Dream Lover Pt. 22


Note: while I hope you’ll enjoy this story without reading all of the previous parts, I also hope it is good enough to inspire you to want to read at least some of the previous parts.


Chapter Twenty-eight

I had successfully visited my former coworker Laura’s dreams on many occasions and she was always receptive and completely into it. I guess she just accepted that she would have the occasional sex dream about me because she never questioned it when I showed up and she always appeared to enjoy herself thoroughly. I hadn’t taken her to a tropical beach because I felt like it wouldn’t have made sense to her if she’d had a dream about a place like that. Based on her life, I’d usually have us in a hotel on one of her work trips, at a ski resort, or in a tent at a campsite. As is often the case, our online connection gave me another idea for a dream visit location and, once I got a bit of research done, I implemented it pretty quickly.

Laura had posted photos of her family vacation to Hawaii and, as I perused them, I was reminded of the tropical beaches where I’d undertaken so many successful dream visits. It seemed to make good sense to take Laura back there for a dream visit as well as a change of pace. In addition to her photos, I did a little research on the resort where they’d stayed but I was going to have to count on her to fill in some of the details from her memory. I picked a location that, based on her photos, would be very familiar to her then just visited her one night and, as she was dozing off, I took her there. We were on a chaise that was big enough for both of us, made of sturdy wood and nicely padded. We were also stark naked. I tried to focus on the beautiful beach and ocean before us but had to glance over at her a little to scope out her trim, brown bush and small, perky tits. My cock was fully rigid.

“How was your nap?” I asked as she was taking in where she was and who she was with, “I was wondering when you’d wake up.”

“How long was I asleep?” she asked, just accepting that she had been.

“Long enough for me to fully recover,” I said.

“I’ll say,” she replied, reaching over to gently pump my stiff cock. She had a big smile on her face and had told me at the end of pretty much every dream visit that she hoped she’d have another sex dream about me because she enjoyed them so much. She never seemed surprised nor disappointed to see me when I showed up.

“Want to ride it again?” I asked, even though she hadn’t actually ridden it or napped for that matter.

“Of course,” she replied and started to get up onto her knees. I got the chaise fully reclined then moved toward the middle as she straddled me. I was gazing at her naked body looming over me as she guided my stiff cock toward her pussy. We both moaned as she lowered herself onto it, her hot, wet pussy engulfing my throbbing tool. She sat there for a moment with my cock fully embedded within her then began to slowly move up and down. I reached up to caress her tits, feeling her hard, thick nipples against my palms as I felt her hot, wet pussy sliding up and down my tool. I’d always been certain that I could never grow tired of using my abilities to continue having sex with new women in different places, but I was also realizing that having repeat encounters in new and different scenarios was equally appealing. Being former coworkers, it had been exciting the first time I’d just seen Laura naked but to be able to now have sex with her semi-regularly was a definite bonus.

I was savoring the feeling of Laura’s hot, wet pussy sliding up and down my tool and would have been more than happy to enjoy it for a good long time but she was gradually picking up her pace. She never had any difficulty cumming so I knew that she was building toward one of her typically long and intensely pleasurable orgasms. I suspected that, after she’d cum long and hard, she’d be ready to switch things up and I had no doubt that, whatever she’d want to do, it would be equally as pleasurable for me. By this point, she was also beyond questioning the dream and generally just went with it, making sure that she got a great deal of pleasure out of it. It seemed that she no longer expected to wake up at any moment so she was more likely to just go with whatever happened. I was assuming that she was only riding me hard and fast because she was eager to experience that first orgasm. Typically, I tended to eat her pussy first so I would draw out her pleasure but, if she wanted to get there quicker, it was her dream.

As she continued riding me even harder and faster, her small boobs were bouncing steadily so I moved my hands around to caress her ass while I watched them. I was also pushing up into her each time she dropped down to assure that she was getting the full length of my cock. She was moaning louder and longer, her eyes closed and her mouth hanging open. Finally, she dropped down onto my cock and just remained there then, a moment later, cried out and started shaking. Since they were no longer bouncing, I brought my hands back around to fondle Beylikdüzü Sarışın Escort her tits some more while she was cumming. I doubt that it helped her feel more pleasure but it may have actually made my cock even harder.

