Part 1

I had been a sperm donor for four or five years – visiting the nearby fertility clinic three or four times annually to jerk myself off into one of their little plastic cups – when the letter arrived.

The need for sperm donors had only been brought home to me when friends of my older sister had trouble getting pregnant and found that their tests revealed it was the husband’s non-viable sperm that had been the cause of their difficulties. But although at first they were devastated by this news, they said that they had been made to feel just a little better by being told that this was becoming an ever more common problem in the community. It seemed that at that stage none of the researchers was really sure why this was the case; some thinking that the increasing prevalence of the ever-widening range of chemicals in our society was the cause, others that it was just a problem that has always been in the male genome and that it was only because we were actually researching the problem that we were finally discovering it existed.

They went on to say that whatever the cause or causes, fertility clinics were always on the look-out for healthy young men to act as regular sperm donors, and perhaps fired by youthful idealism, I took myself off and registered with them. Having been given a thorough medical check and found to be free of any ‘nasties’ I made my first ‘donation’ and when it was found to be full of healthily vigorous little ‘swimmers’, I was accepted. Since then I have, as I said, taken myself off there three or four times a year and hopefully done my bit for at least some unfortunately infertile couples.

The contents of the letter were innocuous enough – advising that some extremely generous, and anonymous donors had endowed the clinic with funds sufficient for them to build a new and rather specialised research facility that would enable them to further investigate the more subtle variations in male sperm characteristics – and in the process of doing so, perhaps discover at least some of the causes of the increasing non-viability of so many men.

The letter went on to say that as a long-term and regular donor I had, if I agreed to be, been selected as one of a small group of men who would then be tested in a range of new ‘donation’ procedures – the initial purpose of which was to discover if the quality of our sperm actually varied under such conditions. I was then given a tentative appointment date and time for a further briefing and asked to phone to confirm whether that was or was not, acceptable. Naturally I was intrigued enough to at least want to find out a little more about the proposed research, and its methodology, so I confirmed the appointment, and a week or so later, presented myself for the briefing.

Having confirmed the basic details on my records file the receptionist handed me over to two doctors, a male and female both apparently in their late thirties, who took me through to a very pleasantly furnished room where we were able to sit and relax in three of the several comfortable arm chairs. They introduced themselves and said that they would prefer it if we could all speak on a first name basis – and that theirs were Rosemary and Victor. Rosemary outlined the overall purpose of the research programme; which was to discover whether or not an individual’s sperm varied from time to time – which would require me to present myself once a week for a period of approximately six weeks from the start date of my particular programme. Then that they were also researching whether or not the quality of the individual donor’s sperm varied in quality even within each ejaculation – which would require them to not only analyse each donation in much more detail than usual, but to also try to obtain the maximum amount of ejaculate on each occasion.

She explained that these issues had been much on their mind for some time, but that until they had received the fortuitous endowment from a wealthy couple that the clinic had finally been able to treat successfully, they had only been able think about how such research might be carried out. But once they had received the funding they had been able to not only plan and construct the building but to also design and develop the equipment they believed they would need to enable them to achieve the very best possible results. She went on to say that her primary role was in the technical and laboratory processes involved in the research, and that she would then leave her colleague to explain to me what she called the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the procedures I would be letting myself in for if I agreed to sign myself on as one of their team.

Then, as Victor placed a large folder down on the table-top, Rosemary stood and asked if I would like some coffee, and when I said that I would, she went across to one corner of the room to prepare it.

‘As Rosemary told you Brian, we not only want to analyse a much greater proportion of each donor’s semen than is usual in all such clinics, güvenilir bahis we also want to try to obtain the maximum amount of it each time he visits us.’ Victor said. ‘Now a small amount of quite separate research has seemed to back-up the sometimes quoted belief that the average male is capable of producing a larger volume of ejaculate if he has been kept in a state of high arousal for longer than might be usual in most sexual acts. Believing that could well be true we have designed this clinic’s facilities to enable us to do exactly that; raise your level of sexual arousal, and then keep it there for what might sometimes seem to be a rather longer time than you might like.

Now at first glance what we have here might seem a little odd to you, and to some they might even seem offensively intrusive – if so, you are of course quite at liberty to leave the programme at any time you wish.’ As he spoke Victor opened the folder and showed me the first of a series of pictures that at first made very little sense to me.

At first glance it looked like a fairly standard, padded massage table, but one that had for some reason had a long but narrow slice taken out of one end of the middle of it. ‘During these trials Brian you will not be expected to simply masturbate with just a few girlie magazines to help you along – you will be lying face down on such a bench, and be able to watch various kinds of videos that will be showing on a TV screen set in the floor beneath you. The reason for this channel down the centre of the top half of the bench is so that your genitals can protrude down through it – and they will be connected to a specially designed electro-stimulator operating beneath you, and that same piece of equipment will also be used to collect your eventual discharge.

At that stage Rosemary returned with three coffees and as she placed mine in front of me, she said. ‘The electro-stimulator has of course already been thoroughly tested Brian, and -‘ she added with an almost wickedly mischievous smile, ‘ – it must produce rather dramatic effects because I understand the researchers who ran the trials were all queuing up for a second and third go on it!’

