Dolore Dolce

Beautiful Brunette

An unwelcomed sliver of sunlight slowly crept its way to her sleeping eyes. It invaded the bedroom from a small gap between the curtains and woke her from a peaceful slumber. “Ohhhhhh, five more minutes, please go away!” she complained and threw a pillow at the curtains. She slowly lifted her arms over her head and carefully stretched. Her bare breasts slipped free from under the bed sheet. She looked down at her firm breasts and smiled to herself. There was a thick, long, purple and blue bruise streaked across the top of both her breasts. It looked as if it had been painted it on her flesh with a fine, camel hair artist’s brush. She bit her lower lip, smiled and purred, “Mmmmmmm. Thank you, Sir.” She swung her legs off the mattress, stood up and proceeded to gingerly make her way to the bathroom. She stopped in front of the full length mirror on the bathroom door to inspect her naked body. Fading red welts covered her thighs and abdomen. She ran her fingers over them and smiled to herself. She spread her legs and inspected her hairless, plump mound. It also was streaked with fading red marks. She turned around and inspected her ass and back. “Holy fudge! Thank you, Sir!” she exclaimed pleased at the light bruising and welts that were there. “They’ll disappear in a few days, unfortunately,” she remembered the words I had whispered to her the night before. She sat down to pee and leaned forward to admire her new ankle bracelet. Her fingers traced over the four gold letters and she mouthed the word, slut. “I love being your slut, Sir,” she grinned. She giggled to herself and thought back to the night we met. It was at a pub close to her campus. She was to meet her friend that had been dumped by her on again, off again boyfriend. There was only one available seat at the bar. The seat next to it had a briefcase on it. She took the empty seat and ordered a vodka and tonic. The briefcase was mine. I was leaning on the bar, sipping on a beer while I waited for my dinner. She felt intimidated, perhaps even scared, but she couldn’t stop herself from cautiously looking me over. “Tall, handsome, scary looking older man, in a long black coat at three o’clock,” she thought and smiled to herself. When she had built up enough courage, she turned in her seat and asked me, “Excuse me, is that your briefcase?” I turned and nodded, “Yes.” Her heart quickened when our eyes met. Something in my eyes definitely scared her. Whatever it was, it also excited her. She thought the nearly all gray goatee added to my already imposing look. “I am waiting for a friend. May I put my purse next to your briefcase, please?” she politely and cheerfully asked. Her emerald green eyes sparkled when she smiled. My cock twitched at the sight of this young and beautiful girl. “Of course you may. It shouldn’t be much longer for my order to be ready,” I smiled back at her. Her cell phone vibrated. She huffed as she read the text and typed a reply. “No rush to vacate the premises. My friend isn’t coming. Thank you anyway,” she turned to me and smiled again. “Foolish boy,” I grinned. My compliment made her cheeks feel instantly warm. “Pardon, no, it was my girlfriend,” she chuckled and nervously brushed a strand of her chestnut colored hair off her cheek. She stared at my goatee and wondered how its whiskers would feel against her soft lips. Then wondered why she had thought that. “Foolish girl,” I quickly replied. “No, she’s my girlfriend, as in a girl and a friend. Not, my girlfriend,” she stammered. Her clit suddenly tingled as she imagined my mouth covering her moist mound and my whiskers brushing against her delicate inner folds. And again was confused as to why a sexual thought had popped in to her mind. I laughed and replied, “I get it. You don’t owe any explanation. You’ll forgive me if I came across as if I was prying. It was a very poor attempt at paying you a compliment.” She extended her hand and introduced herself, “I’m Rebecca, but you may call me Becky. My friends all do.” “Hello, Rebecca. I’m, Gil,” I introduced myself as I gently squeezed her hand, “May I call you, Rebecca, even if we become friends?” She stared at her delicate hand in my grip. “You may, kind Sir. This is your lucky day, it appears I won’t have to kick your ass, if you weren’t willing to give up your seat peacefully,” she chuckled nervously. I laughed at her remark. “Sorry, I don’t know why I said