Subject: DIY Danny chapter 2 Second chapter of Danny’s journey. Thanks to all who commented and offered advice and positive criticism. As always, this is an adult fantasy where no actual ‘almost’ 12 year olds were corrupted or abused. Please take the time to support the great guys at Nifty, who work miracles to give us a platform and deserve to receive donations to allow this to continue? Just a few $ or £ will help. Onwards then. DIY Danny chapter two. He wasn’t lying. The bastard. Dad said it would hurt the first time. And it did…like a bitch. Even though there wasn’t much he left out in terms of preparation. Bath…check…bottle of fruity Kopperberg…check (I know its a bit of a pussy alcoholic drink, but spirits make me gag?) Even half a tablet of Dad’s ‘special’ stuff. The ones he occasionally takes on a Friday night before he goes out. Exstasy or something, he calls it. I’ve only had it twice before. Makes me feel all warm and giggly, but not like the booze, doesn’t make me sleepy. Quite the opposite. Makes me a horny boy…even more than usual. Then the porno watched on the couch in front of a new curved 60 inch TV which has randomly appeared, even though our old Sony was good enough for me and my XBox? A good porno too. Usually it’s just a few short clips to ‘get us in the mood’…yeah right. Dad’s always in the mood and even if we’re not blood relatives, I definitely inherited his libido. No, this porno was quite long. Some Russian kid called Jura, Dad said. Boy, was he hot. The first bit was from when he must have been my age. Skinny and with no hair at all. Nice cock though. I envied his brown skin too. Some guy was giving him a blow job. Although the guys face and head was blurred out, you could tell he was good at sucking. The kids face was a picture. Just about every expression that’s been on my face when Dad’s blowing me was on his too. It was a long blow job too. They looked like they’d both just got out of the bath… just like I did when I got my ‘lessons’ from Dad. Must be a common pedo trick with boys… Anyway, the pill was working well by the time the kids eyes went up in his head and he bucked upwards into the guys mouth. Fuck, the kid enjoyed that cum. If Dad hadn’t pinched my cock in the middle right then I might have cum too. But my seducer wanted more this night. I was beginning to realise, tonight was the night. The butt plug was taken out of me and Dad slathered his fingers in something warm and slippery before slipping one, then two inside me. It wasn’t too bad at first. His fingers are longer than the plug, if not wider. My cock was stone hard, and the Jura kid, a year or so older in the second bit, was just demonstrating how well he’d learned his oral lessons. He had some guys cock buried right in that pretty mouth. His blue eyes were intense and staring up at the guy he was blowing. I let out a groan then, cos Dad had to squeeze my cock again to stop me coming. That tablet must have been stronger than the ones I’d had before…my mouth was dry despite the beer and I kept getting surges of excitement going through my whole body. I was so horny, I swear if Dad had opened the door and led 5 of his mates in to feed me their cocks, I would have been on my knees, ready, before they’d even unzipped. But he had other ideas for me last Friday night…as I was soon to find out. Spent a good while working those fingers inside me until my cock throbbed crazily. Did that whispering thing too. Always drives me nuts, and he knows it. Dirty talk, it’s my big weakness. When he first started doing it, he just wanted me in the mood to suck him. We would watch pornos, then he would give a running commentary on the kid on screen. How sexy he was, how well he took cock in his mouth. Within a few minutes, I was gagging for it…then I was just gagging, with several inches of meaty cock in my throat. Oh yeah…lucky me, I seem to have a very weak gag reflex. Which means after a little bit of discomfort, I can generally take him all inside. Makes him cum like a train, Dad says. Anyway, getting a verbal soundtrack to whichever pre teen is blowing some guy on screen is pretty normal for us. The two fingers in my arse aren’t that uncomfortable and when Jura bends over on the TV and looks sexily at the guy behind him, I’m not too shocked to see the man start rimming the boy. That’s something I enjoy after initially thinking it was disgusting. That warm, slippery tongue working away in my rosebud is pretty moreish, I can tell you. But Dad was being a bit more aggressive with those long fingers now and several times pressed against what he called my ‘magic button’ right up inside me. Every time it happened I gasped…felt like a mini cum and made my legs jerk wider. Fuck…he certainly knew how to drive me crazy Then the guy behind the blue eyed Russian boy slowly, but determinedly started to feed his fat cock into the kid. I watched the boys face as the thick column of flesh gradually disappeared inside. Yes, there was obvious pain, but also something else apart from mute acceptance. By the time the guy was halfway in, Jura was pushing back and gasping. Hot as hell, I tell you. I’m sure you know what came next for yours truly? While the action on tv went on, I was pushed to my knees in front of the big