Dumb Blonde Neighbor


When Carl and Tammy Vargus moved in next door to me I wondered what kind of neighbors I was getting. They were a nice couple, in their late 30’s. Tammy has blonde shoulder-length hair. Her tits are firm, round and a “C” cup, her ass is round and full, she has a classic hour-glass shape, with smooth lines and soft skin, her legs are very shapely, her face is cute as a pixy. But she kept that whole sexy package wrapped and covered in large sweat shirts and baggy shorts.

I let them get settled, then I went over and introduced myself. When I knocked on the door Tammy opened it. When I introduced myself as her neighbor, she smiled and asked me to come in. She told me Carl her husband was upstairs unpacking and would be down in a few minutes.

As I chatted with Tammy I found she fit the epitome of a dumb blonde. She is likable but appears to be as naive, clueless and unpretentious as anyone I’ve ever met. Carl came down from upstairs a few minutes later. As I chatted with him I found he was smart, witty and a charmer. After chatting for half an hour I left. As I walked home I thought about them and wondered how it worked between them.

Over the next few months we were pretty normal neighbors. I’d see Carl and Tammy occasionally in the yard and spend a few minutes talking to them. Several times I invited them to dinner and in return, they did the same two or three times. I saw Tammy go out with other women from time to time and figured they were going shopping. Because she was at home most of the time I assumed she didn’t work and was a stay at home housewife.

At 52 and divorced I had saved enough money I decided to semi-retire and work parttime. This put me at home during the day two or three days a week. Sometimes I’d go fishing, or golfing, but most of the time I worked in my yard and relaxed. We have a large backyard, separated from the neighbors on each side by an 8′ tall lattice board fence. Even though you can see through it, it gives us semi-privacy.

In early September I was sitting in my backyard having coffee mid-morning when I heard Carl and Tammy’s back door open, then close. I glanced over and could see Tammy moving about. From what I could see through the fence she was dressed in her usual pair of baggy shorts and voluminous sweatshirt. I got up, walked to the fence and peered over to get a better look. She was just sitting down with a cup in her hand. Even with the large sweatshirt I could tell she didn’t have on a bra and surprisingly I could even make out the outline of her nipples through the thick material.

“Hey, neighbor!” I called to her.

“Oh, hi John.” She called back.

“Having morning coffee?” I asked.

“Yes. My first cup.” She replied.

On a whim I asked, “Care for some company?”

“Sure. Come on over and visit.”

Not having a gate installed between our yards, I had to walk around the end of the fence to enter her yard. I grabbed one of their lawn chairs and positioned it so I had the best view of her. I wanted to covertly enjoy (as much as I could through her baggy clothes) the movement of her firm, full breasts as we talked. We chatted about what she was doing then the conversation turned to Carl’s job. Tammy told me Carl was spending a lot of time out of town and as she did she had a look on her face of sadness.

When I made a comment about how sad she seemed that Carl was out of town she replied, “That’s…not why I’m sad.”

“Oh. Would you mind if I asked why you are then?”

“I’m not sure I should talk to you about it. It’s a pretty private thing you see.”

“Ok, how about this: Would you tell a therapist or counselor about it? If so why not consider me your counselor. If you do that then I’m obligated not to tell anyone about our conversations or what you tell me.”

“You can do that? Be a counselor for me?”

“Sure why not?”

“Ok. I would really like to talk to somebody about this.”

“Alright, so tell me why you’re sad and what’s bothering you.”

Tammy sighed and started, “Well, Carl is having sex with one of the ladies he works with.”

I was stunned by the statement and asked, “So what are you going to do about it?”

“I…don’t know what to do. You see it’s my fault he’s doing it.”

Again, her statement stunned me.

“I’m a little confused. Why is it your fault?”

“Well, Carl says I’m not very good in bed and the woman he works with is very good. He says that as a man he deserves good sex and he will keep doing it with her until I am as good as she is. When I asked him how I could get better at it he said I needed to learn how. But I don’t know how to or where I can learn.”

I was flabbergasted. Carl was having sex with a co-worker and had convinced Tammy it was her fault. Additionally, he had convinced her he should keep doing it until she got good at it, but wouldn’t tell her how to get that experience. I had to admire his ingenuity and cleverness. Hard on the heels of that thought came an epiphany. As it hit me I decided to see if it would work.

“Well,” Beylikdüzü Esmer Escort I replied, “The best way to learn anything is to find a good teacher.”