that,” she giggled and blushed. I smiled at her and replied, “No offense taken. But, I do hope you will be gracious enough to give me a rematch, if you ever do kick my ass. If I may say so Rebecca, you have an infectious giggle.” “A rematch for you, anytime, anywhere, Gil, and, yes, you may say so,” she chuckled. “You order from her often? All my friends at the college love the wings here.” “It’s my first time in here. My nephew was just hired on as a chef. I came by to say hello and try his dipping sauces and the wings. He is very creative in the kitchen. I might pop back Sunday morning at nine, if he gets the breakfast menu completed by then.” “I’ll be sure to try more of the items on the menu. We usually only drink and have wings here on Friday nights,” she smiled. The waitress brought my wings and asked if I needed anything else. I thanked her and let her know I was fine. “I’m glad we got to chat, Rebecca. Maybe you’ll have better luck next time at kicking my ass. You are a very charming and funny young lady. I do hope to run in to you again,” I grinned at her. “Don’t be scared to say hi to me, I promise I’ll go easy on you, Gil,” she chuckled. I glared at her for an instant, lowered my head and in a low voice half growled, “I wouldn’t dream of going easy on you, Rebecca.” Her eyes widened and she took an involuntary deep breath. She felt a sudden, searing heat between her legs, and her insides quivered. She turned in her seat and watched me as I left the pub. “What the fuck was that?” she thought to herself. She finished her drink and headed back to her dormitory. She quickly stripped out of her clothes and threw on an over-sized t-shirt once she was in her room. “A great way to spend a Friday night,” she mumbled to herself as she jumped on to her bed and turned on her laptop. “Netflix, you are the perfect boyfriend.”  She microwaved some popcorn and picked a random movie to watch. Her mind wandered to the searing heat between her legs and how her insides had quivered. She squeezed her thighs together and rubbed them against each other. She moaned softly at the sensation of her clit being trapped and stimulated. “Fuck, that was insanely hot,” she gasped. She parted her legs, slid her Escort Karaköy hand to her pussy and moaned out loud when her fingertips brushed over her clit. She quickly squeezed her thighs together and rocked her hips slowly. Her fingertips worked feverishly on her swollen clit. It only took a minute till an orgasm began to rumble through her. She held her breath and rolled on to her side. When her orgasm peaked, she collapsed on to her stomach and screamed in to her pillow. “Sorry Netflix, you’ve just been replaced,” she laughed as she lazily rolled on to her back. Sunday morning, she headed to the pub to study, and, secretly had hoped that she would run in to me again. I arrived shortly after Rebecca. She was dressed in a loose fitting, long sleeved red t-shirt and yoga pants. Her hair was up in a ponytail, which she was slowly twirling around her index finger. “Good morning, Rebecca,” I greeted her as I walked towards the table she was sitting at. “Hey, hi Gil. Good morning to you,” she smiled and quickly pushed her books to the side of the table. “You look busy, am I disturbing you?” I asked. Rebecca shook her head and replied, “No, well, kind of. I didn’t study Friday night. I was too distracted by something. I have a few hours of studying to catch up on. There’s a math formula I don’t understand and it’s driving me crazy. I could use a break, if you would like to join me for a quick coffee.” “Another time perhaps, when you aren’t as busy. I must confess, our brief chat has left me,” I paused and grinned at her, “Shall we say, wanting more.” My words set off a slow burn between her legs. She shifted in her seat and cleared her throat. “More?” she asked innocently. “More conversation, Rebecca. Unless you have something else in mind?” I grinned. She nervously looked away and replied, “No, there’s nothing in my mind. I mean, conversation, yes, more conversation is what I meant, obviously.” “Perfect, I do hope you won’t keep me waiting too long to converse with you again.” “How will you know when I’ll be available? All the boys have to book time with me months in advance. I am a very popular girl and might not be able to fit you in my schedule for months, maybe years, just saying,” she coyly chuckled. “I’m not a boy,” I smiled a half growled