Dr. Evans and his wife Olivia

Double Penetration

Dr. Evans and his wife OliviaFor the past few months I’ve been going to see a chiropractor named Dr. Evans. Dr. Evans is a 57-year-old rich white doctor that lives in Anaheim Hills with his wife Olivia. The therapy I get is for a groin injury I suffered playing in my sunday baseball league so I have to expose myself to him twice a week, every week. I’ve gotten to know the doc pretty well and he’s shared a lot of things with me about his life. He has three daughters from his first marriage who are all grown with k**s of their own. He divorced his first wife more than a decade ago for having multiple affairs behind his back. In 2007 doc married for the second time to a woman 17 years his junior named Olivia. He met her at the gym a year earlier but didn’t think much about her. One day in early 2007 she arrived at his office with a referral for treatment due to an injury she suffered in a car accident. Six months later they were married and off to their honeymoon in Jamaica. She told him that she was a single mother of a teenage boy at the time. She went to UC Irvine and earned a degree in business and runs her own tanning salon in Huntington Beach. A few weeks ago he started telling me how he’s given her everything she’s asked for including Fake Tits to match her big heart shaped ass and botox shots to her face. Over the past two weeks he’d been making remarks about my cock and balls here canlı bahis and there like “I can really use that hammer at home.” or “This reminds me I have to hire a new plumber.” so one day I asked him what he needed my tool for and he said “I thought you would never ask.” He explained to me that he rarely has sex with his wife because he can’t stay hard without viagra and even than only lasts for a pump or two before cumming and going limp again. So he told me he gave his wife’s body up to an Alpha male black bull 7 years ago that fucked her hard a few times a week for all those years. He allowed her to have a personal relationship with the bull to the point where he would come over whenever he wanted and use her as he wished. The bull recently moved out of state and left them searching for her next Alpha male and everytime he sees my cock he wonders what it would be like to see me abuse his wife with my sledge hammer. So this past week he showed me a pic of her with her older black bull and I realized I’m much thicker than him despite that he’s an inch or two longer. I had to say Olivia looked hot in the picture and Doc noticed I was getting hard as he worked on my groin. He asked me if I’d mind going out and meeting her at a bar by their house without her knowing what I look like so I agreed. In the bar I spotted her with a few other cougars and I must say she looked much more gorgeous bahis siteleri in front of me than in a picture. She is tall about 5″8 with a slender toned, tight body that rivals that of young women in their 20’s. She has huge tits that she proudly flaunts and an ass that any white girl would want to have. So I walk over to her and ask if she’s Olivia and she says “You must be the patient my husband talks to me about.” So we introduced ourselves and she bought us some drinks that we enjoyed as we chatted the night away. At the end of the night she said let’s go back to my place and see what hubby’s doing so I followed her home and when we got to their mansion, Doc was at the door to greet us in his tightie whitie underwear. He told me to feel at home and not be shy so I told him that I wanted to fuck his wife in front of him and he told me to go upstairs to the bedroom and strip naked and stroke my cock in their bed while he talked to her. When they came up she was surprised to find me jacking off under her sheets and hubby asked me if I’d like to become their master and own his wife’s body. I said sure and he said “well go get her and do what you want to her.” To my surprise she came toward me and met me half ways. I stripped her down to her birthday suit and began eating and playing with her cunt until she begged for the dick. I face fucked her and made her gag and spit until it güvenilir bahis was time to pound her. I went inside her pussy and she was tight for a 40-year-old. I stretched her out pretty good and went 100 miles an hour on that pussy in every which way I wanted or she wanted. Hubby sat on a chair and watched the whole thing before deciding to go to sleep in the guestroom since we would be busy all night. Her tits were so amazing as was her ass. I decided to shove my cock in her ass without her knowing and she jumped up and tried to run but I pinned her down and split her anal cavity for the first time ever and she loved it so much I had to put her face in a pillow so she won’t wake the neighborhood up. When it was all set and done I was walking around their mansion naked looking for some water after a hot, steamy night of lust with Olivia. I slept in their bed with her and left the next morning. I have gone back twice since and really like using her especially while he’s at work. He’s asked me to breed her everytime we fuck so she can become pregnant and give him a son he’s always wanted. With the black bull they didn’t want to because the baby would find out the taboo truth sooner rather than later. So now I’ve cum in her countless times and will keep doing so until I plant my seed in his wife. He’s told me I can keep her as long as I want and have my way with her anytime I want to. I feel that in essence he’s telling me that if he croaks or ends up in a retirement home in 10-20 years, he will leave her and possibly the k** (if she has one from me) to me. I can’t wait to see her this weekend though.

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