Don’t Get Caught (Part 1 of 2) [League of Leg

Don’t Get Caught (Part 1 of 2) [League of Leg“Tryndamere, honey?” A cloaked white-haired woman walked down a hallway alongside her husband, who was hanging his head in his hand. The man sighed, fearing his wife’s response.“…Yes dear?”“I hate you.”“I know. I hate me too.” He couldn’t even bring himself to look at his beloved as the hallway opened to a master bedroom. Awaiting the couple were two muscle-bound rivals, smiling and staring the other two down, the female finally breaking down in a laugh riot.“Ohhhhhhhhh, my-*pfft*-my humble queen…”“Please shut up, Se-”“AAAAAAHAHAHA! You think you can order me around, Ashe?” Sejuani had no issues standing over the more feminine woman. She herself was wearing her usual furs but left her helmet and weaponry at home. She pinched her fingers on Ashe’s chin and tilted her face up. Her face was already blood red as she fought back tears.The other muscular man walked over to Tryndamere, who was trying to avoid eye contact with anyone else in the room.“Trynd, b*o, you could’ve taken the L. It was just a simple bet, man. What was going through your head when you threw that ‘double or nothing’ shit, man? Especially when your wife didn’t know that you considered her a betting chip. AND when you tried to cheat to win that second time. Dude…”“I don’t know. I really don’t know, Olaf.”“Nah, don’t worry about it, brosef. We’ll just get this done and you two can go sleep it off.” Olaf placed a reassuring hand on the warrior’s shoulder, which was immediately shoved off. “Yo Sej, we ready?”“She’s as ready as she will be. Although I like her squirms.” without any weaponry, the two rival women were a complete physical mismatch. “So, my queen-”“Don’t.”“Our regal, pure, leader,” the female boar rider made sure to pile on the embarrassment, “it’s time to disrobe.”With the heaviest sigh and a turn to stare her husband daggers, the frost archer dropped her dark brown cloak, exposing her attire: a dark blue strap of a sling bikini, barely over an inch thick, covering her nipples but not by much. The straps conjoined right below her hips, fading from a dark blue to a lighter sky blue, and barely able to cover her crotch, very freshly shaved, even with some burns darıca escort and nicks. Sejuani immediately took notice of the haphazard preparation and giggled to herself.“Damn b*o, you get that every night?” Olaf’s friendly banter was only met with a silent grumble from the barbarian king as the two watched Sejuani walk circles over the now speechless and tomato-skinned woman. Cupping a hand on Ashe’s breast, she bounced in it her palm before brushing her hand aside, taking a strap of the bikini with it, exposing a soft pink nipple. Ashe could do nothing but avoid eye contact as her rival pinched and pulled the exposed tit to her own delight. Tryndamere himself also tried to avoid eye contact, but his head was forced back into view as Sejuani opened up his wife’s bikini, letting the other tit hang free. “Rules are rules, dude. You have to watch.”Deciding to be done with her own appetizer, Sejuani’s muscular hands began to run down Ashe’s body, reaching over to cup her essentially exposed asscheeks before running forward again, placing a firm grip against the queen’s crotch. “So Ashe, dear, bestie…” she taunted, “Judging by your husband’s, heh, everything, I bet you’re a girl that looooooooves to be manhandled. Am I right?”Ashe only growled as she felt fingers rub up and down her sensitive areas. Human subconscious response was only a matter of time as ever so slight pulses of pleasure coursed through her, but she kept a straight face, knowing that she would not succumb. Her thoughts only wavered when she felt the fabric over her crotch slide away and a course, barbaric finger flipped across her clitoris. She winced for a split second, and that was enough. Her rival knew she was weakening. Sejuani looked up with the brightest smile and made sure she could keep an eye on her toy and watch every little involuntary reaction as her middle finger poked between Ashe’s lower lips, pushed its way inside her, and gave just a little curl.The sound was silent, but Ashe’s face, her formally clenched mouth being jarred open as a breathless gasp finally emerged. Sejuani knew. The archer’s defense was finally falling. A perfect blow would do the deed, which the boar rider knew what was next. escort darıca A pointer finger stretched its way into Ashe’s pussy, making her make her first audible gasp for air.Finally truly on the offense, Sejuani began to push her body forward, her mass forcing Ashe to fall backward, her rear end’s thud onto the carpet of the bedroom causing Tryndamere to reach out to his beloved before being retracted by Olaf. In a position of power, she bit into Ashe’s neck, marking her playtoy as she continued to dig inside the girl’s vagina, making her spasm and shake, the sensations getting hard and more intense.