reply. The slow, searing heat between her legs and quiver shot through her again. She cleared her throat and took a gulp of coffee, “No, you’re definitely not a boy,” she thought to herself. “May I borrow your pen, Rebecca?” “Sure,” she replied and quickly handed it to me. I gently grabbed her wrist and slowly slid the pen from in between her fingers. I rolled the sleeve of her t-shirt over her forearm. “Will you allow me to scribe my cell number on your delicate flesh, Rebecca?” She swallowed hard and nodded as her eyes widened and darted to where the pen was going to mark her. “Thank you,” I smiled and wrote my cell number on her arm. “Call me when you’ve finished playing with all your boys and are able to fit me in your schedule. I am a patient man.” I rolled her sleeve back down and handed the pen back to her. “In regards to that math formula. Before we know something, we must learn it,” I grinned and left the pub. Rebecca stared at the door long after it had shut behind me. A shiver shot up her spine. She grabbed her phone, rolled up her sleeve and quickly typed my cell number in to it. When she got back to her room, she stripped out of her clothes and slipped on a t-shirt. The fire between her legs was insistent; it showed no signs of letting up. “Fuck, I need to get laid,” she whispered to herself. There was no shortage of guys at the college that wanted to get in her pants. She had accumulated a short list of fuck buddies, and quickly decided on Brian. They had fucked a few times. He was a good kisser and she liked how he ate her out and made her cum. He replied right away. It would have to be a quickie. He was in the middle a poker game. Rebecca agreed to the quickie. When Brian arrived, she took off her t-shirt and kissed him. His smooth lips and face left her wanting. My goatee flashed in her mind. She ached to feel rough whiskers brush against her delicate lips and face. She unzipped Brian’s pants and pulled out his cock. He was rock hard and throbbed in her hand. He fumbled in his pocket, took out a condom and slipped it over his cock. Rebecca gripped his cock and walked backwards to her bed. She pulled him on top her and aimed his cock at her dripping hole.”Fuck me, now!” she panted. Brian slid his full length in to her. “Yesssss!” she moaned, “Fuck me hard, please!”  He grinned and plunged harder in to her, “Someone’s fucking horny, Becky,” he laughed. His voice left her aching to be called by her full name, in the low, rumbling growl of my voice. “I wouldn’t dream of going easy on you, Rebecca.” My half growled words echoed in her ears. There she was, in the middle of getting fucked, and the slow, searing heat between her legs and quiver shot through her again. “Will you allow me to scribe my cell number on your delicate flesh, Rebecca?” “Ohhhhhhfuuuuckyesssss!” she gasped her answer to the question that echoed in her ears as she came. Brian shot his load shortly after. He rolled off her, slipped off the condom and threw it in the small waste basket that was next to her bed. He winked as he did up his zipper, “Thanks Becky, call me anytime. Gotta run,” he snickered and bolted out the door. She got up from her bed, slowly walked to her door, locked it and calmly announced to the world, “Call me Rebecca.” She stood motionless, blankly staring at the door. One hand gripped the door handle and her other rested on the door frame. She closed her eyes, pressed her lips to the door and imagined a tall handsome man, in a long black coat, standing on the other side. Waiting patiently, with fire in his eyes and a sneering smile. “Call me when you’ve finished playing with all your boys and are able to fit me in your schedule. I am a patient man.” The words she recalled sent an icy shiver up her spine. “What have you done to me?” she whispered in desperation. Rebecca called me Friday evening, five days after she had allowed me to scribe my number on her arm. She was sitting on her bed, legs crossed and nervously wringing the hem of her skirt. She was waiting for her friends; they were going to walk to the pub together. I answered the call, “Hello.” “Hi!” she cheerfully greeted me. My cock stirred and began to stiffen at the sound of her voice. “Rebecca, nice to hear from you,” I smiled in to the phone. “Nice to hear your voice again, Gil. I just Kayaşehir escort wanted to call to say hello and see how you are doing.” “I am very pleased to hear from you. I do hope you