When she appeared to have finished cumming, she remained seated on my cock as she was recovering while I continued to fondle her tits. When she moved off, she immediately repositioned herself so that she was straddling my head while facing my cock. As she gripped my shaft and gently pumped it, I raised my head and ran my tongue along her slit, which caused her to moan. She continued to pump my cock as I lapped at her slit before finally lowering her head and engulfing it in her mouth. It was my turn to moan as she expertly sucked my cock, sliding her lips up and down nearly the entire length of my stiff shaft. I savored her cocksucking skills while still running my tongue along her slit then slipped a finger into her hot, wet pussy as I licked and sucked her clit. She was immediately moaning louder and longer and I had no doubt that it wouldn’t take much before she was having another intensely pleasurable orgasm. The only question was whether she’d cum before I did.

I probably could have made an extra effort to make her cum more quickly so that I could then just relish her skillful cocksucking but I enjoyed eating pussy too much to do something like that. Instead, I was making the effort to draw out her pleasure as I typically did while also thoroughly enjoying the pleasure I was experiencing myself. When I slipped a second finger into her along with the first, I think that started pushing her toward another orgasm more quickly, though that wasn’t necessarily my goal. I was always more interested in providing a high level of pleasure than I was a quick orgasm. Since time was irrelevant during dream visits, I could have just savored eating her pussy until my tongue gave out but I didn’t want her to feel as though she was always getting close to cumming but not quite getting there. I feel like that might have been torture.

Even as I could tell that she was getting closer to cumming, she still remained focused on sucking my cock. She was definitely a talented cocksucker and I kept thinking that during one of my visits, when we were recovering, I’d ask her how she’d become so good. I had a feeling that hearing about it would certainly hasten our recovery time and have us ready to go again pretty quickly. The thing with my visits being fairly infrequent was that I rarely needed much in the way of recovery time; being naked with her again had me almost continuously aroused. Still, I figured the appropriate time would present itself at some point so I wasn’t going to try to force it.

When she stopped sucking my cock so that she could moan longer and louder, I knew she was on the verge of cumming again. She continued to gently pump my cock but I was absolutely fine that her focus was on her own pleasure. I could feel that her pussy was becoming even wetter and more engorged as I continued sliding my fingers in and out of her while still licking and sucking her clit so I was thinking how nice it would feel to slip my cock into her again. Even if she went back to sucking my cock and blew me to completion once she’d cum, I knew I’d have to fuck her some more before we left this dream.

Right before she started cumming, she went briefly still and silent then let out a cry as her body started shaking. I was still sliding my fingers in and out while licking and sucking her clit but, once her pussy was flooded with even more of her juices, I slipped my fingers out and started slurping them up, lapping at her slit. As usual, it was a long and obviously quite pleasurable orgasm and only once I was absolutely certain that she was done cumming did I lower my head. As I was gazing up at her trim, brown bush, she engulfed my cock in her talented mouth once again and resumed voraciously sucking me off. With my focus entirely on my own orgasm, I was savoring the pleasure that she so skillfully provided as my orgasm began to slowly build.

Despite her voracious cocksucking, it wasn’t as though she was trying to get me off quickly. It had become apparent after just our first few dream encounters that she was not only a skilled cocksucker, but she enjoyed having my cock in her mouth, as well. Since she’d cum twice already, though, I suspected that she was just giving it her all rather than trying to draw out the pleasure as she often did. Again, I was perfectly fine with this, or whatever direction she elected to go, both because it was still highly pleasurable and because I was still intending to stick around to fuck her some more.

My cock was swelling even more as I was getting closer to cumming and the pleasure was reaching ridiculous heights. Her efforts were not impacted at all and she just continued to blow me while I was moaning louder and longer. Finally, I cried out as I started blasting my load into her mouth, each spurt maintaining the same intensity. She continued Beylikdüzü Şişman Escort sucking me off as she swallowed my load, not letting up until I was completely spent. When she finally released my cock from her mouth, she moved back around and raised up the chaise again then lay beside me and we watched the ocean and the palm trees as we were recovering.

