Doing Nate a Favor


I got a call from Nate, David and I introduced him to Bruce, and they hit it off great. He wanted us to “surprise” their friend Tanner and fuck him silly to help get him over everything that had gone sour in his recent life. Nate said he had always fantasized about big black cocks like ours. They had given him the code to the lake house and he’d be visiting there for a break from work and his former boyfriend. Nate said he’d text me the code.

Nate told us what day Tanner would be arriving, so we made plans to get to our friend’s place across the lake early. Nate also told us he had told Tanner to park in the garage just in case any wild animals were about. We heard and saw Tanner drive up across the lake. We just sat on the porch looking out over the lake. Tanner came out dressed in a pair of shorts and swam from the beach to the swim platform and back several times.

He eventually got out of the water, dried off and headed back to the cabin. By this time, it was getting dark and we saw the master bedroom bath light come on. We sat on the porch and talked about how we were going to do this thing. We decided to wait until early morning and arrive at the house as if we didn’t know he was there.

The next morning, we left the truck at our place and got our bags and walked around to Nate’s place. We got the code and entered acting as if we were entering an empty place just saying how nice it was for Nate and Bruce to let us use it, using their names so he’d know we knew them. After a few minutes Tanner came out of the bedroom dressed in tight little boxer-briefs.

He stopped looking stunned, we apologized saying we were friends of Nate’s and we thought the cabin was empty. He excused himself and said to let him dress. He came back out in the same shorts from yesterday afternoon and a t-shirt.

David had got busy when Tanner left the room on breakfast. It was really smelling good when Tanner returned. David told Tanner since we intruded and woke him up it was the least he could do. David had started fixing plates and sat one down for Tanner, me and then himself. David turned off the stove and sat down. As we ate we chatted, we told Tanner we were highway patrol and we were renting the place.

Tanner looked at us as he listened. He apologized and said he’d just go back to the city. We told him he didn’t have to, there was plenty of bedrooms, if he didn’t mind. Tanner shook his head and said, “I don’t mind if you don’t, the company might be nice.”

We finished eating and Tanner volunteered to wash and me dry. Tanner ran the water as David cleaned off the dishes reaching around him with both hands placing them in the sink while breathing down his neck. We could see Tanner tense up every time David stepped up behind him reaching around moving in close to his ass with his crotch.

It was my turn now, I dropped a plate back into the water. I dropped the plate and splashed Tanner’s t-shirt and shorts. I told Tanner to give me the shirt. He took it off and handed it to me and I wiped his abdomen and as David stepped up tight behind him the front of his shorts. He tried to step back but David was behind him, so he couldn’t. I dried and as I did David stepped in behind Tanner inhaling and exhaling and took the dishes from me to put them away. Tanner was breathing heavier now.

I asked Tanner if he’d been swimming yet, he said it was great, we ought to go. I looked at David and asked if he was ready. David said he thought he’d wait. I told Tanner I’d get ready and went in to another bedroom to dress. I came out with a XL Yellow Speedo that should have been a xxl. Tanner’s mouth dropped open when saw me but quickly he regained his composure.

We walked down and waded into the water. We started swimming out to the wooden swim platform and climbed about. I sat down on the edge handing my legs in the water as Tanner swam out. He swam right to me, when he got near I took his hands and placed them on my knees as he reached out for the platform.

He came up looking directly at my big black cock filling the too small Speedos, never looking away. He just floated there between my knees as we talked. I looked at Tanner and told him what beautiful hazel eyes he had. He just blushed. I saw David coming down the hill to the water and he slipped quietly into the lake. He swam out to us and came up beneath Tanner pulling him under the water. I scooted closer to the edge.

When Tanner came up his nose right at my groin. David came up behind Tanner trapping him between us placing his hands on top of Tanner’s on my knees. David floated behind Tanner as he talked to him asking if he was okay. Tanner said David surprised him. David was tight against Tanner’s back as I placed a hand on Tanner’s head and rubbed it. David reached around Tanner and took a nipple in his fingers and Tanner moaned deeply.

I placed a hand under Tanner’s chin raising it up and asked him if we needed to quit. Apprehensively Tanner said “No, this the last thing porno izle I expected but I am good with it.”

