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Subject: Do As You’re Told – Chapter Twenty-Five Do As You’re Told Chapter Twenty-Five: The Road If you need permission to read this story (from a master, husband, partner, lodger, boss, next door neighbour, gardener) please obtain it first. This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real people, places and events is unintentional. This story is exclusively for entertainment purposes so please enjoy in safe and legal manner. SATURDAY 16TH MARCH 2019 (continued) “And for your cheek, I have a party on Saturday that I’d like you to come along to,” Micah had said on Monday – right before the impromptu photo shoot in the boys changing room. Saturday had come and Adam wanted to be anywhere but outside Micah’s home. It was a nice house in a good part of town; a ten minute walk to the Coalwater Bridge which Adam crossed almost every day. He hadn’t driven tonight, despite the late hour he had walked to Micah’s home and scarcely passed a soul; besides the night was pleasant – cool but not cold. In less salubrious areas of town, walking alone as the clock approached midnight would have been a dangerous proposition. Adam stood staring at the facade of the house and willing himself to approach the door. He wanted to go home but knew there were real consequences – not just imagined ones – for disobedience. Adam was also thinking about Shiro and the threat of him being dragged into things – Adam hoped that he could keep Shiro safe by keeping Micah and Mr Anonymous sufficiently entertained with just him. Thus, Adam approached and then knocked the door. “I was wondering when you might get here,” Micah said when he answered the door. Micah didn’t really seem bothered that he was a little bit late. Adam was shown into a spacious living room where there were three other boys whom Adam didn’t recognise. There were a few empty bottles of beer around the room but not enough to make any of the boys look drunk or even tipsy. There were a few empty pizza boxes and the TV was on but muted. The party looked like it was winding down – until Adam arrived. “These are my friends Jordi, Evan and Oliver,” Micah said.”Guys, this is entertainment. I mean, Adam.” The boys all said some variation of “hello.” Jordi had a Spanish complexion and the remains of a Catalan accent and Evan was short and cute but looked tightly muscled under his t-shirt; Oliver was white-blonde boy with dark eyes and pink lips that curved into a perpetual pout. “Hi,” said Adam unenthusiastically. The three new boys grinned and Adam sensed that they had been given some indication of what was to come. He hoped it had just been stories – the thought that Micah might have shown his friends any of the pictures or video of him naked made Adam shiver. “You go to school with Micah?” asked Jordi – his accent was quite sexy actually. Not just the accent, physically Jordi was quite sexy too – young and bronzed with dark hair and expressive eyebrows. “Yea. How do you guys know him?” ventured Adam. Oliver answered; “He went to the same high school as us for three years.” “And then I moved to Coalwater High at the start of fourth year,” Micah said. Had he interrupted to stop his friends saying too much about his past? Adam barely remembered Micah’s arriving nearly three years ago; he had scarcely made an impression on Adam at all – Adam’s repartee of snide comments had been habitual rather than personal – until a few months ago. Maybe these guys were why Micah socialised so inconsistently with Cameron and Robin; Micah was friendly with Robin and Cameron but also often isolated himself from even them. “We’ve heard a lot about you,” said Evan – the last of Micah’s friends to speak. Evan’s voice was soft and he “sounded gay” – whatever the hell that meant. Adam chastised himself for the value judgement almost as soon as he thought it. “What have you heard?” Adam asked nervously. “Well, for starters I’m thinking of booking a table at Boy App�tit,” said Jordi. The others laughed but Adam remained unmoved by the jest, except… After a moment Adam laughed too. The three new boys were being sincere in their giggles rather than cruel. Adam could tell there was not the same malice in their faces as he saw in Micah’s and so he relaxed. Adam decided to give the boys the benefit of the doubt. Surely they did not know the full story of Mr Anonymous and Micah – of their blackmail and abuse – or they wouldn’t be so relaxed? It was no use enlightening them to his plight – it would only anger Micah and it wouldn’t help his cause. And so Adam mentally prepared himself – he would go along with things and be a good sport. Firstly to try and win favour with Micah in the hopes of earning leniency and secondly because resistance