Elise Ch. 15: Jacques meets Mamasan


It was Sunday once again and Jacques was alone, once again. His new young friends were still two weeks away and so he was in his office enjoying watching the recording of his adventure last Sunday with the twins. He had been a bit sneaky and set-up the recording without their knowledge, and kept wondering if he should let on, in case they demanded he erase it.

His thoughts were interrupted by the door bell, but not the front door, but the back door into the kitchen. Who could be using the tradesman’s entrance on a Sunday?

Jacques hurried down from his office and through the kitchen, and pulled the back door open. There he found a slim Chinese woman in her early 30’s peering at him. She was dressed in the typical peasant Chinese foo trousers: short, black, square-cut. Straight, white, shirt and those soft, black pumps with white ankle socks. No hat but a long plaited single pigtail or queue.

“You Jackie?” she said.

“Well, yes, spose so. I am Jacques.”

“Aha,” continued the woman, waving a Hung Sam Yiu, the red 100-dollar bill. “I Miss Chiu. You make fukee-fukee my girls.”

Jacques winced, and remembered his misgivings at handing out large bills, and the warning from Ching. “Yap bin lai, please come in,” said Jacques. He stood aside and motioned with his hand to the kitchen. “Cheng cho la, please sit down,” continued Jacques, and to his relief the woman quietly sat on a chair at the table.

“Mo ci. Mo mantai. No ploblem. Girls say you you velly good gweilo, make good fukee-fukee, but now me mamasan. You givee me 100 dollar.”

Jacques smiled with relief and nodded. “Sek-jaw fan may ah, have you eaten yet,” said Jacques in the traditional Chinese introduction.

“May sek, no eating,” she replied.

Jacques knew that there was food left. Rice in the rice cooker, and foo gwa ngau yuk, the beef fried with bitter gourd, to accompany it. Jacques placed two bowls on bahis firmaları the table and, handing her a pair of fai tsi, and pointed to the food for her to help herself. Fai tsi, lovely words for chopsticks, meaning long,thin fast things.

“Mo soy, no money,” said Jacques showing his empty pockets. “Dang yat chang, ngor wan chin, I shall find some money. Wait a minute,” said Jacques.

Jacques returned about 10 minutes later having had to search for cash, and as he approached the kitchen he heard familiar voices. The sight that greeted him was a total surprise: Miss Chiu had turned the chair to alongside the table and was intently watching the TV which was playing the film of him and her girls. The TV remote was next to her on the table. “Damn,” he muttered, “I left the tape running when I answered the door and she found the channel on the remote.” Miss Chiu greeted Jacques with a broad smile, and as he looked her way to hand her the 100-dollar bill, he noted her left hand was down inside her foo trousers. She took the bill in her right hand and, taking her left hand out of her pants, took Jacques’ right hand and guided it down her pants inside her panties which were now soaked.

Nodding towards the TV, Miss Chiu said, “You big. Me likee big. Papa mo yung, no good. He findee new woman. Me no fukee-fukee long time.”

Jacques realised that the game had changed dramatically and the ball was now firmly in his court. He lifted Miss Chiu to her feet and quickly pulled down her foo pants and undies, and she rapidly stepped out and sat down. Jacques kneeled down in front of her and lifted her slim legs over his shoulders, burying his head between her legs. Her pussy was exquisite: neat full lips surrounded by masses of straight black hair. Jacques plunged his tongue inside the lips and realised she was tight, maybe even tighter than her girls, but very wet. He licked the juice with relish. Sucking kaçak iddaa her erect, hard clit caused her to make little cries. Her pussy was quivering and producing lots of juice which Jacques was delighted to consume, but this was getting too much for the young woman. “Want fuckee-fuckee,” she cried out. Jacques did not hesitate, but stood up letting her legs down gently then pulled her to her feet and turned her to the table, pressing her head carefully down so her beautiful taught ass was directly available with the mass of black hair in full view between her legs.

Jacques rapidly unbuckled his belt, opened the catch and ran the fly zip down letting his pants drop while quickly rolling his briefs over his thick, rigid venous cock. Carefully he placed it in-between her ass cheeks and moved it up and down the crevice until it was completely wet with pussy-juice. Time to enter and he located the channel and eased his cock in. Tight, but well lubricated and so with little back and forth movements he gradually penetrated deeper and deeper. The pussy quivered and grabbed at his cock but Jacques pushed and pulled with long slow strokes generating ooh’s and ah’s from his hostess. He noted she was looking left at the screen still running, but Jacques thought he noticed the handle of the kitchen door move. Sure it did and now the door was being slowly opened. He paused with his cock full in as he saw two familiar faces peeping round the door, eyes big and wide-open as they took in the scene. He motioned to his lips for them to be quiet and beckoned them in. Quietly they entered and stood against the kitchen wall amazed at what they were witnessing. One of them started to play with her pussy under her skirt.

Jacques decided the best course of action was to finish the job and so he recommenced fucking moving into high gear. Full in but retracting only one inch and never leaving the PC muscle, Jacques fucked kaçak bahis the hot, tight, wet pussy that gradually locked onto his cock. The woman screamed as Jacques shot his hot load spraying hard onto her cervix.

As Jacques retracted the young woman stood up and looked around and saw her wide-eyed girls looking at her. “Dimgai neidei dito. Why you here?”

Jacques smiled and said, “Mo mantai, mamasan. We are one big happy family.” Looking at the girls he continued, “Please take mama to the bathroom.” There was a quick exchange between the girls and one shot forward and took mama out of the kitchen and up to the bathroom. He noted the one left behind was the one who had been fingering herself.

As Jacques started to pull his briefs back up and over, the girl left behind rushed over to the chair at the table and sat down, pulling Jacques towards her. She took his cock deep into her mouth and sucked like crazy. Jacques slowly felt his cock returning to life and as it got hard she spoke. “You make fukee-fukee me same mama.” With that she got up and bent over the table, rolling down her white panties. White panties again? So this was Ching again! Jacques moved straight behind her and slipped his throbbing cock deep in to the hilt. Her pussy was soft and very wet so Jacques just went for it gradually building up speed until he climaxed with her and shot what was left of his load in deep. “Off to the bathroom and get cleaned up,” said Jacques.

Now that the kitchen was empty, Jacques got busy and put several catties of rice into bags plus a catty of foo gwa, the bitter gourd. Since there was no more beef he put out a box of six eggs so they could make foo gwa gai dan instead of foo gwa ngau yuk.

When the family re-emerged from the bathroom all clean and happy, he pointed to the food, so they picked it up and headed for the kitchen door. “Leung gaw laibai fanlai,” shouted the girls.

“Dorche sai. Sam gaw laibai fanlai,” called mamasan.

So that was it: the girls were coming back in two weeks and their mum in three. Weekends were getting busy. Another chapter for Elise when she returned.

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