Emails Ch. 1




I just finished reading “What a Domina Wants…” Your words impact upon me with the brutality of a whipping; I can feel the heel of Your boot grinding into my groin. I feel must submit myself to You; I grovel at your feet.


Good. Now go clean the bathroom! It stinks!



You must understand, I have no experience as a slave. On the contrary, I have taken on the role of a Master, myself.

But there is something very compelling about You, something that makes me want to obey You instantly. It is the same strong force that touched me in Your story and made me send my humble comment. I instinctively submit to You. I am surprised by my own reaction.

So, I will do as You demand. I will go on my knees and clean the bathroom. I will take a bucket of water, a bottle of cleaner, chlorix, a brush and a cloth and rub everything till it shines… hoping that this will please You. Will it, Mistress?


I did not realize you were a Dom, however fledgeling. You sounded like a sub. It is good that you realize there is value even in a Dominant being submissive to someone else, even if only for a little while; we gain much insight into those we dominate when we place ourselves in such positions.

So, yes, your task pleases me. Do not forget to scrub the floor and baseboard behind the toilet, and do not neglect to dust the walls and ceiling for cobwebs! ~Domina ex Arcanum



i had no hidden agenda when i gave feedback on Your story. I read it cause I needed advice on my own Masterhood. It was not a way to force myself upon you. But there is something that attracts me to You, makes me want to submit to You. I am intrigued by Your literal style, Your Strength, Your intelligence, Your overwhelming Womanhood.

i have scrubbed the bathroom floor till it blinks, my knees are sour from kneeling so long. but i have done a bad job on the baseboard and had completely forgotten about the ceiling. Now i have worked on them for more than half an hour and they look like new. i could eat from the floor and drink from the pot if You wanted me to. i want to please You, crave Your approval. Your Pleasure is mine, Mistress. i desire You.
please, don’t deny me Your orders. Let me sweat for You. ~servus ex arcanum


I am disappointed that you neglected the baseboard and the ceiling in your first efforts; I am pleased you went back and finished your work, but you need to pay more attention to the details. To that end, you will comply with the following tasks: Your punishment for not cleaning the baseboard properly is to take a back-scrubbing brush (or a long-handled spoon or another similar long-handled object) and deliver ten sharp smacks to your right buttock. The punishment for forgetting to dust the ceiling is three sharp smacks to your left buttock.

You will then unscrew the knobs and handles for the cabinets and drawers in the bathroom, as well as the bathroom door, and scrub those drawer fronts and cabinet doors thoroughly with a sponge or washrag, and then you will scrub the knobs and handles themselves. If they do not unscrew or otherwise cannot be removed, you may clean them where they are.

You may use an old toothbrush on the fixtures, if you delivered your punishment as instructed. If you do not have the equipment (no back-scrubbing brush or long-handled spoon), then you must use your own toothbrush, though I will give you permission to clean it thoroughly afterward, before you need to use it again. Reassemble the parts for the doors and the drawers when everything is dry, and do not forget to oil the mechanism for the bathroom door. The light fixtures must also be free of dust–did you realize this was a part of dusting and cobwebbing the ceiling? If not, you will deliver two more sharp smacks to your left buttock, and attend to your task. When your hands are clean, you may organize the cabinets and their contents, if you have not already done so; this, I will leave as an option for you.

When everything is as clean as you can get it, you will acquire at least three daisies and place them in a small vase on the bathroom counter. (A single dahlia or a pair of marigolds may be substituted, if daisies are not available.) If you are allergic to real flowers, you may use silk ones.

Contact me when your task is complete. ~Ladyofthemasque, Domina ex arcanum



i am very glad that i have met You, beautiful One, and can only hope that W/we will continue this interaction… i feel bad about having disappointed you with my work. Your disapproval stings more to me than any physical punishment will do. But i accept the latter. As i write You mostly in my office, i can not take my punishment right now. With Your permission, i will do it tomorrow morning in the shower, and lash myself as You commanded. i will let You know what object i have used.

