Doreen is Pregnant Ch. 05: Pregnant Again


In the last chapter, I described how Doreen got to know Sharee, Barbara and Judy. They basically had a live sex show in Sharee’s game room. Doreen came home and described in vivid detail how the ladies were fucked and fucked by the black men. The men were all friends of Raymond. I suppose Raymond had fathered so many kids with white wives, that he had called out for more help to eradicate the white race. Doreen knew that some of the women were on birth control so there was a smaller chance to impregnate them at any one time.

Doreen began visiting occasionally with the other mothers. Our Patti was not old enough to play yet, but they were accepted by all the moms and children. Doreen came home one afternoon and announced that Lloyd and Judy were hosting a hot dog party the next Friday night. She said that everyone was waiting to meet me and for the guys to finally get to see Patti.

The next Friday, we drove over to Judy’s house. Everyone gathered in the back yard. The older kids played and I got to meet Lloyd and Tim. They greeted me warmly and offered me a soda and dog. No liquor was served at the family friendly outings. Over the course of the evening we talked a little out of ear shot from the women. They asked me about how I reacted to Doreen’s pregnancy. I was candid and shared the true story. They were equally candid. Tim was more like me. Lloyd admitted that one of his fantasies had been for Judy to fuck a black man. After Raymond had impregnated Judy, Lloyd had a quick reality check. He said that he really had no complaints other that Raymond seduced Judy behind his back. Judy had told him that if he didn’t want her fucking other men, other black men, he should not have brought it up in the first place.

Tim shared that after Barbara told him about her pregnancy, he had hoped that the baby was his. When that was not to come true, he accepted it as part of a new lifestyle. When the wives first allowed the husbands to take part in the interracial sex, they both had done pretty much what I had done after Raymond started fucking Doreen again. Both guys continued to have sex with their wives and all of the group accepted that Raymond and the boys were so well endowed that their own little cocks had no chance of satisfying the wives. One of the common comments was that the wives would either do it on the sly or ask for a divorce. Neither of them wanted a divorce and they had learned to accept and then enjoy.

They asked about Raymond, Doreen and I as far as being allowed to watch and participate. I admitted that once I saw Doreen cum on Raymond’s cock, it was like watching the best porn flick ever. I told them that I had little fear of Doreen having anything more than a sexual relationship with any of the black guys. They agreed, but also said that they kept a close lid on talk outside the group.

At the end of the party, Tim and Lloyd told me that the girls had some fantasy nights with the black men, but there were plenty of opportunities for the guys to watch also. According to them, once your wife had given birth to a child that you knew was not yours, you were well past the feelings of inferiority and were well into the cuckold life. The next planned meeting was going to be four nights in a row. Each woman was going to be fucked by Raymond and as many friends as he could arrange. The guys were all going to be present all four nights and the other moms were going to baby sit, while the selected one was gang banged.

As the date grew closer, the women agreed that they would go in inverse order of the numbers drawn at the first gathering that Doreen had attended. That put Doreen at the top of the list. On Monday of the week, Doreen began making hair and nail appointments to be ready for her Thursday night of sex. Tim and Lloyd had called me a few times each and told me how much they had anticipated seeing my gorgeous wife get fucked, sucked and spit roasted by the black men. They asked if I had my costume yet. I had no idea what they were talking about.

On Wednesday night, Doreen told me it was time to try out my costume. It consisted of a black bow tie, false white cuffs with links and a black loin cloth. We were to arrive at Sharee’s house in cutoffs or warm-ups and have our costumes in a bag. We would change after arriving the next evening. In addition, Doreen took me into the bathroom and had me shave my pubic hair. When I was done my hard little cock looked like a pre-pubescent little boy. I donned the loin cloth and it barely made a tent my cock was so small.

On Thursday, Onwin Doreen was ready to go by seven. She had the baby bag with plenty of expressed milk packed. We drove Lloyd and Judy’s to drop off Patti. All the women were there. Doreen had a light rain jacket over her clothing. When we rang the doorbell, the ladies welcomed us all and immediately took Doreen back to a back room away from the children. They wanted to inspect her dress. If you could call it that. Doreen wore a thin satin skirt which barely covered her ass. In addition, it had slits up the sides. Her top was a form fitting sheer cropped see through camisole type with long sleeves. The top fit like panty hose and cupped her huge milk laden breasts.

She wore six inch stripper heels and nude stockings held up by a black garter belt. She donned her jacket again and we left. The ladies were all encouraging her as we walked down the sidewalk. The set up at Sharee’s was perfect and most of the sex shows were held there. When we arrived, everyone was waiting. Tim helped Doreen get ready while I changed into my costume. I felt silly wearing the loin cloth, but the other guys were dressed the same as me.

I made it back to the famous sex theatre/game room and saw Raymond along with four other well hung black men. They each had on silky black boxers with a red stitched picture of a strutting cock. There were splits up the side and the black cocks hung mostly below the seam of the loose shorts. There were both circumcised and uncut cocks hanging grotesquely below the material.

