Donor Uncle in Apartment Pt. 01


(The story revolves around the year-2009, Ten years back from the present time.)

Like all other metros in India, Kolkata was also densely populated, and people were living like swarm of bees in honeybee colony. Most of the middle-class families were living in small flats having two bedrooms in multi storey apartments in congested area.

But “Love Nest” was a 5-storey small Apartment having 5th floors, and each floor containing 3 numbers of flats, situated in Middleton Street, which was the heart of Kolkata, a busy and commercial place. But this Apartment was just far away from the madding crowd, and situated in a corner place, away from the main street in a calm and quiet place and occupied by middle class family people. The Apartment was occupied by a total of 15 numbers of families, 3 Flats in each floor. As the living culture prevalent in Metros, the neighbour occupants were not closely knitted, hardly knew each other nor they bothered about each other as everyone was busy in Kolkata, no times for each other. But the difference was in floors where occupants of 3 numbers of flats were living like a close family, sharing each other’s problems, and standing for each other at the time of need and crisis, which was a close bond, developed and existed amongst them.

The first floor was occupied by Mr. Sukumar Sen in the centre flat, which was slight bigger than other two flats located in its left and right side. His flat had 3 Bedrooms whereas other two flats had 2 Bedrooms. He was an Aeronautics Engineer of Govt.of India; a senior person aged 54 years was living with his wife. His only married son was living in USA and Luck smiled on him recently. He was invited by NASA for a research job for 6 years in Washington DC after scrutiny of his vast experience and seniority in the field. He got the immediate permission from Govt.of India for this research job.

His left flat was occupied by Mr. Tapas Chatterjee, aged 50 years, who was a Charted Accountant (CA) in New Delhi in a Big Corporate House. He was so busy that his works would leave him no spare time for his family, and he would often visit Kolkata once in 4 months to see his family. His family consisted of his wife Manasi, aged 40 years, Tappan, a young boy of 19 years who was just admitted in college, Tapasi, his youngest daughter still in school, studying in 9th standard.

The right flat adjunct to Mr. Sukumar Sen was occupied by Mr. Saurav Mukherjee, aged 48 years, was an employee of a Shipping company of Kolkata. Throughout the year, he would remain in the sea as his ship would move in different ports of the world, most of the time in Singapore and in Hong Kong. He would visit the home once or twice in a year. His family consisted of his wife Rupa, aged 36 years, Kakoli, his eldest daughter was studying in 11th standard, and Debashree, his youngest daughter of 14 years was studying in 9th standard. Amongst children, since Debashree (Daughter of Saurav Mukherjee) and Tapasi (Daughter of Mr. Tapas Chatterjee) were studying in same class, in same school, naturally they were very bosom friends.

Kakoli was an adult teen girl just going to step in adulthood, was just maintaining a little distance from these two girls, but with a sisterly guidance. Tappan, the adult boy of 19 years was Boss of all children, and all of them were regarding him as their elder brother.

In absence of Mr. Tapas Chatterjee and Mr. Saurav Mukherjee, Mr. Sukumar Sen was the only senior Male figure in the first floor. All the other family Heads and Ladies were addressing Mr. Sukumar Sen as Dada (Elder Brother) and children were fondly calling him Baba (Father figure). Mr. Sukumar Sen was very wealthy in comparison to these two families, an honest and simple person, and he was like a guardian figure in the floor in absence of Male heads of the other two families.

The typical nature of a middle-class family in Kolkata, particularly the nature of a lady in the family was to save money as much as possible when opportunity comes, and to extract maximum benefit from a simple person by sugar coated tongue. Both Manasi and Rupa were in competition with each other for extracting maximum from Mr. Sukumar Sen by inviting him for lunch and Dinner and offering cups of tea every day. The good man was spending lavishly for these two families by way of presenting various gifts to these two families and allowing these two families to use his household materials. Sometimes, he would loan money to Manasi and Rupa, but he would forget, and the recovery could not be made in future.

Today, Mr. Sukumar and his wife would leave for USA for 6 years. It was a shocking moment for both the family members. With sad faces and broken hearts, everybody had congregated in the open space of the first floor to bid farewell to the kind-hearted couple. Both the families were aware of the fact of what they were losing. The atmosphere was quiet, sombre, and tearful.

Manasi along with her children was standing beside her husband Mr. Tapas Chatterjee.

