Drive-In Buddies’ Return

Ball Sniffing

Author’s Note: Abby, Todd, Sheila, and Brice first appeared in the story Drive-In. Enjoy this sequel to that story as the four friends celebrate Sheila’s birthday the way only the Drive-In Buddies could. Thanks to hugo_sam for helping to edit this story. ~ Red


It had been almost eight months since Abby met Todd. Since that first meeting, she’d grown up a lot and learned more about herself. The blind date that her roommate and friend, Sheila had set her up with, had worked out so well that Abby was still with Todd. The group of friends became lovers after that first night together. The events that took place after the group left the Drive-In opened a door for Abby one that she found welcoming and pleasing.

Todd had fallen hard for Abby. Her full figure, soft brown hair and addictive smile, happened to be all he could think about since meeting her. He loved everything about her. Her shy nature drew him in and yet she was anything, but shy once she relaxed. It was during that time that she bloomed. Her smile would grow and her eyes would sparkle. He watched her now, his heart beating rapidly in his chest while she quietly walked around the kitchen making supper. The evening was special for the group. It was Sheila’s birthday and Abby had been making plans all week for a great party, intimate yet still full of fun and laughter.

Brice was on his way home from work when he got the call that Sheila would be late. He said his “goodbyes” to her, then quickly rang up Todd and Abby, letting them know the situation. He told them he’d take the opportunity to pick up Sheila’s other present and just save Todd the trip. As he maneuvered the streets of town, he thought of his girlfriend. She was still the high-strung blonde he’d met at the bar, but now he saw the jealousy, she once displayed behind Abby’s back, disappearing.

He was glad to see that change. He still found both women attractive, but as he saw Abby’s love for Todd grow, he saw his own feelings for the full-figured woman become one of friendship and attraction, but his feelings for Sheila had changed. Gone were the emotions of just carnal lust, now he had a desire to love and protect her. As he drove toward the house, where he would pick up Sheila’s surprise, he could almost feel Sheila’s soft blond tresses. He gripped the wheel as he imagined his hands tangled in her hair while they kissed and merged as one.

Sheila finished applying the make-up on the woman in the Salon chair and stared at the clock. She had one more client and then she was out the door. It was her birthday and she knew something was up. She assumed it was a party, but there was something more going on, something big they were hiding from her and Sheila was anxious to find out what it was. As she began to prepare the last client of the evening, she thought of her three friends. Abby, with her bubbly personality, had turned out to be a Goddess in bed. Todd, Brice’s friend from work, was a man that she had taken as a lover, in addition to Brice and Abby. Brice was being more of a gentleman and she found herself becoming more intoxicated with him every day. He seemed more attentive, which she found more exciting than she’d thought she ever would.

“Good evening beautiful,” Todd spoke to the woman standing at the sink. His eyes roamed freely over her, settling on the full curves of her ass. He closed the distance between them just as Abby turned around.

“Hey there,” she said. Her smile grew as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “I got a call from Brice, Sheila’s running late so he’s picking up her present. You don’t have to.”

Todd grinned back and pulled Abby even tighter against him. “Wonderful, then I have time to do this.” He swept her up in his arms and lifted her to the counter. His hand skimmed up her sides as he cupped her full breasts. He teased her nipples through her bra, chuckling as he saw her nearly rip the buttons from her shirt in her haste to give him easier access to her bosom.

Once her shirt was open, Abby gripped the counter with both hands, letting Todd unclasp the front of her bra. Her nipples stood erect for her boyfriend’s fingers as he quickly gave them the attention they deserved. His mouth moved down and captured her right breast; as his fingers moved over the left. Abby hissed when she felt his free hand move between her thighs, pushing them apart. He made a firm trail up her leg to her already moist panties.

“You always get so wet for me, don’t you baby?” Todd whispered against her nipple. His fingers moved between the soaked cotton and the slick lips of her sex. He pushed his digits between the two delicate folds, straight up to her clit, where he began to pull and tease the slippery nub.

Abby’s head fell back as Todd wedged his fingers between her clit and the opening of her sex. She moaned loud as he bit her nipple then flicked the tip with his tongue. He suckled deep as he carried her through a tunnel full of heat and steam. Her fingers gripped and released 1080 porno the marble counter, the cool temperature was no longer a discomfort, but more of a comfort, cooling her flushed skin. “Todd,” she whimpered.