“But who would I find to teach me about stuff like that?” Tammy asked a puzzled look on her face.

“Let’s look at this logically'” I said, mentally laying out my argument.

“The first thing is you need someone who is experienced so they can teach you everything you need to know. Second, you really shouldn’t have a young teacher. If they are young it would be like you’re having an affair rather than a teacher, student relationship. Third, you need someone who is discreet. Even though they will only be teaching you about sex, no one should know about it because others would be jealous of you for having a sex instructor. Fourth, it should be someone you trust. And lastly, to keep up with the skills you will be learning, you need someone who would be willing to do refresher courses with you on a regular basis.”

I held my breath as Tammy furrowed her brow in thought.

“Would I need to have sex with him?” She asked.

“Sure, that’s how you learn about it.”

“But wouldn’t that be cheating on Carl? I don’t want to cheat on my husband!”

“Not really. You go to a gynecologist don’t you?”

Tammy nodded yes.

“He touches and looks at you down there doesn’t he?”

“Yes,” Tammy replied.

“That’s because what he does is clinical. A sex teacher would touch you and show you how to touch him, but all of it would be to teach you, not because you were in love with him or just wanted to enjoy sex with him. The difference between a teacher touching you and a lover is that the teacher is doing it for clinical purposes, not out of passion, so it’s different. The teacher’s aim is to teach you something, not for enjoyment. It’s like your gynecologist when he touches you. He’s checking you for health reasons, not to enjoy himself.”

Tammy sat still, her brow furrowed, thinking for several minutes.

After a long silent minute, she smiled and replied, “Yes. I see.”

“Good. So now you need to find a teacher. Do you have an idea of where you can find an experienced, discreet older guy that you can trust who would be willing to teach you?”

“Maybe.” She said as her brow furrowed again, then she asked, “Are you experienced?”

“When I was married my wife and I had a great sex life. I’d say I’m very experienced.”

A second later her brows shot up and she said, “What about you? Would you do it for me? Be my teacher?”

‘YES!’ I wanted to shout.

Instead, I put a frown on my face and replied hesitantly, “Me? I don’t know.”

“Oh please!” Tammy pleaded, “You fit all the requirements and you live right next door so we could practice whenever we had a chance.”

I could feel my cock growing hard at the thought as she talked.

“Well…I’ll have to think about it. But if I do I’ll be teaching you some secret techniques that I wouldn’t want anyone else to learn about or where they came from, so you could never, ever tell anyone who taught you.”

“I promise! I would never tell anyone you were my instructor!” She squealed.

“Ok, then I’ll do it, just for you.” I replied, trying to sound hesitant, but in my head yelling,’YES…YES!’

“When can we have my first lesson?” she asked eagerly.

“Not so fast. First I need a little information so I can figure out what kind of lessons you need. You need to answer honestly if I am to set up lessons that will help you, ok? Are you on birth control?” I asked in my most professional voice.

“Yes. I’m taking birth control pills. Carl doesn’t want children right now.” She replied.

“Ok, do you have any sexual experience other than with Carl?”

“I…aw…” She hesitated.

“Don’t worry, whatever you tell me is confidential,” I said.

Tammy sighed and said, “Carl is the only man I’ve ever been with. I…aw…touched myself when I was young…”

“You mean you masturbated? That helps. Have you had a climax?”

“What’s that?” Tammy asked.

‘Oh, you poor dear!’ I thought, then added, out loud, “A climax is when a woman has an orgasm during sex. You’re filled with waves of pleasure.”

“I…aw…well sometimes it feels really good when Carl and I do it, like a tension in my belly that builds up.”

“That would be the beginnings of one, but has it ever felt like it exploded?”

“No, I don’t remember it ver doing that,” Tammy replied

“Well, that’s one lesson we will work on. Have you ever given Carl a blow job?”

“No. After he told me I wasn’t good at sex I offered to, but he said since I’m not very good at sex I probably wouldn’t be very good at that either.”

“That can be cured. It will require a series of lessons to make you proficient. Do you know what Kegel exercises are?”

“No.” She replied, “What are they?”

“They strengthen the vaginal muscles and help you during sex. I see we have a lot of work to do. Do you Beylikdüzü Eve Gelen Escort always dress this way?” I asked indicating her clothes, “I’ve never seen you in anything else.”

“Yes. This is very comfortable and I like it. Why?”