“I wouldn’t have thought that I could enjoy this view any more than I did when I was on vacation,” she finally said.

“Isn’t the brain amazing?” I asked.

“It is because I had thought about how much fun Curtis and I could have here without the girls,” she continued, “but we wouldn’t have had this all to ourselves without anyone else around and I guess my brain just put it together with the awesome and stress-free sex I have in my dreams with you to make it even better than it probably could be in real life.”

“If dreams weren’t better than real life,” I mused, “what would be the point of having them?”

“Good point,” she replied, “should we go swim a bit?”

My cock never did go fully flaccid in these dreams so, as she started to get up and I was watching her body, it began to gradually stiffen again. As we headed down toward the water, I hung back a little so that I could stare at her naked ass, which only made my cock even stiffer. She finally turned around to see why I was lagging behind and her mouth fell open.

“You’re hard again,” she noted.

“Of course,” I replied, “I get that way watching you naked.”

She reached back and grabbed my cock, holding it rather than pulling me along by it as we entered the water. Once we were in deep enough that her tits were hidden, she wrapped her arms around my neck and we kissed, our tongues slipping into each other’s mouths. I grabbed her upper thighs just below her ass and lifted her, easily due to the buoyancy provided by the seawater. She wrapped her legs around me and I guided my cock back into her hot, wet pussy. I’d never physically been to Hawaii so I didn’t know how the waves on this beach typically were or if her memories were keeping them pretty mild but we were just rising slightly as each one passed us. We were able to continue making out as I was sliding my cock in and out of her.

I wasn’t necessarily taking advantage of the “motion of the ocean” to enhance the sex, because I was more focused on the pleasure I was feeling and trying to keep my cock from slipping out of her as we were riding the waves. Despite the level of control that I have over the dream scenarios, the memories of this location were Laura’s so I didn’t want to mess with what she remembered about the waves. It certainly wasn’t having a negative effect on the sex but fucking in the ocean was always a bit of a challenge though it was also incredibly fun. I wanted our experience to be as authentic as possible, even if it was a dream.

We didn’t continue making out the entire time we were fucking out there, sometimes because we were laughing due to something with the waves but mostly because we were soon moaning as it felt better and better the longer we were doing it. The closer she was getting to cumming, the hotter and wetter her pussy was becoming so sliding in and out of it just continued to feel better and better. As I was getting closer to cumming myself, I was fucking her harder and faster, at least as best I could as we continued to ride the waves. Despite not being able to fondle her tits, I was still thoroughly enjoying fucking her, obviously because her pussy was so hot and wet but also because I was holding her up with one of my hands on her ass the entire time.

Once she was on the verge of cumming, she was holding onto me tightly and tensing up while her pussy somehow managed to become even hotter and wetter, which I wouldn’t have thought was even possible. She let out a cry as she started cumming, her entire body shaking, while I just kept sliding in and out of her pussy. My cock was swelling even more as I was getting closer to cumming and I think that actually was enhancing her orgasm. I’m not sure that she’d quite finished cumming when I grunted and started to blast my load deep inside her. I continued thrusting with each spurt, relishing the intense pleasure that I was experiencing. When I finished cumming, I continued holding her with my softening cock still inside her pussy until she took it upon herself to hop down. As we recovered, we were floating and riding the waves.

“That was a lot of fun,” she said after a bit, “but, before I wake up, we should go one more round with something more stable under us.”

“What are you thinking?” I asked, “Back to the chaise? Or we could still fuck out here on the ocean but on a float or something? Of course there’s also the pool.”

“How about on a float in the pool?” she asked with bright eyes and a big smile.

“That sounds great,” I replied, returning her smile, “but I suggest we shower off the seawater on the pool deck first.”

“Good idea,” she replied, “Shall we?”