are not ignoring one of your many admirers to make this call,” I chuckled. Rebecca smiled and a warm glow flushed in her cheeks, “I might have exaggerated the extent of my popularity, just a wee bit, Gil,” she laughed. “I don’t believe you exaggerated at all,” I grinned. “You are definitely getting better at giving compliments,” Rebecca giggled. “I wish I could chat a bit longer, but, I really must go. You are frequently in my thoughts, Rebecca. Thank you for the call. I’ll say good night to you now and let you get back to enjoying your evening.” She rushed through her reply with a slight panic in her voice, “I really wanted to call you sooner. I have been thinking about you a lot and I miss your voice. I want you to know that.” “Please call me whenever you feel the need to, Rebecca.” “I will, and could you…”she replied and started to ask a question but stopped abruptly. “And what, Rebecca?”  “Nothing, I mean, it’s silly. It’s a selfish request. You’re obviously busy tonight,” she replied slightly embarrassed at what she wanted to ask me. “Do not deny me any opportunity to please you,” I sternly said to her. “Now, please ask.” My voice startled and excited her at the same time. She felt herself get wetter and pushed her fist between her legs. “Okay, if you can, will you call later this evening and say good night to me? I don’t care where you are or what time it is. I want to hear you say my name before I fall asleep,” she struggled to get the words out. “Of course I will. I will call shortly after midnight. May I ask you to do something for me?” “Anything,” she quickly replied, “I mean, yes, of course you may.” She closed her eyes tight, shook her head and mouthed, “Real smooth, Rebecca.” “I hope you will not think my request offensive in any way. May I ask that you be in bed and naked, when I call you?” I calmly asked. She trembled and pressed her fist on her dripping pussy, trying to extinguish the fire between her legs. “No, I mean yes, I can do that for you, Gil. And no, I don’t find anything about you offensive.” “Thank you, good bye for now, Rebecca,” I ended the call. ****Rebecca said good bye to her friends and headed to her room at eleven-thirty that evening. She stripped naked, threw on a t-shirt and sat on the edge of her bed. She became increasingly nervous about the phone call she would be receiving. “Oh my god! He must think I’m the biggest slut,” she panicked. She looked at her phone to check the time; it was ten minutes to midnight. “Don’t answer the phone, Rebecca,” she thought to herself, “Call him tomorrow and make up an excuse.” She scurried to her kitchen and turned on the electric kettle. A cup of tea would relax her. Then she scurried to her bathroom, she had to pee very badly all of a sudden. She looked at her phone as she waited for the tea to steep. Two minutes past midnight. “Ohhhhhh, please don’t call!” she panicked. She sipped her tea while she tried to concentrate on watching a movie. Her eyes darted to her phone. Thirty minutes past midnight. She was certain that I wouldn’t call. The movie ended and she looked at her phone. Twelve minutes past one. “Why hasn’t he called?” she thought out loud and checked her phone for missed calls. “Bastard!” she cursed under her breath and removed her t-shirt, “You got some nerve, mister scary and sexy, I’m not a boy, look at me, I can growl and make girls wet. I should call you and give you a piece of my mind! Better still, I should call a few boys over, take videos of them fucking me and send them to you!” She held up her phone and pretended that it was me that she was reaming out, “You sir, are a giant dick and a gianter douchebag.” “What?” she huffed in contempt to an imaginary comment. “I know full well, gianter isn’t a word. It’s called poetic license, you gianter douchebag!” she scoffed and was pleased with herself at having given me a piece of her mind. Her phone vibrated and rang; she jumped back and screamed with a start as she threw the phone on to her bed. “Fuck! That scared the shit outta me!” She took two deep breaths, calmed herself down and answered the phone. “Gil, I was out of my mind with worry! Please tell me everything’s alright!” She placed her hand on her forehead, shook her head and thought to herself, “I’m going straight to hell.” “Please forgive me, Rebecca. I should have mentioned that I was at the Vancouver airport, waiting to board a plane, when you called me. The departing