Dream Lover

Double Penetration

Catriona has been chatting online for an hour since she came to bed and was starting to feel tired. Putting her tablet aside and turning down the lights further, she is thinking only of sleep. She drifts off with thoughts of Rory in her mind, and how she had called him round a week ago and had got the best fucking of her life to date.

Rory entered the bedroom and saw that Catriona was asleep having dimmed the bedside lights, as he knew she always did when chatting online in bed, it was one of those things he had learnt about her over the three and a bit years that she had worked as his PA come guardian. It’s a warm night, and she has pushed the duvet slightly off in her sleep, he can see her breasts moving up and down slowly as she breathes the deep breaths of sleep. He admires her relaxation, one of her legs slips innocently out from under the duvet exposing a knee and the lower half of her thigh. Watching her sleep, he wonders what she is dreaming about. Then an idea hits him, he gently undresses and lies naked next to her looking at her face. He wants to kiss her, but doesn’t want to wake her up, well, not yet. He strokes his hardening member with one hand whilst slipping the other gently under the duvet to rest on her inner thigh. She twitches slightly as his hand touches her warm body, but she doesn’t wake, kağıthane escort and he begins to caress the inside of her thigh. He gets a little braver and his hand moves slowly over her groin towards her pussy.

Catriona is not wet and open, yet. His hand slides over the outside of her pussy lips slowly rubbing them together, he begins to trace the lips with his fingers, as he rubs gently he feels her pussy lips part and slides a finger between them. She stirs, and he pulls his hand away nervously, but she just tosses her head back and continues to sleep. Rory smells the finger that has been caressing her pussy the musky scent of her sex making him even harder. He wonders if she likes the smell of her sex too, so he places his finger just under her nose while she sleeps, she smiles as if her dreams are influenced by the smell of her own pussy. With his other hand he rubs the tip of his cock collecting his precum on the end of a finger. Placing the finger he had been caressing her pussy with in his mouth he gently rubs the precum onto her lips as if he were applying lipstick. Her lips are soon coated in his wetness, her tongue slips out tasting him in her sleep.

Slipping his hand back under the duvet he collects more of his precum and rubs his juices into her pussy lips, kartal escort now they part more easily. He begins to slide his finger along the inside of her pussy lips seeking the entrance, her wetness now aiding the process. Catriona moans slightly, he looks into her eyes and wonders what beautiful dreams he is giving her. His finger easily slides inside her pussy, her wetness lubricating it and the way, Rory knows he won’t be happy until he makes her cum. Looking into her eyes he can see she is at peace and leans forward to lick her nipple. As he gently flicks his tongue over her nipple his finger finds its way to her clit which he circles slowly, teasingly before sliding his finger back down towards her vaginal entrance. As his finger circles her wet entry she moves her hips allowing his finger to slip inside her causing her to moan. He holds his finger there a moment scared she will awaken, but she sleeps on, he begins to slowly slide his finger in and out of her pussy while she sleeps. He feels her pussy getting wetter and his finger is sliding in and out more easily and feels her begin to gently rock her hips rhythmically as she dreams.

Rory pushes the duvet off of her completely looking down at Catriona’s pussy as his finger slides in and out of her. Adjusting his position, because küçükçekmece escort he wants to taste her, he turns around so that his knees are closer to her head and he is looking straight at her beautiful wet pussy. He leans over and lets the tip of his tongue stroke her clit, at the same time slipping a second finger into her hot, wet hole beginning to finger fuck her like he would were she awake. He begins to flick her clit with his tongue moving more quickly knowing she is about to cum, but wants her to cum with him inside her. He sits up and moves between her legs stroking the entrance to her wet temple with the tip of his now throbbing cock. Looking down he sees her eyes open sleepily and wonders if she will be mad when she sees him and feels what he is doing to her pussy.

“Fuck me Rory” is all she says.

She raises her hips slightly and he slips easily inside her, leaning forward he kisses her deeply. She wraps an arm around the back of his head and whispers in his ear that you she is about to come. A few more strokes is all it takes to push her over the edge into orgasm, which in turn triggers his own. He thrusts deep inside her as he starts to pump his cum into her feeling his cock emptying into her as her body shakes beneath him, her orgasm taking over. They close their eyes and for a moment are still except for their passionate tongues engaging each other’s gently and sensually.

Catriona comes awake suddenly and kills the strident alarm that woke her, after some seconds gathering her thoughts she looks around and realises that there is no one else in the bed, she is completely alone.

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