He released her right tit and watched it bounce before he captured her left nipple, treating it to the same forceful strokes of his tongue and the same hard bites of his teeth. When Todd left her clit, she moved a hand into her skirt, taking his place with two of her own fingers. His fingers dove deep into her honeypot, twisting the long digits right then left, continuing to drive them into her deeper with every thrust. “Fuck Abby,” he groaned. His cock was aching for her sex and he wanted to pound into her.

Abby whimpered. Her body clasped around his fingers as she rubbed her clit with two digits. The sound of gravel being disturbed in the driveway reached both their ears and it only heightened their desire. Todd increased his thrusts. Abby quickened her tempo and felt Todd leave her nipple to come up and bite her neck. “Come for me Abby girl,” Todd growled against her ear.

A flood of colors cascaded over Abby’s clenched lids, as the waves of come erupted from deep within her. “Ohhh… fuck!” she cried. Todd’s fingers kept moving. Coaxing ripples of lust to roll through her. “Ohhh… yes… baby!” she muttered as she accepted the tightening of her sex.

The door opened in the foyer and the sound of “I’m here with Tanya,” filled the room.

Brice walked in just as Todd was pulling his come-covered digits from his woman’s pussy. Brice chuckled and winked over at the young woman that was by his side. “Well… ready to back out?” he asked Sheila’s present.

Tanya Adams just grinned and chuckled out a “Hell no!” before winking as the couple repaired themselves. Tanya hadn’t seen Sheila in four years, four long years. She and Sheila had been lovers many times, before Brice and the others even knew Sheila existed. Tanya was the constant in Sheila’s life, until Tanya left for a teaching gig overseas. She’d only gotten to speak on the phone with Sheila a few times, though they did often write letters to each other. Now, Tanya was home on a mini vacation and Brice happened to be the one that got the call she was back in town. He knew all about Tanya, all of them did. Sheila had shared their relationship with the others as soon as it was apparent they were going to be great friends, for a long time.

Todd and Abby dried their hands and greeted Tanya with a warm embrace. Abby placed a soft kiss on the woman’s cheek as Todd left one under her right ear. The sassy redhead grinned and pulled Todd’s head back to her and rammed her tongue into his mouth while her hand grabbed Abby’s ass. The kiss and the grope were over just as fast as they had started and Abby blushed. Todd laughed and said, “That’s one way to break the ice.”

“We should have just tried that at the drive-in,” Brice chimed in. Tanya’s brow rose and she was soon filled in on how Abby and Todd got together.

“I’ve missed a lot,” Tanya stated at the end of the story. She eventually let Todd and Abby return to readying the kitchen and living room for the party and headed upstairs, following Brice to his and Sheila’s bedroom. She’d be staying with them for the weekend and she was already imagining all the fun she’d be having with the tight ass that was walking in front of her.

Once established in the room, as well as told where everything was, Tanya showered and changed. When Sheila drove up, Tanya sat nonchalantly in the center of the large recliner that rested in the study. The door was open, giving her an excellent view of the sofa sleeper that Abby lay on. Both women were perfumed with a hint of lavender. Their clothes were buried in the hamper upstairs along with Todd and Brice’s. The two men stood just off to the left of the front door, waiting for Sheila to walk inside.


Sheila knew the party would involve her and her friends, yet she still was surprised when the two handsome gentlemen greeted her at the front door with nothing but hard cocks and warm smiles. She looked over the divided wall and saw Abby lying on the sleeper, her body as naked as her roommates. She didn’t notice the study door being open, so she never saw the figure hidden in the shadows of the room. Her lips lifted in a smirk as Brice came over and took her purse from her hands. He pressed his hand against the small of her back and walked her into the living room with Abby.

“Happy Birthday, baby,” Brice whispered against her ear, then tossed her purse to the rocking chair.

“Mmm. . .” Sheila smiled. “Thanks.” She tilted her head and felt her boyfriend gather her blonde curls up, exposing her skin for his lips. He kissed her gently and she closed her eyes for a brief moment, just to savor the texture of his mouth on her heated skin.

Todd stepped in front of her and she felt his hands begin to release the buttons on her shirt. Brice 2 k porno slipped his firm, strong hands down her torso and slid to his knees. He worked the small hook and zipper on her skirt and eased it off her. Abby left the sofa-sleeper and took a position on her hands and knees between Todd’s legs.

Sheila hissed as she felt a long, wet lick over the blue, satin thong she had worn that morning. She moaned when Abby licked the material again, this time choosing to push hard while she tasted the damp fabric. “Damn,” Sheila muttered.

