Eminem’s contest makes a Winner out of me!


Eminem’s contest makes a Winner out of me!I’ve never won anything big in a contest before, I’ve entered them all the time, but never won. So when I saw the contest advertisement in the store I figured why not, it’s not like I’m going to win anyway. First prize was a spot in Eminem’s new video playing his girlfriend. I had to enter, Eminem is one of my favorite singers. I couldn’t believe it when I got the phone call that I had won, I thought it was one of my friends playing a practical joke, but no, I was told to be on set Thursday morning to start rehearsals. I was shocked when I was flown out and driven to the set to come in contact with not only Eminem himself but Drew Barrymore. I figured I was playing Em’s girlfriend whom he leaves for Drew, but it turns out the song is about ME leaving HIM for Drew. WOW! During rehearsal Dr. Dre and 2 members from D-12 show up to watch and help out with scenes so my starry-eyed count kept growing higher. We work through the scenes and Em decides to take a break and we all go back to his private dressing room. Drinking champagne and whatever our hearts desire Drew and I are over in a corner talking and hitting it off while the boys watch from the other side of the room. Drew leans in close and we kiss, long passionate and french as the boys start high-fiving. The two D-12 members go out to the set and bring back a variety of toys and props from the video, double-dongs, pussy pumps, buttplugs, nipple-clamps, etc. There’s a rack of lingerie right outside the dressing room that Drew and I start looking through, not even bothering artemisbet yeni giriş to notice there is not another soul in sight and everyone has left for the day! Drew finds a crotchless body-stocking that makes her look like she’s wearing snakeskin and 5 inch leopard heels that bring her up to my height. I choose a pink and black corset, no panties and thigh-high stockings with high heel strap on shoes. We walk back into the dressing room and spy the massive red double-dong. While Em lubes up the DD Drew and I get down on all fours, with Em guiding we gyrate back and forth, in and out, and as he lets go the dong buries itself in us both and we’re ass to ass. Em and Dre get first shot and unsheath their massive cocks that we immediately start sucking as we’re still grinding with each other on the DD. Dre with me and Em with Drew the D-12 members grab the nipple clamps and release our tits from their harnesses and clamp our erect nipples in their grips. We both moan with pleasure and orgasm together, juices soaking out from the sides of the DD. Em and Dre decide to switch while we loosen up on the DD. They take the Dong out, much to our protests and immediately replace it with their cocks, much to our pleasure. The members that left our mouths empty and gaping were replaced by the two D-12’s members dicks, thrusting in and out everybody moving in sync with one another as if there was a pulsing beat going on in the background. Two big black butt-plugs are passed over and lubed while Em and Dre work them into our waiting asses. Satisfied artemisbet giriş by every hole being filled I orgasm and moan with pleasure. Drew’s not far behind me as she purrs and moans without losing pace sucking the enormous cocks in our mouths, and thrusting the one’s in our pussies. Em stops pumping me to grab the pussy pump and starts working it on my lips, pumping and sucking while he teases and plays with the butt-plug. Orgasm number three overtakes Drew as she watches Em with hungry eyes using the pump on me. “Oh, you want some of this, huh?” as Dre and Em switch again Dre inserting his bulging, black penis into my engorged vagina. Em starts pumping Drew with the pussy pump. Dre doesn’t even get two thrusts into my swollen pussy before I cream all over his thick shaft. A loud moan escapes my stuffed mouth as the D-12 member I’m sucking on releases his load all down my throat. After I swallow all his steamy hot seed he pulls out and start teasing my nipples, still rubbing his sticky cock. As Em pumps Drew’s pussy, I find his cock and swallow it all the way down and massage his balls with my hand. I orgasm again and Dre pulls out and ejaculates all over my back followed shortly by the D-12 member who’s getting sucked off by Drew. Drew laps like a kitten at the cum being released by his cock. Em releases her pussy from the pump and her pink, engorged pussy takes over for my mouth. A few thrusts later Em and Drew reach a climactic orgasm together as he pulls out and I swallow it down tasting not only his seed but Drew’s sweet, glorious artemisbet güvenilirmi pussy juices. I miss a little on my cheek and before I can wipe it off myself Drew comes over and sucks it off as we start to kiss passionately. “Hey, the boys may be done but how ’bout we give them a little girl show? I’m nowhere near ready to quit!” she purrs to me as she grabs two of the dildos. With the butt-plugs still in she pushes me to the floor and begins teasing my clit with the vibrator, licking her lips she slides the dildo in and starts lapping at my creamy, wet pussy. I moan in excitement as I work to turn her around so I can get at her beautiful, still engorged pussy. My other hand fumbles around and out of nowhere a hand places the other dildo in mine. Now sixty-nining each other I can smell her musky, aromatic cum and before I insert the dildo I lick all around and in her pussy. Juices tasting so good I start sucking and she squirts a load of cum in my mouth as a loud moan escapes her throat. “MMMmmm” I say and I insert the vibrator and start pumping in and out. “You taste amazing!” as she starts pounding me harder with the toy till I shoot a steaming shot of cum in her mouth too. “You taste very good yourself, baby!” she coos and we turn and face each other and sensually kiss for what seems like hours. We’re treated to a round of applause by our on-lookers as we smile and rub each other ALL over, massaging and rubbing everyones seed and cum over our bodies. “OH, SHIT!” Em says. “It’s after midnight, there won’t be anyone here to let us out till 9am!” Drew and I look at the boys, look at the liquor and smile at the toys as we turn and say simultaneously “We’re in NO hurry!” grabbing the vibrators again we purr “Are you?” The boys smile and start beating their semi-rigid cocks to see who will be the first one hard again…To be continued???

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