Emma Watson vs. Camren Bicondova


Emma Watson vs. Camren BicondovaEmma was meeting her new friend Camren in a few minutes at a local bar. They had met at a fashion show, and got along fabulously from the start. Cam was younger than Emma, and a lot less experienced with men. They talked about men a lot, as most women do when they’re alone and at a bar. They had graded various body parts of the men who walked by. They were somewhat hidden in a dark corner.“Wow, Emma! Look at that guy’s ass! I’ve never seen better!” Cam said.“Very nice! That would be a firm handhold if he was pounding your goods! Just a nice reach around to hold him close and direct his thrusts!” Emma replied.“Jeez! I wish I had your experience! Then I would know how to please my sex partner. Have you ever…you know…sucked a man’s cock?” Cam asked while blushing.“Of course! I try my best to please my partner! That’s how you have really great sex: when each person does their best to make the other one cum!” Emma answered.“Have you ever been with a girl?” Cam asked.“Come with me Cam!” Emma said rather abruptly.Cam didn’t know why they were leaving the bar without picking up some guys, but she trusted Emma knew what she was doing.“Let’s go to my place!” Emma said.“Ok! Then what?” Cam asked.“Are you a virgin?” Emma asked Cam.“Not exactly.” Cam said.“Trust me! That question has only two possible answers: yes or no. So, are you a virgin?” Emma asked.“No! I had a boyfriend who took my cherry, but he came almost instantly! I never had a chance to even get horny!” Cam answered.“After tonight you will definitely NOT be a virgin! You will have plenty of time to get turned on and you will have an orgasm too!” Emma promised.“That’s another thing. I don’t know if I’ve had a real orgasm!” Cam admitted.“If you don’t know if you’ve had an orgasm, then you haven’t had one! An orgasm is like nothing you’ve ever had before! It’s like your entire body and mind are exploding! Let me bring you to an orgasm!” Emma said.“Ok! What do I have to do?” Cam asked.During this conversation they arrived at Emma’ apartment building. They went up to her flat which was spacious and welcoming.“Cam! Remove my blouse! You will see why I seldom wear a bra!” Emma said.Cam moved in close to Emma and began undoing the few buttons that ran down the front of Emma’s blouse. To her surprise she noticed that Emma wasn’t wearing a bra, but her tits stood up straight and proud!“Fuck Emma! I wish I had your tits! They’re perfect!” Cam said.With that, Emma’s blouse fell to the floor. Her breasts were indeed perfect.“Suck my titties Cam! Do it now!” Emma commended.“I…I’ve never done that before!” Cam admitted.“Remember what I said earlier! You must do your best to try to make your sex partner cum! We are going to have sex with each other tonight, after which you will be left exhausted and very happy! Go ahead and suck on my breasts!” Emma sarıyer escort said.Cam slipped one of Emma’s nipples in her mouth. Her lips developed a suction on Emma’s tit! Emma felt Cam’s tongue lave across her small erect nipple! Being adventurous, Cam nibbled lightly on the erect tissue!“Fuck Cam! I don’t believe you’ve never done this before! You’re a natural! Keep on doing that while I remove your top! I want to return the favor!” Emma said.With her right nipple in between Cam’s lips, Emma reached out and removed Cam’s blouse. Cam’s nipples were also hard! Emma rolled one of them between her thumb and index finger! Cam wore an AA cup bra if she ever wore one. In fact, Cam was flat chested. That made no difference to Emma!