Subject: DOOBY rhymes with Scooby Chapter 22 DOOBY rhymes with Scooby Chapter 22 By Jamie Haze (OKAY! Chapter `23′ was a typo, but I was also attempting to move the story forward so there is a gap, an intentional gap, but too many wrote and are still writing to protest loud and long, so I yield by filling the gap with the missing Chapter 22…Happy Reading! JH) Carter woke with a start. It took a moment for him to register that it was almost sunrise. During the year that he’d worked for George, it was unusual for him to sleep so late. Even after he and Jim Bob had become lovers, he still was an early riser. He’d gotten into the habit of waking at three in the morning, leaving Jim Bob, making a pot of coffee and then working quietly until he heard Jim Bob begin his waking process by stretching and yawning with a noise akin to some prehistoric animal’s mating call when he found Carter missing from their bed. That was a loud plea for Carter to return so that they could make love. By then Carter, who could type a blistering one hundred sixty words a minute, would have sent a blizzard of emails (many with lengthy attachments) north to New York, all written in his head during the previous day. As far as individuals on the receiving end were concerned one email from Carter could be the equivalent of days of work for an associate and at least one or perhaps two for a junior partner. Carter worked like his mentor George Wilson, taught him. Work early in the morning by answering correspondence read earlier after spending a day formulating answers in his head and doing research while spending as much quality time with his lover as possible because that time would always prove to be too short in the end. This allowed George to fish and be with his partner Harold and now just days after George and Harold’s passing, Carter could spend all his days with his lover Jim Bob since Jim Bob retired from the Sheriff’s Department. Carter attempted to sit up but couldn’t move. He was immobilized between Jim Bob and Eric. Each had their heads on his shoulders, their legs were thrown over his, their heavier body’s pressed his and their morning erections lay across his thighs, both appeared ready to dive between his legs on their own if given the opportunity. Their arms crossed his body to hug each other for good measure. He knew Jim Bob slept like a hibernating bear and could be pushed or moved without waking him but he didn’t know Eric’s sleep habits, so he first freed his arm that served as Jim Bob’s pillow. Jim Bob’s head thunked softly to the real pillow. He moved Jim Bob’s arm from Eric’s side to rest it on Jim Bob’s own flank. The movement caused Eric’s hand to seek and hold Carter’s hard cock possessively, delighted, even in sleep that he’d been encouraged to touch either Jim Bob or Carter where and whenever he wanted to, just as they felt free to touch and hold him as if his was an extension of their two bodies. Carter sighed, “This can’t happen every morning,” he thought, “I’ll get so far behind, I’ll never catch up.” He smiled, reached down and first patted Eric’s and then Jim Bob’s man sized cocks before gently moving Eric’s big limp hand from his boy sized cock in preparation for pushing Jim Bob to his back so he’d be free to climb over Jim Bob before he rolled back seeking Carter’s warm body. Normally, every morning for over a year, Carter would shove Jim Bob and roll away to the open side of the bed, but that escape was blocked by Eric’s presence, and Carter sincerely hoped that would continue forever. They had become a threesome and Carter was amazed and delighted with the equality in sharing bodies. He wasn’t ignored as he feared after Jim Bob and Eric’s first frenetic joining to erase ten years of yearning and desire. Carter watched his two stallion’s first joinings and offered Eric, still a virgin, whispered suggestions and when they were satisfied with each other for the moment, they both reached for him together to pull him into their embrace as an equal, no subservience allowed, thank you very much. Carter spent as much time on top as he did with his legs wrapped around one of their hard muscular butts. Someone close by coughed. Someone else giggled and was silenced with a shush. Carter sat up suddenly without regard of waking his two studs to look out to the terrace through the open doors. He had to giggle at the sight of sheet and blanket covered lumps on lounges and the very portable air mattresses. First Dooby’s and then Cory’s heads popped up over the side of the bed. Both wore huge grins. “Are you ready for us now?” Dooby asked hopefully with a nod of his head seeking an affirmative answer. “We drew straws to see who would be first. Guess who won?” Jim Bob and Eric sat up together on hearing voices. Eric at first looked frantically for something, anything within reach to cover his erection until Dooby stood up and pulled Cory to his feet both displaying their eagerness. “I hesitate to ask but what the fuck are you guys doing in here? Remember the locked door rule?” Jim Bob groused knuckling sleep from his eyes with his attention solely on Dooby and Cory. “Your front door is still locked,” Dooby answered defensively acting insulted before he continued, “but then we heard noises like someone being killed and we ran to your terrace.” He pointed to the open glass window wall. All similar doors were the same. The heavy bronze framed panes were hinged together and opened or closed like an accordion courtesy of Frank Lloyd Wright. “You left it open, I assume so we could watch, so we got the other guys and we watched.” Spider and Fish walked in arm in arm wearing grins and full-blown erections. “Show and tell time dudes!” Fish declared. Spider nodded and both climbed into the bed to push the three onto their backs. “Man you two assholes, what a waste. All the time you guys spent apart jerking off, thinking of each other when you could have been together or with us and never having to jerk off again!” Spider stopped berating Eric and Jim Bob only when he ran out of air. He sank to his knees and then fell forward to cover Eric’s body as Fish opened Jim Bob’s unresisting legs with a foot before he pounced. Carter sat up again, not knowing which way to look, but laughing at Fish and Spider’s antics. Fish looked up at Carter and grinned, “Don’t make plans to go anywhere, you cute little legal beaver you,” he warned. “As soon as we get done with these two idiots you’re joining our club too.” “Hey, we drew straws!” Dooby protested. By then the bed was surrounded with the other guys. Spider took time from looking at where he was aiming with Eric’s laughing help. “Yeah, you drew straws, but you held the straws if I recall correctly.” All eyes fell on Dooby and Cory as Spider’s inference became clear. Both began to back away wearing guilty grins. They got no further than backing into Ryan and Trasker and were surrounded by arms. “I believe we just caught us a pair o’ Yankee cheaters.” Trasker drawled like his uncle. “I think us Johnny Rebs need to show `em the error o’ their ways by makin’ `em walk funny the whole live long day and here we was about to adopt ya’ll into the Cause too.” “What was the initiation?” Dooby asked between giggles. Trasker thought a moment, “Why you’re in luck, same as bein’ busted for cheatin’.” Dooby suddenly went limp and he slithered through Trasker’s arms to lie on the carpet. “Well alrighty then! Who’s first?” Dooby asked with open legs and quivering boner in anticipation. “Oh James!” Trasker sang. “You be first to straighten these Yankee boys out big time.” “CUT!” Auggie bellowed from the terrace. Everyone turned to look. They saw Auggie with Spook’s big camera. “Trasker an’ Ryan boy, get yo’ outten the fuckin’ way. I got to get the rest o’ this here reunion goin’ on, on yonder bed,” he complained. Carter looked horrified, “The rest?” he squeaked. “O’ course the rest. Yo’ boys `ill thank me in your old age when yo’ run ah copy o’ this here tape.” “Copy?” Carter gasped. “O’ course copy, I’m keepin’ the original. I still can’t believe how yo’ three put the lead in all the pencils out here the whole night through an’ now I see it’s right back agin.” Auggie ignored Carter’s continued mutters as he cleared the room and sent the boys off to shower before breakfast when he heard Mattie calling everyone and then screeching that the food was getting cold when no one but Argyle and Thirsty arrived to take their places at the table. Dooby stopped to protest Auggie’s order. “Damn Auggie, we were about to be initiated into the Cause, whatever that is. James here was about to straighten us out.” Auggie grinned while he eyed the three erections still bobbing before his eyes. He looked up at Cory, “Yo’ walk in that there kitchen sportin’ that wood an’ Mattie see yo’, she mos’ like take time out to cuddle yo’ an’ yo’ end up fatherin’ ah half brother fo’ James an’ Zeek.” James giggled at the thought until Auggie turned to him. “An’ yo’ James, yo’ momma see you an’ that there log, an’ yo’ be the daddy o’ yo’ own half brother. Yo both bes’ calm down a mite before yo’ set to table.” Both super hung boys wilted while they walked through the house to shower. “She wouldn’t would she?” Cory asked nervously. James grinned, “I’m safe, she’s seen me a thousand times, Auggie was joking about me but you my friend, well, Momma’s only thirty-three, still hot blooded and obviously has a taste for white meat. Where do you think I came from, the cabbage patch?” He added wistfully, “Some day I’m going to meet my father.” Mattie, Thirsty and Argyle were just finishing a whispered conversation when the boys entered the kitchen after showering. The two cousins were attempting to add to the list of supplies to be ordered from the farm. Auggie had decided to become a silent partner in the still the men were constructing in the orange grove and Mattie