tight embrace I held for as long as I could before I had to relax. Then I clamped my muscles hard again, exercising muscles that Sandra had shown me that I had. She’d told me that men wanted a tight cunt and I’d strengthened those muscles on many cocks since.Cool air replaced Danny’s warm skin as he rose up on his elbows to thrust harder. My breasts moved in response to the thrusts between my legs. Danny’s eyes were drawn to their rhythmic dance on my chest. I closed my eyes as Danny pushed harder. My mouth opened to expel quiet grunts and small puffs of breath in time to his thrusts. I kept my eyes closed and let my arms fall to the mattress as his mouth found its way to my neck again. Everything I was feeling between my thighs robbed me of my will to want to do anything but lie beneath Danny and feel the myriad sensations as his cock plunged into me and his hard pubic thrusts crashed into my pussy lips. I surrendered completely to anything he wanted to do with my body.I discovered in many, many ways that there was indeed so much Danny wanted to do with my compliant body. Danny’s cock never stopped moving between my thighs and neither did his hands and mouth over other parts of my body. Lips moved from my neck to my lips and back… Biting my earlobe… Kissing my lips, nuzzling, licking the tender skin of my neck… Sucking hard on my nipples… Hot breaths on my skin that made me want to pull my neck away from the sweet torture that was making me gasp and shiver while at the same time I wanted to press my flesh harder to Danny’s mouth.Through all of this my body never stopped moving, shifting in response to Danny’s hands, mouth and cock. I didn’t stop telling Danny with moans and words how good his cock inside me felt. How wonderful what he was doing felt… To fuck me harder… To suck my nipples deeper into his mouth…Danny groaned how good I felt as he stopped thrusting to press hard against my pussy. The grinding of his hard pubic bone into my soft lips and stimulated clit caused my hips to move, thrusting up, trying to push my pussy harder against that wonderful, grinding abuse.Whether kissing me or sucking on my nipples, Danny’s hips never stopped moving between my legs. It didn’t matter if Danny was thrusting or grinding, my pussy responded with copious amounts of thick juice that coated Danny’s cock. Each new thrust pulled more of this thick grool from deep inside my cunt. Each new thrust would leave some of it against the stretched, pink skin at the entrance to my pussy. Gradually this thick creampie of my own deep, thick cunt juice collected and grew until gravity and the hard fucking by Danny started a slow-motion avalanche of this thick pussy juice to run down my ass crack.As Danny grew closer to completion, his thrusts came increasingly faster, crashing into me harder, pushing my ass into the mattress. My entire body, not just my tits, was being shifted by the shock of our hips meeting as I opened my legs wider and lifted my legs to enhance my pleasure at the new angle his cock took me. Louder sounds of our fucking bodies coming together filled our room along with our grunts and moans. Danny fucked me harder even as his hands played rougher with my breasts. Cupping and molding the soft tissue into hard mounds, Danny tested how strongly he could grip my tits without a complaint from me.I love rough tit play. With full 34DD cups, I had a lot of tit for Danny to grip in his strong fingers. I could have put my hand atop his to press his fingers deeper into my flesh. I could have but I didn’t. It was up to Danny to discover for himself that my groans were not protests as he molded my tits into harder and tighter mounds. Instead, my groans came from the deep, profound enjoyment I had as fingers clamped tighter on my tits. When he rose up higher above me to allow his mouth to clamp upon my nipples, I pushed my tit up against his sucking mouth and teeth.A large amount of my flesh was sucked into Danny’s mouth where his tongue lashed my engorged nipples. Teeth nipped and pulled on the erectile tissue. Hands gripped the base of my tits while hard sucking on my nipples caused them to ache deliciously as tongue and teeth caused me to cry out for more while my hands on the back of Danny’s head pressed him harder to my tits.Oh, fuuuck… Through all his testing of how hard I’d allow him to suck on and mold my tits, Danny’s thrusts never stopped. His thick cock moving faster, my gasps of expelled air from my slack, open mouth coming more often and louder in the near darkness. The sound of our fucking bodies meeting grew louder along with the longer, more frequent moans and gasps, mostly mine.Balanced on one elbow or the other, Danny lavished attention to both my breasts. The sweet, sweet pain I felt as my tits were crushed in strong hands combined canlı bahis siteleri with and heightened the euphoric feelings radiating from my pussy. I deny myself the satisfaction of rough titty play with clients. Bruised tits were not something the next client might want to see. With Danny, I not only allowed but wanted his rough hands and mouth to maul my flesh. The increasing pain in my tits combined with the sublime fucking my pussy was receiving… Pain and pleasure… I was trying to push my tits and hips upwards at the same time, my hips thrusting up to meet Danny’s thrusts