Emily’s Weekend Ch. 05: The Black Room


Days passed by and there was neither any news of Mark nor was he seen by anyone. He hadn’t gone out with any of the other girls at the bank either. I asked a few of the other girls at the café and they had not seen him either. Although I stopped thinking of Mark eventually, I felt sad not to see him on Friday at the bank. Some of the other customers at the café had asked me out but I refused to go out with anyone. It was all a bit too much for me to handle.

Weeks had passed by. I had been attempting to come to terms with what had happened. Every time the memories came back, I’d blame myself for having left the cuffs up on the dresser. I wished they weren’t up there, but what had happened had happened and there was no going back. I was bored of the empty weekends and was tired of feeling depressed and blaming so I decided on a whim that I was going back to the store.

Next weekend, I was back at the store and rented my first room and the customised chains from the last time. All day Saturday, I was left to myself in the room. There was no sign of the stranger. Recalling from last time, I decided that I wanted to practice walking while chained. I paced around the room for a while. Given that there were extra long chains attached, there was much more rattle as I walked around the tiny room between the door and the window. I knew that the chain attached to the wall and my neck was not long enough to let me reach the door. Yet I carefully stepped towards the door anyway, gingerly expecting the tug on my neck indicating the end of the chain. I realized I liked these gentle tugs. Add to this were rattling of chains, which led to excitement. I started to feel knots in my stomach and started to feel goosebumps all over my arms. My pussy was beginning to get wet.

But at one point, I managed to tangle the chain between my neck and the wall resulting in a violent jerk to my neck. With my wrists handcuffed behind me, there was nothing I could do about it. The instinctive jerking of hands to my neck only managed to bruise my wrists so I slid slowly and uncomfortably to the floor, resting against the wall. I scooted my wrists past my butt and feet until they were in the front. Once my hands were in front of me, I bent down and massaged my neck. I also attempted to massage my bruised wrists but the handcuffs were secure and it was not possible.

I had lain down for a little and realized that I had fallen asleep. Next thing I saw was that it was evening. I woke up to the sound of the door rattling as it was opened from the outside and the stranger walked it. He had probably not noticed of my renting. Rather than Friday night, he found out on Saturday evening.

“Oh, nice! What a pleasant surprise!” the stranger sneered at me. I looked as if to see what the cat had dragged in. But he pounced without any further diatribe of his and had been exploring insides of my mouth with his tongue. His hands were busy as well and made short work of my top and skirt. He discovered that I still had my bra and panties so he brought out a pocket knife and cut away those in an animal rush. It seemed as if it gave him some perverse pleasure. Since I had my hands in front, I attempted to resist. He quickly produced the key from his pocket and used force to cuff my wrists behind me.

With a rush, he hurriedly took off his baggy jeans and was on top of my naked body. I tried to struggle but I knew it was to no avail and it only excited him. He was quickly inside me and rolled me over on top of him. With my hands cuffed behind me, there wasn’t anything I could have done. The chain to my neck dropped and ran under his head drawing my head even closer. As I groaned with the jerk, he pressed me further closer with one hand while removing the chain from under his head with the other. I was inwardly glad that he wasn’t toying with me today and giving me the key to the handcuffs. Eventually, he was done and left just as he had come. He didn’t come back that night but it was the shop owner who came later with some food. I was alone in my room all night and early on Sunday morning, I left when the old shop owner came at lunchtime.

A few weeks passed. I had gotten busy at the bank due to increased work. I had not visited the shop since the last time. However, that feeling of missing had subsided a bit since the last visit, but it was now starting to come back.

One day I got a call from the old guy at the adult shop. He reminded that when I had signed up with him for the black room, he had told me that due to the long period of rental in the black room, there usually was a waiting list. He had placed me on the waiting list with a promise to call when it was available. Today he was calling to confirm and said, “Starting with Thursday of next week, you have a slot of 5 nights and 4 days in the room.” He stated the price including the promised discount. It was nearly 10 times what I had paid before. I tried to bargain, but he reminded me of the discount he had already given. altyazılı porno I reluctantly agreed.