“Sejuaniiiiiiiiiii! Next time I seeeee-heeheeHEEE you…”“Yes, queen, shower me with your empty threats!” She had Ashe completely pinned on the floor, her musclebound body way too much for the woman to lift off herself. Sejuani had returned to continue the mark on the neck of her rival, while making sure to make a mess of her crotch in the process. She had already been pushing her middle and index finger inside and made sure to keep her thumb on Ashe’s clitoris, applying what she thought was appropriate pressure to make sure she could speak or fight back.As much as Ashe wanted to place her hands over the woman on top of her’s neck, she found that her hands could only fruitlessly grasp at carpet chunks as her body seeked out a grip to lessen the intensity rushing through her body. She had long since closed her eyes and just wanted it to be done at this point. In an attempt to concede, Ashe had subconsciously began to grind her hips into Sejuani’s hand, hoping that her body would orgasm, ideally allowing a break if the boar rider was generous enough. She rode the hand, hoping Sejuani’s deep finger would find a release, but just as it seemed she was finally about to pop, she felt those piston-like fingers retract. Being edged in such an intense way was soul-breaking for Ashe, who already conceded defeat, but defeat would not come yet. She felt her hair get grabbed as Sejuani as she was essentially thrown onto the bed face first. Her upper body thudded onto the mattress as her stomach hit the edge, allowing her feet to fall onto the floor and her ass to rise to the view of all in attendance. darıca escort bayan Grabbing the loose parts of the sling, Sejuani ripped the bikini off, leaving Ashe’s ass fully exposed. Keeping a hand on top of her, she swung around to get up on the bed herself, taking an open-legged seat in front of the queen’s face. Staring down her rival, Sejuani lifted up the skirt of her furs, and exposed a slightly unkempt pussy, already wet from the joy that the boar rider had experienced bullying her opponent, before lifting her muscular legs, pinning them over Ashe’s shoulders, and pulling her face first into her crotch.“Lick, queen.”Without any options, and strangely without any protests, the queen’s tongue ran across the lower lips of the woman she has never despised more than right now. Having never experimented before, her lack of skill was obvious, but the woman she was eating out was having too much fun just from the situation to care. Any time Ashe slowed down, she felt a hand grasp the back of her head and shove it against Sejuani’s pussy. The only soundtrack in the room was the boar rider’s laughter until one the men of the party decided to speak up.“Yo Sej,” Olaf, trying to bring his partner in crime back from cloud nine, “Tag out girl, don’t get her too exhausted.”Sejuani didn’t reply at first, looking at the men and then down to her crotch before back to the men. She sighed a bit before unhooking Ashe from her legs and rolling off the bed. “Yeah, you’re right. So queeny, how you doin?” Ashe was too immobilized by rage, embarrassment, and arousal to reply. “Cool. So you ready for the main event?” Still silence, so she turned to the husband, grinning ear to ear as she got to repeat the question, “What about you, Tryndy? How excited are you for one of your buddies to fuck your wife?”“Wel-”“I don’t care.” Sejuani interrupted before cackling like a madwoman. She began to walk over to Tryndamere and Olaf with what could only be described as a victory strut as she high-fived the berserker who began to walk towards the bed, already in the process of undoing his pants.Sejuani wrapped her arm around Tryndamere and gave the man a giant shit-eating grin before watching Olaf’s pants drop around his ankles.The husband of the still recovering woman on the bed felt a hand slap against his own ass as Sejuani’s smile seemed to be permanent.“Tryndy, this is going to be the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

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