Driving Lessons- Chapter 1


Sarah bounced excitedly on her feet as she eagerly watched the clock, waiting for her daddy to come home. “Today’s the day”, she thought, excitement filling her as she remembered her daddy’s promise. “Friday, after I get off of work, I’ll start teaching you how to drive”, Louis Pearson had told his daughter and now, as the hands on the clock ticked closer to when her daddy would finally be home, Sarah almost couldn’t contain herself.

In just a few weeks, she would be old enough to get her driver’s license, so she desperately needed the practice. And her daddy, who was her very favorite person in the whole world, was very patient and would make an amazing driving instructor. Just then, she heard the sound of her daddy’s car pulling up in the driveway, so she opened the front door and rushed out to meet him.

Louis barely had time to brace himself as his teen daughter flung herself against him, squeezing tightly. “Are you ready to start teaching me to drive, daddy”, she asked, looking up at him with her big, brown eyes. “Of course”, Louis said, not trusting himself to say more. The feeling of his daughter’s growing, teen body pressed against him was causing a reaction and he was trying his hardest to ignore that reaction.

He had been trying to ignore it for the last few weeks, ever since he had accidentally caught a glimpse of her getting dressed after a shower. In that moment, he had realized that his little girl wasn’t so little anymore; instead, she was growing into a sexy, young seductress. He could still clearly remember the image of her bending over, pulling white panties up her perfectly smooth legs. Her bare ass, so tight and firm and round, was sticking straight out toward the cracked open door; the barest hint of her completely smooth pussy, so pure and untouched, peeked out just before her panties slid into place.

Ever since that day, Louis had been unable to get the image out of his head, especially when his daughter liked to parade around the house in next to nothing. He and his wife, Paulina, had always maintained that Sarah should feel comfortable enough to wear whatever she liked at home and that rule had worked out quite well, until now. Now, when she came down to breakfast wearing skimpy little panties and a crop top that barely covered her growing breasts, Louis’ dick immediately grew erect; when she was laying on her toned, flat stomach, watching television, her ass nearly spilling out of the tight shorts she was wearing, he couldn’t help but picture her with his cock stuffed deep inside her. He couldn’t even count the times he had jerked off while thinking about his daughter, let alone how many times he had fantasized about her while fucking Paulina.

Of course, he couldn’t let even the tiniest hint of this newfound obsession slip to his wife or he was sure that she would, at the very least, leave him and take Sarah far away. So he did his very best to hide his growing lust. But now, with the girl hugging tight against him, her growing C cup tits pressed against his stomach, he could barely maintain enough control to speak clearly. “Of course”, he repeated, regretfully peeling his sexy daughter away from himself. “Just let me take my work stuff inside and then we’ll go.” “I’ll wait in the car”, Sarah said eagerly as Louis grabbed his briefcase and headed inside.

As he once again emerged from the house, he saw Sarah sitting in the driver’s seat, her seat belt safely buckled. “Uh uh”, he said. “Not yet, young lady. First we have to go somewhere where no one else will be driving, so that there’s no safety issues. Then, you can drive.” Sarah gave him her best pouting look, her full bottom lip jutting out and her eyes looking crestfallen. In that moment, Louis wasn’t sure whether he wanted to comfort his daughter or shove his dick between those voluptuous lips. But he managed to fight off the urge and get into the driver’s seat, as Sarah scooted over to the passenger side.

Louis drove across town, to a shopping mall that had closed down last year. The parking lot was large and completely vacant of cars, which would provide plenty of room for the girl to practice driving, without putting anyone at risk. As he parked the car and switched seats with his daughter, she squealed with excitement; she was practically bouncing in her seat, which caused her young tits to strain against the fabric of the t-shirt she wore. Louis fought back the urge to moan and began to instruct Sarah in how to operate the vehicle. She eagerly listened and obeyed without question, knowing her daddy was very smart and knew what he was talking about.

They drove around the parking lot for a few hours, Louis instructing his daughter in every driving maneuver he could think of. She did very well and, when he told her that, she beamed with pride. “You’ve grown up into such a big girl”, Louis said as they finally stopped and parked behind the building. “I remember when you could barely walk and now you’re getting ready to be driving.” “Daddy”, Sarah said, sounding playfully grup gaziantep escort bayan exasperated, “of course I grew up. Did you think I’d be a little girl forever?”