“If you want Carl to look at you differently, we are going to have to change the way you dress.”

“Ok…I guess.” She said. “When can we start?”

“I’m free all day. Would you like to start today?” I replied.

“Sure! Thank you for doing this for me.” She said.

“You’re welcome.” I replied simultaneously trying to keep a satisfied grin off my face and feeling a bit guilty about her thanking me for having sex with her, “Why don’t you shower and come over to my house in say half an hour?”

“Ok. I’ll be there in half an hour!” Tammy replied as she jumped up and hurried into her back door.

As I walked to my house I was grinning all the way. True to her word Tammy knocked on my door exactly half an hour later.

As she stepped in the door she asked, “What are you going to teach me first?”

I grinned thinking, ‘As enthusiastic as she is this is going to be fun!’

“I think we will start with blowjobs. That will take the most practice so I might as well get you started. The second lesson I want to teach you is what an orgasm feels like. To do that I need to help you have one. So, are you ready?”

“I..think so.” She said, “I’m a little nervous though. It still feels like I’m cheating on Carl.”

“Don’t be nervous. Just remember you’ll be learning new sexual things for Carl. And that it’s all clinical. We aren’t here to have fun.” I said, thinking as I did, ‘This is going to be so much fun!’

“Are you ready to start?”

“Sure. If this is going to teach me what Carl wants, I’m ready.”

With an inward grin, I replied, “Ok. Come with me.”

She followed me to my bedroom.

I stopped next to the bed and said, “The first thing we need to do is remove our clothes.”

Tammy had a look of concern on her face as she said, “Ok…I’ve..never been naked with anyone but Carl.”

“I tell you what,” I said stepping closer, “let me do it for you.”

She was dressed in her usual sweatshirt and baggy shorts.

I took hold of the bottom of her shirt and started to slowly pull it up as I said, “Raise your arms.”

She put her arms into the air and I pulled her shirt up and off, tossing it to the floor. I slowly unbuttoned then unzipped her shorts. When I let go of them they fell to her ankles uncovering the white cotton panties she has on.

I grinned, hooked my thumbs into the band of her panties, worked them off her hips and down her legs until they too were at her ankles. I lifted each foot and removed her shorts, then her panties. With a flip of my wrist I tossed them on top of her sweatshirt.

Her bra had the catch in the front. I unfastened it and peeled the cups away from her breasts. They were just like I imagined, firm, heavy globes that felt fantastic in my hand. Her nipples were the size of the tip of my little finger and were standing tall.

“Get on the bed and I’ll join you,” I said as I began to strip.

Tammy climbed onto the bed, laid on her back, staring at the ceiling as she waited for me. When I had all my clothes off I joined her, cupping one large breast in my hand. I began to gently squeeze and roll her nipples. To my delight it grew even more erect and crinkled than it had been as I played with it.

“Nervous?” I asked.

“Yes.” She replied in a whisper.

“We’ll get you over that very soon.” I said, “First we will start on your blow job lessons. Come over here.”

I patted the bed between my outstretched legs. Tammy rolled over, ending up laying between my legs on her belly.

I held my hard cock up for her to see and said, “We need to make you familiar with this. This is my cock. Guy’s like it when you call it that. This,” I said pointing to the tip, “Is the head, this is the shaft and these are my balls.”

“I’ve only gotten a quick look at Carl’s.” She said as she stared at my cock, then with a smile, she said, “Your’s has got a sleeping bag!”

It took me a minute to understand what she was talking about, then it hit me, Carl must be circumcised and I’m not.

“Yes, his cock is probably circumcised,” I said.

Tammy looked puzzled so I explained, “Some people cut away the foreskin,” I said pointing to mine, “when boys are babies. There are those who think it’s cleaner and more sanitary. Other people do it for religious reasons. Some, like my parents, don’t believe that and leave it natural.”

“Oh, I see,” Tammy replied.

“Ok back to the lesson. There is a couple of things you need to know before we begin. It’s sensitive and tender. Try not to be rough with it. Try not to bite it or let your teeth touch it. You see this spot?” I pointed to the underside of the head, “It is very sensitive. If you lick that spot with your tongue while you’re sucking the head it will feel Beylikdüzü Evi Olan Escort really, really good to a man.”

“Give me your hand,” I said.

Tammy held out her hand and I wrapped it around the shaft of my cock and began to slide it up and down.

“This is called jacking my cock. It feels good if you do it right.”

