Earning A Job With Her Feet


Dave’s wife Heather had been out of work for a few months when Dave had a car accident. Dave’s injuries left him unable to work and left them in desperate need of money. Heather applied for every job she was remotely qualified for and didn’t even get to the interview stage with anyone. Then at last one of the places called to set up an interview.

Heather was dressed in her most professional looking clothes when she left the house and she promised Dave that she would get the job no matter what.

Her interview was with a woman named Jane and Heather did her best to make herself the most appealing candidate. When the interview was over Heather asked Jane what she thought.

“I’ll be honest with you, you aren’t really qualified for the opening we have.” Jane said.

“Please give me a chance, I need this job I’m on the verge of losing my house.” Heather pleaded.

“I sympathize with you, but I can’t give you a job you aren’t qualified for just so you can keep your house.” Jane said.

“Please, I’m desperate. I’ll do whatever it takes to get this job.” Heather said.

“People always say that and they never mean it.” Jane said.

“But I do mean it. I’ll do anything, just give me a chance. Please!” Heather begged.

Jane thought for a moment then she smiled.

“Very well, I will give you a chance to earn this job. Meet me at this address in one hour.” Jane said and handed Heather a piece of paper.

Heather had no idea what Jane could possibly want, but she went to the address anyway. She found upon her arrival that the address was Jane’s home address and when she knocked on the door Jane let her in and offered her some wine.

Heather was very nervous about the whole situation so she took the drink to calm herself down.

“What do I have to do to get this job?” Heather asked.

“It’s very simple. All you have to do is let me put my feet in your pussy and your ass and you put your feet in my pussy and my ass.” Jane said.

“Say what?” Heather asked as she stood up and started pacing from the shock of what Jane had proposed.

“Calm down, there’s no reason to get excited. You said you would do whatever it takes to get this job and I have told you what you have to do.” Jane said.

“But I’m a married woman, and I’m straight.” Heather said.

“I’m not a lesbian either, I’ve just always had a fantasy about having a foot in my pussy and my ass and having my foot in another woman’s pussy and ass. My feet are quite small, as you can see, not much bigger than your husband’s penis I bet and your feet are tiny as well. I have given you a chance to earn the job you so desperately need, all you have to do is accept my offer.” Jane said.

Heather thought about her situation for awhile trying to decide what to do.

“This would be a one time thing right, you wouldn’t make me do it once a week or anything?” Heather asked.

“That’s right. As far as I’m concerned once it is over it will never be spoken of again. Unless of course we both enjoy it and decide to do it again.” Jane said.

“Well, I really need this job and if that is what it takes to get it then I’ll do it.” Heather said.

“Excellent, let’s go to my bedroom where we’ll be more comfortable.” Jane said.

They entered Jane’s bedroom and Heather sat on the edge of the bed nervously as Jane opened her dresser drawer and pulled out two enormous bottles of lubricant.

“This should help our feet slide in and out easily. Why are you just sitting there? I am not going to slide my foot up your skirt and around your panties. I intend to see my foot sliding into you, that’s a big part of my fantasy, now get undressed.” Jane said.

The two women undressed. Heather güvenilir bahis is 26, she’s five foot two with dark hair, a great body and perfect tits, Jane is just over five feet and she has long auburn hair and small breasts, but still has a great body for a woman of 43.

When they’d both undressed Jane looked Heather up and down for a minute then put things into motion.

“Now lie down with your head at that end of the bed and I’ll have mine down here. We need to work this lubricant into our asses and pussies so our feet will be able to slide in easily.” Jane said.

She handed a bottle of lubricant to Heather and they began working it into their own pussies and asses.

“We’re ready to begin. I’ll go first, so rub some lubricant on my right foot.” Jane said.

Heather was very nervous so her hands were shaking as she applied a generous amount to Jane’s foot. Once she’d covered Jane’s foot with the lube Heather moved herself up and braced herself against the headboard because she knew it would be a tight fit.

“Here we go. It might help if you held yourself open at the start.” Jane said.

Heather gently pulled her pussy open as Jane gently placed her toes against Heather’s pussy and pushed her big toe inside. She moved her foot around until all five of her toes were in Heather’s pussy. She stroked them in and out and moved them around to stretch Heather’s pussy out to make it easier to get the rest of her foot inside.