was his representative and controlled everything that was loaded on the truck from the plantation, bound for Coral Place. Mattie waved the proposed order under Thirsty’s nose. She was having the time of her life in the deception but was having trouble stifling her laughter. “The two tons o’ corn mash okay,” she agreed, “but yo’ keep them chickens in a pen far away from dis here kitchen, an’ yo collect de eggs an’ kill and clean `em too when I wants chicken fo’ supper.” Thirsty and Argyle nodded enthusiastically delighted that Mattie was such a pushover in ordering mash destined for the new still. She didn’t even blink when they told her they were ordering a thousand chicks from the hatchery back home to rationalize the quantity of mash they would need to run the still for a few months. Mattie brought them up short when she read the next item on their list. Firewood was essential. “Nope, no way, four cords o’ Oak an’ Pecan firewood way too much jus’ fo’ three fireplaces in this here house. “Let’s just see how yo’ squirm outta that yo’ walkin’ rocks.” She thought with glee and watched them whispering frantically. “Ah hard freeze! An’ yo be protectin’ the grove? Down here?” Clearly dubious Mattie exclaimed. “Dat’s perzactly right!” Argyle declared archly, “Ain’t yo’ read the Farmer’s Almanac?” Both men prayed that Mattie hadn’t. “It say a hard freeze mayhap two is comin dis here winter right down here an’ we got to be ready.” He decided to play his trump card by name-dropping. “Unc Auggie done put us in charge o’ the grove, an’ we lose the crop `cause yo’ stubborn he kick our asses an’ mayhap yours too.” Mattie seemed to be cowed. She snapped her fingers after an uncomfortable silence. “How about that there Propane bottle gas like for dis here stove? We get a real big bottle an’ a burner that be needful. Would that work?” Both men almost fell from their chairs with glee, barely able to contain themselves. They nodded cautiously. They had talked about the convenience of bottled gas but couldn’t think of a way to suggest how it could be used to grow oranges, and the dumb black wench did it for them. Mattie smiled her delight in dealing with a pair of rocks as their Uncle Auggie described them. She continued down their list, approving a five hundred gallon fiberglass tank to mix fertilizer, but of course the cousins forgot to order fertilizer. Mattie let that point slide. Actually the tank was to be used to ferment the mash and the roll of copper tubing would be carefully wound inside an old galvanized hot water tank to become a water-cooled condenser. The men were going to improvise the construction of the rest of the still just like they’d always done and were experts at, but Auggie told Mattie that he was unwilling to compromise with adapting old junk if he was going to be a partner. Finally Mattie pulled a folded paper from her apron pocket, it was a very short list. She leaned forward after looking around to be sure that they wouldn’t be overheard. “Yo’ boys ain’t foolin’ me, you buildin’ a still right here under the boss man’s nose, an’ we gonna be partners or yo’ outta business befo’ yo’ start. I did me some research on the computer,” she lied confidently. Either cousin ran or sneaked by a lighted computer screen, totally awed by the information it was capable of divulging. She gave the men no time to offer a lame defense or protest the new partnership. “I done found we need us a real good water filter like we got here to the house fo’ drinkin’ water, it called a osmotic filter, to git them rotten eggs outten the well an’ it be spring water fresh. Next we ain’t messin’ wi’ no make do fo’ the boiler an’ condenser, I’ll order `em up local outta stainless steel so this here bad boy don’ never blow. Now, all yo’ boys need do is start collectin’ empty liquor bottles first off. Afta we sell the first batch, mayhap the gallon bottles an’ labels git here an’ we use them.” “Huh?” Thirsty ventured, “Labels?” Mattie could see from Thirsty and Argyle’s expressions of joy and awe that they had accepted her as a partner in their Florida venture. “Yup, them labels git here yo’ boys goin’ to be sellin’ cleanin’ supplies, the labels goin’ to say, `Thirsty’s Industrial Strength Cleaner and Disinfectant’, `cause that what it is. It don’t matter to us what the customer do with it after it sold,” she added with a sly wink and left them to take the freshly baked biscuits from the oven as the boys invaded the kitchen. The gallon jugs and fake labels were Jim Bob’s laughing suggestion to Auggie in the interest of fooling the state ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) officers who might take exception to a case of assorted full branded bottles with broken tax stamp seals, but who were unlikely to even glance at a jug of disinfectant sitting under the bar. Jim Bob also knew most of the bar and lounge owners from Key Largo to Key West and which of those who might just be interested in adding the new super cleaner to their inventory of `cleaning supplies’ without much risk. By the time Auggie, Carter, Jim Bob and the three divers got to the kitchen for breakfast the boys had finished theirs and had rushed to the dock to fill all the scuba tanks. Once they were filled, they stored them in racks on the Donder II and then proceeded to wash down both the dive boat and Fishin’ Boy after checking and rechecking all their personal equipment. Meanwhile, Johnny, Spook, Dooby’s brother Artie and Scott went about installing freshly charged battery packs in their cameras and the audio equipment before inserting fresh cassette tapes so they’d be ready to tape and record the day’s lobster hunting adventure both above and below the sea. Thirsty and Argyle went off to the grove armed with Mattie’s orders to prepare an area near the wellhead where a concrete slab would be poured and roofed over in preparation for the still components to be assembled. Both men were delighted with their new partner since she obviously was organized, held their Uncles’ purse strings and best of all, they were no longer required to think, she was doing that for them. Auggie, and by extension, Mattie, made only one mistake. The men had to find empty liquor bottles that would be refilled with the first batch of moonshine and that became the first order of business. Argyle had the keys to Jim Bob’s truck and Mattie gave them money to buy tools and lumber for forming the slab. Both recognized the dangers involved in dumpster diving. Being caught and using the excuse that they were recycling the glass and plastic was lame and unbelievable even to themselves, so they went off to the local ABC liquor store to buy new bottles that were temporarily filled with Vodka, which they would empty down their gullets while they worked in the privacy of the citrus grove. Mattie grinned knowingly when Carter, Jim Bob, Eric, Fish, Spider and Zeek with Auggie trailing, took fresh place settings at the table and only looked slightly guilty for being so late for breakfast. “Don’t worry `bout bein’ late,” she told them, “yo’ make up fo’ dat by packin’ up lunch.” Auggie grinned from ear to ear. “‘Ceptin’ fo’ yo’ big man, yo’ ain’t gettin’ near no lunch `til it handed to yo’ on de boat.” Auggie managed to look like his dog just died but wasn’t displeased with the fact that he continued to shed pounds with his mostly rigorously enforced diet. “Why not be comin’ wi’ us today Mattie girl?” Auggie asked out of the blue. “That there boat got it a glass bottom an’ we can watch the boys somewhat when they near to the boat, but even them reefs and schools o’ colored fish is real purdy to be watchin’.” It was clear that Mattie was tempted to accept the invitation, but then she frowned and shook her head. “Can’t no how. I got to wait on the fish market truck. They bringin’ supper.” When everyone looked questioning, she explained, “Them lobster tails.” “Lobster?” Fish asked with surprise. “Mattie, we’ll all catch our limit today, I guarantee it. Maybe not on the reefs where we’ll do the taping, but we know some places that aren’t fished much.” “The boys dis mornin’ all moanin’ an’ groanin’ about it not bein’ the season, an’ havin’ to let `em go.” Mattie told them. “WHAT?” Fish exploded. “It is so the season and I’ve got writer’s cramp filling out the license forms for everyone.” Eric interrupted, “Maybe they got that impression from me. Way back when, we were talking about the show, I was joking about it not being the season and the tourist kids would have to let them go. Someone changed the subject and I never really explained that I was just kidding them.” Mattie grinned, reached for the phone and cancelled the order before excusing herself to change clothes while the guys cleared their breakfast dishes, and loaded the coolers with cold fried chicken, salads and assorted drinks. When she returned she was wearing an over large tee shirt with a bikini underneath which everyone could see through the white shirt. Auggie hoisted an eyebrow appreciatively, “Glory be, Mattie girl, an’ if you was aroun `when I was younger, I swear yo’ might jus’ have changed my ways an’ James boy be my son.” Mattie curtsied and giggled at Auggie’s compliment. “An if yo’ big man, was aroun’ right now lookin’ like that there oil paintin’ Christian boy painted o’ yo’, I believe yo’ wouldn’t have no say in the matter an’ James an’ Little Zeek have them a new little brother.” She suddenly blocked Auggie’s scooter with her body when she saw him steering a slow course toward the counter where a big clear plastic box full of pecan shortbread cookies reposed. She grinned down on Auggie. “But there ain’t no amount of compliments gonna git yo’ in ANY box today big man!” she declared and hugged the cookie box to her ample bosom. It took the guys a second for Mattie’s double meaning to sink in before they all gaziantep travesti laughed. The