Email Cuckold Ch. 03


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*** *** *** *** ***

Karen pulled into her driveway in high spirits. Tonight was girls night out and her whole body had been on the edge of excitement all day because of it.

For the past few months, girls night out had been a blast. Guys had been hitting on her, buying her drinks, grinding with her on the dance floor, wandering hands… And of course afterwards, her and Jill fingered each other and took care of their bodies’ urges. Karen hadn’t needed it because each time, her husband Ken had been waiting for her. But she wanted to please and take care of Jill.

She had been so excited about tonight that he came home from work early. She was going to get a mani/pedi with Tracy and then shopping with Jill. Sometimes she wondered if Tracy knew what her and Jill were up to after girls night, but Jill assured her their secret was safe.

Karen opened the front door. “Honey! Kids! I’m home early!” There was only silence so Karen walked through to the kitchen. Out the back window, she saw Ken playing in the backyard with their two children. It was hard to believe that the oldest was seven years old already! Karen walked over to the family room to check her email.

Surprised, she saw the computer was on and Ken’s email was open. Something looked wrong… She looked closer and saw that it wasn’t through the program she knew her husband had. The subject lines caused a flutter of tension in her stomach.

“Hit on my wife”

“RE: Hit on my wife”

Mechanically, she began opening a few of the emails.

“She’ll be out with her girl friends but feel free to hit on her… hot she gets when a stranger shows interest… get a hot MILF to take home… all I ask is that you fill me in with the details…”

That bastard!

Unable to stop herself, she opened a few of the replies.

“She was a damn cocktease! She ground her fine ass against me for 3 songs and then said she had to join her friends!”

Karen looked and saw that one was a day after last month’s girls night. She wondered which one of the men she had danced with. Most of the emails talked about grinding with her. Just about all had her husband reply back, thanking them for flirting with her.

“Well she didn’t didn’t come home with me, but I got a bj from her in the parking lot.” The liar! Karen thought. “She told me to meet her in the parking lot in ten minutes. We met outside and she led me to a dark corner of the lot. She said she loved to suck cock outside.”

Karen scanned through the rest of the email and saw that her asshole husband had even replied to the guy to thank him and say it was hot to hear Karen gave the stranger a bj!

She heard the kids run into the house. Karen quickly minimized the email window and ran into the bathroom. With shaking hands, she splashed cold water onto her face. What the fuck should she do?

Confusion roiled through her mind. Her first instinct was to confront Ken, but… once that happened there was no turning back. She needed some time to think of it. She opened the bathroom door and decided to head out for the mani/pedi.

Ken was at the computer while the kids gathered around the TV. The distraught wife saw Ken look at her with alarm and she spied him pull up an innocuous sports web page.

“Wha- wha- what are you doing home honey?”

She fought to put on a brave face. “Just meeting Tracy out for a mani/pedi.” Quickly she improvised a reason not to come home. “We’re going to dinner after so I won’t be home til late. Don’t forget tonight’s girls’ night out.”

“I didn’t forget.” Did she spy a hint of a smile on the bastard’s face? “I’ll take care of the kids, have fun!”

“I will!” She called out over her shoulder as she walked out the door.

*** *** *** ***

“I had no idea Ken was so kinky!” Jill’s voice floated over the dressing room door.

“You’re taking the bastard’s side?” Karen peeked over the door frame.

“Oh no!” Jill gave her friend a comforting smile. “It’s just that Ken seems… so… so vanilla.”

Karen looked back at the mirror and smoothed the black dress. The neckline plunged, showing off her assets. Her hands came to rest on her stomach. She smiled at the figure in the reflection. The past few months she had shed a few more pounds (maybe more than a few) and her stomach was flatter than it had been in a decade. She gave a twirl, watching the hem flutter up. The dress was expensive and it was going on her husband’s card.

Jill clapped her hands in appreciation as Karen stepped out. “Girl, you look hot! I take this to mean girls night is still on?”

Karen gave a nod. “Yeah, might as well enjoy the attention.”

“Did you tell Tracy?”

Karen blushed. “No… I just don’t feel THAT comfortable with her.”

Jill laughed and shook her head. “You might be surprised! Tracy was a sexual fiend in college. I know she’s been a little put out by all the attention kaçak iddaa you’ve been receiving the past few months.”