Todd opened up the soft white blouse and pushed it gently away from Sheila’s small breasts and round shoulders. His hands cupped her tits. His thumbs pressed back and forth over the hard nubs as he looked down between his opened legs and watched his girlfriend lick a trail up and down the juice-covered mound. Todd’s attention returned to Sheila’s breasts as he released the clasp on her bra and pushed the material away. The strapless material was pulled free and tossed to the side. His mouth moved over her chest and Todd licked his way around her skin, until he came to her right tit. He circled the areola using the tip of his warm muscle before enveloping the pearl into his mouth.

“Ohhh…” Sheila groaned. She then bit on her lower lip as she felt Brice ease the thin strap of her thong from the crack of her ass. His fingers dipped into her sloppy cunt, gathering some of her abundant juices. Sheila shuddered when his fingers smoothed the oily texture over her puckered hole. He dipped his finger inside, smoothing the satin juice against her tight walls. Then Brice eased his finger out and remained on his knees. Placing a hand on each cheek, he opened Sheila’s derriere for his ministrations.

Abby supported her weight on one hand and both knees while her other hand came up and pushed away the material that had kept the pools of liquid heat from escaping the precious cunt that she wanted to fuck. She grinned when her nails scrapped across her friend’s arousal and Sheila gasped out a hungry “Yes.”

Sheila’s body jerked when Brice’s tongue and Abby’s plunged into her holes at the same time . “Oh my God!” she exclaimed as Abby impaled her pussy and Brice tongue-fucked her tight entrance. Her fingers curled against Todd’s shoulders; her nails dug deep into his flesh.

Todd’s mouth had treated her to a searing sting as he pulled her right nipple into his mouth with his teeth and flicked it several times with the tip of his tongue. His other hand twisted and pulled the left perky nub and Sheila gritted her teeth. “Fuck,” she finally gasped. She dragged in another breath of air before she was forced to hold it, as fingers and tongues assaulted her cunt and ass. Occasionally she would feel the teeth of one while the other licked. Other times, she was simultaneously fucked with three slim fingers buried up her cunt, and three fingers plunging deep into her puckered hole.

While the friends moved their fingers, mouths, and teeth over Sheila’s body, her “present” was in the other room watching everything from the plush recliner. Her fingers were just as busy as Abby’s and Brice’s digits. The difference being she was working her cunt and not Sheila’s.

Tanya’s digits screwed herself hard and fast while her other hand lifted her right breast high in the air. Tanya’s chocolate eyes stared at the fucking frenzy that was taking place as her lips closed over her nipple and she suckled her tit. Her fingers moved with the tempo of the group and when she saw the look on Sheila’s face contort, she recognized it from the last time they had climaxed together. This time was no different. Sheila climaxed. Tanya climaxed. Sheila screamed. Tanya bit her lower lip and grunted low and deep. Her pussy felt numb and she knew her friend’s did too.

“Ohhh…” Sheila moaned as she bucked her come over Abby’s face. Her ass clenched tight around Brice’s fingers and her hands held Todd to her breasts as she shuddered continuously over her lover’s face and fingers.

Todd’s hand held one of Sheila’s breasts, as his tongue sucked and prodded her nipple. The other had moved down to tangle in Abby’s hair and push her against Sheila’s cunt. Abby sucked and pulled the sweet juice from Sheila, feeling every quivering release of nectar. Brice eased his fingers out, angled his head and lapped his tongue over the back of Sheila’s pussy and then up to her used hole and licked over the tight entrance.

Sheila felt as if she was going to fall and Brice sensed it. Standing up, he wrapped his arms around her waist as the other two moved away. Todd pulled Abby up gently by her hair and covered her lips with his. He drank the fluids that she had forced from Sheila’s sex. He cleansed her lips, tongues, cheeks, until all that was left was the musky scent of come.

“Wow. . . guys,” Sheila moaned against Brice’s neck as he carried her to the center of the room and laid her on the sofa-sleeper. “Thanks,” she whispered. “What 3 k porno a wonderful present.”

Brice grinned and crawled up between her weak legs. “That wasn’t your present.”

“Oh?” Sheila asked. She was very curious, wondering what more they could possibly do to her already used body. “What else you got?” she winked.

Abby chuckled and moved away from Todd’s arms. “Well… lay completely on your back.”