“Do you like how I’m pinching, pulling, and twisting your nipple? It excites me to be exciting you!” Emma said.Taking her mouth from Emma’s creamy breasts, Cam said “Yes Emma! Oh God yes! Will you suck on my nipples? Please?” Cam begged.Both girls were now panting as they became more and more turned on!Emma’s mouth slid down to Cam’s hard nipples! Emma went back and forth between Cams nipples! “Oh shit! I hope she eats me out! I’m getting very horny for her!” Cam thought.Cam felt Emma reach down to Cam’s tight leather pants as she tugged them down off her wonderfully shaped ass! Cam was going commando that evening in the hope of having sex! She just hadn’t expected the sex to be with a beautiful young woman like Emma!Cam returned the favor and took Emma’s pants off. Emma had on a beautiful pair of panties on! “Geez! How sexy she looks in those panties! I have to go down on her right now!” she said to herself.Emma led Cam into her bedroom to her king size bed! Cam pushed Emma down on her back!“Shit Cam! What are you going to do?” Emma asked.“You’ll see Emma!” Cam replied. Reaching for Emma’s panties, she slowly pulled them down and off her feet.Emma held her head up just enough to watch Cam. Cam spread Emma’s legs and put her mouth on Emma’s cunt! Cam began licking and kissing Emma’s clitoris!“Oh, shit Cam! You really know how to show a girl a good time! Your tongue feels wonderful on my clit! Just keep on doing what you’re doing!” Emma said.“Shit! Oh God!!” Emma moaned.“Is this the best way to do it?” Cam asked.“Shut the fuck up! Get your mouth back in my pussy!” Emma demanded.Emma felt her orgasm rising inside her! Spreading her legs even further, she put both hands on the back of Cam’s head and pulled Cam’s face hard against her cunt!“That’s it Baby! Now shake your head left and right while twiddling your tongue on my clit! Oh, yes Cam! Sweety! Eat me out! Eat my pussy! Here I cum! I’m gonna cum now! Oh God you sweet little slut! Shit! I’m cumming! I’m ccccuuuummmmiing!! Oh, shit yes! You perfect young slut!” Emma said.When esenyurt escort Emma’s orgasm was finished, they parted. Emma’s entire crotch was soaking wet from her own juices and Cam’s saliva! Cam’s face was very wet!“Get up on the bed Cam! Kneel down on all fours! It’s my turn to make you cum!” Emma said. “Close your eyes!”Emma got up and walked quickly to her closet, and brought out a blue tentacle strap on! “Keep your eyes closed Cam!”Quickly Emma fastened it around her hips! “She’ll take this seriously!” Emma thought to herself.Reaching in her side table, Emma brought out the jar of Vaseline, opened it, and took a large glob of the petroleum jelly! In just a few moments, the tentacle was well lubricated!Emma kneeled on the bed directly behind Cam’s beautiful ass! “You are about to be fucked from behind!” Emma said.“What? How…?” Cam asked. Feeling behind herself, Cam’s hand touched the slippery strap on. “No Emma! Please don’t! I’m begging you! No! Stop!” Cam begged.Emma made no response. She just posed the end of the artificial cock at the opening of Cam’s vagina!First just the tip entered Cam’s hot pussy! Then in one hard thrust, Emma buried the tentacle strap on deep into Cam’s cunt!“Eeeeee! Stop! Take it out! Not this way! Fuck no! Please don’t!” Cam begged.Cam felt the rough plastic withdrawing from her body! “Thank you Emma! Thanx for taking it out!” Cam said.But then Emma jammed it in again! “Oh God, please stop! I don’t want to cum this way! I want a real cock in me!”It didn’t matter what Cam wanted! With no regard for Cam’s wishes, Emma started fucking the blue monster in and out of her cunt!“Take it slut! Take all of my cock! Press back on it! Get in the rhythm, bitch!” Emma demanded.“Oh God! Oh God no! Please stop! It hurts! It burns!” Cam begged.“Don’t be such a whiner! Concentrate on how your pussy feels! This is the way you’ll achieve orgasm!” Emma claimed.