Karen covered her mouth with her hand. “Really?” A line of worry creased Karen’s forehead. “I didn’t mean… I mean… I didn’t know… Ken…”

Jill push Karen back into the dressing room. “Tracy’s a big girl, she can handle it.” She turned Karen around and unzipped the back of the dress.

“What are you doing?” Karen tried to peer back at her friend.

“You look hot in that dress but now you need to get out of it.”

Karen felt her friend’s hands move from her back, along both sides, and then cup her breasts. Karen’s cheeks flamed red. They had pleasured each other every month the past few months, but only after a night of drinks, dancing, and in the darkness.

“But we’re in the store’s dressing…”

“Shhh…” Jill’s breath was hot in her ear. “You keep talking loudly, you’ll only draw attention.” The blonde’s hands released her breasts after a quick tweak and grabbed Karen’s hands and placed them against the wall. She then whispered, her mouth still against Karen’s ear. “You will keep your hands against the wall until I tell you otherwise. Understand?”

Karen couldn’t meet her friend’s gaze, but nodded. Confusion warred within her, but she couldn’t deny that her body anticipated her friend’s touch. Her palms firm against the wall she faced and she realized that her body was slightly bent forward. She felt Jill slide the hem of her dress up over her hips. Two thumbs hooked the waist band of her underwear and dragged it down to her knees.

“Jill… not here…”

But then she lost all ability to speak as she felt two finger plunge deep into her.

Jill whispered, “For someone who’s complaining so much, you are awfully wet.”

Karen merely closed her eyes, unconsciously pushing her ass out for easier access. She felt Jill’s fingers play around her pussy. Over the past few times, Jill had learned just how Karen liked to be touched and was using that familiarity now. She danced fingers around her lips before moving around the clit. After she had stopped twice, Karen realized that her friend wasn’t interested in getting her to cum quickly.

Breathlessly, Karen whined. “You are teasing me.”

“Oh yes.” Jill’s left hand wandered up and freed Karen’s D cups from the dress. Her right hand continued to slowly saw in and out of Karen’s pussy as her left began to caress her friend’s breasts. Karen shivered as Jill’s fingernails trailed over her nipples.

Jill spoke up again. “I think that these past few months have greatly increased your sexual confidence and energy.” Karen looked up, about to complain when she felt Jill’s fingers tighten around her nipples. Chastised, she looked back down. “Yes, your husband is wrong.” Karen felt Jill’s finger move around her clit in circular motions. “But the question is… are you going to shut this down?” Karen’s climax began to build. In response, Jill’s hand increased in speed. Her friend’s familiar touch coaxing her Karen’s body. “Or you can embrace it and have fun!” Karen pushed her ass back. “I think you like getting all this attention. I know you’ve been liking my attention.” The fingernails scratched a bit harder across her breasts. Her fingers plunged deep and Karen gasped and her orgasm rolled through her entire body. Her pussy clenched at Jill’s fingers. “See Karen. I think you like your limits pushed.”

Karen’s ragged breath filled the small dressing room as she tried to catch her breath. She felt fingers on her lips and instinctively took them into her mouth. Shocked she realized she was tasting herself!

“That’s it Karen. Clean me up and we’ll go buy this very sexy dress.”

Without a word, Karen’s tongue continued until her friend was satisfied. As they exited the room, Karen caught a movement out of the corner of her eye. She saw a young sales cler, with discarded clothes over her arm. Karen realized the employee must have been in the surrounding dressing rooms. As their gazes met, the young woman blushed and looked away. Butterflies sprang up in the petite woman’s stomach but she didn’t know if it was from shame, pleasure, or a combination of the two.

*** *** *** ***

The club was crowded and Karen stumbled back to the bar for a breather. She had been on the dance floor for practically the entire night. At the start of the night, she had wondered how she would deal with guys hitting on her… knowing that some of them (all of them?!?) were simply spurred on by her husband.

It turned out that it didn’t matter. She liked flirting and having willing dance partners. Plus, it wasn’t her husband’s emails that were making men’s cocks hard. It was her body grinding against them. It was her breasts swaying tantalizing in front of the men.

She looked out on the dance floor. Jill and Tracy danced a couple of men. Tracy’s tall, lithe frame was easy to pick out, plus that red hair of hers blazed in the flickering light. Jill’s blonde hair peeked out from between bodies. Her smile lighting up her face.

Karen got a drink kaçak bahis from the bartender and drank deeply.

“Hi beautiful, I’m Dan.”

Karen turned to see young man eyeing her appreciatively.