Again i realize altyazı porno what a bad job I have done on Your bathroom. i should have realized that You won’t settle for anything but perfection. I did not attend the light fixtures and will see to it immediately, accepting my punishment for not doing this in the first place. i already had cleaned the bathroom door, the drawers and cabinets and made the handles and knobs shine, but this without disassembling them. Just in case, i will disassemble them now and clean them once again. i have no old toothbrush so i will use my current one and clean it when i am done, just for hygienic reasons because nothing in Your bathroom is dirty in my eyes.

i haven’t organized the inside of Your drawers because i would never touch Your personal belongings without explicit permission. i will do it after i have cleaned my hands thoroughly. i am afraid to tell You this but going through Your stuff, Your bathroom towels, soap and other things, excites me and gives me an erection. Of course i won’t pay attention to this and will just go on with my tasks. The flower shop sells daisies but i want to surprise You (and take the risk of displeasing You) and buy 10 white tulips instead, which is the national flower of my country.

Mistress, with Your permission, i have a request. Before W/we go on I would like to know what exactly are Your rules, boundaries and limits. i have taken some liberties already with the risk of offending You. But i would like to know if i am allowed to do that…


As you answer these emails at work, naturally you must wait until you get home.

I should have in turn realized your eagerness to obey; it is good you thought of cleaning the cabinet fixtures. Do not worry about forgetting to remove them to clean underneath their seams; this is not a common bathroom cleaning task, and indeed is something that needs tending to only once or twice a year at best. I did not think it had been done in a long while–as many do not think about it–so I thought to mention it. Details are important.

You have My permission to use My belongings, provided you keep them reasonably clean and tidy. Make sure you check the expiration dates; I do not care to have you fall ill due to an aging bottle of aspirin. I understand why you have an erection; you are pleasing Me with your actions. I am disappointed with the dusty light fixture, but very pleased with everything else. Make sure you do not burn your fingers by attending to that task first, so that the light bulbs have not had the chance to heat up the furnishings unbearably.

I am also very pleased with the tulips; I live near where 90% of the world’s commercial tulips are grown. Naturally, the ones grown in Europe have a much older and prouder lineage, but I have had the chance to know your national flower, and I like it. White ones are particularly pleasing, as most people around here prefer the more gaudy reds and yellows and purples, which makes them a rarer choice. White is also a symbol of purity, and if My bathroom is clean, it is pure. You have chosen well; I wish to reward your initiative. You may, after your punishment is administered and all tasks are taken care of, have one orgasm in my name, “Lady” or “Domina”, as you prefer. (This is not to deny you other orgasms, spurred by other reasons; this is simply a tribute to our relationship.)

Now, as to O/our rules and boundaries. I am easy enough to please, I think. If you have sound reasons to avoid something (such as putting off an assigned task for a little while since you’re at work when you receive this), I will be reasonable about it. I am also willing to concede other matters, such as hygiene and grooming; your good health is one of my concerns. For instance, I will never advocate scatophagia (shit-eating), as it is both unsanitary and (pun un/intended) distasteful. I don’t care for bloodletting, either. A good Dom/ina can handle his/her sub without such extremes.

Since we live on opposite sides of the hemisphere, I doubt we’ll have the opportunity to meet in person; you have your life to lead there and I have mine here. We shall keep that part open-ended, flexible. I am pleased to be able to discipline you from afar, as your eagerness to please Me is palpable in your emails. I have a sub in My life for My physical needs–but if you please me greatly, perhaps you may one day read of my own tribute, in the name of “wolf”.

I do like initiative in my subs. I am not one to keep an automaton in my care, a slave–no, worse, a pet, with no will or thought of its own. BDSM is about consent, and the right to say “no” is a part of that. If you have something better to suggest, you are free to suggest it; I may take your advice, or I may follow my own inclination, but I will not punish you for speaking your mind. Save only for one instance: excessive vulgarity. I do not like gratuitous swearing; in that, I suppose I’m not the typical American. amatör porno I am a Lady. I will expect you to treat me as such, and in return, I will treat you as a gentleman.