Mr. Tapas started saying in a very soft tone, “Dada, (Elder Brother) wish you beşiktaş masöz escort a happy journey. You were the guardian of this floor during our absence. We will be missing you very much.”

Rupa, standing beside her husband Mr. Sourav started sobbing and said, “We cannot think of living here without you, and your presence would be felt more during absence of our husbands.”

Manasi asked, “Dada, who would be staying in your vacant flat?”

Mr. Sukumar looked intently to everybody and felt the pang, respect, and love in their heart towards him.

He addressed to everybody, “Listen, my entire dear loved one, I appreciate of yours love and affection to me, but don’t worry. God is always great. My childhood friend Mr. Pawan Kumar from Haryana has been transferred to Kolkata as a Manager in a Bank. He is of my age, very nice, simple, docile, and helpful gentleman. He belongs to a very wealthy family of Haryana. He is a widower, but his son and daughters are married and settled. He will retire from the service after 6 years when I return from USA. Till such time, he will be with you. Since he will be staying alone in my flat, I request the ladies of both the families to take care of him. During absence of Mr. Tapas and Mr. Sourav, my friend Mr. Pawan Kumar will be a best guardian to these two families, and he will be a father as well as brother figure to both the families. “

The both families heaved a sigh of relief.

Within a week both of Mr. Tapas and Mr. Saurav left for their respective working places and the two families were left alone and waiting eagerly for the arrival of new occupant.

Mr. Pawan Kumar was a Jat (A community from Haryana state in India). He had inherited the genetic quality of Haryanvi people. He was 6 feet in height, aged 54 years. He was very strong and masculine in physical appearance, and even at this age, he had broad shoulder and chest, long, wide arms and palms. He was fair in colour, had thick hair and moustache in his face which was grey. His physical appearance was like a Youngman of 30 years. Since as per tradition, he married at early age of 20 years, and now his two daughters and only one son was married and settled in their lives. He had 3 grand sons and a granddaughter. He was very wealthy person having huge landed property in his village in Haryana. He had three buildings in Chandigarh. Just for passing his time, he joined a Bank as officer, and now he was the Manager, and transferred to Kolkata. He was always in touch with his childhood friend Mr. Sukumar from Kolkata. When Pawan Kumar apprised Sukumar of his transfer, Sukumar offered him his flat for accommodation as he was leaving for USA. Pawan Kumar was a widower as he lost his wife 10 years ago who died due to heart problem. Now, he was a loner, and had no women in his life for the last 10 years. He was very vigour and vitality in his sex life but after death of his wife, he had controlled his biological needs by way of Yoga and meditation. The most extra ordinary quality of him was that he held a degree of Doctor in Homeopathy, well versed in Homeopathy treatment and for this purpose, he had a leather kit containing all types of Homeopathy medicines, secondly, he had a thick and enormous dick of 9th inch long.

– — — — — —

It was a bright sunny afternoon of Sunday. Pawan Kumar reached “Love Nest” Apartment. He climbed up the staircase leading to upper floors. There was no need to use Elevator as it was in first floor and could be reached easily by climbing the staircase. He reached the floor and found an Iron grill securely locked at the entrance to first floor. He appreciated the security. He put his thumb on the calling bell.

Rupa, the 36 years old housewife of Mr. Sourav was sitting leisurely and was watching TV when she heard the bell. She came outside to see the unexpected visitor at this odd hour. She found a tall, aged gentleman of heavy personality, carrying a briefcase.

Pawan Kumar was also stunned to find the beautiful Bengali lady in front of him. He had heard that Bengali women were the most beautiful women in India, he had also seen some in Haryana, but today, he was observing from very closely.

She was gorgeous, had an amazing figure, fair complexion, had a height of around 5’5¨, and long silky hairs. She had a slender waist, the bends of her hips were so voluptuous that you would feel as if it had been carved out of marble by the creator who sculpted out of care, and Pawan Kumar felt that as if some potter sculpted a vessel from raw clay. The bends of her hips, the fullness of her bosom was reminiscent of the idea of perfections. As she was fixing her hair, with those long slender arms, her navel naked for the world to view, her sari draped so holistically, that the curves of her body became prominent by the red and black sari which complemented her lucid cream-based colour. The glistening skin and the colour of cream almost that of milk chocolate, infused with a hint of cocoa was strikingly balancing the redness of her sari, which was enough to give beşiktaş otele gelen escort heart aches to anybody, as it surely caused his heart to skip a few beats. The white cup of Bra and straps could be easily visible through black transparent blouse, and Pawan Kumar guessed that she must have rounded erect boobs of 36 sizes.