“Hi Dan, I’m Karen.” She smiled. His blue eyes peeked out from under shaggy black hair. He wasn’t too tall, maybe 5’7″ which she liked and a husky build. “Which college do you go to?”

He laughed good naturedly. “I actually just graduated.”

“And why talk with me?” Karen looked around the bar. “There are a lot hot young things here.”

Brazenly, he stepped forward and put his hand firmly on hers. “You are the sexiest looking thing at the bar.” She started to remove her hand but his grip tightened even while his smile grew wider. “Perhaps that was a tad cheesy, but doesn’t mean it’s untrue.”

Karen blushed, but couldn’t keep her smile from growing wider. She wondered if he would be so forward without the email from her husband that she was sure he had received. She felt a strong hand on the small of her back.

“C’mon, let’s dance Karen.”

She barely had time to put her drink down as he propelled her onto the dance floor. She tried to divert their path towards her friends, but he moved her towards the other side of the dance floor. They were almost directly below the dj booth before he stopped and turned her to face him. Karen instinctively put her arm around his waist as he pulled her against him. As the started to move, she was surprised to already feel his hard cock against her stomach. Ah, the gifts of youth she thought to herself. Somehow his chest brushed against her nipples causing electric ripples of pleasure through her body.

Suddenly, she decided to take the power back in this interplay. She smile wickedly at him and moved her hand down to his ass before cupping it with both hands. He smiled and moved his hips up against her. She turned and pushed her ass up against his cock. She felt it right in the valley of her cheeks and she ground her ass quickly up and down. The petite woman practically felt the young man groan in pleasure. She slowed down, letting her ass caress every inch of his cock – and it appeared to be a sizable organ. She shook it again, bending forward until her hands slapped the dance floor. Dan grabbed her hips, thrusting and grinding against her wiggling ass. She stood back up and locked her hands around his neck. Their bodies writhed to the song. His hands moved up her waist. She considered stopping him, but his body felt so good against hers. His fingers massaged her sides a few times… less because of hesitation and more in order to tease.

She arched her chest as his hands closed over her chest. He firmly mashed them together and Karen’s body tingled. She felt his hot breath on her neck a whisper before his teeth nibbled gently. Her body quivered, but it was going too far. Karen opened her eyes and gasped in surprise. Somehow, he had maneuvered beyond the dance floor. The wall slanted, hiding the door that led to the dj booth.

“What?” She moved to step back to the dance floor.

But he moved over to block her way. “Let’s spend a moment here.” His hand intertwined with hers and moved it towards him.

Her fingers met with firm, warm flesh!

He maneuvered her fingers around his sizable penis and began stroking it.

“What if the dj comes out?” Panic stricken, Karen looked around.

Dan laughed and released her hand to stroke her hair gently. “The set just started. He won’t be leaving the booth for an hour at least.”

“I – I – I don’t know about all this.”

Dan’s hand cupped her chin. “Your hand seems to be pretty happy to be where it is.”

Karen looked down and realized that her hand was still stroking his member. It was longer than her husband’s but thinner. The warm, velvety skin danced beneath her hand and she stared at it – mesmerized.

She felt a firm hand on either shoulder, pushing her down.

“Oh no, I can’t!” She looked up.

Dan smiled confidently. “You know you will… and the sooner you get to it, the less chance we’ll get caught.”

Karen blushed, unsure what to do or even what she truly wanted. Then she remembered her husband’s enthusiastic email to the guy who had lied about her and a blowjob.

Fuck him.

She knelt down and looked into Dan’s eyes. Without breaking eye contact, she took his cock into her mouth, slowly, deeply, until it tickled the roof of her mouth. It was strange, feeling another size and shape in her mouth in over a decade. Dan’s eyes widened with pleasure and she moaned in response. Grasping the base with one hand, she moved back and forth. Now on this course of action, she wanted him to come as quickly as possible.

Moving back and forth, she felt his warm, firm member twitch in her mouth. His hands grasped either side of her head, keeping her rhythm even. She pulled back and kept stroking his shaft as she twirled her tongue around the flared head.

“Oh yeah…”

His whisper of lust caused a surge of excitement within her. She was sucking on a strange cock! She increased her pace, illegal bahis letting his manhood slip quickly in and out. His cock twitched and she tasted pre-cum leak into her mouth. Crap! What was she going to do with his cum. Before she could react, he gripped her head and unloaded her mouth. The salty cum filled her and she reflexively swallowed. Dan’s cock began to deflate but he kept a firm grip on her head so she didn’t lean back but instead moved her tongue all along the shrinking shaft.