tardy group realized something was wrong as soon as they left the house; it was too quiet, not just quiet, the dock, Donder II and Fishin’ Boy were devoid of life. The boys were gone. Auggie accelerated and got to the end of the dock first. He sighed in relief and pointed out around the small cove where red-orange `diver down’ flags bobbed on four foot flexible fiberglass rods and moved with jerks as the diver each was tethered to swam along underwater. “Shit ah goddamn,” Auggie swore first before smiling his relief to find the boys, probably tired of waiting, decided to dive in the cove. “At least they doin’ it proper with the flags, buddies an’ all.” Auggie paid close attention to the lesson the dive instructors gave the boys the previous morning because he looked forward to learning to dive as well. The previous evening he pulled Fish and Spider from the terrace audience long enough for them measure his body for a wetsuit since his would have to be custom made. He wouldn’t allow them to return to the terrace until they’d e-mailed his measurements to the manufacturer with a premium payment for the rush order. Stevie and Logan surfaced together near the ramp already resting on Donder’s stern. “It’s about time!” Stevie shouted with a forgiving giggle, chastising the group for their tardiness. “You’ve got to see this. Dooby’s feeding his damn fish by hand!” He replaced his mouthpiece and sank with Logan before anyone could comment. Auggie giggled, motioned Mattie down the ramp first and began to follow until there was a large splash made by three divers after they dropped the heavy coolers. Jim Bob remained on the dock burdened by half of Carter’s collection of book bags slung over his shoulders and a bulging briefcase in each hand. He swore, “Shit!” and struggled. “What’s wrong?” Auggie asked with sudden concern. “Those fish. They’re jacks, a couple of big ass grouper and one six-foot barracuda. Dooby’s hand feeding them, they’re all meat eaters.” Jim Bob answered quickly wearing a gray face while Carter began grabbing his legal stuff. “Git on down there Jim Bob an’ chase their asses away an’ motion the boys up quick like!” Auggie ordered imperiously over his shoulder as he raced down the ramp without knowing whether fish, fish with teeth, meat eaters, could be chased away from food, cut up fish or vulnerable naked boys. The sight that greeted Auggie, Zeek, Mattie and shortly Carter as they peered down through the big long rectangular glass viewing port left them speechless and in awe of the boys’ daring, stupidity or perhaps innocence. The scene below, half under the dock was surrealistic. The assorted predators of different fish species who normally remained apart from each other for good reason, formed a rough semicircle at differing depths about four feet from the clustered boys with Dooby in the middle holding a plastic bag of cut up fish that was normally used as bait on fishing poles. As they watched, Stevie and Logan rejoined Dooby and Cory. Dooby offered them the bag and they each took a piece of cut up fish. The two grouper were closest. The boys hesitated while Dooby demonstrated when the huge barracuda glided closer to Dooby as if demanding to be fed next. Dooby slowly extended his arm until the meat was inches from the monster’s pointed toothy mouth. He let go as the fish closed the distance to the morsel equally slowly and suddenly it was gone and the barracuda backed away while a big jack moved in for its share. The divers and Jim Bob without even masks joined the boys and began sharing their air as they also offered the food to the other fish. While the fish were fed, Spook continued to glide around, under and over the slow motion tableau with his camera running and constantly focused. The brilliant flashes of color, schools of much smaller fish who would under other circumstances be food themselves, zoomed around, gobbling pieces too small for the big predators to bother with. Strangely, Dooby’s finny friends seemed to know when the bag was empty. The grouper sank and swam back to the barnacle encrusted slabs of broken concrete they used as solitary shelters, the jacks returned to assume stationary positions around their favorite pilings and the big barracuda suddenly banked hard to pursue a school of incautious white and black striped fish that had lingered to collect the last and smallest bits of fish gut that drifted from the empty bag. The four boys and the divers surfaced together. While the boys tossed their flippers and weight belts before they climbed aboard using the steps, the young men vaulted out to the wide swim platform. They were waiting for the boys, hiding their grins of amusement and their amazement at the rare, almost unique event they’d just witnessed and even participated in. All Auggie, Zeek and Mattie knew was that what the four boys did was dangerous in the extreme. Auggie bulldozed his scooter toward the stern and the boys who were laughing and chattering about the success of their unplanned adventure. Zeek and Mattie, who shared his ire since all three assumed the roll of surrogate parents without realizing it, flanked Auggie. The boys backed up the ramp to keep from being run down but since it was Auggie’s ramp, he followed until they were on the dock. “All o’ yo’ dunderheads git to the house, dress an’ git packed!” Auggie raged. “Carter boy! Yo’ call an’ git two tickets to `lanta an’ two fo’ Newark! These dumb as rocks boys all fired an’ goin’ home. Don’ yo’ realize them fish could a et yo’, tore yo’ up quick as a flash? What I tell yo’ mammas if that happen? We be startin’ the war all over again! An’ yo’ know what? I be too sorrowful an’ guilty to fight back `cause yo’ was in my care.” “But, but Auggie…” Dooby began when he realized the possible consequences of his acting on an impulsive thought. “It was my idea, these guys just followed because we’re dive buddies. I’ll go, but don’t fire them because of what I did.” He snuffled and his shoulders slumped as he turned and began to walk the dock to the house. Dooby knew Auggie was serious because the fat man failed to use a single curse word, not even hell or damn, and worse, he knew Auggie was right about both his actions and the possible horrible consequences. Dooby stopped fifty feet away and removed the last of his diving equipment; the knife strapped to his right thigh that the boys all wore regularly even in the house occasionally because they all thought they looked more macho and sexy. He glanced back as he dropped the treasured knife. “I’m sorry guys, I didn’t mean to get you in trouble or risk your lives. I just didn’t think…” “Fuckin’ right yo’ didn’t think,” Auggie rumbled. “Now yo’ took yo’ ass chewin’ like a man an’ the proper blame, yo’ gets a re-prieve from flyin’ commercial, but,” he warned, “one more little bit o’ not thinkin’, an yo’ goin’ home commercial wi’ a sore ass to boot after they get my foot outten your little butt.” He warned with a small smile. Dooby looked hopeful suddenly. “You mean I can stay, I’m forgiven?” “Yo’ gone some hard o’ hearin’? Yo’ forgiven but yo’ got to be punished some.” Auggie looked to the sky while he considered. He snapped his fingers, “Yo’ jus’ heist on back to the house an’ find yo’ board shorts. Yo’ be wearin’ `em from now on `til yo’ leave. They mark yo’ as one young rock head who jus’ might grow outta the problem. An when this fish feedin’ sequence in the show `yo narrate it an’ own up to the whole world that yo’ is the rock head who thought it all up.” After Dooby ran off, Stevie mumbled to Logan, “Ouch! Dooby wearing a regular baggie bathing suit will hurt him more than getting his ass kicked.” Logan nodded, “But it beats getting sent home.” Auggie looked up and back at Stevie, Logan and Cory, “Yo’ three ain’t out o’ the woods yet. Yo’ keep runnin’ your mouths an’ all three o’ yo’ be wearin’ proper business suits,” he warned. “You three be rocks in trainin’; Dooby say, `Hey let’s jump off a cliff!’ an yo’ do it, I swear!” Mattie giggled, “I got one better an’ wearin’ clothes. One o’ them mess up agin’ they go off alone to spend a day wi’ ol Thirsty an’ Argyle in the orange grove.” Zeek joined in proposing punishments. “Or mos’ better an’ dat, one get to sleep wi’ yo’, sister!” he howled at his joke. Mattie punched Zeek playfully in the shoulder and almost knocked him off the dock. “Why brother, that there a great plan. Who first? Better yet, all three mess up at once! I change all they ways come mornin’ an’ dat a promise!” Stevie sank to his knees in front of Auggie and pulled Logan down with him. He took Auggie’s hand and switched to dialect, “Please Massa Sa! We be good!” he pointed at Cory, “It all dem damn carpet bagger’s fault when we mess up. Give Miz Mattie dat one first off,” he grinned at Cory, “an’ we be good.” Surprisingly, Cory winked at Mattie, “It’s been a couple of months, but I think I remember how. A hot woman is a nice change of pace once in a while.” Just then, Trasker, Ryan, James, little Zeek and the others surfaced at the Donder’s stern and climbed aboard. They had been exploring the deep blue cut through the middle of the cove from the dock straight out to join the marked channel. Auggie rolled back to the deck to greet them pleased that the boys, his boys were all having such a good time. “Man Unc, we don’t have to go anywhere to catch lobster!” Trasker began and went on at length about all the waving lobster antennae they saw sticking out of the coral rock walls of the cove channel. Auggie leaned forward, listening to all the details because the walls would become his hunting ground after Jim Bob taught him how to dive. With the rest of the group back, getting Donder loaded and everything stored went quickly. Auggie looked up to see that Mattie and Cory were still standing at the top of the ramp having a conversation. He then looked around