Rather than be introduced to the men, we were expected to wait on them. I was given a towel and told to circulate around the room taking drink orders and generally serving the studs in any way they requested. I approached Raymond and he told me that I fit in well with all the other little dicks. He did not try to humiliate me even further and ordered a whiskey.

Lloyd and Tim also circulated until it was time for Doreen to make her entrance. When she came in, the guys turned their attention to her. Low music had been playing on the sound system. The lights were on and Doreen strode to the bed in the center of the room. She posed and preened like she was in a beauty contest. Her braless breasts were already wet with milk. Each of the men made their way to kiss her. They took turns kissing and rubbing. As each guy caressed her heavy breasts, the flow of milk increased. She in turn fondled the hardening cocks.

We could see the glistening tips of the hard cocks as most of them were showing the beginning flow of precum. One of the men undid the button and zipper of her tiny skirt and let it fall. Lloyd rushed up and picked up the skirt and folded it over his arm. She had on no panties and for all practical purposes she was topless. Three of the men removed their shorts and stood naked around Doreen. She bent forward and sucked the heads of each cock in turn. As she bent forward, she exposed her shaved pussy. The two remaining studs took turns licking her pussy from behind. She spread her legs slightly. Her puffy vaginal lips were wet and glistening from her arousal and the oral ministrations of the pussy lickers. Her lips were engorged and looked like a puffy taco shell.

One of the men guided her to the bed and laid down, cock pointing straight up. Doreen was guided down on the hard black cock and began taking it inch by inch. When she bottomed out, she began a steady motion of fucking the massive tool. Another man stood up and presented his cock to her. She held on and sucked him as deep as she could. She sank all the way down and stopped moving. She was full of black cock. She held the base of the cock in her mouth and moved her hand and mouth, jacking off the total length of the ten inch monster. We saw his buttocks tighten. She felt his tension and pulled the cock away from her mouth. When he cleared her lips he exploded rope after rope of thick cum all over her face, hair and the front of her top. The cum ran in torrents, ruining her perfect makeup.

The man beneath her began filling her pussy with his thick seed. She came as she resumed fucking his sprouting cock. He pumped her blast after blast until he was spent. Tim told me that it was time for our first clean up. We approached her and Lloyd guided her legs sideways until her full pussy was exposed. He had the black man raise his knees and spread while Doreen did the same. Lloyd told me I could go first and clean my wife and her lover.

I willingly kneeled in front of the spread Onwin Giriş legs and inhaled the musky aroma already permeating the room. I licked her pussy and the frothy mess leaking out. The black cock was beginning to soften. Her pussy was still stretched wide and oozing their mating fluid. Tim reached around and guided the glistening ebony spear out. The dam broke and cum flooded out as I leaned back forward to devour the white slimy river. Doreen allowed me to explore her gaping pussy with my mouth while eagerly pulling the back of my head forward. We guided her off the black man and Lloyd began to suck the cum off his cock and lap. Tim cleaned him off with a wet towel. We did not towel off Doreen. Her pussy smelled like sex and sweat.

As she reclined back on the bed, Raymond replaced the first stud on the bed. He laid back and Lloyd aided Doreen as she straddled his black cock. He did not enter her and Lloyd scraped some of the cum from her chest and face. He then sopped her pussy and asshole with the slurry. He grasped Raymond’s leaking cock and rubbed the precum around the massive head. He then pulled Doreen down and guided the tip of the black cock directly in line with her butthole. Doreen was about to be split wide for her first anal experience. Lloyd pushed them together and pulled him out several times until the head finally popped through her sphincter muscle. She wailed. “O, fuck, it hurts.”

Raymond kept the pressure up and continued to plow into her bowels. She was pleading for him to stop. Lloyd added more lubrication as Raymond stroked his invading rod deeper into my wife. She shrieked and grunted, but at a point, she changed her tone. She began moving to the rhythm of Raymond’s thrusts and her pain seemed to be gone. Now she was ass fucking his cock.

“Oh, god, o, fuck. Yes that feels so good. Fuck my ass with your big black cock.”

She came again. Lloyd moved her back onto Raymond and had her recline even more. Malcome was stroking his twelve inch monster as he observed the change in position. Tim moved toward him and spread his leaking precum over his massive cock. Tim showed him the way and got him in position. He helped Malcome spread over the joined couple and balance himself so he would not crush Doreen. Tim guided his cock to her well lubed pussy. Somehow, he lined up the cock to her glistening pussy and helped him lean forward. The head spread and stretched her pussy until he entered her further. She screamed. Raymond was fully inserted into her rectum and Malcome was beginning to thrust his big cock into her. Pleasure and pain ripped through her body.

We stood at the foot of the pleasure throne and watched her pussy being invaded by a foreign force. It was an astounding sight. The whole scene ripped through all senses. We could almost feel the tightness in our loins as we watched. Even our sense of smell was invaded by the overwhelming seminal emissions. The screaming again changed to moaning as Doreen continued to provide a main track to the background music.

“Oh, ooooohhhhh, ow, ow owwwww. O, yes god, I am cumming. EEEEEEEEE, OOOOOOO. UUUUUUUU. Ugh. Yes, yes, yeeeesss, ye,ye,y.”