That was the best way Pawan Kumar could describe in his mind.

Oh! My god the beauty, Pawan Kumar was mesmerized.

“Yes, what do you want? “asked Rupa smilingly, showing her pearls of white prominent teeth between two petals of lascivious lips.

“I am Pawan Kumar,” replied Pawan Kumar with a wide smile.

“Ohhh, My God, please come in. You are most welcome, “said Rupa, and opened the lock of Grill.

She ushered him in to her flat and indicated him to sit on the sofa in the small open space which was served as a Drawing room cum dinning space.

“I am Rupa, your next neighbour in left side. Dada (Sukumar) has handed over me the key of the flat which I have to hand over you, “said Rupa politely.

She called her two daughters, the eldest daughter, Kakoli and youngest daughter Debashree for introduction. The two Daughters came and touched the feet of Pawan Kumar. He blessed both the girls by touching their heads. Both daughters were more beautiful than their mother. Rupa offered him a plate of snacks and a cup of tea. Then Rupa started telling all about her family, particularly about her husband, daughters, and thanked him for his early arrival so that they would not be left alone.

In the meantime, Manasi, the other neighbour lady heard the commotion in neighbour flat and discovered the fact of arrival of Pawan Kumar. She immediately rushed, introduced herself to Pawan Kumar, and invited him to her flat for lunch.

There was always an underlying competition between these two ladies, Rupa and Manasi from the inception to exploit Sukumar, and now they wanted to impress Pawan Kumar who was the new occupant.

Manasi, wife of Mr. Tapas was aged 40 years. She was not exactly a plump woman, but gained a little weight around her waist, and in back side, slight fatty. She had a round face, thick rosy lips and had big breasts. Pawan Kumar was watching her very carefully. Her big boobs were protruding through tight bra and blouse as if it would burst open by splitting the hooks. She had a deep long cleavage, prominently exposed while she was facing opposite Pawan Kumar. Her boobs must be 38 sizes. Through her sari, Pawan Kumar could see her two big thick thighs resembling logs of a small tree. He was comparing the two women, Rupa was slim like a Model, and on the contrary Manasi was voluptuous. He found both very sexy. He felt, he was getting an erection. Immediately, he diverted his mind.

Manasi said, “I am your immediate right-side neighbour.”

Then Manasi called his Son named Tapan, aged 19 years, a college going student, and school going daughter for an introduction. Both came and touched the feet of Pawan Kumar who blessed them by touching his right-hand palm on their heads.

Next day, he reported at his Bank at 10.00AM in the morning. His Bank was in a very busy, commercial place named Dharamtala in Kolkata. The Bank was in Third floor near the main Road. The Bank consisted of 3 numbers of Male Assistants, one lady officer to assist him whose name was Kavita Sanyal, aged 22 years, a fresh young girl, newly recruited by Bank, one Armed Guard, and one Lady Sweeper aged 40 years named Savita. All the staffs of Bank greeted him. Although the Bank was a small one, but the transaction was heavy, and it was crowded with customers whole day as located in a commercial place.

In the evening, when Pawan Kumar returned, he found three girls, Kakoli, Tapasi, and Debashree playing in the open space of the floor.

Seeing him, all the girls in one voice greeted him, “Uncle, Good evening.”

Pawan Kumar stopped near them, smiled, picked out Cadbury packets from his pocket, and handed over to them.

Already one month passed. Pawan Kumar got mixed up with the two families and merged with them in such a way as if he belonged to them. He was accepted by children as a father figure and accepted by these two ladies as Dada (elder brother). His flat was located between these two neighbours. Pawan Kumar changed the flat in a lavish manner. He had purchased sophisticated modern furniture made of mahogany wood, fitted and furnished the entire flat with fixtures. All the three bedrooms contained luxurious mattress with pillows. He also purchased a big LCD TV, (Big screen) and installed a Telephone. He also purchased a washing machine and fitted Air conditioner (AC) in the entire flat. The flat became a modern and rich between these two poor flats. He would always help these two families by way of treatment in Homeopathy medicines in sickness like Influenza, cough, fever, and in other small sickness, helping them to save Doctors’ fees. He would often shower with gifts to the children frequently; he would present them with chocolates, beşiktaş rus escort pens, notebooks, and various magazines.