quickly. There was so much hubbub earlier that Mattie just put the big plastic box full of giant cookies on a side bench seat and apparently forgot about them. All of his watchdogs were busy doing something even if it was just bullshitting while they waited for Dooby to return from the house. Auggie sighed dramatically and turned so his back was to the vulnerable cookies, “DOOBIE!” he bellowed when he saw Dooby hopping on one foot along the dock as he attempted to pull on his bathing suit and run at the same time, “DAMNIT BOY WE WAITIN” ON YO’!” Auggie’s shout started everyone moving. Cory started down the ramp and Mattie followed. She was wearing a delighted smile. “Can I bring Dooby too?” Cory asked over his shoulder. Mattie giggled like a schoolgirl, “‘Course yo’ can. Dat cuddly boy can come as many times as he wants! My door ain’t ever locked.” Once Donder II was under way and in deep water, Eric called everyone topside for a lobster catching lesson. The gang stretched out wherever and however so they could work on their tans. Dooby felt he looked like an ugly duckling and moaned to Cory about developing tan lines. Spider winked at him, “You can loose those shorts up here. Just don’t go near the stairwell where Auggie might see you,” he warned and watched Dooby shed his shorts as if they were on fire. Spider waited until Dooby got comfortable on his back with his head on Cory’s thigh before he continued. “What you did at the dock was dumb because of your inexperience, but divers feeding fish, even sharks like that is really not too unusual. We don’t do it because it’s dangerous for novices but there are a couple of dive boats that have special places out here where they bring tours. They’ve kind of tamed barracuda, sharks and even moray eels just like you did. We’ll explain to Auggie when we get a chance, but when you feed them again, never ever tease them and in the future wear a bathing suit so there aren’t any mistakes.” He plinked Dooby’s cock painfully so he’d know exactly what the fish might mistake for food. Dooby nodded and thanked Spider before turning his attention to Fish and Eric who were explaining the small measuring device all divers were to carry and use before they bagged a lobster. Auggie grinned at Mattie on the empty main deck. “What yo’ plannin’ to do wi’ Cory boy, make yo’ another horse hung baby?” he asked bluntly. Mattie grinned and shrugged back. “Dooby boy gonna come too, an’ my time right. Ah blond chil’ wi’ ah normal size pecker be good too.” Mattie got serious for a moment, “One thing Boss Man, dis here baby, James an’ Zeek, they be growed an’ gone by de time he walkin’ an’ talkin’. I’d like it if he didn’t end up talkin’ like no bozo, he gonna make it in de white world…” Auggie interrupted, “Don’ you worry none about that Mattie. Yo’ chil’ grow up in the house an’ to start he have mo’ uncles an’ he know what to do wi’. Then he gets the absolute bes’ education as money can buy. I ain’t aroun’, Trasker an’ Ryan see to it as brothers an’ until I go, that boy be like ah son to me.” The brief topside meeting broke up and the boys poured down to surround Auggie, Mattie and Zeek and began donning their wet suits. That process quickly developed into a half hour comedy event, which Auggie taped while Spook struggled with the others to pull on the skintight and not very stretchy neoprene suits. Artie and Scott both wore perpetual grins, which broadened each time they looked at Spook and his humongous dormant member because while the others looked into the guesthouse bedroom, they had sweated, worked and learned how to accept Spook when he was rampant, of course with Johnny be Good’s constant tutelage and two live action demonstrations. While Spook occasionally complained that they were killing him as they kept him hard and pushed him around like a rag doll trying positions that might work better, by early morning he had two new thoroughly enamored fuck buddies although Johnny remained his lover. The dive on the beautiful reef turned out to be less than successful as a lobster hunt. The reef had been over fished and lobster were few, far between and mostly too small to keep and Dooby with Cory always on camera simply gave up to begin touring with Eric as their guide. Spook found that he spent more time photographing the wildlife and had captured only quick glimpses of the boys’ expressions of surprise, delight and amazement, but that would prove to be enough for a beautiful show. Fish motioned them up after forty-five minutes when the Lucite prods became sabers and a handy tool to goose anyone unsuspecting and close enough. The gang began grumbling as soon as they spit out their mouthpieces and held up their catch bags. All were empty, the three lobster actually caught were released to survive until they were caught by the next dive tour. Eric, Spider and Fish just grinned. Fish finally explained where they were going to try next after they dropped away from the mooring, Spider put the throttles down and headed west generally back to Marathon. “See,” Fish told them, “lobster are everywhere, but most divers only think of them as being way out on deep reefs and drive their expensive boats out there. Lobster habitat is anywhere they can find shelter and that could be in only a few feet of water, just like you guys found them in the cut through the cove.” He stopped speaking suddenly and frowned at Scott, “If this little explanation gets into one of the shows, we’ll come and find your ass,” he warned, not altogether joking. “Natives know these spots, they aren’t really secret but the majority of the sport divers do not and that’s how we want to keep it.” Donder was anchored in less than twenty feet of water over a sand and sea grass covered bottom where weird giant sponges also grew willy-nilly like wind-sculpted rocks on a mid western prairie. Auggie immediately looked up from the viewing port because there was no view and would be none under the boat when the boys spread out hunting their quarry. Jim Bob anticipated Auggie’s complaint by handing out new masks, snorkels and fins to Auggie, Zeek and Mattie. “The guys brought half their store along,” Jim Bob told them. “If you want to learn how to dive, snorkeling is a good place to start.” He studied the bottom through the port as Donder settled down pointing into the breeze. “See that disturbed area? That’s where a lobster dug a hole. You’ll see them all around here. You’ll find them in the sponges too.” Jim Bob was suddenly surrounded and a group of heads appeared reflected in the bottom glass as everyone leaned in looking at the solitary lobster hole while they listened to the brief lesson. There was sudden pandemonium on the main deck as all the boys rushed to don their scuba gear. Everyone wanted to get in the water and be first to visit the poor creature’s den directly under the boat. Mattie pulled the over large tee shirt over her head while Auggie stood up and unbuttoned his shirt. “Damn Auggie,” Dooby quipped, “get that shirt out of sight before the lobster see it and head for deeper water.” The shirt in question, one of Auggie’s favorites, was also the loudest in his wardrobe; with a brilliant purple background, it sported fanciful flowers each in a different day glow color. Before Auggie could react or answer, Dobby switched gears, “Say Auggie, since we’re in shallow water, do we have to wear these condoms?” he asked, referring to his wetsuit. The boys paused, waiting for Auggie’s decision. Auggie grinned at Dooby, “Yo’ the fashion police but I’m the damn judge an’ jury. Yo’ ever hear the expression, `maintain a low profile’, most especially when yo’ already in the doghouse wi’ the judge?” There was an instant chorus of drawn out, “OOOOPS!” Dooby somehow managed to look contrite yet remained hopeful even after realizing his mistake in pushing Auggie. “You an’ Cory boy yes, fo’ half an hour while Spook boy get some good shots o’ you an’ lobster which we edit into the reef footage. The rest o’ yo’ no, as long as yo’ scatter out, o’ no close-ups.” Auggie’s decision caused a dressing reversal as equipment was quickly shed and wet suits were pulled off. Fish was to remain aboard to keep track of the diver down flags while Jim Bob and Carter were going to act as snorkeling instructors and guides. Eric was to accompany Dooby and Cory with Spook, and Spider was going to lead the naked mob under the boat to the known lobster den for a first brief live demonstration using a really big lobster since they could see the length of its antennae. Dooby and Cory followed. Everyone onboard gathered around Auggie to watch Spider’s gloved hand boldly reach into the den and simply grab the hapless crustacean and pull it out while it worked its tail frantically to pull free and speed away at full speed in reverse. Spider measured the catch needlessly and nodded before handing the lobster to Logan who handed it off to someone else so everyone could get the `feel’ of a live spiny lobster. The lobster remained quiescent as it was handed around the circle until Ryan handed it to Dooby. Dooby turned to show it to the camera with a flourish and suddenly Spook was zooming in on Dooby’s empty hand as the lobster zoomed away into the distant haze. The boys’ reaction was unified and swift. They all began lashing at Dooby harmlessly with their Lucite prods until he was lying on his back only half trying to defend himself with only his eyes laughing inside his face mask since his mouth was filled with the regulator’s mouthpiece. Eric and Spider broke up the underwater mugging and shielded Dooby with their bodies. To redeem himself, Dooby wrote on the plastic tablet they all carried. `A POOL? $1000.00 FOR BIGGEST?’ When he held the gaziantep masaj salonları small board up so the others could read it, the fight stopped with excited nods, everyone except James and Little Zeek. “What in Sam Hill they doin’?” Auggie groused in frustration. Fish handed Auggie a microphone. “Here ask them.” “Huh?” “There are speakers under the boat. We can play music or play lifeguard if necessary.” Fish shrugged. All the boys looked up in surprise when they heard Auggie’s voice. Dooby held up his slate. Auggie giggled. “A pool? I’ll put in five to the winner my own self!” he declared. There were instant raised fists and waves of agreement at the faces peering down on them. Zeek saw Little Zeek and James drifting slowly near each other and watching the silent excitement. Zeek snatched the mic from Auggie. “James and Little Zeek, yo’ covered too!” he shouted to be sure his nephews heard. Mattie gave her brother a punch in the kidney and scoffed, “Where yo’ gettin’ no two thousand dolla’s fool?” she asked unaware of the live microphone or its sensitivity. Zeek stood up to grin down on his little sister proudly, “I got me a whole bunch o’ stock shares in a communications company. It weren’t worth shit when I got it instead o’ pay to drive the boss man, but it sure is now! That how!” Auggie grinned and explained more fully, “Times was tough in the beginnin’ an’ I had me one o’ the mos’ gullible drivers. He take stock in my new company as pay so we share the cash money for livin’. Up until ah few weeks ago there weren’t no other stockholders. Now I set up some trusts for the boys, ALL the boys,” he added, “your boys too. But don’ yo’ let the cat outten the bag. I don’ want no swelled heads wanderin’ aroun’.” “Ceptin’ the ones between they legs!” Zeek chortled with a leer. Fish nudged Auggie with a giggle; “I think I forgot to tell you about the mic’s on/off switch.” He pointed into the viewing well. Auggie looked down to see all his boys hugging each other while they looked up and waved. Auggie shrugged, “So much fo’ secrets.” His expression changed as he barked, “One o’ yo’ Rebs don’ win I takin’ it all back! Now scat! Yo’ huntin’ dinner!” Zeek looked puzzled after the blizzard of coral silt kicked up by excited flippered feet obscured the underwater window as the dive teams scattered. “What I wants to know boss is why dem brothers didn’t join de pool? Didn’t yo’ give `em none o’ they `heritance to play wid?” Auggie nodded emphatically, “‘Course I did, cash money, five each! Damn boy, yo’ forgit yo’ went to the bank?” He glanced at Mattie quickly and then looked away. Mattie laughed as she tried on her flippers for the first time, attempted to walk and sat down with a thud. “My boys ain’t stupid,” she said, “five dolla’s ah week `lowance don git `em in no pool fo’ one thousand big ones.” Zeek rolled his eyes. “Not five dolla’s, five thousand dolla’s! Lordy sista’, didn’ them boys tell yo’ nothin’ `bout they `heritance?” “Dey say somptin’ on da way to de dock one mornin’, but nothin’ about it bein’ five thousand. What dey does wid it?” Mattie assumed an answer, “It be money dey use to keep up wid dem big money white boys I `spect.” She surmised. Auggie sighed, “Today ain’t one fer no secrets or surprises I reckon. Okay, I fess up, but when yo’ new checkbook come an’ yo’ ain’t surprised, that be hurtful to yo’ boys. They give me that money back an’ ast’ me to open yo’ a checkin’ account an’ that’s where they first months’ allowance went.” Mattie looked stunned. Tears appeared and trickled down her cheeks. “Checkbook? What wrong wid money o’da’s?” she scoffed but was in shock. There was a reason she had never opened a bank account. She asked another question hoping the men wouldn’t notice, “First month, how much dem ole boys leave `em?” she asked weakly. “Five m…” Auggie’s hand crossed his mouth at the wrong time in the hope of keeping something for the boys to surprise their mother with. Mattie was not about to be put off. “Five? Oh, five thousand. Yo’ just give `em it all at once. Wait, if yo’ did, den yo’ gave `em ever thin. How dat be no `lowance?” Zeek rolled his eyes again, “Damn girl yo’ some dense. De boss say FIVE MILLION! EACH!” he enunciated clearly. Auggie pounced with another warning, “Dey was plannin’ to tell yo’ ever thin’ when the damn checkbook gits here an’ yo’ best BE SURPRISED or else yo’ fired befo yo’ retire.” “Five million? Retire? Me? Don’ be talkin’ trash boss man `o yo’ wake up swimmin’ wid de fishes under de dock.” Mattie snapped back boldly. Just then Dooby, Cory, Erick and Spook surfaced to interrupt the conversation. “I caught four!” Dooby shouted when he could. Cory giggled, “I only caught three but one’s huge.” The boys began helping each other strip their despised `full body condoms’ while whispering with Fish. He nodded with a huge grin and went below. When he returned he held a bottle of clear liquid. “Here,” he offered the bottle to Dooby. “This is a heavy oil. Smoosh it all over your bodies and it will help keep you, ah, warm since you don’t like wearing skins.” Auggie’s eyebrows lifted as he watched the boys oil each other, paying particular attention to the opposite cock and ass. When they finished, Jim Bob and Carter shared the bottle while Dooby and Cory changed air bottles. By the time the four were slick with oil and wearing their scuba gear they were all more than half hard as they slipped into the water. “What them boys up to Fish? Why the oil?” Auggie asked suspiciously while Mattie’s eyes followed Cory’s every movement more specifically his heavy cock and the hanging oranges that supplied it endlessly according to the other thoroughly awed boys. Fish turned scarlet and grinned, “This morning Dooby and Cory asked if it was possible to make it with each other wearing scuba. Spider explained how we do it and Jim Bob and Carter pretty much agreed. Now Jim Bob and Carter are going to demonstrate and ah, Dooby and Cory are going to give it a try.” “Where they goin’ to do this?” “Not far, just out to the anchor. We, Spider and I found that if the bottom guy has something to hold on to it works better.” “SPOOK BOY,” Auggie shouted, “git yo’ in there and follow `em an’ don’ miss one foot o’ tape! An’ we’ll be right behind yo’.” He turned to Zeek and Mattie, “Quick, let’s git us in the water to watch `em first hand.” With that said, Auggie stood up, abandoned his scooter, grabbed his snorkeling gear, and walked over twenty feet to the swim platform. He sat down hard, but managed to put on his own flippers. The mask and snorkel were no problem at all. He fell forward sending a mini tidal wave out from the stern. Zeek and Mattie closed their mouths as they’re bugged out eyes returned to normal before they rushed to catch up. Fish shook his head and picked up the microphone. He had no idea how far his voice would carry underwater. “UNDERWATER FUCKING — LESSON ONE IS NOW IN PROGRESS AT THE ANCHOR” he announced and watched as heads bobbed up by diver down flags to get their bearings before they sank and the flags began moving with jerky motions toward the Donder’s bow. Carter briefly hung motionless when they reached the anchor. Jim Bob took Carter in his arms and placed him on his back so Carter could reach over his head to grasp and hold on to the chain. Dooby and Cory watched the maneuvering. Carter’s tank held him above the sea grass and mucky bottom and of course away from unseen biting critters that might take umbrage at having their homes invaded by soft succulent land dwellers. The students emulated their teachers and Cory’s hands joined Carter’s on the chain. Small clouds of mud drifted away in the slight current. The moving sea grass massaged and tickled their backs. Jim Bob then lifted Carter’s legs as he swam forward. When he was close enough, he freed Carter’s legs, which immediately surrounded Jim Bob’s waist to hold him in place. Jim Bob reached one hand back and down. Carter adjusted his body as he pulled Jim Bob forward and down smoothly until his hardness disappeared. Cory watched with his head turned to the side while Dooby watched from between Jim Bob’s legs. He was upside down, standing on his head in freefall. Jim Bob could have closed his legs to lock Dooby’s head between his powerful thighs if he was interested, he wasn’t and he wouldn’t have been fast enough. Dooby saw how the joining was done and flipped his body away to be instantly welcomed by Cory’s legs and the rest of his hard little body. After Dooby was locked in place, he and Cory both looked to the side to see that thrusting was done jointly. Carter pulled Jim Bob in with his legs and Jim Bob used his hands on Carter’s hips to push his body back, but only as far as Carter allowed before he was again pulled down. Dooby and Cory quickly developed their own rhythm and didn’t notice when the others arrived and they were shadowed briefly as they were inspected visually. They did notice the tactile inspections of their bodies but those only heightened the unique experience. Little Zeek inadvertently sent Dooby over the top when he grasped Dooby’s weightless balls while still wearing his vinyl coated cotton gloves with roughened palms and fingers intended for a better grip on lobster backs. Dooby screamed mentally, which came out as an audible grunt and an explosion of bubbles. Satisfied if not apologetic, Little Zeek grabbed the anchor line, switched hands so he faced up, and then pulled his body down before he opened his legs in invitation. His brother James accepted. James was already more than halfway to ejaculating just from feeling his magnificent horse cock buffeted by its resistance to the current created by his race to the anchor. Trasker was the next to join the group on their backs with Ryan’s eager assistance. Logan joined them last covered by Stevie. Auggie, Zeek and Mattie floated above the group and watched the human boy diver daisy bloom. Mattie thumped Zeek with excitement. This was the first time she’d seen any of the boys joined together, especially her sons and most especially James in action. Of