screen. We have a really thick sheepskin rug on the floor there, which I was grateful for later, as I was being pounded from behind. But I knew, through the haze of beer and chemical induced high, that this was it. I was gonna get fucked at last. Dad had been patient, but tonight was definitely the night. I’ll give him his due…if you’re gonna get your virgin arse penetrated by a pretty big adult dick, this was probably as good as it gets. My eyes went blurry with tears as he gradually pushed that big plum sized head inside, working himself slowly back and forth until…pop…the monster got past my ring. His words in my ear about pushing out like I was taking a dump mixed with the moaning and slap of flesh on flesh coming from the TV. Then he played his trump card. The pain was exquisite. My arse was burning like it was on fire and I pleaded with him to just stop…stop pushing. I was sure he’d split me in two if he went in any further. Silly me… Instead, Dad fumbled for something on the couch and reached round, snapping something under my nose. Jesus, I nearly took off. If I thought the drugs he’d given me were powerful, this puffer thing made me throw my head back and scream. Good job we don’t have close neighbours. I must have sounded like I was being murdered. But of course, his plans for me that night included bursa escort poppers…I know that now. A surge of pure pleasure rocketed through my head like a train. Which is, of course, when that big pole inside me pushed hard…and by the time the popper started to fade, it was too late. Tears might be falling from my eyes and the burning in my arse was just as bad. But it was too late. I braced myself on my elbows, knees cushioned by the thick rug as Dad finally claimed his prize. I don’t remember all of it. Everything seemed to blur into one. Jura crying out as he was mounted, Dad gasping with every in stroke, gripping my hips tightly and telling me how hot I looked being fucked, the drugs….it all combined. It might have been minutes, maybe longer. But there was no point in protesting now. If his fingers had given me goosebumps when they hit my little button inside, the smooth head of that cock was maddening. Every stroke it butted against that spot and soon enough, my cries of pain were mixed up with groans of pleasure. It hurt like fuck, but inside that bubble of pain, every stroke brought intense sensation. By the time Dad cried out himself and gave one last deep thrust, I was almost delirious. I could feel hot liquid filling me up as I twisted and arched. It only took three or four strokes of his fingers on my superhard cock before I screamed and splattered the rug with what felt like a pint of my own cum. I remember being carried to the bathroom afterwards, the sounds of the Russian boy having his own orgasm echoing from the TV. I remember the stinging of the warm water as Dad cleaned and dried me after showering my trembling body. I remember the cream he smoothed over my ridiculously sensitive ring, making me whimper before it started to go numb…then the warmth and comfort of the big double bed we shared on sex nights. Then nothing…until the morning. That was last Friday. Its been 6 days and the ache is almost gone. Part of me is scared that fucking me on the regular will replace blow jobs, given or recieved, but Dad’s promised the butt fucking will be saved for special occasions. Why then is there a tiny bit of disappointment in my head when I heard that? It fucking hurt, even though by the end the pleasure was building. But anyway, I digress…you might have noticed I do that from time to time. Today is Thursday and Matty is over for the afternoon. Dad’s on a long trip to Carlisle and won’t be back till after midnight. I have plans. I decided, after 3 days of nursing my sore behind and feeling nothing like my usual horny self, that some things have to change. I still love blow jobs, both giving and receiving. But a lot of my life is too one sided. Dad is always happy to blow me, whether I’m giving him one at the time or not. He loves my cock almost as much as he now apparently likes my ‘peachy little arse’…his words. But I’m still well in deficit in the oral stakes. Matty has been getting freebies for months now. It’s time my best friend and part time pimp got a bit more hands on with his obedient little oral slave…right? So…here we are. Sitting next to each other on the couch, controllers in hand, trying to kill each other on the XBox. Like I said, Dad isn’t in till midnight at the earliest, it’s only 3 in the afternoon and Matty quite frankly, doesn’t know what’s about to hit him. Not the XBox…as usual he’s whipping my arse and his avatar is currently doing a jig and whooping after skewering me with a sword/axe combination. But I suffer the jabs from his elbows and sniggering, because I have plans for my friend. Plans he’s yet to find out about. I know he’s expecting to cum in my mouth at some point this evening. When we get some time together at my place, the routine is pretty predictable. An hour or so on the console, a sneaky delve into my Dad’s porn collection accompanied with a shared bottle of cider or something else alcoholic from the stash in the garage. Then, after his hard on is impossible to ignore, tenting out his jogging bottoms, I