“Brace yourself bitch! We’ve got a long way to go! Now, here it comes even faster! Cum on my big cock, slut!” Emma urged Cam!Immediately, Cam felt the tentacle dildo speed up! Emma watched Cam’s ass cheeks bounce with every deep stroke of the strap on tentacle cock!Cam began to feel her clit quiver back and forth! In spite of her earlier feelings of being ****d by the plastic cock, it was now making her hornier and hornier! She had never felt this good! She felt as if she was going to pass out from the pleasure!“God yes Emma! It’s starting to feel really good! Am I having an orgasm?” Cam asked.“No! You’ll know when you’re having an orgasm when you have to scream out loud, that it feels too wonderful! Pinch your nipples!” Emma demanded.“Shit! Oh, please fuck me harder! I feel like I’m going to explode! Yes! Ooohhhh fuck! That feels wonderful! Oh fuck! Fuck yes! Aaaaaaaaahh! Please don’t stop! Iiiieeeeeeeooo!” avrupa yakası escort Cam screamed, and then fainted on the covers!Emma didn’t stop! The tentacle strapon kept on pistoning hard and deep in and out of Cam’s once virgin cunt! Finally, Emma stopped out of pure exhaustion.Cam woke up earlier than Emma did!“Well, I can see that I have my chance to use a dildo on Emma’s cunt! I’ll make her wish she never forced me to endure such humiliation!” Cam thought to herself.Cam silently moved to where Emma had gotten her tentacle dildo, and found a second strap on dildo which was black and quite thick! She put it on her hips and stood to look down on Emma!Emma lay on the bed with her perfect ass poised ready for whatever Cam had in mind! Cam lubricated her black dildo with the petroleum jelly.Cam grasped Emma by her hips and pulled her up onto her hands and knees. The blue tentacle and the straps around Emma’s hips made it impossible to use the black dildo in her pussy! Without a second thought, Cam positioned the black dildo at the opening to Emma’s once virgin asshole. With one quick push, it penetrated about two inches into Emma’s bowels!“Aaaahhh! Shit! Stop! Not like that! Take it out of me!” Emma screamed.Cam ignored Emma’s demands and the second stroke buried another six inches of black plastic deep into Emma’s ass! “That’s the way Emma! You’re a little ass whore for me tonight!” Cam said as she began stroking the dildo faster and faster in and out of Emma’s ass!“Take it all slut! Tell me how much you love it, baby! Spread your ass cheeks for me, whore!” Cam demanded.Much to her own shame, Emma did enjoy it! As soon as the second stroke bottomed out in her ass, Emma began rubbing her clit and breathing quickly! “Yes, Cam! Fuck my ass! Fuck it hard, deep, and fast! You’re a quick learner!”Cam felt a strong pleasure in dealing out such pleasure to one of the most beautiful women in the world! She felt in charge of this forced ass fucking, and that made her grab Emma’s hips and fuck her sweet little asshole with gusto!“Oh God! Fuck me!” urged Emma.“Yes, please make me take it all!” she said.Cam was being urged on by Emma. Not wanting to be seen as taking orders, Cam put both her hands in Emma’s hair and pulled it all into one long pony tail! Cam pulled! She pulled hard! She yanked so hard that Emma’s head was faced at the ceiling.“Don’t give me any orders, slut! Maybe I’ll pull all your hair out!” Cam yelled.“Please Mistress! Please fuck my ass! Please don’t stop!” Emma begged.“That’s better! Beg, don’t order me about.” Cam said.“Are you about to explode? Are you about to have an orgasm as I fuck your little asshole, Emma?” Cam asked.“Oh yes! Keep fucking my ass, please! Here I cum now! Here I cum!” Emma announced.Emma felt waves of pleasure break over her! Wave after wave announced to her horny brain that she was cumming!“Aaahiiieee! I’m…I’m cumming now! Oh, fuck yes Cam! You’re such a beautiful lesbian whore!” Emma said.As soon as Emma announced her orgasm, Cam pulled the black dildo from her ass!“Oh God no! Fuck my ass some more! Fuck me!” Emma said.“That’s enough for you! Maybe next time you’ll beg more and make demands less!” Cam told her.

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