course she’d heard them at night and knew exactly when one came, usually who was on top and which one was first because of their voices and their inability to fuck quietly. It was pointless to forbid or even scold them. Once they discovered each other they couldn’t be stopped, so she just quietly changed the sheets each morning and thought of James’ handsome and very white father with longing. As James matured he looked more and more like his father. Mattie wondered if they would ever meet and recognize each other. James Senior was the president of the local family owned bank and didn’t know he’d fathered a beautiful boy, while she’d told everyone that James Junior was the result of a twenty dollar one night stand with a passing red neck farm boy. She’d seen young James covertly eyeing white men whenever they were in town. She knew he was always judging each likely prospect; “Is he my father?” James would ask his mother with a silent hopeful glance and Mattie always shook her head very slightly and looked away. Now Mattie wondered if James Senior looked at new accounts and if he did would he remember her name and if he did, he’d have her address. She told him her name but lied about where she lived and after two months working for James part-time as his housekeeper and she knew she was pregnant she just stopped her Saturday afternoon visits and remained safely insulated by Redlands Plantations’ sixteen thousand acres. By the time the boys had finished their sexual gymnastics around the anchor, the area looked bombed. Everyone reclaimed their catch bag and made their way to the stern. Auggie had just spent almost an hour in the water holding his big body in place against the wind and current by using his legs and flippers constantly. When he paddled back to the stern he pried off his flippers and climbed the wide boarding steps with ease although he held on and the guys crowded the swim platform to pull him in if necessary. Once back aboard he sat down on a bench seat, stretched out comfortably and then had the boys line up to present him with their biggest lobster. James won the pool by one-half inch of carapace over Cory’s monster. Everyone congratulated James with back and ass slaps until he retreated topside to get away from them and in a daze, mentally count his winnings. “Yo’ know I’m feelin’ so good after that there workout, what say we have us an early supper an’ head over to Paradise Island? I ain’t gambled one nickel in twenty years an’ it be ah change o’ pace.” “Can we gamble too?” Dooby asked with excitement in his voice. “I mean what if we’re too young?” Auggie grinned and rubbed his thumb over his middle and index fingers, the classic motion signifying money. “Yo’ soon be old enough by the time we get in the casino,” he prophesied, dismissing worries about age. He caught Ryan’s eye. “Ryan boy, would yo’ call the plane an’ tell `em? An’ we be needin’ ah limo. Then call up a hotel over there an’ git us a big suite, we sleep there an’ then leave early tomorrow to git back here to go fishin’ just like we planned.” Fish and Spider looked depressed as they silently stowed all the gear in preparation for getting underway while Eric, Carter and Jim Bob had their heads together finally discussing their future living arrangements. Auggie made some snap decisions for them all. He knew the three divers and partners lived together in a big stilt home behind their dive shop because he asked. He was concerned that Carter and Jim Bob would move there full time and then drive back and forth to Coral Place. “Yo’ boys can live both places,” he told them all. “The guest house is yours to be comin’ an’ goin’ as yo’ please whenever it be mos’ convenient. Yo’ all expected at table when yo’ show up `cause yo’ is a family plumb full o’ husbands an’ yo’ is also part o’ our family.” Mattie and Zeek nodded their agreement while the boys were considerably more physical as in angling for an invitation into the guesthouse bedroom. The divers, Jim Bob and Carter nodded to the offer eagerly. The divers, including Eric, had planned to depart for Key West after dinner but with the invitation to go over to Nassau, they would delay until early in the morning after they returned. The subject of how they would all get there and back never really came up during the feast. James served Auggie his prizing winning lobster tail personally. “Momma said you could have only one,” he whispered conspiratorially and winked. Mattie spoiled the moment by serving Auggie a demitasse cup of drawn butter while everyone else had a brimming teacup for dipping the succulent meat. “Mattie!” Auggie protested, “Ain’t e-nough butter in there fo’ the first damn bite!” Mattie walked away laughing until she saw Argyle and Thirsty coming around the corner of the house. The cousins supported each other with arms around each other’s shoulders. Their outboard hands each held a bottle, which they paused to drink from when they saw Mattie bearing down on them looking somewhat hazy but definitely wrathful. After a few words from her they turned and beat a hasty retreat with Mattie following. Auggie watched from the corner of his eye. Mattie returned still shaking her head in wonder. Auggie didn’t ask, he told Mattie what happened and continued; “Them boys got all the work done an’ it almos’ perfect too. They wouldn’t ah done it without the proper fuel in `em.” Mattie nodded, “I orderin’ concrete tomorrow an’ I watch `em finish it. I orderin’ twenty cases o’ half gallons o’ spring water too. Should ah thought that out to start. I give `em empty bottles.” James shushed Auggie by pushing his teacup full of hot butter to within Auggie’s easy reach. Suddenly Trasker delivered a second double old fashion glass brimming with bourbon unasked. Auggie looked up suspiciously. “Okay, why the food police bein’ so nice — yo’ butterin’ me up fo’ somethin’?” he asked. “We ah,” Trasker began, “we ah were kind of wonderin’ if we each could get a loan for tonight Unc, maybe just a hundred each? We’ve all got checkbooks but no cash money.” Auggie grinned. “Listen up!” he called to the table. The silence was instant, no one even chewed. “I reckon it bonus time. When we get there ever one gets one thousand bucks an’ when that gone don’ come back fo’ no more.” The silence quickly changed to cheering. Auggie had only one string attached to his generosity. Everyone had to dress; collared shirts, long pants, polished shoes and jackets. Ties were optional. Auggie wanted everyone to look like young gentlemen and comport themselves accordingly while in the casino. He wanted them all to have an air of mystery about them. The casino would know in advance that a large private jet landed unexpectedly. A `high roller’ had arrived and had reserved the four bedroom Royal Suite for one night. By the time Auggie and the boys arrived at the casino they would all have been photographed and judged. Auggie was obviously the high roller and by then the casino management would be ready to ignore any possibility of underage groupies in the fat man’s entourage. The boys and young men shared out their wardrobes freely so everyone was dressed as required when they filed onto the bus. Auggie, Zeek and Ryan wore suits with ties tied. Auggie had added a diamond stickpin to his tie, an even larger stone glittered from one pinky ring and the heavy gold watch he wore was definitely not a Timex. Ryan was to act as Auggie’s business manager and spokesman. All anyone would hear from Auggie were single words like’ bet, call, raise and fold, the minimum necessary to play in any game. Mattie came running at the last moment. There was an argument during dinner. She declared that she wasn’t going because she had nothing to wear. Auggie insisted that she make do and make do fast while the boys cleared the supper dishes and straightened the kitchen or else no one was going, the trip would be canceled. She relented when she saw the boys’ eyes, especially her two sons, there was no way she could deny them their first real foray into white society. Mattie wore a severe black calf length dress that accentuated her fine figure and no jewelry whatever except for modest ear studs. Auggie grinned his pleasure and removed his stickpin to place it over her left breast. When she stood up again the boys whistled catcalls. “Them ten carats, looks a heap better on yo’ Mattie girl.” Auggie agreed. The group entered the casino looking like a royal procession with King Auggie in the lead driving his scooter straight to the cashiers. Zeek carried Auggie’s heavy gold knobbed cane, with Mattie on his arm. They followed to one side and Ryan walked beside them. Ryan offered the cashier a piece of folded paper and waited while she read it and then promptly disappeared somewhere to have the letter of credit authenticated. She’d never seen a high roller’s letter for more than a few hundred thousand. Auggie’s limit was twenty million. There was a ripple of whispers from the boys when the closest heard Ryan ask for a half million in chips to start with and were aghast to see how few little plastic rectangles the woman handed over. Ryan handed off the chips to Zeek and then ordered stacks of hundred dollar bills and dispersed them as they appeared. Meanwhile, Auggie parked his scooter out of the way, took his cane and walked away with Zeek and Mattie following. “Where’s Auggie going?” Dooby asked Ryan as he pocketed his bonus money. Ryan shrugged, “He said he liked baccarat or maybe chemin de fer. High rollers like those games, but you guys are not high rollers so stay away from gaziantep escort bayan those tables. Now remember what he told you on the plane, this is all fun money so have fun and don’t worry about losing. If you do worry, that’s scared money and you WILL lose.” Cory drifted to the slot machines and changed few hundreds to five-dollar bills while Dooby first