Emma’s Growing Pains Ch. 04


Emma arrived at the party with Jake who was her date for the evening. He had promised that it would be a crazy night and she she had high hopes for drinking and dancing. The night started off slowly. At around 11:30, more people arrived and the party really started to swing.

“Enjoying yourself?” Asked Jake, shouting over the music. Emma nodded in reply. It was a good party. So far she had had a couple of glasses of wine and a sneaky rum and coke. All about the smoke filled room, people danced and cheered.

A camera flashed and caught Emma’s eye. She looked over to see 2 guys making faces at some passed out girl. The camera flashed again and again as she was pulled this way and that. One of the men – feeling extra confident – pulled down the side of her top. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her firm young breast came into view.

“Who is that girl?” Emma asked Jake. She had long brunette hair, slim body and quite a pretty face, only about 5 foot 1 though.

“Susan Jackson I think?” He replied, “Why?”

“She looks way to young to be here.” Emma said, as the camera flashed again.

“She’s 20 years old, I’m sure of it”.

Emma shrugged. She watched as the other side of the girls top was pulled down. Now both breasts were exposed. A small crowd gathered around to watch the show, all of which were men. A hand circled Susan’s breast, then another guy on the opposite side did the same. Both men leaned in,each taking a hard nipple into there mouths. Every so often the camera would flash, capturing the moment.

“This is giving me a right hard on.” Jake said, nudging Emma. They had only been dating a 2 weeks. Emma wasn’t ready to start having sex with him yet, even though she loved it. She wanted to try normal dating for a while first. Emma hated to admit it, she too felt turned on by what she saw and noticed a couple of women had sat down to watch the action. The girl was pulled partly off the sofa and her dress lifted over her waist. Her pink panties were pulled off a moment later.

“Take a picture of that shaved pussy.” One of the men said. Then pulling her legs wide apart, lowered his face and began lapping his tongue against her clit. Emma watched with wide eyed, amazement. She had never had her pussy licked but had heard it was wonderful, yet this girl didn’t even flinch. Emma could clearly see his tongue working over the wet pussy and pushing into her hole. He backed off slightly and then pushed in two fingers. The camera flashed again and again. He moved his fingers quickly. Emma could see the wetness on them and could feel her own growing wetness between her legs.

“Anyone else want a lick?” The man offered. A huge cheer rose from every corner. “Debbie, what about you? Do you want some of this?” Debbie, a 6 foot pretty blonde shook her head. “Debbie..Debbie…Debbie..” a chant began from the collection of men.

“Okay, Okay.” She said, holding up her hands. The men cheered and hooted like a pack of animals as she stood up and walked over to the wasted girl. Emma could hardly watch, as Debbie parted the girls legs and lowered her face.

“No way,” Emma whispered. Debbies tongue flicked over Susan’s hard clit, then she buried it deeply inside her. She lashed out with her tongue, licked all around the pussy and shook her head. She used her fingers to pull the girls poker oyna pussy lips apart and ran her tongue up and down her slit. The men cheered constantly and the camera flashed every few seconds. Emma squirmed at the sight although she couldn’t stop watching. Every so often she was aware of Jake turning to look at her then back to the lesbian scene going on in front of him. Ten minutes later, the girl stood up and wiped away the juices from her mouth. The men clapped her on the back as she passed and sat down.

“Right,” said the man. He tugged down his trousers and boxers. An impressive 7 inch cock sprang into view. “Now she is warmed up, the main event is about to start”. He moved between her legs, lined up his cock and slid in slowly but surely. He buried all 7 inches, on his first attempt and groaned loudly.

“Damn this bitch has a nice cunt.” He gasped as he pulled her towards him. He immediately began fucking her hard. Emma watched, unwilling to blink and amazed at what she was seeing. She could see his cock fucking in and out, all wet from the girls pussy. The guy gasped suddenly then pulled out spraying cum on the carpet. Emma sighed in disappointment, truly excited by the show.