“No”, Louis said, looking up and down his daughter’s growing body. “And, if I’m being honest, I’m quite enjoying watching you grow.” He smiled as a deep blush came over Sarah’s cheeks and she looked away, before hesitantly looking back at him.

“Do you think I’m pretty”, she asked, the question surprising Louis. “Of course I do”, he quickly answered. “As pretty as mommy”, she asked and Louis simply nodded in answer, not trusting himself to say that, ever since the day he saw her dressing, he found her much sexier than his wife. “I saw you”, Sarah said and Louis froze, not wanting to react wrongly before finding out what she was referring to. “That day, when I was getting dressed and the door didn’t shut all of the way”, Sarah said, confirming Louis’ fears. “I saw you standing in the hallway, watching me.”

“Baby, let me explain”, Louis said, but Sarah quickly interrupted. “I’m not mad, daddy. I liked the fact that you watched me. No one ever looks at me like that, especially any of the boys at school. That’s why, ever since then, I’ve tried to let you see everything you want.” “You mean, you’ve been dressing like that on purpose”, Louis asked, shocked by what he was hearing. Sarah nodded before speaking again.

“It makes me feel sexy to know that my daddy is staring at me”, she said, blushing even more. “Especially when I peek back at you on the couch and see how excited I make you.” Louis was dumbfounded; he had thought that he had been doing a pretty good job of hiding his attraction to his daughter, yet it seemed that she had been aware of it from the start. “Fuck, what if Paulina knows too”, he thought.

As he looked at his daughter, who was blushing so much and looking so cute while doing it, he suddenly made a decision. “You really like me looking at you”, he asked, making absolutely sure that this was what his daughter wanted before he continued. “Yes, daddy”, Sarah said, her eyes fixed on him. “Well then, why don’t you show me everything”, he said and he saw Sarah’s eyes grow wide.

“Right here”, she asked, clearly shocked that her father would suggest something like that. “We’re all alone here”, Louis said. “No one comes to this area anymore since the mall shut down.” He could see the hesitation in his daughter’s eyes and, for a moment, considered withdrawing his suggestion; if he stopped now, they could return home and they could go about their lives like normal. But normal wasn’t what he really wanted and, he suspected, it wasn’t what Sarah wanted either, so he didn’t say another word.

Sarah took a deep breath and glanced around, making sure she and her daddy were absolutely alone. She could feel her young pussy tingling in anticipation of what was about to happen. Before she lost her courage, she turned toward her daddy and grabbed the hem of her t-shirt, then slowly began to lift it upwards. She could feel cool air on her flat stomach, then a surge of excitement as that air brushed against her breasts.

Louis couldn’t hold back a moan, not that he bothered trying, as his daughter’s tits became visible, giving him a completely unobstructed view for the first time. He could see the deep crimson in his daughter’s cheeks, her eyes pleading with him to give her approval, to show that he liked what he saw. He did indeed like what he saw; he liked it very much. “Come here, princess”, he said and Sarah moved over the space separating their seats and straddled her daddy’s lap.

She could see the hunger in his eyes, although her inexperience kept her from knowing what that look meant. But she definitely knew what the hard tent in his pants meant; she could feel the stiff rod that was pressing against her young ass cheeks as she sat on her daddy’s lap. “God, you’re so beautiful”, Louis said and he saw just how much his words meant to his daughter. She lived for his praise and he meant to give it to her.

He pressed his lips to hers, kissing her; but this wasn’t the kiss of a father for his daughter. It was the kiss of a lover, filled with lust and driven by passion. Louis’ lips smashed against his daughter’s and his tongue slipped inside her mouth. Sarah had never had a boy’s tongue in her mouth, but her body seemed to know how to react; her tongue intertwined with her father’s, as her lips desperately returned the kisses he was giving her. She could feel her pussy tingling with excitement as, for the first time in her young life, she was participating in an arousing activity.

Louis made out with his daughter for several minutes, while his hands moved up to her breasts. He began to squeeze and knead the perky C cups on Sarah’s chest, pinching and tweaking her nipples. Each touch of her father’s hands, whether gentle or a little rough, sent jolts of pleasure coursing through her virginal escort bayan güneyşehir body. She could feel pressure rising up inside her, demanding to be released, but she didn’t know how to release it.