coming down while inviting his hands to my tits.Shit, I was so close… I hadn’t expected to orgasm this first time with Danny. I hadn’t expected him to last this long because of his lack of pussy. I hadn’t expected him to instinctively know how to give me this much pleasure. But, oh my God he was bringing me! But, Danny was close, also. Abandoning my tits to rise above me on locked arms his thrusts became frantic… Rapid and powerful blows to my pussy lips pushed me across the sheets… I felt sweat droplets fall on my tits and stomach. Grasping handfuls of the sheets, I gasped out how good this was. How close I was…I’m certain that Danny would have tried to control himself if he’d known I needed only a minute or two longer. But he’d reached his limit and groaned that he was going to come just before pressing hard against my pussy lips… I didn’t need his gasps to tell me that he was filling me with his cum in a series of short, hard jabs. I could feel his cock swell and contract, each pulsating movement releasing more cum as he crushed my pussy lips in his attempt to force his cock deeper.As Danny pushed harder, trying to come as deep inside me as possible, the grinding against my pussy lips just above my clit almost brought me… Almost. But I didn’t give a shit as the crushing force between my thighs lessened and stopped as Danny’s cock ceased pulsing his cum into my cunt. Danny remained poised above me for several moments after he came until with a heartfelt, ‘Oh, my God,’ he collapsed onto my body.Our sweat mingled as Danny panted for breath. I could feel his heart beating wildly against my tits as I released my hold on the sheets to wrap my arms around his shoulders to pull him to me. I hadn’t come but I really didn’t give a damn. I had a very satisfied, cum filled pussy!Except for the lack of my own orgasm, which I hadn’t really expected to achieve, everything was what I’d wanted for our first time together. We’d finally had sex! I’d had a man make love to me and not a client having sex with me! I had a warm, tight body on top of me and a still hard cock driving me crazy with every small movement it made in my pussy. I could feel a rapid heartbeat on my breasts and somewhere deep inside me, I had Danny’s cum…If my pussy was a cat, it would have been purring with happiness. But, I could tell Danny over and over how good I felt.But it wasn’t and I wasn’t allowed an opportunity to express my feelings further as Danny regained his breath only to find my mouth with his. In between kisses and Danny began telling me in different ways how incredible this had been, how wonderful I was… Having regained his breath, he continued for some time mingling kisses with words that would have made little sense to someone unaware that he’d just had sex for the first time in years.When Danny finally did attempt to rise up off of me, I tightened my arms around his shoulders and asked, “Where do you think you’re going?”“I thought that my weight… I didn’t want to smoosh you.””Turn us over,” I said and tightened my arms and legs around him as he did just that. On top of him now, I stretched out on his body and smiled down at him as I asked, “Am I too heavy? Am I smooshing you?””No,” Danny answered. “You feel great!””This is how you feel to me. You’re not heavy at all. I like having you on top of me,” I said. “Now turn us back over.”Danny laughed and did, then leaned his head down to nuzzle my neck. But he didn’t make any more attempts to move off me.I could tell that Danny’s cock was growing soft and now that my pussy was satisfied and purring like a cat filled with cream, real-world matters began intruding. For one thing, I needed to pee again. Damn my small bladder! For another, just like the cat filled with cream, my pussy was filled with another type of cream. I had no doubt that my own wetness had created a wet spot on the bedsheet but, mindful that we were going to have to sleep on these sheets, I didn’t see the need to add what had to be a large amount of Danny’s cum to the wet spot.I told Danny of my need to pee. He nodded and as he rose up to move off me, I asked him to bring me a damp washcloth as his cock left my pussy.While Danny walked towards our bathroom. I rolled onto my side to watch his tight butt as he walked away. Well, to watch his tight ass and because I wanted as little cum on these sheets as possible. I tried very hard to keep my abdominal muscles slack. I tried very hard not to tense deep muscles and expel the cum inside me. What cum did leak from between my pussy lips pooled on my thigh instead of running down my ass crack to wet the bed. When the pool grew too large and threatened to run down my thigh, I slid my fingers through it to disperse some of the cum across my skin.I was sucking my fingers clean when Danny returned and offered me the cloth, I shook my head, No.“You made the mess so you should clean it up,” I told Danny as I lifted and canlı bahis bent one knee to reveal the thick, white of his creampie oozing from my pussy. My inexperienced ‘fiancee’ grinned, understanding my meaning immediately. Danny sat on the edge of the bed and…I yelped at the touch and scolded, “Next time bring a warm, damp cloth!”There was no denying that Danny was smart but there was so much I’d have to teach my inexperienced nerd.Danny swore he would and began to wipe up the cum. I was now free to push and flex deep, cunt muscles and a large discharge of thick cum spilled from my pussy. Much more!Danny caught the flow with the cloth and laughed, “I didn’t know you could push out, you know, like that.”I shook my head at how inexperienced with women my nerd was. There was sooo much I needed to teach him.