flight was delayed and we had to circle the airport here, till they repaired an electrical problem on the ground. We just got the okay to land and are in range of cellular service. I was unable to call you any earlier than right now.” “Oh please, think nothing of it, Gil. I can’t tell you how relieved I am that you’re okay. You had me very worried.” “I promised to call you and say good night, so, good night, sweet Rebecca. I will let you go, it’s late.” She bit her lip and smiled, “Well, it’s not that late. I can stay up a bit longer, only if you want me to of course.” “Of course I want you to. I have been trying to imagine how ravishing you must look.” “I do look rather ravishing, now that you mention it,” she giggled. “That giggle of yours, Rebecca. It makes me forget I’m a gentleman,” I softly growled in to the phone. She stretched out on her bed and spread her legs, “That growl in your voice, Gil, makes me wish you would forget that you’re a gentleman,” she panted and slid her hand over her belly. “Be careful what you wish for, Rebecca,” I cautioned her. “What would you do if you were with me right now, Gil?” she panted. I grinned and replied, “The gentleman in me would tuck you safely in bed and kiss you good night. He’d watch over you as you drifted off to sleep.” Rebecca slid her hand to her pussy and gently caressed her throbbing clit. “That’s very sweet of you, Gil. You don’t know how much I would love that,” she panted. She bit her lip, rubbed her clit harder and asked, “And the not so gentlemanly Gil, what would he do?” “Are you sure you want to know that, Rebecca?” I cautioned her. She pinched her clit and panted, “Yes, I need to know!” I waited a moment before I softly growled my reply, “Unspeakable, depraved, beautiful things, Rebecca.” “Uhhnnnn, I’m cumming, Gil,” she softly moaned in to the phone. I waited till I heard her exhale and said “I trust you will sleep well tonight, Rebecca.” “Is that what you wanted me to Küçükçekmece escort bayan do for you, Gil?” she panted. “Yes. Good night, Rebecca,” I grinned. “Thank you, Gil. Good night,” she giggled. Saturday, Rebecca called me just before noon to thank me for calling her. “How did you sleep, Rebecca?” I chuckled. She laughed and replied, “Does this mean we are officially friends now?” “I would think so,” I chuckled, “Would you like to join me for dinner tonight?” “Only if you promise to elaborate on the unspeakable, depraved, beautiful things you mentioned last night,” she replied after a short silence. “I’ll pick you up at eight, at the street entrance of your dormitory,” I grinned. “What shall I wear?” she asked, “Would a blue, strapless mini-dress and stilettos be inappropriate?” “A blue, strapless mini-dress and stilettos is the perfect attire to be in, while I elaborate on those things,” I grinned. Rebecca bit down hard on her lower lip to keep herself from moaning out loud. “See you at eight, Gil.” I arrived a few minutes early, parked my car outside the street entrance of her dormitory and waited for her. I spotted Rebecca in my review mirror walking to the entrance. I got out of my car and walked to greet her. “Wow, you look smoking hot in a suit, Gil,” she blushed as soon as she finished her sentence. “Thank you, Rebecca.” I took her hand and twirled her around slowly, admiring her sexy form from head to toe. Her bare legs were slender and toned. The dress hugged her subtle curves and showed off her larger, than I had imagined breasts. I laughed out loud. Rebecca frowned and asked “You don’t like the dress?” “On the contrary, you have taken my breath away. You look stunning, Rebecca. I laughed because this is the first time I have seen you while you were not sitting down. Thank you for agreeing to have dinner with me,” I smiled at her and placed a kiss on her cheek. Her head barely reached my chin. Rebecca lifted and turned her head towards my lips, just enough to allow her lips to brush against my whiskers, then smiled to herself. I opened the car door for her and ravished her with my glare as she slid in to the car seat. Her eyes were locked on to mine, she was pleased at the reaction she had gotten from me. “Tell me something about you, Gil,” she asked as I accelerated on to the road. “Would you like me to start with my personal, or work life?” She turned to look at me and replied, “Work life first, please.” “Hmmmm, are you sure? I won’t be held responsible if you immediately fall asleep, once