We headed toward Beylikdüzü Sınırsız Escort the shore and soon walked out of the surf, making a beeline toward the resort pool. Near the showers on the pool deck there were a couple of towels on a chaise and a bottle of body wash. I glanced over at the pool and saw a large float right by the steps to get in which I knew would be fun to fuck her on. First things first, though, especially since I wasn’t fully erect yet despite her still being naked. She turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature then stood under it, letting the water run all over her naked body while I watched. After a moment, I took her place as she grabbed the body wash. Once I was thoroughly wet down, she poured me a handful then took a handful herself before setting the bottle aside. We both immediately began to lather up our favorite parts. She made sure my cock was thoroughly rigid while I soaped up her tits then her ass.

When I dropped down to wash her feet and legs, her trim, brown bush was right there in front of my face so I couldn’t resist running my tongue along her slit. Of course she had no issue with me licking her pussy even though we were in the midst of getting ourselves worked up to fuck again. My soapy hands were caressing her ass while I slurped up her juices and she moaned. Her soapy hands were holding my head in place as she rocked her pussy toward my face. I didn’t think that it was going to take long to get her to cum again and I didn’t intend to draw it out because I was eager to get back to fucking her again. The shower was still running and I was close enough to the spray to reach a hand out and rinse the suds off of it. I paused to give it a quick glance to confirm that it was clean then slipped a couple of fingers into Laura’s pussy as I focused my licking on her clit. She moaned even louder and resumed rocking her pussy toward my face.

While I was savoring eating her pussy because I didn’t know when my next opportunity would be, I was also working on getting her to a quick but highly pleasurable orgasm. I knew that her pussy would be even hotter and wetter after she’d cum and, since my cock was rigid, I was ready to slip it into her pretty soon. I continued to lick and suck her clit while sliding my fingers in and out of her as she got closer and closer to cumming again. Although her moaning just kept getting louder, it was when she went completely silent that I knew she was just about there. It sounded like she may have briefly held her breath then she gasped as her entire body started shaking. It was another of her typical long and obviously intensely pleasurable orgasms.

I continued to lick and finger her as she was cumming but, once I was sure she’d finished, I slipped my fingers free and stood. She didn’t fail to notice that my cock was still sticking straight out but, rather than returning the favor and blowing me, we focused on finishing our shower then dried ourselves a little as we headed to the pool. After throwing the towels onto the float, Laura crawled on first and I told her not to change her position. I climbed onto the float on my knees as she remained on all-fours then I moved up behind her and ran my hands over her ass. Gripping the base of my stiff cock, I slipped it into her hot, wet pussy and we both moaned.

I held her waist as I started to slowly slide my cock in and out of her while she reached under herself to caress her clit. It was blissful to feel the grip of her pussy along my cock again and, even though this was my third time fucking her during this dream, I was already thinking that I’d need to be back for another dream visit as soon as it seemed reasonable. The float was working out great as we drifted about the pool while I fucked her from behind. It was dense enough that we weren’t sinking into it but it wasn’t so rigid that it was hurting our knees.

When I had a good rhythm going, I slipped my hands up to cup her swinging tits and caress her hard nipples. She was pushing back as I was gradually fucking her harder and faster and I suspected that her fingers on her clit were providing an even higher level of pleasure for her. The level of pleasure that I was feeling was continuing to increase as her pussy was becoming hotter and wetter the closer she was getting to another orgasm. Her tits weren’t big enough for fucking so I wouldn’t be rolling her over to finish on her chest once she’d cum. I could just continue taking her from behind even after she’d cum because it already felt outstanding and would only feel even better after she had another orgasm. I also thought about another sixty-nine or at least another blowjob but she ultimately decided on a different direction.

I straightened up and took her by the hips again as I felt that she was getting close to cumming. She continued to caress her clit while I was making sure that she was receiving the full length of my cock. I was looking down at her ass, watching it jiggle just slightly each time my hips tapped against. They were tapping hard enough that there was a smacking noise to accompany her continued moaning. Finally, she pushed back and just held there so I made sure my cock was fully embedded. A moment later, she cried out and started shaking. I knew her pussy would be flooded with even more lubrication so I thrust into her a few more times as she was cumming. Once again it was a long and highly pleasurable orgasm.

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