Fortunately, the next Friday and Monday were bank holidays. I thanked my lucky stars. I had to only skip the shift at the Café on Thursday afternoon. I still did not know what lay in the room. No amount of questioning would budge the old man from telling me what it was. He simply said, “Just be assured that it’s pretty popular with my tenants. The longer period is definitely worth it.”

I started to do additional shifts both at the bank and the Café over the next few days. If I was going to pay for this, I needed the extra money. Every time I began to toy with the bracelet, anticipation and excitement started to build about the black room. But memories of the last date with Mark also came back and all of the elation evaporated.

As far as Mark was concerned, I had thought it over and realized that although I was willing to compromise with him, he had refused to try to understand my feelings and enjoyment. I decided that given that he had not reached out yet, I had to move on. I was sure I wanted to go back to the store for my happiness and put the episode behind me.

Finally, Thursday arrived and I drove out to the Adult store. On my way, I had stopped at a Motorway Service Station and changed into the same khaki tank top and khaki plaid miniskirt. I had also decided in advance that I was going to take off my bra and panties too. Last time I had them on, they had been tattered by the pocket knife of the stranger so off they went into my car along with my café uniform.

As I reached the store, I saw there was one other car pulling out. All I could tell was that there was a girl driving. There were two other new cars parked that I had not seen before. I walked into the store to see the old guy alone behind the counter. As before, I reached for one of the pair of handcuffs from the wall on my left. The old proprietor came out from behind the counter. He waited until after I was done handcuffing myself, then he took off the bracelet from my wrist. Then he said, “This time since you are renting the black room, you are not going to put on the chains in the changing room. It is already all laid out for you downstairs. We will go downstairs after you sign the lease.”

I signed the rental paperwork for five nights and gave him a cheque. Since I was so curious about this room, I had decided to accept any and all terms no matter what. But, I was unsure of what he meant by laid out. I followed him into the cellar after putting away my shoes in a locker. I decided to play it safe and placed my handcuffed hands on the railing of the stairs while going down. When we reached downstairs, I could hear distinctly that there was someone in the first room to the right. It was the same one I had called “My Room” on previous occasions. From the sound of footsteps inside, I thought it might be a girl. As the chains rattled on the floor, I sensed or imagined that they probably had the same full body sets I had worn before. The old guy continued and turned to the second door on the right as I expected him to.

This door was painted black at some point, but now it had chipped and there were scratches on it. It was actually a pair of heavy doors. There was this huge padlock on the door. To me, it looked pretty huge and very old-fashioned. Although it was not rusty, it was very dark coloured and hard to see in the dim light. Unlike my first room whose door wasn’t locked, this door could be locked from the outside. It had this large cast iron handle on it like that of old-fashioned barns. The door frame itself seemed to be made of heavy beams and the door was pretty solid.

I asked the old proprietor and he confirmed that once I was inside, the door would be locked by the padlock until it was time for me to go. Seeing my interest, he offered, “Here, this is the key to the room, open it for yourself.”

It was a rather big old-fashioned brass key. I took the offered key and unlocked the padlock but left the key in. In that moment, I realized that any pretence of freedom I had with the unlocked door of the last room was gone. This room’s door was going to be bolted and locked with this heavy padlock once I was inside. So, once inside and I was in whatever chains awaited me, I was going to be locked in the room. The thought of completely surrendering my freedom gave me a little pause, but then I remembered the empty weekends and memories of that episode with Mark. I decided this was an adventure I might as well try, compared to all that. With my mind made, I opened the bolt on the door and pushed in.