‘That’s as maybe Rosemary.’ Victor broke in. ‘But Brian is not just here for some sort of mechanically assisted relief, the very fact that he is talking with us not only demonstrates he understands the serious nature of this work, but also his desire to assist us in a practical way.’

And of course he was quite correct, that had been my primary motivation – however, the cheeky grin Rosemary had given me while telling me of the apparent effectiveness of the electro-stimulator certainly gave the whole concept a rather more excitingly interesting edge. But even as the thought of what such a piece of equipment might actually do to me was drifting around inside my head, I realised that Victor had continued on with explanation of what I could expect if I signed on to their project. ‘In addition to the electro-stimulator beneath you there will be another, much smaller of course, inserted into your rectum, to provide similar stimulation to your prostate gland. Have you ever had a rectal examination Brian?’ he asked.

When I nodded that I had, he continued. ‘Well I can assure you from my own personal experience on this particular aspect of the business, that you will find this part of what we plan to do much, much more pleasant than that procedure would have been for you. I don’t know if you are aware of the sensitivity of the prostate to quite gentle pressure, but in fact many men swear that they are able to achieve an orgasm from just such stimulation. Now whether that is true or not, having already submitted myself to this piece of apparatus I can assure you it definitely gives you a stronger one! And that is of course exactly what we will be after from each of you.’ he added before continuing to explain what else would be expected of me.

‘Before we start we would require you to complete a rather lengthy questionnaire form Brian – not covering your medical and physical details, we already have those on file of course – but one that delves rather more deeply into your personal sex-life. Some of that will be used, anonymously of course, to provide a profile of each of the men involved in the research, but other parts will be used to assist us in preparing a video that is tailored to your own personal tastes, so that we can ensure we provide you with the very best chance of achieving a state of the highest possible sexual arousal.’

Even as Victor was continuing to show me pictures of the components of the apparatus and explain the other, but what were for me the less significant intricacies of his part in the overall programme, I found myself thinking about what I might have quite unwittingly stumbled into. If I understood them both correctly, by allowing myself to be signed up for their scientific trials I might not only be contributing to a better understanding of some of the problems türkçe bahis besetting many couples baby-making attempts – but could also look forward to experiencing at least half a dozen of what might prove to be some the most intense orgasms I might ever experience.

So, did I want to put myself in such a position? You bet I did!

Then as we continued sipping our coffees the three of us spoke in more general terms about their expectations as to the duration and hoped for results of the research, and then, having taken the questionnaire form to fill-in and return a few days later, we shook hands and I left.


I left it until that evening to take out and settle down with what turned out to be a much more voluminous questionnaire than I had expected – but a quick, somewhat cursory glance through it reassured me that I would in fact only need to complete just one section. It had obviously been designed to cover as many aspects of male sexuality as possible, with separate sections for; homosexual, bi-sexual and a range of other activities that I frankly preferred to not even think about. However, even just the heterosexual section was large enough to keep me busy for the best part of an hour.

The clinic not only wanted to know such things as; my preferred type of sexual partner – blonde, brunette, red-head, Asian, women of colour, etc. – but which of a long list of sexual activities I most enjoyed us participating in. There was a simply enormous selection of such things to choose from; ranging from mutual masturbation, through a wide variety of every imaginable physical position, then a long list of much more fetishised behaviours – many of which I had never even heard of. And by the time I had finished ticking what were for me the most appropriate boxes I was beginning to think that although I had always considered myself to be a rather creative lover, if the large number of un-ticked boxes were any indication, I might have in fact been rather too unimaginative.

They also asked as to what time of day I felt I considered myself to be at my sexual peak – and whilst I had always enjoyed what I liked to think of as a ‘morning glory’, and thought there was no better way of spending an evening than in a series of long, slow sessions with a similarly like-minded woman, I knew that my most explosively dramatic climaxes had usually come when I had been able to participate in an ‘afternoon delight’ – so, as my work enabled me to take the odd afternoon off, I ticked that little box.

Having returned the form, and while I waited to hear back from them, I began thinking about what I would be saying to the young woman I was currently seeing as to why our sexual couplings would from time to time over the subsequent weeks, be interrupted. Victor had explained that one of the few demands the clinic would place on me was that I desist from any form of sexual activity – including masturbation – for at least forty eight hours before each of my appointments with them. So although she and I weren’t actually living together, we were seeing each other, and more often than not, having sex most days of the week. After toying with a variety of excuses, each sounding more ridiculously inept than the one before it, I decided that perhaps it was a case where honesty might well be the best policy. Of course there was a risk that the idea of me being a sperm donor might either embarrass or offend her, and perhaps even the thought of me jerking myself off into a little plastic cup could turn her off – but, I thought, surely most women should be able to think a little more highly of a man who is prepared to do his bit to help other, less fortunate people.

As things turned out she was quite blasé about it all, and in fact I even got the sneaky impression that she might be thinking that a couple of nights a week free of my demands, was a bit of not totally unwelcome news.


