Doin’ the Boss Ch. 08


Well, I just got home and I had to jots down my thoughts. It has been a while since I’ve written and I know it is overdue, but to tell you the truth I just didn’t think I had much to write about.

Then there was the events of this afternoon, and on my drive home I realized I had to write things down.

It would be a lot easier if my ass didn’t hurt so much, it really would. I’m sitting on a pillow, and it still hurts. Driving the car, its leather seats tight against my sore spots, hurt, and I am just glad I accidentally didn’t have the heated seats turned on. But I am getting ahead, way ahead, of myself.

My name is Robyn, and I’ve written a few stories about my affair with a married man, K. Linford Little. He’s a sweet man, more than 20 years my senior, who seduced me while I was working for him. Over time, and given I realized he wouldn’t leave his pretty wife, I broke off our relationship, only to have it spark up later.

The second time around was not started with the hope of his leaving his wife for me. No, this time it was fun. No strings attached. Over the last couple years I’ve snuck away from my live-in boyfriend and Lin from his wife for secret rendezvous. Sometimes that meant a no-tell motel, but usually it meant frolicking in one of our vehicles, in a park, or wherever we could get a little privacy.

I thought today was going to be just like many others, meeting at the parking lot near the park where we’d go for a long walk, holding hands, talking, and, well, somewhere along the way slipping behind some bushes for a quick blow job. Lin loves oral sex — he claims his wife won’t give him oral — and I happen to enjoy the power of making a man putty in my hands and mouth.

We had been walking and talking for a while, every so often we’d stop and kiss; sometimes he’d walk with his hands down my skirt, under my panties against by ass. He loved caressing my butt whenever he could.

We came to a spot where, in the distance, we could see a bridge over a river. Cars, bicyclists and a few walkers crossed the bridge, and Lin got it in his mind that I should go down on him for a bit in full view of anyone who was on that bridge.

Normally I’d have done it in a heartbeat — I think I have a little exhibitionist streak in me — but I just didn’t feel comfortable. We were standing at the apex of a curve in the trail, and really couldn’t see more than 30 yards or so in either direction. So while it was hot thinking that someone on the bridge might get a few of me performing fellatio on my guy the thought that someone could round the bend and catch us in the act scared me. I didn’t want to be caught that way, and it was just too dangerous.

Lin was disappointed, but agreed it was pushing the edge of things.

We continued to walk, talk, kiss and feel each other, teasing all along the way. After a bit we came across a path that led away from the main trail and we veered off. At the end of the trail was a nice view of the river, and, to the left a picnic table. We had been in the secluded area before, and knew it offered a bit of privacy.

We walked down the tree encased path, laughing like youngsters at finding a place to be a little naughty.

“Hey Robyn, there’s a picnic table,” said my former boss with a leer. “Want to sit down and eat?”

Eat indeed. I knew what the guy meant!

We went over and Lin sat on the table as I took my favorite fall to my knees. Unzipping his pants, I reached in a slipped out his semi-hard cock. I began licking him, kissing his cock all over, and then inserted it into my mouth. In its semi-hard state I could get the whole dick into my mouth, which was a great feeling. I am not much of a deep throat girl, but when Lin wasn’t fully erect I easily could suck the entire cock into my mouth.

“Oh Robyn that feels so good, don’t stop,” ordered the older man, slipping in and mouth of my glove-like mouth.

I took my mouth off his dick only to remind him to keep watch. The porno izle beauty of this spot was that he could see and hear if someone was coming our way well before they could actually see us, so I could fully relax take my time with his manhood.

Wiggling my tongue around his shaft, I savored his cock. It sort of pulsed in my mouth, but still didn’t bulge to his full hardness no matter how much I worked on it. I sucking it slowly, then faster, slowed again and held it in my hand. I kissed it, licked it from his balls to the tip, and then began sucking hard on the mushroom shaped head.

Still, the dick didn’t expand to its fullest. I looked up, dick in mouth, at Lin with my eyes questioning what was going on.

“Don’t worry, honey, it feels great. I love it. I just can’t get hard.”

I had to ask. “What’s wrong?”

He hesitated, then said, “Nothing, it’s just….I…..well we made love this morning and I am just having trouble.”

Oh, I thought, the wife.

It’s times like these when I wonder why he wants to see me. I mean, we usually end up a “date” with me sucking his cock, and if at his age he can’t get it up more than once in a few hours well, why get with me. He always says it’s not about sex, but really, I blow him nearly every time we are together so it has become a special part of our meetings.