would not help, it would only spur Micah to torment Adam’s soul farther. “And I’m thinking of switching schools for the last six weeks of school,” added Evan. Adam smiled and laughed along with the easy charm of Micah’s friends – but it was hard to relax when he knew something awful was coming. “Did you really walk around school commando with ruined trousers?” asked Oliver. “Yea. And a hard on,” admitted Adam. The boys seemed thrilled by the image and Adam understood their thrall – he’d have been delighted by the image too if he hadn’t been the one to live though it. Adam could see the boys were mentally undressing him… “Why don’t you get undressed,” suggested Micah. Adam suppressed a sigh and instead looked down at his feet as he pulled off his shoes and peeled off his socks. He lifted off his jumper and t-shirt as one, pulling them from the bottom and over his head and then sliding them off his arms. As Adam unzipped his jeans he looked up and could see all the boys in the room enchanted by his half-nudity; Adam unbuttoned and dropped the jeans and worked his bare feet out of them. He was now stood before Micah and his three friends in just a pair of hipster boxers that emphasised his thighs and bulge and hugged his impressive ass. Adam held off on dropping the underwear – would he be allowed a few moments longer before being fully exposed? Adam suspected Micah would enjoy protracting his anticipation of the moment and was right because Micah made no comment about the boxers. “I’ll put these somewhere safe,” said Micah. Micah was unconcerned about Adam’s clothes being safe – he just liked the idea of them being out of sight and out of reach. Once they were spirited away, Micah suggested Adam get himself hard. “Are you an exhibitionist Adam?” asked Jordi. Adam shrugged while he gripped his penis through the cotton underwear and began to work it towards erection. “The guys don’t believe a guy would actually do half the things I’ve told them,” said Micah. “It’s not that hard to believe. I’ve got a great body,” boasted Adam; “Guys show off on the beach and in the locker room, they post topless pics on Instagram and some guys become strippers to pay for university…” Evan, Oliver and Jordi were watching Adam’s respectably big cock fill his hipster boxers, the turgid member throbbing under Adam’s hand. “And some guys just look good naked,” Adam told the boys. Then to Micah he added pettily; “Not all guys, obviously.” Micah’s friends laughed at the burn and Micah seemed annoyed but then brightened and laughed with them. Adam should have known better then to be so bitchy. “Adam is right. He does look good naked. And he’d just love to show you how good, wouldn’t you?” Micah asked rhetorically. Micah’s friends thought the treat had been to see Adam in just his underwear – with decent pecs and abs and a v-line into his boxers – but the idea of seeing him totally naked was a whole new level. They watched Adam carefully – if he agreed to this then what else would he do? Adam could see them pondering the possibilities. Adam was thinking about the possibilities too – of his naked pictures or video of him sucking Micah or fucking Shiro being made public. The consequences of not playing by Micah’s rules didn’t just affect Adam anymore – Shiro was a target too. Thus, Adam let go of his cock and pushed his thumbs into the waistband of the underwear and pushed them all the way down. Adam’s cock bobbed in the open air of the living room and the three new boys could hardly believe their luck. It had gone without saying – given their reactions from the moment Adam had met them – that all the boys in the room were attracted to guys. “Step out of those Adam, I’ll take them,” Micah said. Adam slipped his bare feet out of the underwear and lifted them off the carpet. Micah deliberately brushed Adam’s hand with his own as he took the underwear away. Adam watching Micah stuff them into the zipped pocket of his top and sealed them inside. “Please let me jerk it?” Jordi asked. Adam looked at him and nodded so Jordi stepped forward and gave Adam’s cock a few tugs. Jordi could feel the hot blood of Adam’s cock, the thrilling throb of its excitement and distinctive ridge as his hand passed over the head of Adam’s penis. Adam too enjoyed the wonderful feeling – the sensation of a warm hand wrapped around his cock. Jordi pulled it forward and back and Adam looked down to see Jordi had a very obvious growth of his own. “You guys have got to try this,” Jordi said. Oliver and Evan took turns too but while he waited for his chance to jerk the stud, Evan had a feel at Adam’s ass. “Aren’t you embarrassed?” asked Oliver; “Three strangers and a boy who goes to your school seeing you naked and hard and jerking off?” “No,” lied