It was about ten days before I received a confirming letter back from the clinic, which set out my schedule of appointments during the following six weeks – and so, one afternoon a week later, I presented myself to the receptionist at their front desk.

Victor came out a few minutes later, greeted me, then took me down a corridor to a room that was dominated by the real life version of the bench I had seen a picture of in the folder he had showed me at our previous meeting. ‘This is Kelly.’ he said, introducing me to a young woman standing beside it. ‘She will be taking care of you Brian.’

Right then my very first thought was – ‘Why the hell do they need all the expensive equipment they’ve told me about?’ – Kelly was an absolute stunner, and if she were in the mood to, could herself have quite easily given me the most massively eruptive ejaculation!

She was tall, only just a little shorter than myself, with softly waving light-brown hair, a face that was made beautiful by its clear and brightly flecked hazel eyes, plus a cute little turned-up nose and a güvenilir bahis siteleri pair of full, dark ruby-red lips. Although much of the rest of her was cloaked in a knee-length white laboratory coat, it fitted her so well that it clearly outlined the shape of the slim but decidedly curvy body beneath it, and from what little I could see of her legs, they looked just as phenomenal as the rest of her.

‘Hello Brian.’ she purred in a vibrant and darkly seductively voice. ‘Let me say just how much we appreciate you helping us in this most important research. And if there is at any time anything I can do to make it either less embarrassing, or more pleasant for you, please don’t hesitate to tell me.’

I wondered if Victor hadn’t been standing there with us, would I have had the nerve to tell her what thoughts I immediately had as to how she could very easily make it not only pleasant, but positively exhilaratingly wonderful for me! However, he was there, and as I reached out and took Kelly’s soft, proffered hand, I merely mumbled something ineptly polite in reply.

‘Each time you visit us we will ask you to first take a shower Brian.’ Kelly continued. ‘I’m quite sure you understand the reasons for that – and once you have dried yourself just hook one of the clean, dry towels around your waist before coming back out here. Is that all right?’

‘Of course.’ I replied. ‘Perfectly understandable Kelly.’

‘Good, I’ll leave you two to carry on now.’ said Victor. ‘If you need to ask me any questions Brian, just let the receptionist know, she will know where to find me.’ And with that, he left, and Kelly went across to open a door to another room, where the shower was.

The effect that just that short time in Kelly’s presence – and the thoughts the sight of her had prompted – was clear to see when I began stripping off; my cock, although by no means erect, had already begun to at least partially inflate, already hanging thick and heavy with the initial flow of blood that just those momentary thoughts had triggered. Perhaps under other circumstances I would have been awkwardly self-conscious of my unwarranted reaction to her, but, I rationalised, I was there to not only get an erection, but to climax – so in one way, I had made her job just that much less onerous. And with that thought in my head, coupled with the continuing imaginings of what might actually lie beneath that pristine white coat, while I washed myself, I allowed my cock to steadily grow both longer and firmer.

So, by the time I stepped back into the other room the still stiffening length of it was making a rather distinct bulge in the towel that hung from my waist – and it was something that Kelly’s sharp eyes certainly didn’t miss. ‘Ah, that’s good Brian – I’m glad to see you are not too embarrassed by what’s about to happen, a good sign that we will be able to achieve very good results with you. You’d be surprised how some guys find the whole procedure rather daunting – even after they have been through the counselling and then signed themselves up for it. I’m very glad to see that you’re not one of those. Now -‘ she added, ‘- before I ask you to get up on to the bench I just have to attach a few electrodes to you.’

As she spoke she snapped on a pair of thin medical gloves with what was obviously practiced efficiency and then picked up perhaps a dozen small electrodes, each one trailing a fine wire behind it, all of which were obviously connected to whatever was stored beneath the bench itself. ‘These will monitor a variety of body functions Brian; respiration, heart rate, blood flow to certain parts of your body, and a number of other but equally important functions. So would you take the towel off now please!’

Although she spoke in a coolly dispassionate voice and seemed to be concentrating on unravelling the dozen or so wires, I saw her eyes flick briefly across at me, then noticeably widen when she saw just what I had been shielding beneath it. That reaction, plus both her nearness and the feel of her hands pressing the sticky electrodes to various parts of me were more than enough to continue, and perhaps even speed up the blood flow to my genitals and by the time she was ready to attach the last two my cock had filled and stiffened enough that it had begun to slowly lift itself.

She looked up and gave me a small, tight-lipped smile. ‘That makes the final part of what I have to do so much less difficult Brian – these last two need to be attached to the area just at the very base of penis, and having an erection – even a partial one – makes that so much easier.’ As she spoke she allowed the latex gloved hand that wasn’t holding the last two electrodes to drift lightly up and down the length of the still rising flesh, her finger-tips triggering tingling jolts of strongly excited pleasure. ‘Ah!’ she breathed as she saw the strength of my immediate reaction. ‘Mother Nature has been very generously kind to you Brian – very generous indeed.’ She added in a low, resonant voice – then quickly and efficiently attached the last of the electrodes and, after another, rather longer look at the by then jerkily hardening length of my cock, said that I should get myself up on to the bench.

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