Sheila did as she was told and watched Abby, Brice, and Todd move to the bed. Abby tied her right arm down. Brice tethered her left arm and leg, while Todd restrained her right leg. Sheila hissed in desire as she pictured her lovers and friends fucking her all at the same time or all together. She shuddered further when Abby straddled her and placed a satin blindfold over her eyes. “Oh fuck, yeah,” Sheila laughed. She shifted under Abby’s pussy and could feel the hot honey that had become thick with arousal while her friend ate her out.


Abby slipped off her friend and watched as Tanya walked in. Abby’s eyes were full of the same lust that mirrored everyone else’s including Sheila’s, though hers were well hidden. As Tanya moved closer to the bed, the men climbed on either side of the restrained lover and slid down to lay beside her. Their fingers moved over Sheila’s pussy and breasts. Todd toyed with her slim clit. Brice suckled her right nipple. Abby moved behind the sofa sleeper and began talking to Sheila, in hopes that as Tanya climbed slowly over the back of the sleeper Sheila would think it was Abby about to lower her syrup-covered cunt onto her face.

Once Tanya released a puff of air, Abby left the back of the sleeper and picked up the camera. The group had taken pictures and made videos for the past eight months, so it wasn’t unusual to be doing it again. The trick was in taking them and not letting Sheila realize there were more people in the room then she’d thought.

“Brice, baby,” Sheila muttered.

“I know Hon.”

Brice slid down and pushed his cock into Sheila’s cunt. She moaned and breathed in deep the aroused cunt lowering itself to her eager lips. Sheila then shivered when she felt Todd’s tongue over her nipples once more. Soon her mouth was assaulting what she thought was Abby’s cunt.

At first, she was surprised by the different taste of her friend’s pussy. The normally bald cunt had a tuft of fur at the front and she rolled her tongue over it, wondering when Abby had decided to trim her sex instead of going bare. She didn’t focus on it long, as the cunt she was eating began grinding hard on her face. Sheila sucked her way through the thick syrup until her nose was buried and her tongue was thrusting in and out of the sweet hole.

“Squeeze my cock,” Brice groaned as he fucked his girlfriend. The head of his dick scrapped her inner flesh and he shuddered as she clamped tight around his shaft. Brice forced his cock to ease out of her, the pressure she had placed on him caused the skin on his dick to tighten and roll to the head of his sex. He plunged back into her and felt his balls slap her ass. “Oh yea, baby girl. Again,” he demanded.

Abby watched and quietly moved around the room snapping pictures. The soft click of the camera was drowned out by the sounds of Brice’s fucking, Todd’s lapping, and Sheila’s moaning. Tanya’s head was tossed back, her fingers were toying with her clit as she bucked and rode her friend.

Tanya growled when Sheila bit down on her pussy lips and Tanya stilled and bit her tongue. A smile creased her lips when she heard, “Hey whore.”

As soon as the growl left Tanya’s throat Sheila knew. A light bulb flicked on and she knew her friend from long ago was on top of her face. Calling her the pet name, she went back to work lavishing the box that was so full of the juice Sheila knew she could drown herself in. That was what she did do. She sucked and probed Tanya’s cunt while feeling her boyfriend fucked her pussy.

Abby released the camera and moved up to her boyfriend Todd. Todd left Sheila’s breasts and helped Tanya to a better position on the couch. When he turned to Abby his cock was streaming with pre cum that Abby quickly removed with her tongue.

“Take off the blindfold. Now!” Sheila demanded. Tanya laughed but did as she was told. “And the arm restraints,” she ordered again. Tanya again obeyed.

“Oh fuck babe,” Sheila whimpered and grabbed Tanya’s ass and brought her back to her eager mouth.

This time Sheila devoured Tanya’s sex, while Tanya rested over her friend’s torso. Tanya’s tongue reached out and flicked Sheila’s clit repeatedly. Sheila treated her lover to the same torture as Brice rammed his dick harder and harder into the eager pussy.

Tanya’s tongue occasionally left Sheila to stroke on Brice’s dick as it moved in and out of the slick hole. Soon the two fucked the one with just the right movements to bring the hot, blonde to a roaring flame.

Todd was lost to the others as Abby blanketed his cock with her mouth. He closed his eyes and pushed his fingers in her hair as she fucked him. Abby moved faster with every downstroke on his massive rod until she felt his balls tighten. She then eased up and swallowed the ropes of seed that he shot for her.

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