I pulled Tanner’s face to my crotch and he inhaled deeply and licked the suit fabric. I asked Tanner if he was ready to go to the cabin and he nodded yes, still licking my suit. I stood, and he and David started swimming back. I dove and came up right behind them. David got to the bank first, then Tanner. David helped Tanner out and wrapped his arm around his shoulders.

I got to Tanner’s other side and wrapped my arm around his waist. I run my hands into Tanner’s shorts and grabbed that sweet ass. We got to the cabin and entered. We stopped in the front room, David turned Tanner facing him and kissed him deep as I reached around between us and opened his shorts letting them drop to the floor.

We continued to the bedroom where David told Tanner to strip us. Tanner knelt as he untied David’s Red Speedo and pulled it down. He gasped when David’s 10″ big black cock came into view. David told Tanner, “Now remove Clayton’s suit.”

Tanner turned and untied mine and slid it down to the floor. I reached down to Tanner’s arms and lifted him to his feet and kissed him deep as David stepped up behind and was kissing and sucking on his neck. David reached down to Tanner’s ass and started playing with Tanner’s sweet ass. Tanner moaned as David toyed with his hole, pushing lightly, stroking up and down the crevice of his ass.

I started pushing Tanner toward the bed and David stepped out and Tanner fell backward on the bed. I fell on top of him and slid back off the bed and sat on the floor between his legs. David knelt on the bed over Tanner’s face. He told Tanner to open his mouth and suck his nuts. I started working Tanner’s sweet hole by lubing 1 finger, working his hole a bit, lubing number 2 and working it in and out until I had 4 fingers in Tanner’s ass.

I slapped Tanner’s ass and asked him if he ready for our big fat black cock. Tanner said, “I have never been with a black man before, but it has always been a dream. I am so thrilled to be with 2 hung black studs tonight.”

I ordered Tanner to his knees bent over facing the bed head and David. David looked down and told Tanner to open wide and placed just his cockhead in his mouth. David rubbed his head and told Tanner he would be getting almost 20 inches of cock tonight and Tanner moaned. I lubed my cock and placed the head at Tanner’s puckered asshole.

When Tanner’s ass finally opened to my cockhead Tanner yelled. David stepped up and placed his cock in Tanner’s mouth again and went just a little deeper, slowly moving his hips in and out. As David went in I moved in too, I worked up to about 8 inches of my cock in and stopped. David continued until Tanner was deepthroating his cock. I slapped Tanner’s ass and told him I had almost 2 inches left and I was fixing to go deep in his sweet tight ass.

I pulled almost all out and told Tanner I was going to count to 4 and go balls deep. I started 1, 2, 3, and drove my cock home as Tanner was thrashing about, impaled on my cock in his ass and David’s in his mouth. David had a handful of Tanner’s hair and told him he could feel my cock head against his. I pulled back with just my cockhead in his ass. I pulled Tanner back to me and got my cock in his ass. David pulled Tanner back to him and shoved his cock completely into Tanner’s throat.

I told Tanner I could feel my cum building as I went faster and faster into and out his ass. when I felt the cum start flowing I went deep and pumped 10 good shots in Tanner’s ass. I could see my cum leaking out of Tanner’s ass around my cock. David grabbed a handful of hair in both hands and started fucking his big black cock into his mouth and throat. He patted his head and told him he was fixing to cum and he better not lose a drop.

Tanner nodded in understanding. David started fucking his throat hard and fast, after a few minutes he went balls deep and held Tanner’s head down as me emptied his load into his mouth. Tanner done really well. Just a little leaked from his mouth and David used it to trace across his forehead and down the bridge of his nose.

My cock had begun to soften, and I pulled out, dragging my cum with it. I wiped my finger through it and wrote messages on Tanner’s back. When my cock popped out I could see David’s shiny black cock coming out of Tanner’s mouth. Tanner fell onto the bed and rolled over on his back. I took my fingers and scooped up some of my cum from his ass and fed it to him. When he eaten it all Tanner said, “Damn, you two have some awesome tasting cum. I hope to get plenty more.”

We both lay down on either side and ask Tanner if he was ok as we worked his nipples and licked and sucked his neck. Tanner said, “Everything is good, and I am perfectly fine with everything that has happened. This has always been a huge fantasy.”

Now I think it’s time to get some lunch and maybe go for a swim. We headed for the kitchen porno and Tanner went to work, I got sandwich meat, hotdogs and hamburgers that can be fixed quick. I got a Roast Beef, David took Ham, and Tanner he was going to have Chicken. We got our lunch fixed quickly and washed it down with a beer.

