Encounter after a Business Meeting


It had been a rather tough meeting that day – a little too warm, a little too much work, that kind of thing. Negotiations were tough, and most in the room were demanding – all of them against him, or so it seemed.

She was so different – he was intrigued by her. It was difficult to keep his mind on matters at hand – she was absolutely gorgeous, and just across the table from him. He longed to stretch his legs and accidentally touch her. What was she all about?

The meeting adjourned with a resolve to continue the next day. Impulsively he scribbled a quick note and slipped it in her hand as they were leaving the boardroom – “Would she like to meet for a drink on her way home?”

She smiled politely, but did not answer, and left. He was disappointed, though not surprised. A few minutes later he packed up his case and left the building. As he walked to his car his mind was consumed with thoughts about her. He was truly very disappointed.

Opening the car door he noticed a piece of paper under the wiper blade. It read: “O.K. meet me down the street, little bar on the right, if it’s full, I’ll be in the restaurant in back…”

Ecstatic, he rushed to the bar and bounded inside. As luck would have it, the little bar was full. She, being a loyal patron of the establishment, had been given a seat in the adjoining restaurant which had not yet opened for the evening’s business. As promised, he found her seated by herself, alone in this darkened room, away from the smoke and noise, at a cozy booth that enveloped a quaint round table, covered by a long white tablecloth.

His pounding heart began to relax as he took his first sip of scotch – she was indeed beautiful – slim, with petite features, and very classy. She kurtuluş escort had deep gorgeous eyes and an infectious smile. Her clothing was immaculate and obviously expensive. Her blouse was unbuttoned at the top, revealing a gold chain around her small neck. She wore a dark skirt with a thin slit on one side, and sexy black patent high heels. Her finger nails were picture perfect deep red. As she crossed her shapely legs, she accidentally brushed against him – his heart leaped into his throat – she was so sexy. The sound of her nylon stockings rubbing against each other aroused him, and with her leg now in full view, he could barely contain himself – the slit in her skirt revealed the top of one of her nylon stockings.

As they talked, his attraction for her deepened exponentially and he found it increasingly more difficult to concentrate on anything except her. Before long, under her spell, he accidentally dropped his key off the table. As he reached down to find it, his hand brushed against her nylon-clad leg, which startled her, but almost unconsciously she pressed her leg against him. Still unable to locate the elusive key, he apologized for his clumsiness, and kneeled down under the table to look for it.

By this time he could not resist any longer. He positioned himself under the table, (well hidden by the long white table cloth) and succumbed to his desires. Uncomfortable by his actions, she first resisted, but began to relent as he gently nibbled on her ankle. He slowly kissed first her ankle, then began to work his way up the inside of her leg to her thigh. Under the cover of the tablecloth, she subtlety repositioned her body to allow him the access he needed. She gasped as his warm, levent escort wet kisses touched her bare skin at the top of her stocking – this was starting to feel too good. As the shivers of delight spiked through her body, she moved her body to the edge of the bench and allowed him to make her feel good.

It was his turn to shudder as he realized she was wearing no panties – this part of her was as beautiful as the rest of her. He continued to plant slow, careful, wet kisses on her inner thighs, occasionally accidentally brushing his tongue across her lips, which were by now swollen and glistening. His deliberate teasing was beginning to take its toll, and she began to slowly thrust her body to meet his kisses as she placed her hands on the back of his head. He continued to kiss her and fondle her with his warm, wet lips as she weaved her fingers through his hair and pulled his head closer and closer. The quiet became deafening, broken only by the sound of his hands caressing her beautiful legs through her stockings, from the tip of her toes to the top of her waist. Occasionally he stopped kissing her, and gently tugged at her hair with his lips – she swelled in more wetness with each tug, and he knew it was time for her. He gently blew his warm breath on her swollen lips, then carefully began to part them with the tip of his tongue as she resigned her final will of resistance and sat back to agonize in pleasure. His tongue began to ever so gently explore her, deep inside, leaving no part of her untouched while his fingers expertly caressed her on the outside. He thrust his tongue into her body deeper and deeper, as he held her heated body close, and did not stop as she began to shudder in ecstasy. He was ready, maçka escort and as she began to tremble he responded to amplify her climax as she slipped from the surly bonds of mere mortal flesh to surrender to an un-describable pleasure …

As her feeling began to diminish and she returned to the present, she sat back, hardly able to believe what had just happened. He crawled out from under the table, a naughty smile on his face, and once again sat beside her, just in time to place another drink order with the waitress who had just come by.

As they chuckled about their encounter and regained their composure, his hand remained on her under cover of the tablecloth, still caressing her, unable to leave her beautiful body alone.

A few minutes later they left the table as innocently as they had arrived. It was clear that this was only the beginning, however, as they walked arm in arm to find her car. The elevator was crowded as they entered, and she backed up against him to create more room. She couldn’t help but notice his excitement as her body pressed against his while waiting for all others to leave. As they reached the top floor of the parkade they were once again alone, and lost no opportunity for their first passionate embrace. There were no other cars at the top floor as they walked to the edge of the parkade to view the city lights. The air was warm, as was their feeling for each other, and the passion increased once again as they held each other tightly.

He now longed to feel her pleasure and maneuvered her to the edge of the lot. In instinctive unison she bent over as he lifted the back of her skirt. She waited in anticipation as he once again fondled her lips, and then gasped as he smoothly entered her from behind. He pumped into her in slow deliberate motions, and entered deeper and deeper with each stroke, one hand holding her firmly while the other massaged her tingling nerve. Once again her pleasure swiftly increased to a shuddering climax as he pulsated in a strong eruption …

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