Encounter With The Mail Lady


Jason Michaels lay in bed slowly stroking his 7 ½ inch cock as he thought about the hot sex he had the night before. At 35, he thought he was a looker, 5’11”, 170lbs, auburn hair, with bluish green eyes. He had never been married but he never had any trouble finding women willing to take his hard cock deep into their bodies.

Of course there was one hot body that he had been lusting after for years and yet had not had a conquest with. He stroked his cock faster as he thought about her. She was 26, full figured, 5’9″, with jet black hair, and violet eyes. She was the hottest woman he had ever met and he wanted her so bad it was like she was a drug in his system that he knew wouldn’t go away until he had her. She teased him every day with her body and her smiles as she came to his house. She always left with a swing in her hips that made him want to tear her clothes off and take her right there on the front porch.

He didn’t know if she was married or single, he didn’t care. She haunted his dreams and his waking hours. Those violet eyes that would pierce right through his very soul. He had to have her or he would go out of his mind. He had never lusted as much after a female before as he did this one. He wanted his mail lady.

Jason was sure she had no idea the way she affected him. She was always so nice and always had a smile on her face when she delivered the mail. Even if she was having a rotten day she always had a smile for him. He stroked his cock even faster as he thought about her, how her tits always pushed against the material or her uniform and he could swear her nipples were winking at him. He wanted to rip her clothes off and molest her with his body. He wanted to run his tongue all over her hot body until she was begging him to fuck her. She drove him close to insanity with how bad he wanted her and today was the day he was going to get her. He had a plan on how to get into her pants and he planned on not letting her get away again.

He stroked his cock harder and started panting as he felt his balls starting to boil. He was so close to cumming. He pinched his balls and cried out as he started shooting all over his stomach and chest. He continued stroking as the last little bit dribbled out then he sat up and smiled. The next time he came he was planning on it being inside Amelia. Even the thought of her name on his lips sent shivers through his body. He glanced at the clock and smiled, he had just enough time to take a shower before she showed up. He jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom climbing into the shower and humming to himself as he cleaned up. Oh yes, today was going to be a very good day.

Amelia Johnson parked the truck at the corner and climbed out then went to the back and started gathering the mail. Christmas was just around the corner and it seemed like everybody was getting packages. She buttoned up her coat against the chill wind then filled her bag with as much as she could carry. She would have to come back to the car before she finished the block but it couldn’t’ be helped. Every house seemed to get at least one or two packages and her bag was only so big.

She closed the back of the truck and started up the street, stopping at each house and delivering the mail. If they were getting a package she would knock on the door. If there was no answer she would leave the package in front of the door and continue on. She was halfway done with the block when she came to Jason’s house. She noticed he had a package so she walked up the walkway and knocked on the door.

She was about to leave the package in front of the door and continue on her route when the door opened. She couldn’t hold back the gasp that slipped from between her lips as she stared at him. He was standing there in just a towel, his body sparkling from the water still attached to his body. His hair was wet and hung in waves down his back. “Sorry, just got out of the shower.” He grinned and she felt like her legs were going to collapse out from under her. Her pussy started leaking like a faucet as she stood there looking at him.

She blinked and stammered. “I…its okay, y…you have a package.” She held the package out to him, her hand shaking.

He reached out and took the package, his fingers brushing hers. She gasped again and felt her nipples tighten as he smiled. “Thanks, I have one going out. You want to come in for a minute while I grab it?”

She knew she should get out of there, get away from him. He was affecting her body in ways no man had ever before. She could tell him to just take the package down to the local post office and continue on her route, but she didn’t. Instead she said sure and when he stepped back she stepped into the house. She stood off to the side as he closed the door behind her. “It’s in here.” He pointed towards the living room.

She followed him into the room and looked around. It was your standard living room with a couch, TV and coffee table. There was a desk in the corner with a computer on it and a house of the dragon izle roaring fire in the fireplace. There was a bear skin rug lying in front of the fireplace. He stood in the middle of the room and smiled at her, she stood in the doorway nervously looking at everything but at him.

“W…where is the package?” She stammered finally training her eyes on him.

He smiled and pulled the towel from around his waist. He reached down and grasped his hard cock and looked at her. “Right here, want to help me wrap it?”

Amelia gasped and her eyes got wide. “I…I….I need to go.” She turned back towards the door. She was halfway to the door when she felt his hand on her arm. She slowly turned and looked at him.

“Please don’t go.” He said softly.

She lifted her eyes to his. “W…what do you want from me?”

He reached out and cupped her chin in his hand. He lifted her face and lowered his mouth to hers, kissing her softly.

Amelia’s eyes went wide as he moved his lips over hers in a soft caress. She had been kissed before but it never affected her the way his kiss did. Her body was on fire suddenly, her nipples were tight and her pussy was leaking like a faucet. She stood stiffly in his arms unsure how to react to the kiss. He pulled his mouth away and smiled at her. “I want you Amelia; I have for a long time. Please don’t go.” He reached out and cupped her breast through her coat, and gently squeezed her nipple.