David and I got our suits on and Tanner went to the bedroom and reappeared with a skimpy little G-String number. We both whistled and told him how sexy he looked as he turned like a model. We all headed out the front door and took off running down to the dock, running to the end and diving in. David got to the platform first and crawled up as Tanner and I continued across

We found footing, turned around and headed back to the platform. Tanner and I crawled out and sat down beside David. Tanner lay on his front and told us he needed a massage. David over his neck and I sat over his knees. We massaged and down Tanner’s spine taking turns. I moved my hands to Tanner’s ass and massaged his sweet little ass hard. I pulled hi string sideways and worked 2 fingers in that ass, then the 3rd and 4th as Tanner moaned.

David over and slapped Tanner’s ass with both hands and Tanner yelled in pleasure. I told them we needed to go back inside, never know it someone else is here. Tanner rolled over and we helped him up. We all 3 dove in racing to the back. David got there first, then me, and then Tanner. David said “I got here first so I get first choice and I choose his ass. I am going to bury my big black cock in all the way.”

Tanner looked at David and said, “I wouldn’t have it any other Sir. I would like another beer please.”

I opened and handed Tanner the beer as he drained it. Tanner reached out to David and started untying his Speedo. Then he reached over to me and loosened the string in mine. Then he told us to remove them. We slid out of them with Tanner watching and smiling. He grabbed a cock in each hand and led us into the bedroom.

Tanner lay on the bed on his back and straddled his face and David knelt between his legs. I handed David the lube as he lubed his fingers. Tanner had taken my nuts in his mouth as I told him, “David’s cock in a bit thicker than mine so your sweet little ass is gonna take a little more prep.”

I leaned over Tanner as David started stretching his ass with 2 fingers on each hand since Tanner was stretched a bit already by me. I watched as David pushed them in slowly, listening to and feeling Tanner groan on my nuts. I placed 2 fingers in also as David worked his in and out and helped. I asked Tanner if he was ready and just mumbled with his full of my nuts. I raised up told and pulled my nuts from Tanner’s mouth.

David had removed his fingers and was lubing his big black cock. I told Tanner to turn cross ways the bed so his head and ass could be accessed at David’s and my comfort. Tanner lay his head off the bed giving me perfect access to his mouth and his ass was right on the edge on the other side for David. David took 2 fingers and applied lube. Then he placed those fingers in Tanner’s ass and lubed the ring.

David stepped up and placed his cockhead against Tanner’s ass ring. He started pushing as it slowly gave entry. David started narrating his entry into Tanner’s ass, telling him his cockhead about half in, as he pushed more and more until just the head was completely in. I pulled back as Tanner screamed at the entry being made into his ass by David’s cock. I placed my cockhead back in Tanner’s mouth let it rest on his tongue. David started talking again and pushing as he was filling Tanner’s ass. he got almost 6 inches in before he stopped letting Tanner get used to it.

David started again, telling Tanner he had almost 4 inches more to go. Tanner was flailing around on the bed as David started pushing deeper, he got in 2 inches more and stopped. David told Tanner he had 2 inches more and asked if he was ready. Tanner slid my cock out and said, “I am ready for it all, this is a fantasy fulfilling trip. Fuck me hard and deep!”

David pulled almost completely out and then buried his big fat black cock all the way in and Tanner started to holler, and I thrust all the way into his throat as he moaned and thrashed between us. My cock was in his throat getting a great massage as he moved between us. David and I started fucking our respective hole. David pulled out and I pushed in, I pulled out as David pushed in, we went faster and faster as we felt our cum build getting ready to fill Tanner’s mouth and ass.

I took Tanner’s nipples in my fingers and started working them. We told Tanner were fixing to cum and he better show us he likes it. David spread Tanner’s legs and started really driving home as I used Tanner’s nipples to hold him in place as I fucked his throat until I felt my cum start and I stayed down and ordered Tanner to swallow.

David started cumming and went balls deep, shooting his cum into Tanner’s ass. When we David and I were done we slowly started rokettube pulling out and pushing back into his mouth and ass. We stopped again as I said, “Tanner, you feel out cocks softening, slowly pulling from your mouth and ass. You were an awesome fuck.”