watched a black jack table before he moved to a crowded crap table. After he thought he understood the game he decided to give it a try but the table was too crowded so he walked to one where there were only two players without considering the lack of players, he dug out his money and began playing as if he knew what he was doing. He didn’t touch the dice at first; he just put down a chip or two randomly and then looked surprised when the dealer added to his meager stack. His confidence grew along with his bets. Each time the dice were thrown and stopped tumbling he looked at the dealer to see if he won. Cory appeared at Dooby’s side an hour later. “Now I know why they call those fucking machines one arm bandits and mine didn’t even have an arm, just a button but it was a fun lesson. How are you doing?” Dooby shrugged and stepped back so Cory could see his collection of chips. Cory’s eyes bugged out. Dooby giggled at his reaction. “Pretty good I guess I’m twelve thousand ahead.” He paused to nod his thanks to the dealer for presenting him with another ten chips. “Where’d you get the balls to play at the hundred dollar table?” Cory whispered. “It was the only one not real crowded, just more and more people watching for some reason.” Dooby looked around to see that even some of the guys had congregated around the table. Someone cheered another win and that drew more people to the audience. “Everyone loves a winner,” Cory intoned and joined the crowd in cheering. It seemed that Dooby could do no wrong. He was ahead over twenty thousand dollars not including the original thousand dollars that were safely back in his pocket. That was when the dice were passed to him. He looked at Cory who nodded encouragement. Dooby threw the dice down the table and it seemed his luck changed. Suddenly he could do nothing right. When Dooby’s pile of winnings sank to seven thousand he shook his head, passed the dice, and collected his winnings minus a thousand dollar tip for the dealer. “Gambling makes me hungry and horny but not in that order,” he whispered to Cory as they walked away. “Let’s damage the buffet first though, before we find the suite so we don’t have to eat two breakfasts.” “Man you had a good night.” “Yeah, it was fun at first, but then it got scary. I mean when I started losing it was as hard to stop as it felt like when I was still winning. I convinced myself that my luck would change again if I played long enough and I was even thinking that if I needed to, I could always use the credit card Dad gave me for emergencies. I would have paid him back but still…” Dooby shuddered, “If we come back here again I won’t bring anything but what I plan to lose, the gambling bug sure bit my ass.” Auggie, Zeek and Mattie were the last to enter the big suite. The boys were scattered in the beds of three rooms while the fourth was reserved for Mattie. Cory and Dooby made it as far as a living room sofa before shedding their clothes and falling into the sixty-nine position. Mattie found Dooby spooned against Cory’s back on the way to her room by following the clothing trail. She stood over them for a few seconds, admiring their bodies at rest and wishing that one of them would wake. Her wish came true. Dooby stirred and stretched before he saw her. He smiled and nudged Cory. “Hi Mattie. We were kind of waiting up for you if your offer is…” Mattie finished Cory’s sentence, “…still good. It is, an’ now a good time, ever one sleepin’.” Dooby and Cory left Mattie’s bed nearly two hours later. Both felt half dead and mumbled about never getting hard again after stumbling, holding each other up on the way back to the sofa. Mattie, once in bed turned into a tigress. She took charge of their bodies and made each of them join with her three times in three different positions; on her back, doggie and lastly she rode each in turn. It seemed she had a strict agenda and followed it to the letter. The boys were asleep as their heads touched the pillow. Once alone, Mattie stretched carefully with her legs tightly closed. She somehow knew she was `caught’, conception was taking place; at least one egg was growing and splitting, one, but perhaps two. She’d taken the horded herbal concoctions bought and paid for from the ancient juju woman who still lived on the plantation. Mattie paid extra for two viable eggs and more still for two males. Her original targets were Stevie and Logan, but then she saw Cory. The only magic the juju lady couldn’t work was insuring that two different fathers would fertilize the eggs. Mattie hedged that bet by taking Dooby first much to his surprise and delight. Dooby’s sperm had inches further to travel than Cory’s and needed a head start. She closed her eyes and prayed to an almost forgotten fertility goddess as she slipped off to sleep. The door chimed or rather gonged at five o’clock in the morning. Dooby jumped at the sound and Cory fell off the sofa. Both upset, they stomped to the door muttering about Big Ben and threatened to kill the guy who lost his key. Cory yanked the door open to be greeted by four waiters, each pushing a long rolling table that was covered with domed platters. The waiters didn’t even blink at seeing Cory and Dooby naked. Breakfast was served. Big Ben woke everyone. The waiters did blink when they were surrounded by a throng of more naked guys who were already removing covers, grabbing plates and serving themselves while treating the waiters as obstacles in getting at the food. Mattie was the last to emerge from her room. She was dressed in the same dress because there was no time to pack the previous evening. Auggie and Zeek were dressed in shorts and shirts. Auggie surprised everyone by walking, using his cane although Zeek stayed close by in case he needed assistance. Mattie greeted Auggie and Zeek wearing a strange expression. She handed Auggie the borrowed stickpin. “Yo’ jus’ keep that Mattie girl. Yo leave it to that new baby yo’ workin’ on. He or she kin wear it either way.” “They both boys.” Mattie said simply wearing a beatific smile. She woke up feeling very certain. Her prayers had been answered while she slept. “They? Both? Who? Which one?” Auggie asked with a glance at Dooby and Cory while they ate and chattered with the others, comparing notes on who lost or won. “One each I’m hopin’, I’m thinkin’.” “How yo’ work that?” Auggie pressed, surprised, but somehow he knew that Mattie wasn’t just hoping. She knew but of course wouldn’t explain to him, a mere white man. “Well I’ll be double damned,” he whispered as she walked away to pile a plate with breakfast for three. Everyone became all business after they piled off the bus at a run. Jim Bob issued assignments as they drove along Route 1. He wanted to be on the way to the fishing grounds at daylight and it was already after nine o’clock but everyone stopped in mid task to congregate on the dock to say good bye to the divers when they heard Donder begin rumbling in preparation for the trip back to Key West. Auggie broke up the protracted leave taking by scattering fast young bodies simply by driving through them on his way to the ramp. Donder had to move so Fishin’ Boy could be backed into the space. Auggie ended the almost tearful farewells, “See yo’ tonight fo’ a fish supper,” he called, “an’ don’ be late! Yo’ four Cracker boys is doin’ the cookin’!” Jim Bob put the throttles down as soon as they cleared the last channel marker while Auggie and most of the boys thought that they would begin to fish. Logan rolled his eyes and explained that they were planning to fish by trolling, skipping baits while they traveled along at about four knots or fish speed, but they had to first get out to the Gulf Stream where the game fish lurked. “Is there anything you rich assholes haven’t done already?” Dooby asked petulantly. Logan shrugged with a grin, “So sue us, doing fun shit is what having money is all about. If your dad said `Let’s go fishing in Mexico this weekend,’ would you say, `no way’?” Logan and Stevie both laughed at the grinning fingers they received in response. Carter occupied them all by demonstrating how to rig trolling baits and then just stepping back and allowing them to go to work while he got out four heavy fishing poles with matched reels, he placed them in sockets and readied the two long outrigger poles that would be lowered to each side to spread out the four baits by clipping a line to the end of each. The second pair of lines would be dropped straight back so four baits would be arrayed behind Fishin’ Boy. When a fish took either side bait, it would pull the line free allowing the fish the brief freedom to run until the slack was gone and the fish would hook itself. Carter would make sure before he handed off the active line to the fisherman in the fighting chair. Artie and Spook followed Fishin’ Boy in Jim Bob’s big open fisherman because they needed footage of Dooby and Cory fighting, hopefully fighting big fish from a watery perspective and Spook was the professional with telephoto experience. Scott and Ryan each had small cameras onboard Fishin’ Boy for close-ups and views of the action from anywhere there. Johnny be Good had a microphone attached to the fighting chair and two others placed out of the way but close enough to catch any conversation on the deck. The other boys all knew that they would not get a turn in the fighting chair until both boys boated a fish satisfactory to Auggie’s eye so they wanted each to catch a trophy as soon as possible. Finally Jim Bob looked up at the sky and around at the limitless horizon. Satisfied for reasons known only to himself, he cut power to trolling speed. When he looked back and down from the fly bridge, Carter and his eager helpers already had the outriggers lowered and were paying out line from all four poles. Auggie spun his chair and withdrew to just inside the open salon