After several minutes, although it felt much too soon to Louis, he broke the kiss, pulling back and looking into his daughter’s eyes. Where, before the kiss, he had seen the look of a shy and demure girl, unsure of what she wanted, now he saw a fire fueled entirely by lust; he had awoken desire within his daughter and her eyes insisted that he fulfill those desires. “With great pleasure”, he thought as he grabbed a handful of his daughter’s dark hair and roughly pulled her head back. She cried out, but it wasn’t the sound of pain that emanated from her; rather, it was the sound of newfound pleasure at being handle by a strong man. Louis wasted no time, but moved his mouth down to his daughter’s tits, her nipples rock hard and pointing straight at him.

As her father’s mouth closed around her breast, his tongue grazing over her incredibly sensitive nipple, Sarah felt like a dam burst within her. She screamed out in ecstasy, arching her back and thrusting her chest toward her father, as a wave of pure bliss tore through her for the first time in her life. The feeling kept intensifying, getting stronger and stronger by the second, until she felt it explode out of her untouched cunt.

Louis could feel liquid soaking into his pants as his daughter screamed out her pleasure, but he didn’t slow down what he was doing. He sucked her breast while his hand continued to massage the other; his tongue traced circles around Sarah’s areola, causing the girl to cry out even louder; then he bit down, not hard, but hard enough to send a new, more powerful jolt of pleasure straight to Sarah’s cunt.

Just as her first orgasm was beginning to subside, she felt another building within her, caused by her father’s mouth on her boobs. No sooner had he bit her nipple than he switched his mouth to the other breast, repeating the process. Sarah felt her mind draining of all emotions, thoughts, or feelings that weren’t lustful; her entire being, in that moment, was comprised of sexual desire and it was focused on her daddy. She looked down at him and knew that she wanted to experience everything that he would do to her.

As for Louis, he wanted to see more of his daughter; he opened the car door and, without removing his daughter from his lap, got out and then sat her on the hood. Once again, he was grateful that he had found this parking lot in an abandoned part of town. Now, his daughter sitting on the hood, her legs spread and her shorts soaked with her juices, Louis looked at her like a hungry wolf ready to devour his next meal.

He put a hand on her chest and slowly pushed her down until she was laying on her back; then, without any hesitation, he grabbed the hem of her shorts and pulled them down and off her smooth legs. Her white, cotton panties were completely drenched and therefore almost transparent; he could clearly see the outline of her cunt, not a hair to be seen on or around it, her lips glistening with her juices. He leaned forward until his head was mere inches from his daughter’s teenage twat and inhaled her aroma; he moaned deeply as her scent filled his mind, further kindling the blazing fire that was burning inside him.

It had been so long since Paulina had let him do anything even remotely sexual to her that he had nearly forgotten how amazing a willing and waiting pussy smells. But, in that moment, he knew that he wouldn’t forget again; at least, not as long as his daughter lived at home. He couldn’t help but run his tongue over the wet material of her panties, which elicited a moan from Sarah. She had never had a tongue on her pussy before, although she had heard her friends talking about guys who ate pussy. At the time she had heard about it, Sarah wondered why anyone would do that. Now though, she completely understood; her father’s tongue felt amazing and he hadn’t even removed her underwear yet.

Louis didn’t hesitate for long; he grabbed the panties and pulled them down and off her legs, then held them to his nose, drowning himself in Sarah’s aroma. Then he stuffed the garment into his pocket, knowing that he had other priorities at the moment. He looked down at his daughter, completely naked other than her shoes, and stated in amazement as he got his first, unrestricted view of her cunt.

It was perfect, so pure and untouched; a slit set just in the valley between her sexy legs, a valley that was flowing with the nectar of the gods. He leaned in and inhaled once more before running his tongue the length of her gash, from top to bottom. Sarah couldn’t hold back the lewd moan that escaped her lips, filling the quiet air around them with the sounds of her arousal. She couldn’t keep from squirming as her daddy’s tongue ran up and down her pussy, over and over again.

Then Louis spread his daughter’s islahiye escort bayan cunt lips and saw her clit, throbbing with pleasure; he eagerly ran the tip of his tongue over her button, which caused Sarah to cry out. He circled her clit with his tongue, teasing the tender bud, before gently biting down. The jolt of ecstasy that shot through Sarah was so intense that, just for a moment, every thought in her mind vanished; all that existed for her was the monsoon of endorphins that was tearing through her young body.