Adam. It was an unnecessary escort bayan lie – not even Micah would have begrudged Adam admitting it was embarrassing to be naked in these circumstances. “Really? You go to school with Micah. If it was be I’d be imagining what he was thinking every time I walked into class or waited in line for lunch,” confessed Evan. “I’d never be able to look a guy in the eye at school if I knew he’d seen my balls.” “I don’t get embarrassed,” Adam said. “Let’s test that theory, shall we?” Micah piped up. “What do you suggest?” asked Evan with nervous excitement as he let go of Adam’s hard penis. “Let’s go for a walk,” Micah proposed. Adam froze and Micah locked eyes with him – daring him to refuse. The other three boys were stunned and waiting to see if Micah was serious and if Adam would do it. Micah left the room – Adam dared a look at the clock and saw it was after 1AM – and came back a moment later with a pair of flip flops. “Put those on,” Micah said. Adam numbly slid his feet into them – they would nominally protect the soles of his feet, but the top of his feet were still exposed and obviously every other inch of his body was exposed too. “Come on then,” Micah said. He led the whole group to the door where they all put on jackets and shoes. Then Micah opened the front door into the black night outside. “After you.” Adam stepped outside and for a moment thought the boys behind him would just lock him out naked and on reflection Adam almost hoped they would. They would eventually get bored and let him back in, but instead Micah advanced out of the front door right behind him – pushing Adam out of the porch and onto the vacant driveway. It was chilly but not cold outside even though it was only March; the temperature was perhaps eight or nine degrees (Celsius, the UK went metric in the 1960’s). Adam looked around the see Micah’s friends step outside too and Micah stepped back to his front door to lock it. Adam felt the cool air against his naked skin and was disturbed by the tickle and tingle of the breeze around his ankles; Adam felt his cock stir – it had never gone entirely soft – at the attention of the wind kissing his skin from head to toe. “Are we really going to go for a walk?” asked Jordi. Micah’s driveway was dark, illuminated only by the lampposts on the street onto which Adam was sure he was about to walk. The lampposts were evenly spaced so there would be no darkness in which Adam could hide. “Come on then,” said Oliver happily; “Let’s hit the road.” The driveway was less than eight metres long but Adam made the most of it before hitting the street properly. He looked up and down and was relieved there was no-one about – no obvious curtain twitches and at this time of night even most dog-walkers would be tucked in by now. “You don’t get embarrassed?” Micah said, mocking Adam’s earlier assertion. They reached the first corner and Micah told the boys to turn left. Every house they passed was an opportunity for Adam to be humiliated; every house was a blank face just waiting to open its eyes. In the distance the boys spotted a car and they all looked around to grin at Adam. “Please, Micah… you brought my underwear, right? Please let me put them on?” Adam pleased. “Don’t cover up,” was Micah’s reply. To everyone’s disappointment – except Adam’s, obviously – the car passed without incident and none of the teens could tell if the driver had spotted the naked high school boy among them. They were ten minutes away from Micah’s home now and Adam realised that on this course they would reach a nearby park in five minutes or the footbridge over the river in less than ten minutes. Both options filled Adam with dread – Adam didn’t know if that park was a place to hang out in the wee hours of a weekend. Just as dreadful was the idea of crossing the footbridge which ran parallel to the road bridge. From there, The Fourth was only a stone’s throw away and the town centre another fifteen minutes walk. Surely these boys would not take a naked boy out for a walk that far? Adam now imagined walking through the town centre naked, his cock and balls showing while at least forty-five minutes back to Micah’s house and his clothes. Adam prayed he wouldn’t be taken that far? “Micah, please. My underwear?” Adam asked desperately, again hoping to appeal to his humanity. “Don’t ask again,” Micah replied. The night was bright under the streetlights but the sky was an inky sheet besotted with little lights that blinked. A short time later, headlights again swept the group and this time the driver gave a short toot of their horn, delighting the clothed boys in the group. Then the car stopped so the boys stopped to watch it. “Can we please move on?” Adam asked. Out of spite, Micah pushed Adam to the front of the group so he