Heather let out a deep groan as Jane pushed her foot a few more inches into her pussy. Jane stroked her foot in and out for a few seconds at each new depth before she would push even deeper into Heather.

Within ten minutes Jane’s right foot was in up to the heel and then she forced that in too. Heather had a monstrous orgasm as her stretched pussy swallowed Jane’s foot all the way to the ankle. Jane began stroking her foot in and out deep inside Heather’s pussy as Heather thrashed about on the bed from the pain and pleasure of having Jane’s foot inside of her.

“How does it feel?” Jane asked.

“It feels like I’m going to split in two. I’ve never been so stretched in my life.” Heather said.

“Brace yourself I’m going to see how deep I can get.” Jane said.

With that Jane forced her foot even deeper until half of her calf had disappeared into Heather’s pussy.

“I never knew a pussy was so deep.” Jane said.

“It feels like your foot is in my lung.” Heather groaned.

Jane began stroking in and out and wiggling her toes. The sensation was too much for Heather and she exploded into too many orgasms to count.

After about half an hour of thrusting her foot deep into the farthest reaches of Heather’s pussy Jane slipped her foot out. Heather’s pussy remained wide open from being stretched so much for so long.

“Okay, you trade places with me and catch your breath while I lube up your foot.” Jane said.

Heather was exhausted from the intensity of her orgasms. She had recovered enough by the time Jane was ready that she was able to push her toes into Jane.

Jane let out a moan and Heather pushed in deeper. Unlike Jane she had no intention of going slow, she wanted to reach the maximum depth as quickly as possible.

In less than five minutes Heather’s right foot and over half of her calf had been swallowed by Jane’s hot dripping wet pussy. Jane had three orgasms from the insertion process and as Heather began stroking her foot in and out Jane became delirious as she was overcome by nearly continuos orgasms. Eventually Jane passed out and Heather pulled her foot from Jane’s pussy and woke her up.

“That was incredible. Are you ready to see how far my foot will go into your ass?” Jane türkçe bahis asked.

“Do we have to? We are both pretty tired from what we’ve already done.” Heather said.

“No ass no job, and you’ve already come too far to not end up with this job haven’t you?” Jane asked.

“Yes. Let’s just get this over with.” Heather said.

Now my wife is not a big fan of anal sex. I have asked her for it many times and she has only given in on special occasions, so I know for a fact that the thought of having Jane’s foot in her ass was not a pleasant one.

Jane had Heather lube up her left foot and then hold her legs out as wide as she could.

“I know this will be painful at first, but as soon as you adjust to being so stretched you might get some pleasure out of it, and just remember you get to do it to me next.” Jane said as she circled her toes around Heather’s asshole.

Heather screamed so loud that she had to cover her face with a pillow as Jane pushed her toes inside of her ass.

Again Jane went slowly stroking in and out at each depth to give Heather a chance to adjust. As Heather would begin to adjust to a new depth Jane would push a little further inside. It took nearly half an hour but Jane found the maximum depth.

“Wow, I’m in your ass almost up to the knee. How do you feel?” Jane asked.

“Like you’re rearranging my intestines.” Heather said.

“I probably am a little. Let me know if it gets too painful, I don’t want to hurt you.” Jane said.

Jane stroked her foot in and out of Heather’s ass for nearly twenty minutes before she noticed Heather’s still stretched pussy.

“Your pussy is still wide open. I wonder if I can get both of my feet in you at the same time.” Jane said.

“That wasn’t part of the deal.” Heather said.

“We never actually discussed how many feet would be where at what time. Don’t worry, if it hurts a lot just tell me and I’ll stop.” Jane said.

Jane took Heather’s lack of protest as an okay and placed her right foot back at the opening to the pussy it had ravaged earlier. She was able to get in to the heel easily and Heather screamed out in pain as Jane forced her heel in and again slid her right foot into the depths of Heather’s pussy.

Heather pulled the pillow off of her face and looked down to see Jane’s left foot in her ass almost up to the knee and Jane’s right foot in her pussy over half way up the calf.

“Jesus I’m such a whore. I never should have agreed to this. No job is worth this. What will my husband say when I come home with my pussy and ass stretched like this?” Heather asked.

“When he learns that you secured a $70,000 a year job he won’t ask how you got it.” Jane said.

“The job I was applying for didn’t pay that much.” Heather said.