As his daughter’s cunt began to orgasm, Louis drove his tongue straight into her virginal hole; her pussy squeezed and contracted on his tongue as he lapped up her flowing juices. Never before had he tasted nectar so sweet and he knew that it would forever be his favorite treat. He drove his tongue in and out of his daughter’s twat, intensifying and prolonging her orgasm until he couldn’t wait any longer.

Standing and pulling her ass closer to edge of the hood, he dropped his pants; his eight inch cock, clearly excited to be released from the confines of his pants, sprung forward. Sarah could feel her father’s fleshy rod rubbing against her sensitive cunt and she immediately looked down. She had never seen a dick before and now she was getting a good look at the very shaft that had created her. She saw how thick and veiny her daddy’s cock was and wondered how it was possibly going to fit inside her tiny hole.

But Louis had no doubts; he wanted this more than he had ever wanted anything and he was going to make it fit. His daughter’s wet, tight slit felt so amazing, rubbing against his shaft and he couldn’t imagine a better feeling in the world. But he would quickly be proven wrong.

He placed the head of his dick against Sarah’s hole and slowly began to push forward; Sarah felt like she was being stretched beyond the limits of possibility, yet it didn’t hurt. Somehow, the stretching felt amazingly natural, as if her little cunt had been made to take her daddy’s dick and, for Louis, it felt like heaven. His daughter’s velvety, wet pussy walls gripped his shaft like a glove; it felt better than anything that had ever been wrapped around his dick before. He almost exploded right then and there, but he was determined to hold out as long as possible.

As soon as his dickhead was inside her, Louis began thrusting back and forth, using small pushes to go deeper inside his daughter’s twat. It didn’t take long before he felt a thin veil of resistance and he knew that, if he went any further, she would be his forever. He would be the one who had taken his daughter’s virginity and she would never forget it, no matter who she was with.

He didn’t even hesitate; with a hard thrust, he obliterated her maidenhood and buried his length inside her. Sarah almost screamed from the pain of having her hymen torn so roughly, but she managed to hold it inside. Louis, his hands on his daughter’s waist, looked into her eyes as he let her get used to the feeling of his dick inside her. In her eyes, he saw hunger and desire, but what surprised him most was the love he saw; Sarah loved and worshipped her daddy and she wanted to be his in every way that existed. He knew that he could never hurt her or it would destroy her.

Finally, after several minutes of allowing Sarah to adjust to his thick cock, Louis began sliding back and forth; using long, slow strokes, he began forming her cunt to fit his dick perfectly. The pain Sarah felt inside her pussy quickly transformed into pleasure and she moaned loudly as her daddy showed her that she belonged to him. After a few minutes, Louis began to speed up his strokes; he went faster and harder, driving his dick deep inside his daughter. Her pussy, almost constantly spasming around the shaft inside it, felt amazing on his cock.

He knew that he wouldn’t hold out much longer and knew that he should pull out; but the idea of breeding his daughter was very alluring. She wasn’t on the pill and so there was a very real chance he could impregnate her. “Why not”, he thought. “She’ll be mine forever and I’ll get to enjoy her sexy little body.” He had never had a breeding kink, but, in that moment, nothing seemed hotter to him than the idea of putting a baby inside his daughter’s belly.

He began to speed up his thrusts even faster, hammering his cock into his daughter’s cunt, as Sarah cried out in the latest in a countless series of orgasms. With a loud, primal grunt, Louis exploded, sending his seed spurting deep into his daughter’s womb; he groaned as his cum rocketed out of his shaft and flooded his daughter’s pussy. Sarah could feel the hot splashes inside her cunt as her daddy filled her with his jizz and she thought that she had never been happier.

After what felt like an eternity, Louis finally felt his orgasm dying away. He slipped his semi-erect shaft from his daughter’s gaping cunt and watched in wonder as a mixture of their juices spilled out of her hole. Without warning, he grabbed her hair and pulled her head toward him. Although she had never sucked a dick before, Sarah instinctually opened her mouth as she saw her daddy’s cock coming toward her face. She moaned as she tasted the combination of her juices and her daddy’s cum and she was very glad that her daddy had given her driving lessons today.

To be continued…

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