was front and centre to the rear of the car. Was the driver watching him in the rear-view mirror? Were its passengers looking out at him, invisible within the dark interior? Another full minute later the car tooted the horn again and pulled off, turning right at the corner and disappearing. “Well that was an anti-climax,” Micah said and turned forlornly to resume their walk. A few minutes later however the group of boys noticed a car parked on the wrong side of the road, next to the pavement they were walking on. Its headlights were on and it looked familiar – the same car that had tooted and stopped and driven off. “Micah, can we go another way?” Adam asked. He might have asked for his underwear if he wasn’t distracted by the impending and inevitable naked encounter with who knew who. Micah wouldn’t give him his underwear anyway. “No, I think this street is just fine,” Micah responded to chuckling from his friends. Adam prepared himself for the worst – it was a small car that could hold at most five people including the driver – which was that five strangers might be about to see him naked. Getting closer to the car – Adam hanging back in the vain hope of avoiding being seen – the doors opened and four lads got out. They jostled each other as they pointed towards the group – Adam was hidden behind his four peers but they knew he was there – and then leaned nonchalantly against the back of their rusty Nissan Micra. “Hold up, lads,” said boy who had been driving. The four boys from the car were all around twenty years old give or take a year but at least Adam didn’t recognise anyone, nor did they show any sign or recognising Micah et al. Micah and his friends and Adam stopped on the pavement just over a metre in front of the new arrivals. The boys whispered and laughed and the driver said, “Well let’s see him.” Micah, Evan, Jordi and Oliver parted ways to reveal Adam butt naked except for black flip flops and cupping his genitals. The lads burst out laughing, pointing and scoffing at the sight of the nude seventeen year old boy standing on the pavement. “Good thing I parked on the street corner,” the driver said lewdly. The implication that Adam could be a rent boy was half complimentary and half insulting. Maybe a bit more than half insulting. The boy nodded his head up in a silent hello and then asked, “Going for the casual look?” Adam shrugged helplessly, his shoulders lifting but his hands very much kept in place. “Let’s go,” Adam muttered. He tried to walk on but Micah didn’t get a chance to stop him because there came a commotion from the perpendicular street and five more boys came running towards them – Adam was facing them already but the lads from the car turned to see them and then grinned. As they came to a stop, the expanded group of nine lads clumped together in a friendly mass. Friendly with each other at least. They looked a little rough but not hostile; not from the most affluent area of town but not NEDS either. “I text my buddies when we saw you five minutes ago,” the driver said. That explained why they’d stopped before moving on. They had parked up to hold Adam in place while their friends arrived. “Shit, you weren’t kidding.” “You wouldn’t catch me doing that.” “How old are you?” “Why the fuck are you naked?” “Pervert.” “Are we sure he’s naked?” “Maybe he’s wearing a cock sock?” “We should check.” “Take your hands away.” Adam knew better than to even look at Micah and didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of ordering his hands away so Adam listened to the rough-looking lads and dropped his hands to his sides. In some ways he was lucky to have cupped his cock and balls so long because they were warm and presentable. His flaccid cock was only three inches but could have been half that if allowed to shrivel. The lads laughed anyway, pointed and slapped each other on the backs. Adam returned his hands. “Hold up, we didn’t say cover up again,” one of the boys said. He was a pretty boy with short blonde hair and blue eyes, a stud earring and a tattoo peeking out of the neckline of his t-shirt. Adam tried not to think about his physical attractiveness and just dropped his hands again instead. “Turn around. Let’s see your naked arse,” the driver said. As Adam turned he looked at the useless group of Micah and his friends who were enjoying his humiliation. Adam listened to the whistles and catcalls and hoped that they weren’t entirely insincere – he knew he had a nice arse, but straight boys might not appreciate it. Adam stopped long enough for the hubbub to die down and then turned back. He should have seen it coming – the phones recording his naked ass and now his penis as he turned back to kocaeli escort bayan face them. Again Adam covered himself – too late