She suddenly became quiet. Both men were cumming deep inside her. Malcome fucked like a mad man. I was afraid he would crush them both, but he was balanced. His cock came out and cum ran out over her and Raymond. Doreen had passed out. We got a cold towel and sought to revive her. Raymond withdrew and scooted out from under her. Slowly she batted her eyes and came too. She was red and sweating profusely. We gave her some cold water and she came around.

“That was the craziest feeling. I was cumming and passing out at the same time.”

She revived quickly and felt her pussy and asshole. She smiled at me and told me that she was no longer a virgin. She could not stand any more cock, so she jacked off the other men who had not yet cum. They came all over her. Her breasts were now flowing milk. She was a mess. Everything was wet. Cum and milk were everywhere. After the black cocks started softening, Tim told us that it was now our turn. We made sure the guys had clean towels and drinks before we approached her.

First Tim and then Lloyd stood over her and jacked off. The black guys encouraged them shouting, “Shake that little dicklet, cucky. Shoot you puff on our whore, dickless.”

Each added his load to the mess that was Doreen’s whole body. I was last. I removed her garters, stockings and top. I mounted her and fucked her vast invaded stretched Onwin Güncel Giriş out pussy. It was slick still. I plowed my hard little cock into her tunnel and finally shot my wad into her. I lay on her until my little dick went back soft. It looked like a thimble when I got off her.

We helped her to the bathroom and I attended her as she got into the warm water. We washed and soaped her up. When she was done, her hair was wet and she had no clean clothing. I helped her into her skirt and shoes. She put the thin jacket back on before we left. Tim and Lloyd cleaned the sex theatre. What a mess. It was set up in such a way that you could mop and wipe everything down. The sheets went into the washing machine and everything was cleaned spotless. I removed my costume and put it in a plastic bag along with Doreen’s drenched clothing.

I walked Doreen to our car and went inside to pick up Patti. We drove the few blocks back home. Doreen slept. I woke her up and helped her inside while holding Patti tight to my chest. Doreen removed the jacket, kicked off the heels and shed the jacket. She fell into bed naked and slept for twelve hours. I put Patti down and attended to her during the night.

The next morning Doreen awoke late. She nursed Patti and we had breakfast. She asked me if the sex show was a little too much for me to bear. I told her that I was still fine with it as long as we kept it in perspective.

Doreen said, “You know, Honey, I am still not on birth control.”

“Well, uh, yes I know, Doreen. Do you think there is a chance you could get pregnant from last night?”

“Yes, there is a good chance. I am still giving milk and wouldn’t it be crazy if I got pregnant before I quit breastfeeding Patti? I guess we will just have to see. Are you going to the party tonight?”

“Well, uh, yes, I guess.”

“Of course, Judy is the guest of honor. You know she will deep throat everyone who comes. Well, except for you guys. She may even suck all of you off, but you are so small you will never get near her throat.”

“Yes, I know, we keep hearing that.”

“Oh, Honey, I didn’t mean it that way. You guys are so wonderful to let us have our fun with the big boys. I am so fulfilled when a stud cums in me. Do you really enjoy it, or do you just go along because they make us cum so hard?”

“Actually, it makes me feel fulfilled, knowing that you experience something that I could never do for you. As long as it is just sex and fucking with them, then I am okay and quite turned on. You really think Judy can deep throat such big cocks?”

“I have seen it for myself. It is harder for me, but I enjoy it. All the guys and girls get so hot watching this.”

“By the way, Robert, that was awesome the way you ate me out after I was fucked so deeply. You really do enjoy the taste of cum, don’t you?”

“It is really hard to explain. I would have never believed it myself. The thought made me gag at first, and then I realized that it was part of your experience to have me service you and the black stud.”

“Oh, Baby, you are so hot. Thank you for being such a great lover and father.”

The four night mini-series continued. Each lady had their turn while the others babysat. Doreen said that after the kids were asleep, the girls shared stories of the gang bangs and some of the more interesting guys that they had fucked. She shared that Barbara got so hot while Doreen told about her evening that she wanted to cum. She asked if they wanted to watch. Sharee went one better and got a vibrator out of her bag and fucked Barbara with it while they told her stories of how Judy was probably deep throating a big cock right then and maybe taking one up the ass at the same time.

The guys had a great time at the parties. We served drinks, ate cum, helped guys impale the white wives and generally served in any way we could. Almost every night, the star guest would allow the husband to fuck her after the other two guys had cum on her. Sharee welcomed us to all fuck her after the black men had ravished her pussy. Just because our cocks were small, didn’t mean that we couldn’t leave a good amount of cum in them.

After Sunday night, the orgies were over. I would be several months before we would plan another event. The girls had to decide. In the meantime both Doreen and Barbara came up pregnant. Sharee was on the pill and I guess Barbara was at the wrong time in her cycle.

Doreen had the special task of having morning sickness while she was still nursing Patti. She probably could have stopped, but we decided that since we both liked breastfeeding and milk play, we would keep her milk coming. Beside, Lloyd and Tim came by every so often and sucked her breasts for her. They were as addicted to her milk as Patti and I.

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