Lin pulled my head back down to his cock but I kept my mouth closed. He rubbed his dick on my face and told me to open up, but I teasingly shook my head no. Besides, my mouth was aching from all its work! He rubbed his cock against my cheeks for a bit before attempting to open my mouth with his fingers. I kept them closed.

Frustrated, the man put his hands under my armpits and lifted me up. He began kissing me…my he could kiss. We made out for a bit before he sternly said, “You are a bad girl, Robyn. You disobeyed me.”

I looked at him as if he was from Mars.

“That’s right, you are bad. And you deserve a spanking! Come here.”

In an instant he slipped off the top of the picnic table and sat on the seat. In almost a single motion he then pulled me over his lap. I have to tell you, the man never fails to surprise me. Here I was, a tarty girl over the older man’s knees.

Soon I felt my denim skirt being lifted above my ass. Lin then pulled down my frilly black panties to the top of my knees as my ass was bare for all to see. It wasn’t fellow walkers I thought about, rather it was anyone in a watercraft…and I heard several in the distance.

“You know, Robyn, you have been insubordinate one too many times, and it’s time for me to teach you a lesson,” sternly said the man.

Thwack! The first smack caused me to jump, as if I had been stung by a bee.

Smack! The man meant business, because the second stroke burnt my ass.

I couldn’t believe it. Here I was a 28-year-old woman over the knees of a 50-something man with my ass bare and his meaty hand spanking me like an insolent child. It had been more than 13 years since the last time I’d received a spanking, that one coming at the hands of my father when he caught me coming home well past midnight after sneaking out of the house to see my boyfriend.

Dad had spanked me a couple times, mom never, between the ages of about 8 and 12. But on that night he gave me 20 swats on my jean covered behind for lying and sneaking out. Two weeks later he came home to find me making out — my top and bra were off — with my boyfriend and this time he lifted my skirt and spanked my ass too many times to count. Although he left my panties on I was embarrassed — my boyfriend Jimmy was still in the room — and I ran to my room afterwards.

Jimmy was marched home by dad, and he was disciplined by his parents in what I was later told was the same manner. We were both grounded for a month too.

I learned my lesson, and listened to my dad from that point on rather than risk the wrath of his hand or promised paddle. It got so that porno whenever I was borderline bad he’d march me to the family room where he’d point out his fraternity padded and threaten me that further problems would have my rear end spanked by that wooden instrument. I never crossed the line from that point forward.

Lying over Lin’s knees I thought back to those spankings and remembered why I didn’t like them at all. My ass was already hurting and I don’t think Lin had spanked me 20 times. Ouch my ass hurt!

All the while Lin was saying what a brazen, naughty girl I was, that I could expect further thrashings and that he was totally disappointed in my actions. But while I heard the words it was something I felt which made more sense. Lin’s dick was pulsing against my stomach. The man was a bad boy himself, getting hot with the spanking of my ass.

Lin would vary a few spanks with a slow, soft caress of my ass. But every time I thought he’d stop he’d give me a few more swats.

“You will remember this spanking, young woman,” said the man, “your ass is beet red and I am not nearly done with it.”

“Nooooooo,” was all I could groan.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

“Please Lin, please stop. I’ll be good.”

Just then I heard a voice yell. “Let the girl go or I will call the police,” said a man’s voice. I looked toward the direction of the sound and saw a guy around my age straddling a bicycle staring at Lin and me. It took a few seconds until I realized I was bare ass naked in front of the guy.

Lin was tongue-tied, but I jumped to my feet and waived the guy off, smoothing down my skirt. “No, no, you have the wrong idea…uh….my husband and I were merely playing,” I assured the guy, rubbing my behind. “I’m fine. Really.”

The guy continued to stare at the two of us, and I gave Lin a hug and kissed him, looking back at the intruder to ensure he knew all was well.

Asked again, I calmly said all was well, and thanked him for his concern. With that he hopped on his bike, pedaled around in a circle, and exited the clearing.

By then I felt some of the blood which had enveloped my face start heading back to my bloodstream.

“Well, that was embarrassing, he got a great view of me,” I said, half laughing but with a racing heart.

“Honest, Robyn, I never saw him,” explained my former boss, pulling me close with a hug “It was as if he came out of nowhere!”

All at once we looked at each other and laughed! We weren’t in trouble, the guy got an eyeful but nothing else, and we wondered what would have happened if he’d have called the police.

“My guess is they’d have finished the job I started,” joked Lin. “But probably you would have made your self presentable and we’d have told anyone who would listen the guy was a fruitcake. I mean, it would have been his word against ours, and there are two of us. Unless he could identify your little red ass that is!”