That is the other rule I have; how I am treated will determine how you are treated, adding to your merits and demerits in kind. My safe-word is “Hold”, as you may have guessed from my writings. If you have any limits or boundaries to be avoided of your own, you will have to let me know. Beyond this, we shall have to feel our way, I think.



i am glowing with pride and joy after reading your email. All Your wise words seem to come right out of Your heart and touch mine instantly. iam so flattered by Your approval of my Style, of my submission, of my cleaning work, of my choice of flowers. And i got so excited by Your permission to my first orgasm in your name, i nearly came right here, at my desk. But that, too will have to wait till later (after my punishment?), though I have cum several times here at my office – on Your command i will. i’d like further instructions though on how You’d want me to come. How exactly should I dedicate it you, my Lady? Should i fantasize about You in a certain manner? Would You want me to stroke fast and eagerly or slowly and calm? Should i report to You afterwards?

The mere promise of a tribute to wolf from Your hand is a reward larger than i would ever have expected, Mistress. it will contribute to my effort to please You even more so… i crave Your words, Your thoughts, Your approval, Your satisfaction. It is my nectar, my honey.

Of course i will under any circumstances treat You as a lady – even if you’d command otherwise my acts will be based on dignity, respect and care. i am not so extreme. Though i am prepared to go as far as You want, i am glad to hear that no faeces or blood will be involved.


You have cum at your office? I hope your office has a door you can close; My penis is not to be displayed so irreverently that just anyone can walk by and see it in its manly pride. So; while you may have orgasm for other reasons at your workplace, you do not have My permission to have your first orgasm in My name at work. The most appropriate place, as I am certain you will agree, is in My bathroom, which you have cleaned so lovingly.

You shall kneel, naked, on the very floor you claim is so clean you can eat off of it. Your dominant hand shall grasp My shaft, and your submissive hand shall cup My balls, sitting in a manner that is comfortable. I want you to look at each part of your bathroom, and imagine me striding inside, examining each detail that you have attended to: the cleaning of the baseboards, the dusting of the light fixture, the toothbrushing of the handles. Slowly, you shall fondle My penis as I, in your mind’s eye, study the sink and admire the flowers. Next I shall admire the organization of My cabinets and drawers When I get to the toilet, you may play with My balls. When I come back to the door, which you will have oiled as well as cleaned, you will know I am pleased, for your dedication and your efforts do please Me.

I will cross to the toilet and sit there, crossing my legs and clasping my hands on my thighs, a statue of Goddessliness awaiting the culmination of your worship. You shall then worship me, and you shall say that you dedicate your pleasure to pleasing me, your Domina. Only then may you rush your movements to show your eagerness for my approval. Do *not* hit the toilet when you cum; in fact, I command that you catch it all in your hand. Anything that lands on the floor, you will lick up with your tongue on hands and knees, even if it only drips from your palm. Once this is done, you shall report what happened, just as you shall report what you used for your punishment, and how it felt, if you thought it was adequate for a punishment, given your transgressions.



Mistress, forgive me the eagerness in my responses and taking up so much of Your precious time. But Your words are my nectar, i drink each of Your messages till the last drop, they teach me so much and give me so much pleasure. i truly worship You. And, insignificant as it may be to You, i desire You. The description of Your divine beauty has brought my blood to boil. How my eyes crave to dwell over Your curves, Your delicious breasts… i apologize for my wolfish behaviour, but my nature is wild and untamed… my body shivers in anticipation of Your picture but of course i will be patient.

i have cum a number of times in my office. i have a whole store for myself most of the time and i have never been caught – i hope no-one ever will. I have trained myself to orgasm without actually ejaculating, meaning that i can have several small ones, however not as good as the actual cum explosion. i have pictures of me stroking, if it pleases You i can send them to You. i have no pictures of my face and i do not feel very comfortable amatör porno to send them into cyberspace, but if it pleases You, i will see to it.