or not too late, that was the question. The question was moot… “Stop covering your fucking dick,” the driver said. He was not aggressive but he was unequivocal. Adam dropped his hands and the lads snapped more shots of him in his thankfully unerect nudity. “You want me to take a group shot?” asked Micah. Adam shot him daggers that were lost in the melee of agreement form the lads. Adam stood front and centre while the cute blonde made sure his phone was used to take the shot. He was standing at Adam’s left shoulder grinning when the first photo was taken; then Adam felt the boy grab his ass. Another photo was taken and by the third, Adam could feel both an ass grab on his right buttock and finger ‘accidentally’ stroking across his hole. It had taken every fibre of his being to not get hard but Adam succeeded and the group of lads cheered as they dispersed. Interest in him was not totally lost – they kept looking back at him but there was little else for them to do now they’d had a show and a laugh at Adam’s expense. Clearly the cute blonde boy wouldn’t have minded a bit more but he joined his friends beside the car. “Is that it?” asked Jordi. Adam had almost forgotten Adam’s friends were there too. “What more do you expect? We ain’t gonna molest him if that’s what you’re asking,” said the driver who then got in behind the wheel. “Only a fucking freak would do that,” said another boy. Adam resisted looking pointedly Micah. “Nice seeing you,” said the cute boy who’d slightly fingered Adam. Adam smiled shyly and a moment later the car doors closed and it drove off; the five lads that had arrived on foot ran after it – jostling each other and leaving Micah to lead Adam and his own pack of friends on their merry way. “I saw you trying not to get hard,” Micah said in a tone that was trying to shame Adam. “Who fucking wouldn’t chub up? Those boys were kinda hot,” Oliver noted. Adam let them banter while he thought about the naked photo’s; they’d never amount to anything because they didn’t know who he was or where he came from and apart from perhaps the cute blonde boy with the earring none of them seemed sexually interest in him. But the very fact they’d taken pictures was embarrassing. Evan held back to chat to Adam while Micah gloated to Oliver and Jordi about the journey so far. Adam blushed as the boy checked out Adam’s ass, cast eyes across his feet adorned only with flip flops and then looked to Adam’s face. “Are you embarrassed yet?” asked Evan. The question was not mocking, it was earnest and interested. “Maybe a little,” Adam replied. “I can’t believe those boys saw you naked. I’d be shitting myself,” Evan admitted. “Yea, I’m glad they’re gone,” Adam admitted. “At least they didn’t make me do anything else…” there was a chitter in Adam’s voice – from chill or nervousness it was hard to tell but his skin had turned to gooseflesh from standing still so long. “Are you cold?” asked Evan with genuine concern. Micah turned at the question and looked Adam up and down. His penis had gone soft and shrunken, his balls tight and high. Micah smiled as he took in the sight of Adam’s flaccid dick – at most three inches pointing out from his groin. Micah swiftly took a few pictures with his own phone – the empty street stretched behind the clearly naked teenager. He had intended to take pics while the group of boys were taking theirs but didn’t want to be identified as the leader of the group and therefore answer questions from them about why Adam was naked. Groups like theirs could be fickle and if nine boys turned on him, he’d be helpless. Evan, Oliver and Jodri smiled at the pictures but no-one was laughing this time; they understood he wasn’t hard because he was cold and not paying his dick much attention. “Come on, Micah. You’ve had you fun, let’s go back,” Adam asked. “No. It’s not far now, we’re going to the river,” Micah said, grinning at the reveal of the little detail. “I’ve given you and random strangers a show. At least let me put on my underwear,” Adam requested reasonably. Micah’s reasonable response was to take Adam’s underwear from his pocket and dangle it tantalisingly for Adam to reach for; when he did, Micah pulled them away and put them, in the nearest bin. “I told you not to ask again.” Adam shut up after that – in this mood, Micah could still take his flip flops away too. The flip flops mocked him for it; flip-flop, flip-flop, flip-flop – drumming out his humiliation with every step – flip-flop, flip-flop, flip-flop. The flip flops were of the briefest sort – a spoke separated the big toe from the others and the band across the top of his foot was barely 2cm wide; on one side it bridged over his big toe and on the other it followed the line of his small toes and covered nothing