I laughed, reaching back to sooth my aching behind. “Lin, you were a little rough, but it was kinda hot.”

“Wow, you are a bad girl,” said my former boss, hesitating a bit. “I don’t know what I should do with you….oh yes I do. Come back over here,”

Wouldn’t he ever learn? I slipped over his knees and once again he lifted my skirt and pulled down my panties. “Just a few more, honey, oh you have a pretty ass.”

As if nothing happened Lin planted a dozen firm smacks on my bare behind in rapid succession, bringing out a few low grunts then cries from my throat.

“Will you be good now?” questioned the man.

“Yes sir,” I replied.

“Will you suck my dick?” he sternly asked.

“Yes sir!”

My former boss cascaded a dozen more smacks all over my burnt red ass.

“I thought so.”

I sunk to my knees and opened his zipper, only to have what was a flaccid cock spring out into the open. Firm and throbbing, Mr. Little was moaning as I began licking the tip before ovaling my mouth and sucking his dick rokettube into my mouth centimeter by centimeter.

It was delicious.

Taking it out of my mouth, I slowly stroked the cock while telling the man that it was beautiful and that I was so lucky to have him give it to me. Then I lowered my head and sucked it back into my mouth, beginning a bobbing motion with my head.

Lin put a hand on the back of my head to guide me, but really I didn’t need much direction or encouragement. I truly love sucking his cock, but if it turned him on, so be it. I sucked his dick for several minutes as he rocked in time to my oral assault.

“Oh Robyn that’s so hot, it’s so wonderful. You are an excellent cocksucker,” said the man old enough to be my father. “Your lips are so smooth, yet tight. I love the way you blow me.”

I wanted to kiss him, but I was a little busy, so I made a mental note to plant a big kiss on him later. Moving my head up and down on his dick, I enjoyed his murmurs of joy as I continued the blow job.

Lin got hotter and hotter as my mouth began to ache, but I knew the finish line was within reach as my guy was sort of leaning back in his seat, a tell tale sign he was nearing an explosion.

“Don’t stop, Robyn, don’t stop,” said Mr. Little, as if I had a choice, continuing my work. “Your mouth is always so…..”

So what I wondered. So big? Wonderful? What?

“Robyn he’s watching us,” whimpered my ex-boss. “The guy who caught is, he’s back and watching us.”

At first I wanted to jump up, but then I thought, he’s not saying anything. Maybe he liked the view!

Lin attempted me to push me off his cock.

I continued to suck his cock, though. Heck, it was much too late to be modest now, the guy had seen my ass in all its glory and now here I was caught sucking on a cock in all of nature’s view. If he didn’t like it he would have said something; since he hadn’t, I was finishing my job. And it didn’t take much. Whether it was the workings of my lips or the fact we were caught in the act, whatever, Lin lost control and soon was spurting his tangy sauce into my mouth as I struggled with the load.

“Oh suck it Robyn I’m coming,” he said to me but within range of the ears of the intruder. I was embarrassed again, but like before there wasn’t much I could to erase my actions. Continuing to work on the shrinking dick, I swallowed each and every drop like the good little girl I had turned into.

Cleaning Lin’s cock I rubbed his legs until his dick was a mere shadow of its former self. Then, as ladylike as I could, I stood, brushed off my knees, and kissed Lin on the cheek. Looking over my shoulder and bracing for what I might see, I was startled to find nobody there.

“Uh, Lin, you scared me half to death. I believed the guy was there.”

Lin, who was drained but still a like shaky, shook his head, swearing the guy had been there and had watched at least part of my blow job.

Whatever. We kissed for a couple minutes, tidied up, and then held hands as we left our special spot.

We walked toward the big oak tree then turned toward the main walkway, only to see the intruder a few feet away. It wasn’t as if there was another way out, so we sort of pulled each other along our version of a perp walk toward the main drag.

As we passed the guy, he stared at us, smiled, and said: “That was oh so hot. I’d love to see your act again. Do you come here often?”

Come? Cum? Well, often enough I guess I thought.

Lin just shook his head. “Nope, we’re not from around here. Sorry you caught us, but we were just in the area and…”

“It was my pleasure,” said the guy.

I guess it was.

All the way home I thought of the spanking, the blow job and being caught in the act. I wanted to be upset, I was a little crazed, but deep down I tingled.

At least until I sat on a hard seat, having dinner that night with my boyfriend.

“What’s wrong, honey,” he asked.

“Oh, nothing” I replied. “I’m just a little, uh, itchy.”

He shook his head, and then teased: “I’d like to scratch that itch.”

He’s in the shower now, and I better get ready for bed. I think I want to be on top tonight!

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