Dream Come True With Sexy Mature Godmother


Dream Come True With Sexy Mature GodmotherThe following is a true story however certain details have been omitted for secrecy and protection:I’m a 21 year old man living in Cambridge, 3 years ago i went travelling around australia with my best friend, (let’s call him T)anyways we were travelling up the east coast doing the usual tourist spots as well as a few ssmall surfing locals we were recommended.Eventually my friend ran out of money and had to return to England.By this point i was nearing cairns and decided to visit my godmother who used to live near us in england. My godfather had died of cancer a few years ago at this point. My godmother was a shapely mature indian adiosbet yeni giriş woman with huge tits probably f’s. Her daughter had moved outt and was living in brisbane, a few days passed and i had been staying there a while we had always been really close, one night she took me out for a meal as i was due to leave the next day, by the end of the meal she had had to much to drink so we got a cab back to her home. Once we had gotten back to her house we decided to have a few more drinks, we were drinking a whiskey which her deceased husband my godfather had loved, she started to reminisce about him and told me she was feeling so lonely now her daughter adiosbet giriş had moved out and she would probably never want to re-marry, after a while she started to ask about my life and whether i had a girlfriend, i told her i didn’t and she started to ask more personal questions, like had i been sewing my oats whilst travelling up the coast, (i had)but i just laughed and playfully told her to mind her business. She said we should probably both get some sleep as i had a bus to catch in the morning for my next destination, as we got up we went to hug goodnight, we said we’d miss eac hother and i promised to stay in contact a lot more often, she said that adiosbet güvenilirmi she doubted i’d want to talk to an old biddy like her (she was early fifties by this point but still very attractive)i said of course i would and that she wasn’t old and looked really good for her age she smiled said i was sweet and went to kiss me on the cheek she did and started to pull away then she stopped and looked in my eyes then kissed me full on the mouth, at fist i was shocked and thought about stopping it then kissed back and ran my hands up her dress and cupped her butt in my hands, we proceeded to have sex right there on the floor, including me eating her out and her sucking my cock, before i fucked her in her pussy, and then finally her ass.We didn’t speak the next morning and couldn’t look at each other, then i left, we haven’t spoken since. Was it wrong of us to do this and should i feel so guilty, even though i wish i could do it again ?

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