doors. When he turned back to watch and thought about it, he was gratified to see that all the boys had donned their Tarzan suits without being told to, even Dooby. Cory won the coin toss and sat in the fighting chair eager to catch the first trophy while Dooby danced around him repeating the instructions they all received over time from Jim Bob and Carter. Ryan climbed to the fly bridge. He wanted to photograph a strike if he could. Suddenly Jim Bob pointed to a splash behind an outboard flashing bait, “There! He’ll nail it on his next pass!” Ryan zoomed in while Jim Bob shouted, “Starboard, crank in the others fast!” Dooby, Logan and Stevie ran to the three poles to reel the baits in so they wouldn’t be fouled during the pending fight when suddenly the pole that Dooby held bent as the line went taught, “FISH ON!” Dooby sang with difficulty as the butt of the pole was levered into his nuts as the powerful fish began pulling line from the reel. Trasker ran and strapped a leather holster around his waist and guided the poles’ butt in place. “FISH ON!” Carter shouted as the expected strike hooked up. Cater took the shock in his arms and walked the pole to Cory in the fighting chair. “HOLY SHIT! Two at one time!” Jim Bob exclaimed with glee because this was his first official charter although gratis since Auggie owned the boat. He wondered if Auggie would be offended if he bought a boat of his own, which he already knew he could dock at Diving Down Under where he and Carter could get more business then they could handle. Dooby screamed suddenly, “The mother fucker is charging the boat, what do I do?” “Just what you’re doing, crank that fucking reel!” Carter shouted back gleefully. He seemed to have broken from his conservative shell. For the first time in his life he was finally having fun and he rarely ever swore. “Is he done? What is it? LOOK there it is! Isn’t it beautiful?” Carter looked down into the clear water. “Fuck no, he’s not done. Keep the tension on him Doob, you’ve hooked a huge bull dolphin and he’s trying to spit the hook.” Dooby cranked as if his life depended on it and in a flash of silver and gold the fish turned and rocketed away. Dooby was on the verge of following until Carter screamed, “Open the fucking drag! He’s running but keep the tension on him to slow him down, make him work for every yard of line to tire him out!” “HEY! Remember me?” Cory asked as his little ass lifted from the fighting chair even though his feet were braced against the footrest. Every muscle in his body strained against his fishes’ relentless pulling force as it ran away from the boat. The forgotten cameras were just as relentless. With both fish running, Jim Bob reversed engines and followed them so both boys were able to reel in line and Cory’s ass settled back in the chair. With two fish on there was no time to think of strapping him into the chairs’ harness. Fortunately the fish chose to veer away from each other as they ran. If the lines tangled, both fish would escape with sore mouths, if fish got sore mouths. Carter gaffed Dooby’s fish and every hand labored to pull it on board. “Goddamn!” Dooby laughed with relief and close to breathless, “Look at the size of the motherfucker, we should have had a pool!” He looked at Cory and his heavy bent pole, still fighting his fish. “You’re on for a grand,” Cory said through clenched teeth while every muscle in his magnificent little body stood out as he strained. “A grand and position!” Dooby answered promptly with a leering look. “Done!” Cory answered and began reeling his fish in, its fight suddenly gone. “Mine’s bigger.” Dooby declared when the two fish lay side by side on the deck. “In your dreams!” James quipped. “I meant my fish, motherfucker,” Dooby answered haughtily, “AND I get position, so there! The little fucker makes me do things you wouldn’t believe!” he added with a grin, always eager to look up at his lover, just as Cory was to look up at Dooby’s hard sleek body. “This here show gonna have to be edited mos’ seriously,” Auggie mumbled, “maybe jus’ bleeps since they excited.” There were no more fish caught by trolling that day, even though they spent hours trying and it was blistering hot. Even all the boys sought the comfort of the air-conditioned salon. Finally Jim Bob ordered the lines in and when they were, boosted speed. He started scanning the horizon. Carter joined him on the fly bridge with binoculars and after half an hour, pointed. He ran for the ladder while Jim Bob turned in that direction with a grin. “Weed line!” he shouted. “Everyone grab one of those poles over there, they’re already rigged. Now listen up. We’ll find school Dolphin there. The poles are lighter but so are the fish, but they still put up a fucking fight. Some of you get up on the bow! Spread out and after the first fish always keep a bait and or fish in the water. And hurry the fuck up! We’re going to have some real fun!” The boys ran in all directions, stopping to grab handfuls of cut bait. Dooby and Cory handed baited poles to Auggie and Zeek and encouraged both men to the side. Jim Bob drifted parallel to the drift upwind and suddenly there was more excitement onboard than anyone would have imagined as soon as the baits reached the meager shade provided by the drifting line of seaweed. Auggie hooked up first and giggled his delight. While he cranked his fish to the side, others hooked up. Carter, with Dooby and Cory along the big boats’ length, helped pull dolphin aboard. The cameras remained relentless. Everyone, even the camera crews were having the time of their life. Excitement reigned and the number of fish boarded grew. When Jim Bob ordered lines in everyone was exhausted but happy as clams. There definitely would be enough fish for supper that night since both Cory and Dooby planned to have their fish mounted, even after they discovered that if they did, that they wouldn’t become part of the supper. Dooby and Cory’s leave taking was passionate in the extreme and began after dinner with the divers who had to return to Key West that evening. When they climbed into the ancient and priceless Rolls limousine the next morning with Scott and Artie, there were tears in everyone’s eyes. Spook and Johnny be Good had already departed in the equipment truck. Both Dooby and Cory were proud to be fully initiated members of the Cause although they still weren’t quite sure of what the Cause was or when the Cause became a Cause until Zeek explained on the way to the airport that they were `Johnny Rebs’ by injection and that the declaration could never be rescinded, they had been adopted into a larger family. Auggie’s jet nosed a Delta Airlines ramp at Newark International by prior arrangement. Waiting departing passengers ogled the private aircraft and then watched the door leading to and from the jet, very sure that they would glimpse a famous personality. Most were mildly disappointed when they didn’t recognize the two teenagers, one short but muscular with dark hair and wearing a Donald Duck hat. The other a tall willowy shaggy haired blond who wore a Pluto hat. Both were darkly tanned and carried their own luggage, a single bag each, which didn’t keep either from nudging or punching each other in lieu of holding hands, as they talked and laughed together oblivious of their surroundings. A woman shouted, “Hey I recognize them, that’s Dooby and Cory from their Thursday morning cooking show!” Another woman agreed with a laugh, “HEY DOOBY, DROP ANY EGGS LATELY?” she called out, and then followed her question with, “SPIT! That was so funny! Could I have your autographs? My daughter thinks you’re both so dreamy, she’ll definitely spit when I tell her I met you two.” More people gathered around the boys as they were recognized. Dooby giggled, “Hi, sure,” he slapped all of the pockets in his shorts. “Spit, I don’t have a pen. Got a pen Cory?” he asked while he began shaking hands and introducing himself and Cory vicariously while Cory searched his pockets futilely. “I’ve got one.” The first woman volunteered. She handed the pen to Dooby after she shook his hand, but pulled Cory in to give him a hug and Cory found his face mashed into the woman’s ample bosom. “Big things come in small packages,” she whispered, “my husband is only an inch taller than you so I know.” She released Cory with a knowing wink and then looked back and down, “Robert, meet Cory Spelling.” The husband, Robert, stepped around his much taller wife. He shook Cory’s hand while they looked each other straight in the eyes. “A pleasure young man.” His voice dropped, “Our sons and daughter are all taller than their mother, so there’s hope. Just find someone to love,” he advised. Cory nodded, very careful not to look up at Dooby until he was jabbed with the business end of a pen so he could sign his name. Fifteen minutes later the boys greeted Tom and Christian just outside the security barrier as if they hadn’t seen each other for years instead of merely a week. “We need to get some publicity photos printed,” Dooby announced when they were in Tom’s truck. “We promised a bunch of people we’d send them one,” he explained and produced a dozen scraps of paper from his pockets. “We?” Cory asked. “I’m the one who reminded you we didn’t have any.” “So?” Dooby asked, and the fight was on. Cory was the first to unsnap his seat belt, so he kept Dooby from his by tickling him. “And I thought we missed you,” Christian moaned. “Good thing you guys are staying at Charlie’s, I’ll be around to collect you at seven-thirty on Tuesday and you better be ready,” he warned and then continued, “Damn, I’m not sure I’m ready for any private school”. “We’ll be accepted,” Dooby declared, “or we’ll change the fucking school! Somehow”, he added as he and Cory baled out of Tom’s truck at Charlie’s front door.

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