Early Morning Car Hump with a Difference

Early Morning Car Hump with a DifferenceSnow played havoc on the way to work this morning. I was caught in a miles long traffic jam, but then something out of the cold blue happened, that really got my juices flowing, a truck pulled alongside and slightly forward, with the driver opening his door ever so little, and showed me he was completely nude.My heart almost stopped, then he turned or rolled on his hip to show me one of the biggest erections I ever laid eyes on, he was teasing me and wanking like a b**st possessed, and my eyes never left the action.I crept forward, inching little by little, and then he just exploded, shooting his sperm onto my windscreen, from his high-up cabin, he closed his door and gave me a cheeky wave, then we parted.I sat staring at the globule of semen, so recently ejaculated from a pair of warm balls, it was thick, and dark, not runny, like my husbands, but perhaps the cold weather had something to do with that, either way my attention was focused on the flashers cum, and I found it was arousing me, triggering a broody reaction, so I pulled of the road into a lay-by and started to masturbate, taking off my denims and panties, more for freedom of movement, but the unusual state of undress added spice to my ‘Frigging’, and as a result, I experienced a mind blowing orgasm, as cars sped past, I let myself go, and howled my approval to the heavens.My denims and black panties lay on the passenger seat. I was still tender and very sensitive, and antalya escort as a result, wanted to prolong the feeling, so I relaxed, partially naked in my car, and began stroking my very wet pussy.In order to get the visual imagery required for good stimuli, I closed my eyes and watched as the naked driver of the truck got down from his cabin, and climbed into the car, mounting me with consummate ease, it was what I really wanted, and then it realized, my hand was stoking the gear change knob.I raised my long leg across the consul and slid the bloody thing into my cunt.I had seen videos of women fucking these phallic objects, but never thought I would resort to shagging mine, but here I was, tickling my cervix and imprinting the words, BMW, on the soft tissue at the deep end of my cunt.I guess when a human, male or female, gets into this mood, there is nothing anyone can do to stop, or so I thought, because as I humped the gear stick, feeling the hard knob slide in and out, letting my mind build up to its apex, there was a gentle knocking on my rear passenger seat window.I froze and immediately saw a movement in my passenger side mirror, a guy was watching me, and wanking himself to my unusual sexual behaviour.I dismounted the shift stick, but slid into the passenger seat, staring straight ahead, when he pulled the door open and slipped his hand onto my breast, and started squeezing it.I was sitting wishing he would go away, as he fumbled with my upper garments, escort antalya making no resistance, letting him get into the warm bare flesh, compliant and willing, I turned my head sideways and let him push into my mouth, and sucked on his cock until I tasted the acrid flavour of man’s cum, flood into my mouth.He slipped from my verbal orifice, ‘Can you go now’, adding ‘Please’, for emphasis. I had just given him a free ‘Blow-Job’, in a lay-by, and was trying very hard to be as dispassionate as seemingly possible, in less than one hour of my journey into work I had been flashed, cummed on in my car, fucked my gear-stick, and now sucked off a complete stranger, swallowing his cum, I felt like a complete whore, no wonder I wanted him to leave, and climb back into my facade of purity and blessedness, a wife of impeccable character, not this sex guilt now sitting in a lay-by giving strangers blow-jobs and unusual sex shows.He stood alongside my open door, his cock dripping with a dew-drop of semen suspended from its eye, ‘Do you cum here often’, he asked with cocky self assurance, then again what man wouldn’t, he had just emptied his balls into my mouth.But his double pun did make me laugh, and I quietly replied for him to politely, ‘Fuck Off’ ‘I like to hear women talk dirty’, he retorted, ‘Now how about cleaning you dirty work’?I turned my head and looked up at him for the first time, and noted he was looking down at his cock and the protruding drop on its end. antalya escort bayan ‘Will you go then if I do’, I asked him, but he did not reply, as I put my hand around him and took him into my mouth again, tasting the salinity of the remnants of his previous ejaculate, swallowing hard, but continuing to play with him inside my mouth, my tongue in particular swishing and teasing him, and for a couple of minutes I sucked on his cock, feeling him swell and stiffen, only removing it from the warm cavity of my mouth, when he was fully erect again.’Would you like a change of hole’, I asked him, a surge of wantonness crept over me and I got out of my seat, and assumed the position by kneeling on the passenger seat, offering both my wet pussy and ass for penetration, both of which over the next thirty minutes were reamed, to his satisfaction.Off course, no young woman giving such delicacies in a lay-by can expect to service only one man, especially a man with a phone, and this miscalculation on my part, resulted in my phoning my office to be excused the morning, while I ‘Dogged’ a bunch of horny men, in that lay-by.Even today, more than a year after my extra-marital indulgence, I slow down, tempted to turn off and go back into that lay-by, and frig one out, whilst awaiting for the cars with horny men, to park either side of me and get in, and have some fun.I consider myself a normal housewife, but ‘Dogging’, now I have experienced fucking with groups of men, moaning and cumming as they watch and feel me freely, is something of an experience I would recommend, so if you see a silver BMW parked in a lay-by, take a chance and look in, you might catch me on the gear stick, smiling with all doors unlocked.(Smile) Mariel

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