Her eyes widened once again. She didn’t know what to do, her body was on fire but she knew she should leave. She barely knew this man but god she wanted him. Her pussy was leaking like crazy and she was sure he was the only one who could put the fire out. She opened her mouth to speak but was cut off as he pressed his lips against hers once more. This kiss was deeper, more intense and she couldn’t hold back the moan that escaped her lips. She rested her hand on his chest to push him away but instead pulled him closer.

When he slipped the bag from her shoulder and let it fall to the floor she knew she should pull away but she couldn’t seem to get her body to work. When he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, she leaned into him, letting him caress her. When his tongue probed for entrance into her mouth she slowly opened her lips and moaned as he teased her with his tongue. She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around his naked body as he held her tight against him. He deepened the kiss and she whimpered with need.

Amelia clung to him as she returned the kiss, when she started kissing him back he moaned against her mouth and pulled her even tighter against his body. She could feel his cock pressing against her and whined against his mouth.

Jason pulled away and looked into her eyes as she slowly opened them. Her breathing was ragged and her nipples were rock hard little pebbles pushing against her coat. He reached up and brushed her hair back away from her face and smiled softly. “Stay with me Amelia, let me show you how bad I want you.”

“I…I…” She stammered, her voice seemed to be gone. She couldn’t seem to think she could only feel. He took her hand and placed it on his cock and wrapped her hand around it. She gasped and looked at him. “I….I can’t.” He moved her hand up and down over him and watched her eyes.

“Yes you can, let me love you.”

He reached out and started unbuttoning her coat. When it was open he pushed it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. He smiled as he saw how her nipples were pressing against her shirt. “You want me Amelia,” He sighed softly. “I can see how bad you want me. Deny it if you can.”

She looked down at where her hand was still clutching him. She wanted to pull her hand away but couldn’t seem to make her hand work. Instead she slowly started stroking him and heard his moan. “I…I can’t.” She finally stammered lifting her eyes to look into his.

He smiled; he knew he had her right where he wanted her. “Don’t fight it love, let me love you.” He took her hand off his cock and led her back into the living room. He stopped in front of the fireplace and pulled her into his arms once more, kissing her hard and deep. She moaned against his mouth and pressed against him. He ran his hands up and down her back and cupped her ass pressing her hard against his erection. “Feel how bad I want you baby?” He growled against her mouth.

She whimpered and pressed closer to him. “Y…yes, oh yes.”

He pulls away from her and smiles. “Let me love you baby.” He purrs starting to unbutton her shirt.

She looked up at him through passion filled eyes. “I…I’m so hot.”

He smiled at her and slips her shirt from her shoulders. “I know baby, I can take care of the fire, let me take care of it.” When her shirt is on the floor he reaches behind her and undoes her bra letting her tits spring free as he slips it down her arms and throws it to the floor as well. Amelia how i caught my killer izle shivered as he looked at her, she wanted to cover up but he reached out and grasped her tit gently stroking the firm flesh. “You have a beautiful body Amelia.” He purred huskily.

“Thank you,” She sighed closing her eyes and pushing against his hand. He took her nipple between his fingers and gently squeezed it making her whimper with need. “You like that baby?” He asked huskily.

She slowly opened her eyes and looked at him. “Yes, but I need more.”

He smiled and reached over and undid her pants, sliding them down her legs until she was able to step out of them. She kicked them to the side and stood there in just a G-string. He stood back and stared at her body a low whistle escaping his lips. “God, you are more beautiful than I ever imagined.” He took her hands in his and twirled her back and forth just admiring her body.

Amelia smiled softly and looked at him through passion filled eyes. “Touch me Jason,” She purred softly.

He moved forward and took her into his arms once more bringing his lips to hers. The kiss was deep and hard and Amelia moaned hotly against his mouth as she pressed against him. She felt his hand at her back and him pushing her until she went to her knees then finally to her back on the rug. She felt the softness of the rug against her back and smiled up at him as he lay over her.

He closed his eyes and tried to control his breathing. He had wanted her for so long; he was still having a hard time realizing she was real, that she really was in his arms. He ran his finger down her chest between her breasts and watched her shiver with pleasure. “I have wanted you for so long, it is hard to believe you are really here.” He sighs huskily.

Amelia reached up and ran her hand over his cheek. “I have wanted you as well, I just wasn’t sure how to approach you.”

He leaned down and kissed her softly then moved his lips down and nuzzled at her neck. She shivered and ran her fingers through his hair. “Oh yes, touch me.” She purred as he moved on down her body until he was nuzzling her breasts with his lips. He licked at her tit, making her whimper with need. He licked around her nipple and she sighed with pleasure, when he took the small nub between his lips and sucked gently at it she gasped and moaned running her fingers through his hair and holding him tight against her. “Yes, oh god yes, that feels so good” She purred softly.