give in to his pleas and go down on him. Once he’s cum, of course, Matty loses interest in sex for a while and I have to take care of my own frustration, wanking myself furiously, with only the taste of his cum and the still running porn on the TV to help me. But not today. Today, I followed my Dad’s advice. Yeah, you heard that right. Dad’s known for a while that Matty and I fool around when we get some alone time. That might have a lot to do with the two secret cameras hidden in the lounge. Secret from Matty, that is. I’ve known about them since Dad put them in. Cos my father likes watching you see. At first, it was just recording me blowing him. We both enjoyed watching the replays while getting ready for another go. One camera is on a shelf over the TV. Focused on the couch and hidden between two books. The other is right overhead, disguised as a CO2 sensor, so anyone looking upwards won’t work it out. That one is zoomed in closer, to get every move. Well, they’re running now. Matty has no idea he’s going to feature in his very own porno today. I’m fed up with just being the receptacle for his teenage seed. This evening, my friend can either put out or go without. I started the planning by telling Dad what I was gonna do. He was fine with it, of course. What boy lover would turn down the chance to see his own boy get it on with another underage kid? Whilst I’m fair haired and quite skinny, Matty is bigger and broader, although his face is still young looking. He’s dark haired with a broad cheeky grin which charms everyone, me included. His cock is gorgeous too, which doesn’t exactly hurt when I’m asked to service it. An inch or so bigger than my 4 inches and thicker. Not as thick as my Dad’s, but he’s definitely gonna be a big boy when he gets older. But at the moment, his cock is perfect for me. A mouthful, but not so big my jaw aches after a few minutes sucking. And it only is a very few minutes. Matty never lasts long when I suck him. A few dozen strokes and a bit of tongue work round the head and…boom. Goes off like a firework on November 5th… But like I said, I have plans. Plans which, with Dad’s grinning permission, I set in motion this morning before my father set off for the North. Two bottles of my favourite fruit beer chilling in the fridge…and not the little ones either, the big, litre size. And in a little packet of plastic in my top pocket, a small white tablet with a dove printed on it, carefully cut in half with a razor blade last night. Yep.. Dad has been more than generous with his private stash. The prospect of getting to see the movie bursa escort bayan I’m planning on making with Matty has made Dad extra horny and happy. I even had to blow him before he left, to ‘let off some tension, Danny Boy’ as he said. So as we let the console rest after I get yet another beating, I spring my trap. “Fancy a beer Matty?” I say nonchalantly. My friends eyes light up. Oh, and I forgot to say there was one more element to my plan. I made Matty promise not to get himself off for two days before coming round today. Usually, like me, he can never go 24 hours without pounding himself at least twice. I mean, I have the luxury, which he doesn’t know about, of my dad’s mouth to ejaculate into whenever I want, but the end results the same. As soon as I was able to cum properly…you know, sperms and stuff…I just had to keep doing it. So swearing Matty to a 48 hour period of abstinence wasn’t easy. But I told him I have some ‘special’ porn to watch, which intrigued him enough to reluctantly promise to leave his cock in his shorts for a couple of days. So his balls will be well and truly full when I finally take pity on him and suck it right out of him. But first the beers. We both like Kopperberg…its sweet and easy to drink, so he’s never gonna say no? “Yeah…great. But won’t your Dad…uh..” he starts. I wave my hand airily. If he only knew Dad was never gonna mind if he got to see Mattys cock in action afterwards? “Nahh..he’s got loads…I’ll just stick another couple in the fridge from the boxes in the garage?” Matty grins and turns back to the TV. “You said…you know.. you had some really good porn?” He says out of the side of his mouth. I grinned too at that. Oh yeah…I certainly did. But not the usual straight American shit Matty got hard over when we had these sessions. No silicone boosted bimbos groaning unrealistically as wooden faced studs pounded them. Nope…I might have endured that stuff before when it was just designed to get Matty hard and in the mood. But today, if my plan worked out, he’d be watching something very different with my mouth working him. “It’s a bit…different ” I said slowly…more stuff I like to watch?” He groaned theatrically. I was expecting that. Ever in denial, Matty was never gonna fess up about liking gay porn. Still in the cupboard, just his stiff 13 year old cock poking out ready to be drained. Yeah. “Not gay shit Danny?