He would present the ladies with sarees and cosmetics. The two families were very much obliged to him.

One day, Pawan Kumar called the two ladies and addressed to them, “Listen Manasi and Rupa, I am a lone person, but I am using a big flat of 3 Rooms whereas I need only one room which is sufficient for me. It is also very difficult for me to pass the time after office hours in evening. I am very good in the subject of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and in English. So, what I suggest, you both can send your children to my flat in evening for their study. I will help each kid for his/ her homework and my time will be passed by doing this. Since yours flats are congested, children will have a good studious atmosphere in my flat with AC and they will concentrate more in their studies. For refreshments, the children could watch my LCD TV for a brief time. Further, my flat is locked for whole day till I return from office and whole day, you two ladies remain alone in this floor as children leave for their schools and I leave for office. You both must be feeling boredom, and temperature outside is also unbearable. So, what I suggest, you keep the key of my flat, and enjoy the AC as well as daily soap opera in my LCD TV during daytime.”

The two ladies could not believe their luck and happily agreed. Similarly, all the Bank employees were very happy with their new Boss. They found in him a true leader, a fine gentleman, helpful, co-operative, good Administrator, knowledgeable, and best guide. Being a Manager, Pawan Kumar also had given certain advantages and liberties to his employees which they were deprived of previously. The second officer of Bank under him, the new girl Kavita would always seek his advices in the Banking matter. Due to this attitude of his, the employees of Bank became more vibrant in the dealing of customers service and the business of Bank started booming.

But one problem cropped up. Since he was taking food outside in Restaurant, he developed stomach related problems due to spicy foods, and he would often fall sick.

Sensing this problem, the two ladies had a meeting in one afternoon to help this old man. They discussed in details of their plans to help him as well as to earn some extra bucks for them. They compromised of their inner rivalry. Both were being benefited from this simple gentleman, but they wanted more as both were very selfish and materialistic, and wanted to exploit more from Pawan Kumar as he was wealthy.

In the evening, when Pawan Kumar returned from office, both approached him.

Manasi being older started saying, “Dada, we both are very much concerned about your health. So, henceforth you will not take outside food, we will serve you homemade food. For one month, I will clean your all rooms, wash your cloths, provide you bed tea when you wake up in morning, and provide you breakfast before going to office, and pack your Lunch box. When you return from office, I will provide you evening tea and dinner. Alternatively, Rupa will do the same thing in next month. For this you will pay us the expenses whatever you deem fit.”

Both knew they would be rewarded much more beyond their expectations. Pawan Kumar happily agreed to this proposal.

So, every day in the morning, the lady in task would open his flat with duplicate key and serve Pawan Kumar with a cup of hot morning coffee and wake him up from the bed by greeting good morning in her soft and sweet voice.

There was a beautiful small park near their Apartment.

One day Pawan Kumar suggested to Manasi, “Manasi, what I observe, you are gaining weight day by day, and I don’t want to see such a beautiful woman like you turning in to a plump lady. So from tomorrow, we both will have an evening walk together in the park.”

Manasi readily agreed and pleased that how much Dada was concerned about her health and beauty.

Rupa was a movie buff, but her husband would hardly accompany her to a movie theatre during his short stay in Kolkata. Pawan Kumar became aware of this fact. So, in every weekend on Sunday, he would take Rupa to movie theatre, and they would watch the movie as per choice of Rupa. The choice of Rupa varied from Bangla, Hindi movies to Hollywood movies also. Of course, the entire expenses would be borne by Pawan Kumar.

— —- — — —

One morning in a routine way, Manasi entered his bedroom with the cup of coffee. Pawan Kumar was sleeping flat on his back. In the morning time, usually the dick of a male person would erect to the full extent. Pawan Kumar was wearing a lungi (a traditional garment worn around the waist in India) and due to his huge erection, the border ends of the lungi slid away and full dick had come out from it. Manasi had never seen such a huge dick of 9th inch long ever in her life. She was completely mesmerized by the sight. She was very much surprised and thought that her husband’s cock would be less than half size of this giant Cock. Now days, virtually sex was stopped between Manasi and her husband for two reasons. First, her husband would visit once in six months, and he would not take any initiative for sex, may be due to his age factor and fatigue. Secondly, with growing up son and daughter in a congested flat, sex was not possible in a free manner. No doubt, she was a sex starved woman.

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