This morning in the bathroom, with Your image on my mind, i had the most amazing experience. i took my punishment, as you ordered, with a plastic backrub brush (i will buy a wooden one for the purpose). to be honest, i felt a bit awkward punishing myself, but Your presence urged me to continue. When i hit myself for the first time, it gave, unexpected, the most wonderful feeling. It stung, but it felt so good.
i continued smacking, pretty hard so it would leave red streams as a proof, and this wonderful feeling kept on rushing through my body… it felt as if a ballast fell from my shoulders, it made me actually float, as i described. It was an incredible relief, as if Your dissaproval washed away from my body with each stroke.

i completed my punishment, ten on the right, five on the left buttock, and when i was done i felt so happy and relieved. i was aroused as well, my aroused cock was throbbing with lust. i considered taking my reward as once, but i was afraid this would displease You as i was not fully sure of how to dedicate my orgasm to You. i am glad i found the strength to wait cause Your explanation will make this gift only more precious.

i am not sure if my punishment is adequate cause i found so much pleasure in it. i guess Your disapproval weighed heavier on me. In Your presence i can not take the responsibility of being my own juror. i can only guess about Your superior motives. i do know that i have done a good job on the bathroom, I hadn’t forgotten about oiling the hinges. i hope that, in the heat of my climax, i will not stain it with my cum, which normally floads rich and far…

Forgive me, Mistress, for my forwardness, but there is one more thing I’d like to tell You. Though i am incredibly grateful to be rewarded with an orgasm, this means nothing to me compared to Your pleasure. So, just as humble suggestion, if one day in the future i may have pleased You sufficiently to be rewarded, You might consider, instead of granting me one, dedicating one of Your heavenly orgasms to me, Your servant, and describe this experience to me afterwards. I crave Your sex, Your pleasure. I’d trade one drip of Your cum on my lips for a thousand of my own orgasms…


As nectar is what a woman produces, it is only fitting that you should crave what I choose to give. You are the jewel I will polish. I will inspect you, and trim your flaws, and put you into your proper setting…I shall post these writings to Literotica, as I feel your subservience to My desires is worthy of publication.

I allowed my sub, M., to read your latest email. He is new to D/s, though he has long since felt the allure of such things; he considers himself blessed that I am a woman with suitable experience to guide him into his newfound role. He was…not unaffected by our correspondence, and now knows more of My skill and imagination in My own Domina-facet. A facet you yourself will know in greater detail as we go on.

I am content with your use of a plastic backbrush for now, but I think a wooden one would suit My bathroom better; you are correct to consider finding a replacement. Your feelings of awkwardness are not unexpected. Just remember that I should not have to exhaust Myself when it is you that has transgressed. As for your feeling pleasure while delivering My punishing strokes…that was something I had anticipated. Details, wolf; I knew in advance how pleasurable you would find the ministrations I had commanded, for in the act of being punished, you were pleasing Me.

I even knew that, delivering ten strokes to your right buttock, and only five to the left, would leave you with an unsatisfied, unfulfilled longing on the left side of your body, for more, more, more…and not receiving more. That, too, was planned as a part of your torture, your torment. That you felt pleasure almost defeated the purpose of your punishment, but that you held back was your salvation. That you struck yourself hard enough to blush your cheeks was also good; this is the dedication I expect from My sub, knowing that I am watching in spirit your every move during our scenes.

My disapproval has been beaten out of your body. You have straightened My cabinets and My drawers, and you have made sure that My beautiful white tulips have been watered for the day. Kneel before me, wolf. I have examined everything, both high and low. I am satisfied, save for one thing; you must give me My rightful tribute. Here I sit, My full, lush curves constrained by a black velvet dress, My knees crossed in their black stockings, My feet clad in delicate suede pumps. My hands are clasped on my lap, My back is straight and My shoulders are back, showing off the proud strength of My beautiful breasts. My eyes rest upon you, naked, servile, on your knees, with My shaft in your right hand and My balls resting in your left.

My glasses are perched halfway down the end of My nose, and My chestnut hair is up in a loose bun; from the neck up, I look like a librarian about to hush you for being noisy in My domain. From the neck down, I am pure Domina, a Goddess awaiting the adulation of My servant.

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