I tell you what I do,” I chuckled. Rebecca laughed and replied, “I promise I won’t doze off, Gil.” She shifted in her seat and turned her body at an angle towards me. “I am an independent IT security consultant,” I turned to look at her and grinned, “I am impressed, you are still awake.” She laughed and replied, “That doesn’t sound boring at all. Do you have a lot of clients?” “Yes, mostly government agencies and some of the more prominent, financial institutions. They love me, when I find potential points of failure and patch holes in their systems. But become immediately less enamored with me, when they receive my invoices.” “What about your personal life?” she nervously asked. “I am a fifty-five year old divorced father of two children. Both university graduates and working out west.” “You don’t look fifty-five. I guessed you to be in your mid-forties,” Rebecca smiled. “Tell me about yourself, Rebecca. Other than how popular you are with all the boys,” I chuckled. Rebecca snickered and replied, “I’m a twenty-two year old, naive young lady, working her way towards a Master’s degree, in education. Both my parents are university professors and that is my ultimate goal.” “Naive?” I grinned. “Yes, very naive and much too trusting. You aren’t the type of man that would take advantage of that, are you, Gil?” she coyly asked. “I am exactly the type of man that would take advantage of that,” I winked at her. I parked my car in an underground lot. Rebecca grabbed hold of my arm with both her hands and held on to me tightly as we walked to the restaurant. We were seated shortly after we entered. A waitress greeted us at our table, introduced herself and recommended the special, homemade duck egg pasta. We both ordered the special. “You look gorgeous in that dress,” the waitress complimented Rebecca. “I have the same one in bright yellow. I want it in blue now, seeing how it looks on you.” “Thank you. It was a hard choice picking the blue over the hot pink,” Rebecca cheerfully replied. The waitress chuckled, “I feel your pain. How is a girl to choose only one, from all the gorgeous colors?” We finished our dinner over small talk. I excused myself and asked Rebecca to order espresso for us, if the waitress came before I returned. When the waitress came to clear the table, Rebecca nervously whispered to her, “May I ask you a question, girl to girl?” “Oh, I am not leaving till you do, girl to girl, ask away,” she chuckled. Rebecca leaned towards her and asked, “Is it just me, or do you also feel a bit intimidated by, Gil?” The smile on the waitress’s face disappeared, “Has he done anything to intimidate you, or worse?” she asked in a serious tone. “What? Oh god, no! He’s been nothing but sweet and a perfect gentleman to me,” Rebecca whispered. The waitress sighed in relief and chuckled, “If, by intimidated you mean does he make me want to moan out, ‘Please Daddy, you’re hurting me, but don’t you dare stop!’ Then yes.” Rebecca gasped in shock and looked around to see if anyone had heard what the waitress had just whispered to her. The waitress laughed and assured her that no one else had heard, “Intimidated, is not the word I would use, Rebecca,” she snickered and winked. Rebecca smiled and replied, “Thank you, this is all very new to me. I have never been attracted to an older man before.” “You’re doing fine. Don’t be nervous. I wish I could find someone, who looks at me the way that he looks at you. And I hope he isn’t all sweet and gentlemanly to you later on tonight.” “You are horrible!” Rebecca laughed. Then smirked and whispered, “We should definitely be friends.” Two espressos were on the table when I got back from the restroom. “May I ask favor of you, Rebecca?” “Ask away, I might say yes,” she coyly replied. “Do you know what a safe word is?” She lowered her eyes and replied, “Oddly enough I do.” I leaned towards her and placed the palm of my hand on her cheek. “Good, I wanted to ask you to decide on a safe word. The way you look in that blue dress, would you consider choosing, blue, as your safe word? I will understand if you want to pick your own,” I whispered to her. I felt her quiver as she closed her eyes and softly replied, “Yes.” She gasped when she realized what she had agreed to. There was no more doubt in her mind or her body, what it was that she so desperately ached for. “Thank you, Rebecca,” I smiled.

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