David continued, “Tanner, you were a fantastic and very willing fuck for Clayton and I. We hope it was as good for you as it was for us.”

As my cock popped from Tanner’s mouth, he looked at us and said, “I was really apprehensive when you showed up but now I am so glad you did. I have had my biggest fantasy fulfilled by two of the biggest blackest studs I have ever seen.”

I looked at Tanner and told him we needed a shower David and I extended a hand to help him up. We walked into the shower and David reached to turn on the water, saying he had to piss. Tanner knelt as we stepped up to him. Our streams started, and Tanner alternated between our cocks sucking as much piss in as he could. After taking 2 or 3 mouthfuls from each of us he took David all the way down and David turned his on piss full blast as I stepped back and shot the remainder of my piss right at Tanner’s head and face.

Tanner rose to his feet as David grabbed his tooth brush and handed it to him. Tanner scrubbed out his mouth and David bent his head down to Tanner and kissed him deep. When the kiss broke David turned Tanner to me and I kissed him deep as run his tongue inside my mouth. David was kissing his shoulders and neck as Tanner sucked my tongue.

I pulled away and got a wash rag, soaped it up and handed it to Tanner. He bathed me first, then David and then himself. We exited the shower, and each grabbed a towel. David and I dried Tanner, then ourselves with Tanner’s help. Tanner left the shower first and headed for his clothes, I placed a hand on his shoulder and shook my head no.

We handed him our shorts and shirts and told him to dress us. After he finished dressing us we headed for the kitchen to get something to eat. We fixed sandwiches and sat to eat. We chatted about Tanner and his life. He told us he was fresh out of a long term relationship and was done really dirty. He had come up here to think about things and clear his head.

Tanner said he really enjoyed the time we had spent together and it had really opened new doors. Tanner pushed his chair back and rose to place out dished in the sink. I took Tanner’s hand and pulled him back. He sat on my lap and I pulled his mouth to mine and kissed him deep.

David had turned his chair and was working Tanner’s nips as he turned his head to David. Tanner placed his lips on David’s and kissed him, sucking and biting on his lips. I looked at David and asked him, “Do we have time to fuck that tight ass once more before we go?”

David said, “We will make time!”

Tanner smiled as David got up, took Tanner’s hand and led him to the bedroom. David and i stood by the bed as Tanner knelt to remove our shorts then stood to remove our shirts. David sat back against the headboard, took Tanner’s chin in his hand and guided his mouth to his big black nuts.

I got between Tanner’s legs at his ass and run my fingernails over his sweet pucker. I reached over, got the lube and lubed my fingers to work Tanner’s ass. I worked one finger in then the second. I reached down and coated my fat black cock as Tanner looked back. I took my place at Tanner’s puckered hole and stopped.

I asked Tanner if he was ready and he just moaned with his mouth full of David’s nuts. I pushed in just my cockhead and stopped. When Tanner relaxed I fucked his ass hard, deep driving in my whole fat black 9.5 inches as Tanner gasped and moaned. I started fucking his ass, hitting his prostrate as I went in, feeling that ass spasm on my cock.

David had pulled his balls from Tanners mouth and replaced them with his 10 inches. Tanner was taking it deep, all the way down, his mouth at the base of David’s thick cock. I started steady stroking Tanner’s ass as I felt my cum build. As I started to cum I went deep in Tanner’s ass and paused there as he moaned on David’s cock.

When I had completed emptying my nuts in Tanner’s ass I slapped his cheek and told him it was time to change. David moaned as Tanner raised his head up off his cock and we changed places. David on his knees at Tanners ass and me on mine at his head. David placed his fat black cockhead at Tanner’s hole and pushed till just the head was in. Tanner groaned as I took his chin in my hand, raised it up and placed my cockhead in his mouth. David and I started pushing in at the same time slowly until we were completely in.

David started slowly pulling out and quickly going back in, then changing the pace as I fucked Tanner’s mouth. David started fucking that sweet cum filled ass, telling Tanner he was fixing to add another load. Tanner groaned again. David started shooting, filling Tanner’s ass as Tanner sucked my cock.

When David was done I told them both we needed a shower and we had to hit the road. After the shower and getting dressed we loaded up the truck and told Tanner what a great time we’d had, and we hoped he had enjoyed our time together. Tanner said he was glad we showed up and he had had a really good time.

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