I stood there just inside the door looking at everything. The sight inside was nothing like what I had expected it to be. It was a rather large rectangular room roughly 20 ft. wide and 15 ft. deep. The door was in one corner of the room hugging the right wall. Once upon a time, it had white or cream colour on the walls but it was now zenci porno long faded and was missing large chunks of the wall finish in many areas. Where the chunks were missing, you could see the rock wall beneath. The ceiling was about 10 ft. tall and made of concrete from another age. The floor was made of large black stone tiles roughly put together with cement slapped in. There is the very far corner was a toilet and sink. On the far wall, there was a small window with iron bars inset. It was above my height and I could barely see the ground outside. All I could see was some weed or grass. A little sunlight filtered in, illuminating the room. The centre of the floor had a slightly raised platform of the same rock tiles and concrete. It was about 7 ft. long and about 4 ft. wide. It was on this platform that the chains were laid out.

While I was looking around with a little wonder, the old proprietor had slipped in behind me and was standing to one side looking at me. By seeing the expression on my face, he probably guessed the uncertainty going on in my mind. But he didn’t say anything.

“This room is immense!” I exclaimed.

“Yes, all of the rooms here are of different size. Part of the reason why the rents are all different,” he confirmed. “Are you changing your mind? I have other reservations too,” he asked perhaps helpfully.

I didn’t say anything, I was mesmerized by the sight of the chains laid out. As if in a trance, I walked towards them. As I got closer, I realized they were nothing like the chains on the handcuffs I was wearing or the transport chains I had worn before. For one, unlike stainless steel of the previous cuffs, these were all black cast iron shackles. ‘Was that why the room was called black room?’ I wondered. The chains joining them were the size of a boat’s anchor chain. They looked pretty large and heavy. Each cuff and there were a lot of them, was nearly two inches tall and a quarter of an inch thick. It was all neatly laid out on the platform but some of it spilled out on the ground beyond.

On the far side of the platform, towards the far wall, there was, what I thought was the collar. It had one hinge and the two semicircular halves of it were open. From this, a long and even heavier chain snaked its way to the far wall. It coiled in some areas and appeared to be permanently attached to this huge six-inch diameter ring on the wall. The ring was really heavy and was bolted to the wall at about chest height. Back on the platform, the collar was attached to the waist chain with two other chains, but it seemed a little short. It was attached to another waist chain with a short chain. I wondered for a minute, what was the intent for the two waist chains.

The second waist chain was predictably attached with two long-running chains to what was clearly leg shackles. They were spread apart like my last set but were so thick and heavy that they appeared like legs. The leg shackles were apparently attached to what I thought were wrist shackles with two chains but there appeared to be two sets of wrist shackles chained to the feet shackles. One set was on shorter chains than the other. The wrist cuffs on this one appeared to be much bigger than wrists.

As I stood there looking with a little bit of amazement, I felt my clitoris getting really erect. In an instant, I had goosebumps starting to appear on my arms. I was getting excited about it. The whole thing seemed to be beaconing me somehow. I just couldn’t wait to try.

“So? You are sure about this?” I heard the old proprietor say, bringing me out of my reverie.

“Yes, I want to try this. Let me put them on to see,” I said controlling my rising excitement.

“No, these are different. Once you put them on, you won’t be taking them off before the period is over. Even if you did, you won’t be getting your rent back,” the old proprietor added. Very business minded, this one.

“OK fine,” I said resignedly and bent down to pick the collar.

“You might want to sit down or lie down along the way. That might be easier,” he said, walking towards me, taking the bracelet from his pocket that used to be on my wrist all these weeks.

I continued as if I hadn’t heard him and picked up the collar. It was pretty heavy. As I placed it gingerly around my neck, I felt the weight of all of the shackles in my hands. They sure were really heavy. It felt as if they must have been nearly 20 pounds at least. Oh, the sound of those chains! They sent shivers all through my body. There were strong goosebumps now on my stomach and legs at the touch of the cold metal.

The chain to the wall was behind me and the two chains running to the waist were now in front. I tried to look for a lock on the collar but there was none that I could see. The old proprietor came over with the bracelet at the ready. Then I felt rather than saw, that, where the two halves of the collar met, they ended into a hinge-like structure. One aldatma porno half of the collar had two slots like a hinge, one at the top and one at the bottom. The bottom one appeared to receive a bolt. The other half of the collar had a slot in the middle so when both halves are pushed together, they formed a hinge. The top slot of one half and the middle slot of the other were hollow through which a bolt could slide down to the bottom to be threaded and tightened.