“Next!” He shouted, standing up. Within seconds, another guy was knelt between her legs and easing in a thick 6 inch cock. Emma watched it all. Within 30 minutes, this girl had fucked more guys than Emma had in 18 years.

“I need the bathroom.” She said to Jake, then got up and left the room. She was in there quite a few minutes, trying to comprehend this weird night. She felt her pussy, it was soaking wet. Maybe tonight Jake will get lucky, she thought smiling to herself. She opened the door to see Debbie, and another Blonde girl in a passionate embrace.

“Sorry” Emma said, and moved to walk back downstairs.

“No problem.” Debbie replied, stepping in front of Emma and stopping her. “You enjoying yourself?”

“Its different.” Emma replied honestly, smiling back. Debbie moved forward suddenly, her lips crushed against Emma’s. She gripped Emma’s shoulders firmly and pushed her back into the bathroom. Emma finally broke the kiss and backed up a couple of steps, just as the other girl closed and locked the door.

“I’m not a lesbian.” Emma stated.

“Like we care.” The other girl said, an extremely attractive black haired girl, about 5’8, slender build, tanned body, and dressed in jeans and tight Tiny T-shirt. Emma whimpered. She tried to push past Debbie, but the taller girl pushed her back and up against a wall. Emma felt her dress being pulled up her thighs. “No.” She protested, as it raised over her thighs. She fought against Debbie, but the girl was too strong. Her dress continued over up her body, till it bunched under her arm pits.

“She’s got a hot body.” The other girl said, admiringly. Debbie lifted her knee, stuck it into Emma’s stomach and tugged hard at the dress. Emma bent over in the middle and the dress eventually came free. She was now only wearing matching black lacy underwear. The two girls came at her together. Her arms were grabbed, bra undone and knickers pulled down her legs and off. The girls didn’t back off now. They forced her to the floor, pinning her down.

“Please, I’m straight.” Emma pleaded.

“So fucking what!” The other girl said.

“If canlı poker oyna you not a lesbian, how come your pussy is so wet huh?” Debbie asked. Before Emma could even retort, she felt a tongue lick her. I don’t believe this, Emma thought. Who ever was licking her, it felt really good. Emma started to recognise the technique from watch she saw earlier, and knew it had to be Debbie.

“If she is straight, then use this.” The other girl said. Emma felt something hard against her pussy, then a moment later it pushed inside.

“What?” Emma said, struggling unsuccessfully to get free. It withdrew slightly before sliding in really deep inside her. “Arrgghh” She moaned in pleasure. It withdrew slowly again, before being pushed in so deep, Emma actually squealed. Her whole body jerked violently.

“Fuck.” Debbie said in amazement, “How much did she take?.” The thing was removed completely, Emma heard whispering for a few seconds before Debbie said, “You just took 8 inches bitch!” The object was pushed back in, it slid in just as deep as before causing Emma to jerk and whimper in pleasure.

“Push it in more.” The other girl said. Emma felt the pressure increase, she gritted her teeth as it slid in another inch before reaching its maximum depth. Emma bucked wildly underneath Debbie, as the thing was held steady.

“Fuck, 9 inches, I can only take 7 inches.” moaned Debbie, “What about you?”

“Honestly, I don’t know, never had sex with a guy and never used a toy bigger than 5 inches in my pussy. I get to 5 inches and chicken out, guess I will never know. Any way, speaking of that, let me taste her. Its what I do best.” The thing was removed and a moment later a soft tongue slid over her cunt. The tongue worked Emma expertly, in just the right way. Emma soon, to her horror knew an orgasm was fast approaching. She felt 3 fingers slid impossibly deep inside her, as her mouth sucked on her clit.

“Tight bitch.” She heard the girl say, as the fingers worked in and out, “Wish I had a pussy like this.” The orgasm hit a moment later. Emma arched her back so powerfully, she completely lifted Debbie off her, rolling the larger girl onto the floor. She gasped for breath, her pussy tightened and relaxed as the orgasm washed over her.