else. Adam was compelled to march on with each of the boys taking turns to keep Adam company. They turned onto another residential street and then another and then the worst thing happened (again) because in the distance all Adam could see another group headed up the street towards them. Adam wanted to die at the thought of being seen again. He still feared what would happen if it was someone he knew – this was his town where he hung out and went to school. Shit, what if someone who he went to school with was in the group coming towards them? As the group of four boys got closer, Adam could see they were all in their teens. Where the last group were all twenty-ish, this group looked seventeen plus or minus a year. It was a Friday night and now the small hours so the ideal time for going home after a sneaky drink purloined using a fake ID or a lax off-licence who didn’t adhere to challenge-21. At this distance he could not tell whether he recognised any of them. Jordi, Oliver, Evan and Micah had all helpfully stepped over just slightly so that Adam was no longer walking behind them – there was nothing to hide him from view. The oncoming teens finally realised something was amiss, a second later they realised Adam was naked and less than thirty seconds after that they were upon them. Worst still, Adam did recognise one of them and the boy in question recognised him… “Hi there,” said one of the boys – he was tall and in late teens with scruffy stubble on his jaw but suited it. “Did you lose a bet?” asked the youngest in the group, a little nervously for he recognised Adam. Adam knew the boy was fifteen and that he had a killer body and an eight inch cock. It was Lewis – the boy that he and Shiro had fooled around with at the stag party four weeks ago. “Is it a dare?” asked the third boy, whose blue eyes were like ice. The last boy – whose blonde hair was short and coiffed made a series of hand gestures. “He said: your little dick is just the sweetest thing,” said Lewis. Then to the Deaf Boy with accompanying gestures he added; “Ok, now you’ve made it weird.” “Weirder than a naked boy in the street?” asked Scruffy. “Is he with you?” asked Blue-Eyes. “Yea. We decided to go for a walk,” Micah said. “With him naked?” asked Lewis, not calling Adam by his name – because he had forgotten it or because he knew there was no reason he should know it? Adam blushed but also felt a little stir in his dick. The four boys were all rather good looking – not exceptional, but certainly worth looking twice at. The Deaf Boy made a series of gestures to which Lewis replied; “Shut up.” The Deaf Boy seemed to be able to lip read because he paid close attention to faces whenever anyone spoke. For the benefit of everyone else, Scruffy said: “Pete thinks you fancy my little brother.” Blue-Eyes added: “He said your dick twitched at him.” Adam blushed – Lewis really was cute and he was just as big and tall as the rest of the boys in the group who were all two or three years older. “You should jerk off for them if you’re that excited,” said Micah, only just concealing the nastiness from his tone. The new boys laughed at the proposition, giving Micah the cover he needed to mutter; “Do as you’re told.” The laughter of the teens stopped and turned into stunned attention when Adam reached for his dick and began to stroke. Adam suspected that if he didn’t comply, Micah wouldn’t push the issue – it’s hard to threaten a guy when your three friends are listening as well as four strangers. However, Adam feared there would later be a high price to pay for not complying. Internally, Adam rationalised that he was getting horny and the boys in front of him were worthy of a tug – but that was merely an excuse to justify his ongoing cowardice. Micah, his friends and the new arrivals beamed as Adam – seemingly unabashed – reached between his legs and grabbed his dick. As it began to swell, sounds of delight filled the air. Adam’s cock grew to its fullest as he pumped it, giving attention to the head which felt the gentle kiss of a breeze. Adam put his free hand on his arse while he jerked and felt the cold skin on his buttocks. It really was chilly outside but Adam had other things to think about now. Everyone was watching him jerk and to his own surprise Adam realised he did not feel ashamed – it was humiliating, yes, but the looks on their faces was amazement. It made a change from Micah’s sneering, leering, undressing eyes. Adam held on the adoration – it felt much better to perform for adulation than because of implied threat. Adam’s attention kocaeli escort soon fell to Lewis. At fifteen, Adam knew the younger boy was big in the trouser department; he’d seen Lewis’ cock the night he’d performed for Shiro’s cousin and knew it was eight