Down by the River


“I can’t wait to have these trout, nice job babe!! You are awesome! If we relied on my fishing skills for dinner I’m afraid we might’ve starved tonight.” I said as I laughed and smiled ear to ear.

“Yeah, but we should get back. We still have to set up the tent unless you wanna sleep on the ground tonight.”

“As long as I can sleep on top of you in your bag I’m fine.” I said as I kissed you, smacking your ass as you walked up the river’s steep bank.

We set up our campsite, laughing while we tried to figure out how to set up the tent. I got our sleeping bags and everything set up inside as you built our campfire. I prepared the two fish you caught us for dinner and set them to cook in the cast iron pan.

“You know what goes great with fresh trout?” You asked sarcastically.

“Hmm?” I responded.

“Canned beans! Yummy!” You said in a laugh.

“At least they are nice and hot this time.”

“I guess there is that, fish is really good though. Wish we could have caught a few more.” You said as you picked the bones on your plate for scraps of fish flesh.

“Still hungry?” I asked as I chewed the last few bites of my trout.

“Kinda, but – I will just have to eat you later”

“Oh really?” I said as I coughed on my fish from laughing.

“Yes really.”

“Well I just might let you. but can we go watch the sunset… please!”

We head back down to the river bank where we went fishing earlier, the sun was just starting to set.

“Isn’t that just the most brilliant orange, you ever seen?” I asked as we sat on the bank.

“Everything seems better and brighter out here. All the fresh air!” You said as you took my hand and held it tight.

I thought to myself this has to be one of the best moments, even of those I have yet to know. Just as the sun hit the horizon, I wrapped Escort bayan my arms around your arm, laid my head down on your shoulder, we watched the final moments as the sun kissed the day goodnight, you took my chin and kissed me until the last rays of the suns rays disappeared into the horizon.

“I love you too.” I said in response to your words unspoken but clearly conveyed.

We stood up and started to walk back to our camp, it’s not all that far from the river but as soon as the sun went down it seemed like the temperature also went down, I shivered badly by the time we got back to camp. I grabbed a soft flannel blanket from our tent to cover our legs while we sat by the fire. You grabbed marshmallows and some roasting sticks and sat down next to the fire on the ground, I sat down between your thighs and covered us with the blanket.

I stared up at the stars as we roasted our marshmallows in the fire.

“You’re gonna burn the forest down if you don’t pay attention to your marshmallow” You said.

Startled I looked down to realize that my marshmallow was indeed on fire, I blew it out and rested my head against your chest.

“It’s a good thing I like them with the hint of carbon!” I laughed as I started to lick the gooey charred mallow from my fingers. I leaned my head back further to look at your gorgeous face, as you leaned down to taste my marshmallow flavored lips.

One taste of your lips and I was done for, I turned my body in your lap so I could wrap my arms around your neck which put us both flat on the ground next to the fire pit. My mouth watered as your tongue explored it, my hands needed to touch your warm flesh and they found it; it was in the form of your hardened cock that my hands finally found their hot flesh. I stroked you as well as I could with the limited space between your Bayan escort hard cock and jogger pants. I pushed at your pants with the back of my hand until your cock popped out. You shivered between kisses as the cold breeze picked up slightly.

I leaned down and laid an arm over your waist and took your cock to my mouth and began to suck you. I moaned as you filled my mouth completely.

“Mmm, that feels so good love.” You said quietly between broken breathes.

I sucked a little quicker, but it wasn’t long before you grabbed my shoulder and pulled my mouth from you cock, you kissed me as you put your cock back into your pants. You grabbed the blanket and spread it out next to us quickly then pushed me down on it. I grabbed you and pulled you down on top of my, I wanted your lips back. My head swam with lustful thoughts as we kissed passionately, I can never get enough of kissing you I thought as you grabbed my pants and pulled them off.

“You remember I said I was gonna get my fill tonight, I’m still starving.” You said as you pulled my hips to your shoulders.

“Ugh, oh my God!” I said as I threw my head back propped up on my elbows.

Your tongue split my pussy lips and you started to lick me from clit to ass and back again. I moaned loudly as I laid flat on my back and grabbed my nipples, I yanked on them hard as your fingers and tongue traded off as they prodded my pussy entrance.

“Oh, yes, oh fuck yes – that feels so good love!! Oh, that feels so fucking good.” I cried out very close to orgasm.

I wanted to cum on your face but I wished upon the stars to feel you once again deep inside me, I needed you, I wanted you so very badly in that moment, I held back my release until I could break open on your cock.

“Oh my God, I love you so much.” I said as I felt your cock enter me just Escort then, as if the stars themselves had whispered my wish to you just then. Somehow you knew I had to feel you inside me. I moaned louder and louder as you turned my world upside-down, with the simple touch of your skin pressed against the insides of me.

You spread my thighs wider as you began to thumb my clit, I grabbed my shirt and pulled it off, unhooked my bra and put it on top of my shirt. The stones under my back started to dig in as your thrust came quicker and harder, it didn’t matter much though as the stars above started to go out of focus. It was so hot as the wave washed over me, I don’t know if it was the close proximity to flames or the rate in which you stoked my flames, but I couldn’t help but to claw at my own face and breast as I peaked orgasm.

“Fuck… FUCK…” I mumbled and moaned.

You pushed your cock as far inside of me as you could as you laid on my chest and wrapped your arms around me. We kissed as your cock pumped slower now. I could feel every inch of you inside of me engorged and throbbing as you pressed your hips harder against mine. You growled in my ear as you spilled yourself deep inside me.

You pulled out of me and pulled your pants back on, I put my shirt and pants back on too. We laid back down on the blanket, had my head on your shoulder and your arm was around me. It was exactly perfect.

I was thinking to myself how life couldn’t be more perfect right now when I saw a shooting star shoot across the sky and threw my hand up in the air and pointed to it.

“Look, a shooting star! Make a wish love.”

I said to you as I watched the star disappear off into the night sky.

“I have everything I’d ever wish for, let some one else have the wish.”

“You know something, just when I think life couldn’t get anymore perfect you go ahead and prove me wrong again saying something like that. I love you.”

“I know you do.”

“Always.” I said.

I kissed you again before I laid my head back down and stared up at my moon.

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