Subject: Drew’s Day with Dad, Chapter 3 This story is a work of fiction. Nothing like this happened in my own life, even though I may have used my own life as a basis for this tale. I am trying to build up the story so that when the ‘good parts’ happen it makes sense. Those are the types of stories I enjoy, and I hope you enjoy this one. Nifty is a free source of fiction like this, and needs your support to keep stories like this alive! Please contribute fty/ And now, back to our story… Drew’s Day with Dad, Chapter 3 Tim chuckled briefly to himself as he walked back to the bedroom, his damp towel still wrapped around his waist. Then he thought about Drew’s reaction when he suggested they shower together to save water. The look on Drew’s face, and the blush that came to his cheeks at Tim’s comment told Tim the boy was embarrassed by Tim’s naughty comment. The unmistakable little jump that the boy’s bulge made in his dark blue Fruit of the Looms was another matter entirely. Tim had long suspected the boy might be gay, or at least bi. When Drew was younger he begged his parents for piano lessons until Tim and his wife finally bought a piano. The boy was taken with it right away, practicing without reminders, and even trying to write his own music. Then he started cooking and baking with Tim’s wife. Classic signs if there ever were. Then there was the matter of the porn. Tim had enjoyed the pornography in Playboy and Penthouse for many years. His wife was often the one buying it, because her own interest in sex wasn’t quite what it had been when they first married. She wanted to keep Tim happy though, so she gladly bought him his dirty magazines. Once she picked up a copy of Playgirl for herself while getting Tim the latest issue of Penthouse, just to see if it would entice her to be more sexual with Tim. It didn’t quite do the trick for her, so she hid it under the sofa where she usually sat, away from the prying eyes of the kids. One night, when Tim was feeling especially horny after the kids were in bed and his wife had turned him down yet again, he picked up the magazine from under the sofa, and sat down in his chair to take a look at it. He found himself quite enjoying both the stories and the naked man in the centerfold. He realized that şişli travesti he liked the hairy guy who kind of looked like himself, and began pawing at his hardening cock through his jeans and briefs. Tim felt himself getting hornier and hornier as he flipped through the pages in Playgirl. He took the magazine in one hand, grabbing his hard dick through his pants with the other, and walked to the bathroom. Once inside, he dropped his pants and released his aching dick. At 37, his sex drive was still as strong as it had been when he was 18. But tonight, after looking at the hunky hairy guy in Playgirl, his dick was like a steel rod. He spit on his palm and slowly began to jack his cock in earnest. The man in the photo spread was maybe 8 years younger than Tim, but their body types were very similar. The man wasn’t overly muscled, just naturally fit. The copy said he was an actor who did carpentry on the side. The way this guy’s body looked though, Tim thought, made it seem like he was a carpenter who did acting on the side. Not that Tim minded, of course. The younger man’s naturally muscled arms and legs were lightly covered in dark hair, much like Tim’s. His chest, perhaps not quite as broad as Tim’s, was equally hairy. They both shared piercing blue eyes and dark hair. Tim felt like he was looking at either a younger brother or a twin. That idea made his dick produce a large glob of precum. Tim brought some of it to his mouth and tasted the heavy, viscous brine. He thought what it would be like if this hunky younger dude were his brother. He imagined having the younger man at his service. Kneeling down in front of him as Tim fed him his hard cock. He’d grab the younger man’s head and start thrusting in and out, sharing his salty precum with him. Having not had a good bj in a while, Tim realized that this idea was getting him close to the edge already. He let go of his hard cock, and watched it pulse up and down with his heartbeat. He grabbed his low-hanging balls and gently tugged on them, enjoying the heft of them in his hand. Tim turned the page in the magazine. Now the model was laying on his stomach, and Tim stared at the beautifully shaped ass before him. Not too big, not too small. Perfectly shaped and dusted with dark hair beylikdüzü travesti like his own. Tim suddenly had a thought of slipping his hard, oozing dick inside the man’s ass, and before he could stop, began erupting his potent seed into the sink. He grabbed some toilet paper, cleaned up his mess, and flushed the evidence. He put the magazine back under some newspapers in the newspaper rack by his chair, and walked to the bedroom, relieved and relaxed. He’d had no idea how turned on he could get just looking at another naked man like this, but he knew it wouldn’t be the last time he did it. From then on, Tim had his wife get Playgirl as well as Playboy and Penthouse. He told her he thought the stories were hot to read, but secretly he loved looking at all the cocks on the younger men in the magazine, and thinking about what it would be like to fuck around with them. Though he kept the Playboy and Penthouse magazines under the bed, he liked looking at the Playgirl magazines in his `dad chair.’ There was something even naughtier about that than looking at porn in bed. He always made sure to hide them under the newspapers though, to keep them out of sight of the kids. Drew was 8 years old the first time he saw a naked man in a Playgirl magazine. He was getting some newspaper to make paper hats for himself and his sisters, because he had just learned how to make them in school. He was digging through the newspaper rack to find a section with just the right amount of pages when he spotted the magazine. He hadn’t seen it before, and being a bit of a nosy kid, he wanted to take a look. It just seemed like another boring grown-up magazine, like the ones his mom was always reading. Then he got to the middle of the magazine, and saw, for the first time in his life, a naked adult male. He had seen his father without a shirt on, or clad in only his briefs many times. This was different though. This was more secret. More adult than dad walking from the back hall to the bedroom without pants on. From the moment he saw that grown man’s penis, Drew knew that men and men’s dicks were what he wanted. There was something so masculine and strong about the man in the magazine. He had a hairy chest, and in some of the pictures was still in his jeans istanbul travesti and work boots, though the jeans were down around his ankles. Drew felt his tiny boy dick get hard, and he started to rub himself. It felt really good as he rubbed himself and looked at the hairy naked man in the magazine. All too soon he heard his mom call for him from out in the yard, and he put the magazine back on the top of the pile of newspapers. That night, when he went to bed, Drew thought about that naked man in the magazine. His boy dick got hard again, and this time he slipped his white Hanes briefs with the black and red band down to his knees and began to play with his hard little cock. The man in the magazine looked a lot like his dad. He had a nice hairy chest and his body looked very manly to Drew. Drew took his tiny dick between his two hands, and started to roll it the way he’d have rolled some modeling clay or dough. It started to feel really good. Drew suddenly wondered what his Dad’s penis looked like. Was it as big as the one in the magazine? Was it bigger? Suddenly, a funny, amazing, tingly feeling hit Drew all over. It was so intense that he stopped rolling his little cock and let the feeling wash over him. Then, just as quickly as the urge to play with himself started, it went away, and he dropped off to sleep. Later that night, when Tim noticed the Playgirl magazine on top of the pile of newspapers, instead of hidden underneath the way he’d left it, he wondered which of his kids had found it. He didn’t have to wonder too long, though. When he came in from the barn the next night, Drew was far from subtle as he looked at Tim walking through the house in his briefs. Tim’s wife had recently started switching out the white Jockey, Hanes, and Fruit of the Loom briefs he’d been wearing since he was a kid for colored briefs that were a slightly different cut. Tim was wearing a pair of flesh-colored briefs that really hugged his junk in a way that felt hot and sexy. There was no mistaking Drew’s long stare at his father’s groin as he walked past him to put clean pants on. Tim decided, almost immediately, that rather than chew the boy out for looking at something he wasn’t meant to look at, that he’d just let the boy explore what he was interested in, just as Tim was doing some exploring of his own with the very same magazines. “Let’s just see what unfolds with all this.” Tim said, under his breath, as he slipped into a clean pair of jeans and adjusted his slightly swollen cock in the flesh-colored briefs.

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