inches long and nicely thick. Adam then noticed another series of gestures to which Scruffy laughed; “He said you look great but we can hardly see anything with those flip flops in the way.” Oliver, Evan and Jordi chuckled too. “Good point. Adam, take off the flip flops,” Micah said with a boyish grin. Adam didn’t even stop jerking as he slid each foot out of the flip flops and onto the cold hard ground. His toes had already been exposed to the night air, but the soles of his feet now protested too. Adam felt a little warmer as he blushed from head to toe – now totally barefoot and bare naked, twenty minutes from Micah’s house. What next? “Can everyone see him properly?” said Jodri. “Maybe he should stand under that lamppost, just to make sure?” suggested Oliver. So far they had stood between two of the streetlights – perfectly well illuminated – but now Adam found himself being edged closer to one of the lampposts until he was directly under it. Micah picked up his flip flops but Adam doubted they would be returned to him. The white LED light above him was like a spotlight that highlighted every movement but it didn’t help him climax any faster. It was cold and the exposure was disquieting – Adam kept waiting for another car or more people to join the already too-big audience. What was helpful was the sight of seven good looking boys watching him jerk off. Adam felt guilty for not knowing the names of the four lads who had come upon them – not because it was rude not to know but because his brain had allocated them names like Scruffy, Blue-Eyes and Deaf Boy (whose name was Pete, apparently). He didn’t like being so judgemental; judging the books by their covers and stereotyping. There was a time not so long ago that Adam would have thought twice about calling Pete “Deaf Boy” and now he chastised himself – Pete was a boy who was deaf. Adam watched Micah record the whole thing on his phone but either the others hadn’t thought of it or Micah had subtly dissuaded them. Or maybe it’s just normal to not record a naked seventeen year old jerking off in the middle of a street in the middle of the night. Adam spurted his load onto the road, with a little spillage on his hand which led to the inevitable… “Lick it off your hand then,” Micah said. “No need, you’ll lick it off his fingers, right Lewis?” said the Scruffy lad. All eyes turned to the younger boy who licked his lips and nodded. Lewis came forward without trepidation; he seemed curious and happy as he looked between Adam’s cum-covered hand and his eyes. Adam lifted his hand and the boy took Adam’s wrist in a gentle grasp – they were almost as tall as each other despite Adam being a couple of years older. Adam felt his loins stir again despite having just cum as Lewis licked the cum off of his fingers and the palm of his hand. Micah caught the boy on camera as he slipped each of Adam’s fingers into his mouth. Adam saw a series of gestures that were translated by Blue-Eyes; “Is he gonna suck anything else?” Adam’s finger popped out of the fifteen year olds mouth and Adam thought it was all over, but the boy swiftly dropped to his knees. Before anyone could say anything, Lewis’ head had dropped and tilted up and then brought his mouth up to meet Adam’s sagging cock. It was not quite soft because he’d so recently climaxed but it came back to full attention as Lewis licked off the excess cum from Adam’s cock. “Ok, that’s enough. You don’t know where his cock’s been,” warded Scruffy. Scruffy was clearly Lewis’ older brother but the fifteen year old was more attractive. Lewis got to his feet, grinned and whispered, “Yum.” As he returned to his own group he swiped his mouth with the back of his hand. Adam meanwhile was left with a second erection. It was not quite as hard as the first and he doubted he could cum yet but the throbbing hard-on waved in night. “Ok, this has been really weird…” said Scruffy; “We’re going to get going now.” “Thanks for coming along when you did, this walk was threatening to be really boring,” Micah said as he aimed his mocking in Adam’s general direction. Adam watched the group of four boys walk away, Lewis looking back twice to see Adam’s ass and cock. Adam had to remind himself that nudity in public in the middle of the night was not normal and while it was fun to see for a while, extricating themselves was the only sensible end to this encounter. “Can we go back now?” Adam asked. Adam was looking at Oliver, Jordi and Evan who all were all looking chilled themselves and they were better dressed than him. He willed them to imagine how he felt being bare ass naked! “Not yet. We never got to where I wanted to take you…” Micah said. It took another five minutes and Adam knew exactly where they were going – the footbridge