The girl leaned in and kissed Emma, who didn’t even have the strength to resist; even when Carla slid her tongue into her mouth.

The girl broke the kiss and winked. She and Debbie got up and left a moment later leaving Emma still on the floor naked. Noticing the door was ajar, Emma managed to get to her feet.

“Hey Carla, come here a minute, I got something to show you.” Emma heard some man say.

“Catch you later Debbie,” Carla said, then Emma heard her walk away. A moment later, she heard a muffled cry. Getting dressed quickly, Emma left the bathroom and walked towards the corridor opposite. It turned down another unused corridor where some spare bedrooms where.

“Stop.” She heard Carla say, barely audioable above the music from downstairs. Emma decided to investigate. She tip toed silently down till she reached the end room. The door was open just a crack, she peaked in. Inside the room, a small lamp glowed and three men wrestled Carla. Slowly, one by one they removing each item of her clothing till she was completely naked. She internet casino had a beautiful body, two of the men were already naked and sporting impressive hard on’s.

She looked at each in fear, then said, “I’m a lesbian, please don’t do this”

“Like we give a fuck?” One replied, as the last man removed his boxes, a huge 8 inch cock sprung into view. Two moved towards her, grabbing at arms and legs, while the 3rd lay down on the bed. The 3 of them, pulled her this way and that till finally she was straddling the guy laying down. Her wet pussy inches from it.

“Stop you bastards, I’m a lesbian, I only do pussy.” She hissed.

“So do we.” The one laying down said. As one they pushed her down on his cock. She thrashed about but was already impaled on 2 inches and she couldn’t get it out. Down she slowly went, her strength impressed them but they pushed on. When it reached 5 inches, a point she knew very well, she cried out. “No more, you disgusting animals”

“Shut it bitch.” One of the guys replied, as one they pushed again. Carla whined like an animal as another inch disappeared. It was to much, her legs went weak, as the cock reached 6 inches deep. She plopped down on his lap, the remaining 2 inches firmly buried into her tight pussy. The guy below groaned in satisfaction, as the one behind her applied something to his cock and then knelt behind her. Her only warning was a slight bit of pressure before another hard cock slipped deep into her body, from behind.

“Noooo…” she gasped, a moment before the 3rd and final cock slipped between her lips and deep into her mouth. Emma watched it all in quiet amazement. The guys moved her into proper position. The guy fucking her from behind, grabbed her arms and with one strong hand, he managed to pin her hands together behind her back. With the other hand was on her shoulder, he kept her from moving upwards off the guy below’s cock and moving backwards towards him. The guy underneath had his hands cupping her C cup breasts and also kept her from moving forward towards him. The guy kneeling down had his hands firmly on her head, keeping it from moving. The guys lifted her up slightly, so the guy below could move and then began fucking her in almost perfect harmony. Emma watched as each cock slid in deeply, paused for a second then withdrew almost all the way out again. The pace was steady, perhaps well rehearsed. The girl, for all her efforts could not move a single inch in any direction as each cock slowly penetrated her.

Emma watched for 15 minutes, could see each cock clearly and wondered how on earth Carla must be feeling. What comes around, she thought to herself. She wondered if Carla would have a powerful orgasm, some straight women would love to be her right now. She watched as, on the nod from the guy kneeling down, the pace quickened and Carla struggled to be free but to no avail. Perhaps she won’t, Emma thought. Then turned and left everyone to there fun.

Emma walked downstairs, back to the loud music. Most people had gone or were passed out so she decided to find Jake. She wasn’t going to fuck him tonight, but owed him a lift home. She stuck her head around the room, the first thing she saw was the wasted girl. She was now naked on the sofa and with Jake no less before her. He had her legs on his shoulders and fucking like there was no tomorrow. The girl moaned softly but was clearly still out of it. How many men fucked her tonight she wondered, 10… 20.. more?

She turned and left, not wanting to be part of this party now or ever again.

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