The old proprietor used the butterfly on the bracelet on the bolt head to screw it in. Once the bolt was tightened, the collar was in place and could not be removed without the bracelet and its butterfly. As I turned my attention next to the waist chain, I realized it would go on top of the tank top.

“Can you please step outside for a few minutes?” I asked.

The old man seemed to expect that and he handed me the bracelet and went and stood near the door. His back towards me, I took the tank top off and tried on the waist chain. I realized with some surprise that the top waist chain was actually placed barely below my breasts! It wrapped around back and came to the front. The ending link again had a nut and bolt combination welded to it. It also appeared as if to be my size. As I screwed the nut in place, I realized I could not take deep breaths at all. The heavy chainsaw to that. From then onward, I had to take shallow breaths no matter what. Also, the two chains from the collar to this chain were separated and ended with a little triangle on the chest chain. They ran between my breasts and appeared to push my breasts aside. With the chain below and these pushing on the side, my breasts were really being thrust forward, making them more prominent. I felt a little embarrassed and put the tank top back on hiding the chain under my breasts.

“You can come back now,” I called out to the old proprietor.

He came and together we bolted the actual waist chain near the belly button. This one was a little too big for me and it had some length left as the old proprietor bolted it snug to my belly button. Next, it was the turn of the leg shackles. Those were miniatures of the same design as the collar and both feet soon were shackled with the butterfly tightening the bolts into them.

Then we turned to what I thought were the hand shackles. They were attached to the chain of the legs. However, there were two such pairs. Although both were attached to the leg chain by two separate pairs of chains, one pair had shorter chains.

“What are these two handcuffs? Why two pairs? Doesn’t one look rather too big?” I asked.

“Only one of them is the hand shackles,” the old proprietor clarified.

“Then what’s the other one for?” I asked in confusion. One pair came up to waist level and had the cuffs the size that would fit the wrists. Those were laid out on the platform. However, the other pair was laid out on the floor beyond the platform. The cuffs of these were bigger and clearly were far bigger than anybody’s wrists. Each was almost the size of the collar. This pair was attached to the chain in the legs that were set close to the cuff. The other end was also attached next to each ankle.

As the old proprietor came close to help, he again suggested, “You really should sit down and put your feet in front of you for this part. It’s easier this way.”

Still confused, I listened and sat down on the platform with my feet in front of me. Next, he picked up that pair and brought them up in front of me and said, “These go on your upper thighs. Make sure to reach the end of attached chains.” To illustrate that point, he laid them in such a way that the pair was in my lap and the two chains which attached them to the chain at my feet were straight and taut. Next, he offered the butterfly bracelet.

“I think you might want to do this on your own.” As I took the offered bracelet, he turned around.

I looked at him and then at the pair in my lap. I wasn’t sure I wanted this. Chains on my thighs? This was something really new to me. I had never imagined having to chain my thighs. Granted I had pretty slender legs, but these seemed pretty small for my thighs. I sceptically picked one end up and tried it around the left thigh. I had to push my miniskirt further up in order to place them right. As I placed it under my thigh and brought the two ends closer, I realised that it was also really tight. The almost two-inch tall iron was very cold to touch on my leg. I shivered involuntarily. As I tried to close them on the outside of my leg, it bit into my thigh. It was really tight, but not to the extent it cut off circulation. I managed to tighten the bolt. Then I turned to the other one. The heavy chain attaching those two shackles grew tight between my thighs and was pretty close to my pussy. As it nearly brushed by, I felt my clitoris grow really erect. My stomach had started to do flip-flops. I knew the signs by now. I was really getting excited and could tell an orgasm was coming. Taking a deep breath, I controlled myself and tightened the other end of this strange thigh cuff. They really were tight. I attempted to move them a little in place to make them more comfortable, but unlike handcuffs, these were stuck in place.

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