“It’s…so hard but so soft too!” Tammy said.

I grinned at her comment then said, “Now before you start sucking, did you eat popsicles as a kid?”

“Yes.” Tammy replied with a giggle, “I loved them. I’d put one in my mouth and suck on it slowly using my tongue to slowly lick it as it melted.”

“Perfect! When you put my cock in your mouth do it just like you are doing a popsicle. Now, lean forward and put the head into your mouth.”

Tammy leaned in and put her mouth over the head of my cock. As her warm, soft lips covered it and the wet heat from her mouth hit my senses I knew this was going to be good.

“Good, good, you’re doing great. Now gently, suck on the head like you would a popsicle…yea just…like…that. “I said trying not to groan in pleasure.

As Tammy began to suck on my cock head it became apparent she was a natural born cock sucker.

“Damn that feels good! Ok, now use one hand to stroke my shaft…gently, slowly, yes…like that…and use the other to gently fondle my balls. Oh fuck yes! Perfect!”

I closed my eyes and enjoyed Tammy’s mouth. I couldn’t remember when I had a better blow job. Of course I wasn’t going to tell her that, yet. Soon I could feel the tension in my balls as my cum rose.

“Now,” I grunted between my clenched teeth as I tried to hold my climax back for a short time, “I’m going to cum in a second. When I do your mouth will be filled. As soon as you feel my cock begin to throb start swallowing. Men like it when their women swallow all their cum. Oh…fuck…here…it…comes!”

As my cock throbbed the first time I saw Tammy’s eyes grow wide and her throat started to move. My cock throbbed four or five more times and with each, her throat contracted as she swallowed each squirt.

When my cock twitched to stillness Tammy pulled her mouth off it and looked at me expectantly as she asked, “Did I do it right?”

“Tammy that was very, very good for your first time! At that rate, it’s going to take no time at all and you will be an expert cock sucker and ready to give Carl the blow job of his life!”

A pleased smile filled her face as she said, “Really? I did good?”

“Very good.” I said, “Now it’s time for me to help you climax so you know how it feels.”

I pulled her up next to me and put my lips to hers. I pushed my tongue between her lips and could taste my own cum on her mouth. I started kissing downward, stopping at her breasts so I could suck on each hard nipple for a bit before I continued. I kissed down across her belly until I felt her pubic hair against my lips.

“What…are you doing?” She asked.

“I’m going to lick your pussy.” I replied.

“Will it hurt?” She asked in a tension-filled voice.

I couldn’t believe how naive she was as I answered, “No it won’t hurt. You will love it. Relax, Trust me.”

I parted her legs, leaned down and gently put my mouth on her slit. I was pleased to find her very wet. As my tongue slipped between her labia and touched her clit she gasped and arched her back. I used my thumbs to part her pussy lips, then began to lick and suck on the hard little nub of her clit. As I lashed her clit with my tongue I wondered how long it would take to make her cum.

To my surprise a few moments later she let out a long combined moan/squeal and I could feel her pussy pulsing as she climaxed. I pulled my mouth from her dripping box, moved up, put the head of my cock against her slippery hole and with one hard shove plunged balls deep into her.

I draped her legs over my forearms, grabbed her hips and began to fuck her with long hard strokes. Each time my balls slapped her ass her tits jiggled enticingly. I had already cum once so I knew it would be a while before I could cum again. Over and over I slammed into her, fucking her like I had wanted to since I met her..

I have no idea how long I fucked her but after a time I could feel my second climax building in my balls. Just before my cock exploded I again heard Tammy let out that moaned squeal as she climaxed a second time. As her pussy clamped down on my cock it exploded, throbbing, squirting my second load of cum into her. When I was done I rolled to the side and lay next to her breathing heavily.

“What…was that?” she gasped, “What happened to me?”

“That was an orgasm. You climaxed. Twice.”

“I like it!” she whispered, a huge smile filling her face.

“That concludes our first lesson. I will be working for the rest of the week, but I’m off next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday if you want to continue the lessons.”

Tammy turned her head to face me, a serious look on her face as she said, “Yes I do. I want to learn everything I can as quickly as I can.”

“Come to think of it, I don’t go in until 8:30. When does Carl leave for work?”

“He leaves at 7:30.”

“Perfect. Would you like to come over in the mornings and have blow job lessons before I go to work?”

“Yes, I would!” Tammy replied with a smile, “The more I do it the better I will get!”

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