“I’m going to make you my personal assistant, you’ve shown that you’ll go the extra mile to get things done. Now, let’s get your foot in my ass and hopefully you can get the other one in my pussy at the same time.” Jane said.

Heather was brutal as she forced her foot deep into Jane’s ass. Jane covered her face with the pillow and screamed as Heather pushed her left leg into Jane’s ass until nearly her entire calf had disappeared. She then forced her right foot back into Jane’s pussy. Heather’s muscular calves and Jane’s tiny pussy and ass made it an extremely tight fit and once she had both feet in to at least mid calf she couldn’t move.

After awhile Jane was ready to call it a day.

“Okay you can pull your feet out of me now.” Jane said.

“No I can’t.” Heather said.

“Sure you can, you’ve got the job, in fact you got an even better job. Now please pull your feet out of me.” Jane said.

“You don’t get güvenilir bahis siteleri it, I’ve been trying to pull my feet out, they’re stuck.” Heather said.

“Stuck? Are you sure?” Jane asked.

“Do you think I want to stay like this, of course they’re stuck.” Heather said.

“How are we gonna get unstuck?” Jane asked.

“We could call the fire department or an ambulance.” Heather said.

“No, I’m a respected businesswoman, it would destroy my career to have a scandal like this get out.” Jane said.

“Well, I suppose we could call my husband.” Heather said.

“Do you want him to see you like this?” Jane asked.

“Better him than a paramedic or fire fighter.” Heather said.

“Okay, here’s the phone, call him.” Jane said.

Heather dialed the phone.

“Hello.” Dave said.

“Honey it’s me, I need your help, I’m in a little bit of a situation.” Heather said.

“Are you okay?” Dave asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine, I just need you to come to 1325 Maple Drive. Let yourself in and come directly to the master bedroom okay?” Heather asked.

“Were you raped?” Dave asked.

“No, just hurry okay.” Heather said.

“I’m on my way.” Dave said.

Dave took off and Heather hung up the phone.

“He’s on his way.” Heather said.

“Good. I was just looking at things and with the angle we’re at, I could get my feet back inside you, what do you say we give your husband something better to get unstuck?” Jane asked.

“We might as well, just make sure you don’t go as deep in the ass as you did last time.” Heather said.

Jane forced her feet back into Heather’s pussy and ass.

Dave arrived at the address ten minutes later and he was very cautious as he entered the house.

“Hello?” Dave called.

“Back here!” Heather yelled from the bedroom.

Dave made his way down the hallway to the bedroom and when he looked in through the open door the sight shocked him. His lovely wife was knee deep in the pussy and ass of a strange woman who herself was knee deep in the pussy and ass of his wife.

“Hi honey, this is Jane, and we need your help.” Heather said.

“With what, it looks to me like you have everything well in hand or in this case foot.” Dave said.

“This isn’t a joke Dave, we’re stuck like this, now help us.” Jane said.

“Okay, but first tell me how you ended up stuck this way.” Dave said.

“That’s my fault. Your wife was so desperate for a job she wasn’t qualified for that when she said she’d do anything to get it I decided to use her to live out one of my sexual fantasies.” Jane said.

“And as you can see we got in a little too deep. Now help us.” Heather said.

“Okay, but there’s one thing I can’t resist doing first.” Dave said.

Dave undressed and got on the bed. He straddled Jane’s head.

“Now you’re going to suck my dick while I lick those two engorged clits.” Dave said.

Jane started to protest but as soon as she opened her mouth Dave pushed his cock in. He lowered his head to where the two clits were separated by only a thigh and began licking one while rubbing the other and then switching.

Jane had protested at first but soon she was taking Dave’s cock as deep into her throat as she could get it. Heather was playing with her breasts while Dave licked and rubbed her clit. Both women were having numerous orgasms that made their pussies contract even tighter around the foot stuck in them.

When Dave was close to cumming he pulled out of Jane’s mouth and shot his load across her tits. He then got off the bed and pulled the two women apart. The two women were exhausted but found the strength to move into each other’s arms. Heather lowered her head and licked Dave’s cum from Jane’s tits.

Dave helped his tired wife dress and as he was carrying her toward the door Jane called after them.

“I’ll see you Monday!” Jane said.

Dave carried Heather home and put her to bed.

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