…purlease?” he said, but I saw him lick his lips. Aha…I thought. Not exactly running for the hills Matty boy. “Yeah” I said slowly, watching him bite his lip this time. “But it’s not adults at it…more kids our age?” He bit his lip again, and I swear if he does that again, I’m gonna jump him, plan or no plan. But he just shrugged and turned back to the TV. “OK…but you owe me a proper ace blowie if I have to watch that crap?” I covered my snigger with one hand. Hooked…. I got the beers from the fridge, popped the caps and carefully dropped one half tab into each bottle neck. I shook them both gently and waited for the suds to subside before going back into the lounge. When I got there, Matty was laying back on the couch. His right hand was idly stroking himself through the blue football shorts he was wearing. It had been a hot day outside and after we’d kicked a ball round the yard this morning, I’d talked him into taking a shower in the guest room bathroom while I used the main bathroom. He’d just put the shorts back on afterwards, leaving his underpants and white sleeveless tee in a pile upstairs. My dad was used to washing Mattys clothes in with mine. During the summer, even before we started anything sexual, we often spent the day just wearing shorts. My dad was hardly gonna object, was he? Specially now, when his two cameras were gonna get a ringside view. So the sight of a bare chested Matty, idly stroking his cock through thin cotton shorts, wasn’t much of a shock. A turn on…yeah. My own cock instantly stiffened in my shorts as I crossed the room, holding a beer in each hand. “Fuck, that’s ace” Matty said as he took a long swallow from the bottle neck. I saw his eyes fix on the front of my shorts, then look away. I watched his throat work as he took another deep mouthful. I know it was unlikely, but my imagination immediately conjured up a vision of him doing the same with a mouthful (ok a teaspoonful) of my cum. Stupid, I know, but a boy can dream…? Anyway, inside five minutes, we were both pleasantly buzzed. I knew the Es would take about 20 minutes to start working, so I busied myself putting the USB drive into the TV slot and settling back onto the couch, next to Matty. Minutes passed as the opening music played. Dad had been helpful with the porn too. I’d told him Matty was still in denial…apart from the times I had him down my throat, so he spliced together some less intense stuff first on the sequence. Just a couple of kids about 13/14 on a bed. Looked like some kind of Swedish house, with lots of minimalist furniture in wood about. They were just tickling each other and shit at first. Both blonde and tanned. Proper European boys. Of course, within a minute or two they were grabbing each other through the shorts they were wearing. Which quickly turned to stripping each other. I was quietly watching Matty out of the corner of my eye. He was still squeezing his cock and it looked like it was fully hard. My mouth watered. I can’t help it…I’m a cockhound. My dad gave me that label over a year ago, it’s not insulting… Both of us were stroking now. The beer was gone and I could see Matty getting that expression those pills give you. Sort of astonished at how horny you feel. I knew I was right when he stopped squeezing his dick and reached across, pulling my hand to it. I gave him a squeeze of my own and waited for the porn scene to change. Both boys came pretty quickly. A thin streak of white on tanned bellies and small fists. But I knew the next bit was hotter. In the gap between scenes, I allowed Matty to wrap my hand round his rock hard cock, but I deliberately kept my grip light…teasing. His breathing was faster now, the drug surging through his body and the images on screen keeping him riveted to the TV. I heard the older guy who appeared sideways on, sitting in just a towel say something in a language I didn’t understand. Might have been Italian…Portugese? Anyway, this kid appeared to the left of the screen, in a yellow football top and blue shorts. Ahhh, I thought…Brazilian. The kid knelt in between the guys legs as he threw the towel wide. A nice sturdy six inches of hard cock bobbed between escort bursa his open thighs. There was no hesitation, no reluctance. The kid gripped it in one hand, gave it a cursory lick, then engulfed it in his small mouth. I’m guessing he might have been a year younger than me…no more than 11. But by the looks of it, this was something he did regularly.. Which Matty obviously registered too. “Fuuuck” he said ” That little bastard has done it before…” Speciality the bleeding obvious being very Matty. “Yeah” I said softly, taking the opportunity to free Mattys erection from inside the waistband. It bounced as I pulled the material lower. My friend immediately helped me get them off completely. Now, at any other time, this would be my cue to drop onto my knees between his smooth, open thighs and begin a slow, expert blow job. I mean, its what I do…right? Except I want more today. Lots more. The movie was still playing and one glance as Mattys flushed face and wide eyes told me I’d never get a better chance. He went to urge me onto my knees, but for once, compliance wasn’t my middle name. “Matty?” I said and it took him a couple of seconds and a nudge from my elbow to dislodge his eyes from the slurping and groaning on screen. “Yeah? ” he said hoarsely, flicking his dazed eyes from my hand, which was still, stroking him up and down lightly, to the action on screen. “I want to try something OK? Don’t freak out, but I just want to…” I crawled onto the couch so that we were lying head to