“You have muscles that you can use to move your dick. We girls have muscles that can contract our vaginal walls,” I replied, beginning to teach my nerd things he’d never learn from reading a book. I didn’t see the need to tell him I regularly did exercises to keep those deep muscles strong. Clients loved a tight pussy gripping their cocks. Soon, Danny was staring at my pussy as if disappointed at the stoppage of cum flow. I think he liked playing with my pussy.Stifling more laughter, I took the cloth and pressed it to my pussy lips to stop further drips as I walked to the bathroom. After peeing, I remained on the toilet. Using two and then three fingers to open my slit, I waited to let gravity have a turn in ridding me of excess cum. I’d done this so many times after clients had used me that I no longer felt any embarrassment or hesitancy in fingering my pussy open to help cum drip out.Satisfied that I was as empty of cum as I was going to be, I wiped off my pussy and washed my fingers before rejoining Danny. I was relaxed as only a well-fucked woman can be as I got under the sheets to snuggle into the crook of Danny’s arm beside his warm body. I could hear music and undecipherable voices outside our door. It was a little loud but I decided I could live with it since the noise would cover the sounds Danny and I would make the next time we made love.‘Made love…,’ I thought and laughed silently to myself while molding my body closer to Danny’s side. I’d thought about ‘screwing’ and ‘getting fucked’ by clients for so long… It was strange to think about sex again as ‘making love.’We both stayed quiet as our bodies continued to relax. Danny was the first to break the silence. Putting a hand over his eyes, he muttered, “Damn, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I…” Danny stopped talking suddenly and didn’t continue. I started doing some rough math… How long it had been since the Summer before Danny entered his Freshman year of high school… Damn! That was a hell of a long dry spell! The longest I’d gone without sex since spreading my legs that first time was a couple of months. Going without sex for years?! Ugghh!I knew why Danny was thinking about how long it had been but I was feeling playful. I pushed away from his side to put some space between us. As stern as I could make my voice, I said accusingly, “You’re with me and you’re thinking about being with The Bug!?”“No! No, I was just thinking how long it’s been since…”“Since you were screwing The Bug,” I accused.“It’s not like that,” Danny protested again but even in the dark of the room he must have finally noticed the smile on my lips. An arm went around my waist and dragged me back against him.“Damn, you’re such a tease! Stop doing that to me!”“Ahh, but you’re such an easy target,” I replied and didn’t resist as he pulled me closer for more kisses.Danny broke our kiss to ask, “Well, you know how long it’s been for me. How long has it been for you?”“Seriously. You’re asking me that now?”“Yeah, I am. I told you, I think it’s only fair that you tell me.”“Alright, then,” I started, propping myself up on an elbow to look Danny in the eye. “Honest truth, I haven’t had a man make love to me in almost a year.”Okay! So I skirted the truth by a narrow margin. But it was still the truth to me. Clients were someone I had sex with. I didn’t make love to them and they didn’t make love to me. We fucked. And, well… Sandra and the other ladies I occasionally enjoyed time with? They were definitely not men!“It’s hard to believe that a girl as pretty as you doesn’t have guys lined up…”“I told you the honest truth. Maybe I just never met the right guy.”“And I’m the right guy?” Danny put a hand under his head, stared at the ceiling and mused, “Huh. You sure never seemed all that interested in me before.”“Did you ever ask me out?”“Well, no. But I never had enough money. Dinner and a movie. A taxi…”“Money. Money. Money! I didn’t care you were broke,” I repeated with some heat in my voice. Pushing my face closer to his, I asked, “Do you have a TV and a microwave?”“Well. Yeah…”“Would microwave popcorn and a six-pack of beer or soft drinks have broken your bank? Was, ‘Hey, Olivia. I’m just gonna hang out and watch some movies tonight. Like to join me?’ Was that too hard for you to say?”“Well. No…”“You are such a dumbass nerd,” I accused, collecting sheets to draw over us before I laid my head back onto Danny’s chest.If Danny had anything to say in his defense, he left it unsaid as the fingers of my hand began slowly playing in and following the narrow trail of sparse hair that started between his nipples and ended at his… I smiled as I lightly trailed a fingernail along the top of his still flaccid cock and…’Yummy,’ I thought as his cock twitched slightly. ‘Look at the great toy Santa’s brought me and it’s not even Christmas!’ There were already definite signs of life returning to his cock as I let my fingers play.

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