“Shit, that was awesome!”

He released her head and pulled her up. He had a goofy smile on his face as he zipped himself up. He then surprised her by kissing her passionately. When she had gone down on her husband, he always avoided kissing until she had brushed her teeth.

Dan released her and thanked her again. “Just think what a hot time we’d have back at my place…”

Karen shook her head. “My friends…”

“Of course! You go hang with them. I’ll find you later!”

Before she could say that wasn’t going to happen, he walked around the corner and onto the dance floor.

Hurriedly, she checked her dress and felt her hair. She walked quickly towards the rest rooms, if she could just get to a mirror…

“There you are!” Jill grabbed her arm and pulled her into their small circle of dancing. Her and Tracy were flirting with two older guys, graying but in good shape.

“Where have you been?” Tracy said in a mock scolding voice.

“Just… around.” Karen’s mind raced. “I was at the bar for a while, cooling down. Your two were wearing me out!”

The group laughed and continued dancing while Karen breathed a sigh of relief. As the night passed, the petite wife made sure to stick close to her friends. Eventually though, Tracy motioned that she was tired and wanted to leave. The three of them bid farewells to the guys they were dancing with and walked towards the door.

Karen gave a little jump when Dan appeared, smiling. “You leaving already? Want to come back to my place?”

Tracy marched up to him and planted a finger firmly in his chest. “Listen buddy. Go find your mommy.”

Dan open his mouth and Karen recoiled in fear of what he might say, but Jill didn’t give him a chance. “We said move it. Now move before we get a bouncer on your ass.”

His youthful confidence crumbled before the more mature women and the three quickly made their way out the door.

“Thanks.” Karen hugged her friends.

“Don’t mention it.” Tracy flashed her a smile. “I’ve been dealing with jerks like that since high school.”

Jill and Karen walked arm and arm up to Jill’s minivan. However, instead of going to the driver’s seat, Jill angled Karen to the sliding door. Jill giggled at Karen’s puzzlement and motioned her in.

“I’m sorry Karen.” Jill continued to laugh happily and she stumbled to the back row.

“Are you too drunk to drive?” Karen asked. She tried to assess her own ability to drive.

“No silly!” She motioned for Karen to come to her. “I just don’t want to wait any longer.” Her hands moved down her body, accenting her every curve.

Karen caught on and slid the door shut behind her. She smiled, feeling happy at the opportunity to help her friend get off. Jill was wearing a red halter top with a tight black miniskirt. As Karen approached, the slim blonde pulled down her own top and began playing with hardened nipples. Karen reached over and pulled one. Though Jill’s breasts were tiny, Karen thought it was beautiful how it made the nipples that much more the focus.

Playfully, Karen grabbed Jill’s knees and mashed her own D breasts against them. She giggled herself and slowly pulled the blonde’s knees apart. Karen glanced down and gasped. Her friend had no underwear on!

Jill laughed. “I didn’t want any lines with the skirt!”

Karen gently scraped the inner thighs with her fingernails, moving closer to her friend’s pussy before pulling back. Jill moaned in response. Karen moved in and lightly tickled her friend’s labia. She could see a slight glistening between the lips and smiled at the reaction.

Then, for the second time that night, Karen felt hands on her shoulders, pushing her down. Sure that she was misinterpreting the signal, she glanced up.

“Lick me Karen.” Jill’s face was filled with lust.

“Jill…” Karen shook her head. “I don’t like women and I don’t…”

“You didn’t mind the taste this afternoon.” At Karen’s blush, Jill’s voice turned pleading. “It’s been so long since Brett went down on me…” She renewed the pressure on the brunette’s shoulder. As Karen stopped resisting, Jill seized on the opportunity. “I need to feel your tongue…” With greater pressure on her shoulders, Karen continued down until her friend’s shaved pussy was mere inches from her face.

Confusion and lust warred within the curvaceous housewife. She felt Jill’s hands move from Karen’s shoulders to her head. Tenderly, the blonde stroked Karen’s long hair. She took a deep, long breath and slowly moved forward. A musky smell filled her nose, but it wasn’t unpleasant. She grasped her petite friend’s thighs and gently inserted her tongue into the warm folds. A sharp taste filled her tongue and she heard a hiss of pleasure from her friend. The taste wasn’t so different from her own.

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