toe. He let me manipulate him so that his straining cock was inches from my face…but of course, that meant my cock was… “No…I mean fuck right off Danny…I don’t do cock…remember?” he said in a suddenly high pitched gasp. Thats what you think…I told myself. But I knew he was never gonna slip straight into a 69 with me, even with the chemical and visual stimulation I’d fed him. No…I’d have to be more subtle than that. “No…NO” I said firmly ” That’s not what I mean…just use your hand? Come on Matty, I’ve been giving you blow jobs for months now? What’s one little wank between friends? I’ll never tell a soul, I promise?” I think my nose probably grew at least an inch at that lie, but in his state, Mattys defences were down and the barbarian hordes were tumbling over the barricades. I could almost hear him thinking. On screen, the older guy now had the boy on his lap, facing away from him and by the looks of it, the little Brazilian boy had moved from oral to anal without complaint. The sounds of flesh on flesh filled the room. I don’t know about Matty, but I was stoked. “Just don’t get that stuff in my mouth…right?” He finally muttered. I almost let out a tiny cheer, but instead, rewarded him with a slow lick all round the head, which made him gasp. Then I felt it. His hand, which had been pushing my thighs away, suddenly left my upper leg and…wonder of wonders…I felt his warm fingers grip my cock. I sucked him deeply then. He deserved another reward and his hips bucked, driving his quivering spike right into my mouth. I hummed in satisfaction. This was fucking epic. I had my best friends cock in my mouth…and he was giving me a hand job. Not skilfully, not over enthusiastically, but it was happening, which was good enough for me. A minute passed. My sucking grew more intense and deeper. His moans got louder. 48 hours of abstinence was about to come to a spurting end. I could feel Mattys breath on my cock…right fucking THERE…it was mind blowing. I’ve never wanted anything so much in my life, but I had literally 5 seconds to get it. I pulled my mouth off with an audible plop and squeezed his cock with two fingers…something my dad had used on me when I was in danger of going off like a cheap firework. The moan of disappointment from my friend was loud and pathetic. “Fuck Danny…don’t stop…I was right there…?” I panted with my own frustration, but I needed something more out of today than a reluctant hand job. I wanted…well, I wasn’t sure WHAT I wanted, but I spoke anyway. “I’ll finish you, I promise…but you need to give me something?” There was a pause, then his voice from down near my crotch. “I’m not fucking sucking you off Danny…I’m straight, remember” Now in any other universe, the irony of a ‘straight’ kid protesting his heterosexuality while being blown by his friend and with a hard on in his fist, would have provoked hysterical laughter. But I wasn’t in a laughing mood. “Just a lick…I’m close too Matty…I promise I won’t cum in your mouth” My dad made me laugh once by telling me the biggest and most obvious untruths in this world are ‘The cheques in the post’ and ‘I promise I won’t come in your mouth’. But luckily, Mattys father wasn’t likely to have imparted the same wisdom to his only son… Slowly, and with obvious reluctance, my chemically enhanced, slightly drunk friend, with the sounds of a young boy being seriously fucked in the arse coming from the TV speakers, I felt Matty lean forward and lay his tongue, warm and wet, onto the exposed head of my cock. Man, I tell you…dad’s sucked me off a hundred times…but the sheer wrongness of what I’d done to get Matty to this point, was overwhelming. I started to suck him hard…fingering his balls with the hand which wasn’t pumping him. His tongue continued to lap at me…and soon his moans took on a familiar pitch. The boy was gonna blow…or more accurately, I was going to suck him dry. With a lurch, his hips buried his cock as far as it would go into my eager mouth. My cheeks hollowed as I felt the first spurt fill my mouth. A lot more than usual…someone had been very good at following instructions. I couldn’t help myself, Matty was coming, I was coming…what’s a gay boy to do? I moved my hips forward too and for a brief two seconds, felt the warm wetness of his open mouth envelope half my 4 inches. It was too much. With a high pitched squeak, matching his helpless groans…I unloaded in my best friends mouth. It was worth all the spluttering…all the cleaning up with tissues and the sulky departure of Matty from the house. We both knew he’d be back. He was still a bit wobbly from the E and beer…and as I watched him walk quickly down our street, now in his shorts again, back stiff and disapproving at my deception, I began to look forward to watching the movie we’d just made again…with Dad, in bed tomorrow night. More to come on DIY Danny. Just a reminder that the activities in this chapter are imaginary, as are the scenes from porno which I’ve definitely never actually watched. That’s illegal and I’m not stupid. But my teenage self might not have been so careful…but then, things were different then. Stay safe, stay lucky and don’t attempt to act out any of the above in RL. It’s not worth it guys..

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