as he had feared. It was the worse option too – parallel to the footbridge was the Coalwater Bridge and even at this time of night several cars passed every minute. Adam was led along the bridge for only two minutes before they stopped. It took five minutes to cross the bridge and someone could come in either direction at any time. “Stand up near the rail, face the traffic and jerk off again,” Micah told him. “That’s nasty,” said Jordi with a snigger. Even added, with a hint of concern; “He only came five or ten minutes ago, it could take him twenty minutes to cum.” “Here’s hoping,” chipped in Oliver. Adam rather suspected Oliver wouldn’t feel the same way if it was him. Never the less, Adam stepped forward and faced the opposing bridge. Both bridges were well light and the road bridge was slightly elevated above the footbridge so Adam was very visible. Adam stroked his cock, which became hard quickly – he focussed his mind on a miasma of images involving Shiro, Robin and Lewis. His fantasies were interrupted by long toots of horns from passing cars – not all of them but several had obviously noticed him. Adam did not know if the toot was one of approval or disgust. Adam felt Micah come up behind him and put hand on his ass. His buttocks were chilly and so were Micah’s hands but it was pleasurable to feel a caressing tickle on the cleft of his ass. Adam hated to think that Micah touching him was helpful; then he felt Micah’s finger reach for the sphincter of his ass and press it gently like a button. “I think he likes that,” observed Jordi. “I think I could put something bigger than a finger in there,” Micah said. Adam turned his neck to look at Micah and saw his nemesis stroking his dick through his trousers. Micah winked at Adam as he kneaded the head of his cock and reached for his zipper. “No,” said Adam – pleading and moaning wearily; “Please, no.” Micah still unzipped. “Dude, you can’t fuck him outside,” said Oliver as if what Adam was doing was perfectly fine but having sex outside would be an act of lunacy. Adam was still jerking off – facing the traffic – but trying to cum faster now. “Nothing wrong with doing it outside,” Evan said sagely even though he’d never had outdoor sex. “You can’t fuck him, ’cause he said no,” Evan continued – clearly making the more relevant point. Adam caught the expression on Micah’s face – he clearly disagreed with his friend – but he was not going to push it and proceed with his friends watching. Instead he pushed his finger inside Adam’s ass and Adam felt his orgasm edge closer. Adam was aware of every inch of his body on display to the opposite bridge, his nipples were as erect as his cock, his long body and toned legs were things of beauty. Adam rubbed and rubbed and finally felt his balls give up the juice – they burst cum into the river below. The release was not as satisfying with so little time to recover from his last orgasm – that and the cold from his feet to the top of his head. “We should go back,” prompted Evan – who had been sympathetic since the beginning and now actively helping things along towards a conclusion that would be beneficial to Adam. Adam was given back his flip flops while they walked back along the bridge the way they’d come but just before the end there was a steep embankment on the right hand side. Scrambling up it took them to a lane behind a line of houses and rounding them took them back onto the well-lit public streets. It was also a shortcut that cut fifteen minutes off the walk home. Adam was exhausted by the time he got back to Micah’s. He dressed and was given a blanket to put over his shoulders and Micah’s friends made him something hot to eat and drink. “That ass of yours is mine,” Micah whispered while Adam sat on the sofa and the other boys were busy in the kitchen. Games were no longer afoot but Adam feared the problem would rear its ugly head again soon. Adam’s eyes and voice and brain were weary but he found the strength to protest. “I don’t think so,” Adam replied. “We’ll see,” Micah replied. It almost sounded like a threat. Note – this instalment occurs simultaneously with Chapter Twenty-Four: Confessions. Many thanks to the regular and once-off correspondents; I’m grateful to all who get in touch. If you fancy emailing me: encomiums@ If you love the stories Nifty has to offer, remember to donate: http://donate./donate.html Visit my blogspot – pot – for updates including chapter synopses and excerpts. If you are enjoying this story, I have also written: School Exhibitionism fty//gay/highschool/school-exhibitionism The Symposium – http://www.//gay/authoritarian/the-symposium/ The Embarrassment of Riches fty//gay/highschool/the-embarrassment-of-riches/

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