He sucked hard at her nipple until it was standing hard and proud away from her body, then he moved over to the other nipple and gave it the same treatment. Amelia was purring and running her fingers through his hair as he slowly brought her body to life. When his hand trailed down over her stomach she sucked in her breath, when his hand brushed over her panty covered pussy she let her breath out slowly and sighed in pleasure. “Touch me,” she begged running her hands over his shoulders and back.

He started kissing his way down her body, stopping at her belly button and digging his tongue inside licking at her, she giggled as he continued his journey downward. When he came to her panties he took the waistband in his teeth and started tugging downward, she lifted her hips helping him pull the material from her body as it slid slowly down over her slender legs and finally off her feet. Then he started kissing his way back up, starting at the base of her leg and kissing every piece of flesh he came to.

By the time he reached her pussy Amelia was a bundle of raw nerves. Her pussy was leaking like a faucet and her body was shivering in need. “Touch me, oh god touch me.” She begged reaching for him.

He smiled at her and pushed her legs apart then reached between them and spread her pussy lips open. He looked down at her clit which had pushed out of its hood and was throbbing mercilessly in need. “God your hot.” He growled leaning his head down and licking at the small nub.

Amelia cried out and lifted her hips against him as she tangled her fingers in his hair and held him against her. “Yes, eat me.” She begged pulling her knees up and spreading her legs wide open giving him plenty of access to her body.

Jason growled and licked at her clit again, then took the small nub between his lips and sucked greedily at it as he slid two fingers into her waiting well. She was soaked and his fingers just slid into her making her sigh with pleasure. “Yes, oh yes, that feels so good.” She moaned reached up and pulling at her tits with her hands.

He sucked hard at her clit as he started furiously working his fingers in and out of her wet hole. Amelia was panting and humping her body hard against his face, she rubbed her pussy up and down against his face as she whimpered with need. “Ugh, oh fuck yes, eat me, make me cum.” She begged pulling and twisting on her nipples.

He slid a third finger inside her and worked it hard how we roll izle in and out as he continued the torture on her clit, he raked his teeth across the sensitive nub and she just about jumped out of her skin. She moaned hotly and continued humping wildly against him. “Oh god, I’m cummminnnnnggggg….” She cried as she coated his fingers in her juices.

He continued sucking on her clit and fingering her hard through her orgasm. When she started to calm down, he sucked even harder trying to bring to the edge once again. She was so hot it didn’t take long before she was panting and clinging to him once more. “Ugh, fuck yes I’m cummminnnnnggggg again.” She screamed wrapping her legs around his head and holding him tight against her.

Jason pulled his fingers out of her and replaced them with his tongue, drilling it hard and fast into her hot wet hole. Amelia squealed and humped wildly against him until she was on the verge of cumming once more. “Oh god, what are you doing to me?” She asked breathlessly as he tonguefucked her to another mind blowing orgasm.

He finally pulled away and looked at her through hot eyes. “I’m making you feel good baby.” He growled kissing her stomach before moving up over her and covering her body with his own. He captured her lips with his own, kissing her deep and letting her taste herself on him. His cock was pressing against her stomach and she moaned hotly against his mouth.

She pulled her mouth away and looked at him through passion filled eyes. “Fuck me Jason, fuck me good.”

He reached down and grabbed her legs pressing them back against her chest as he leaned back on his arms. He took one hand and reached down and guided his cock against her entrance, stopping before entering her. “I don’t have any protection.” He said looking into her eyes.

She smiled as she lifted her hips. “It’s okay, I’m on the pill.”

He groaned at her words and lined his cock up at her entrance, he pressed slowly forward with his hips and moaned as he felt her split open to admit him into her body.

Amelia arched her back as she felt his slow entrance into her body. “Ooooooooohhhhh…” She moaned feeling her pussy stretch around him as he slowly entered her. “Yes, fuck me.” She cried wrapping her legs around his waist and pulling him deeper inside her.

He rested his hands on either side of her body and pushed back against her legs as he continued his slow entrance. When she had about half of him, he pulled back just a bit then pressed forward once more. Amelia whimpered in need as she lifted against him. “Fuck me.” She begged rotating her hips and pulling him in deeper.

Jason growled and started fucking her with long, drawn out strokes, digging far into her hot hole and pulling out only to impale her once more. Amelia moaned and lifted her hips meeting him with strokes of her own as she clawed at his back with her nails. “Oh yes, fuck me, make me cum on that big cock.”

He leaned down and captured her lips with his once more, his tongue driving hard into her mouth like the motion of his cock in her hot pussy. Amelia sucked at his tongue and he moaned hotly against her mouth as he fucked her harder. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held him tight as she lifted her body against him matching his strokes with ones of her own and pulling him deeper inside her with each thrust.

Jason growled against her mouth and kissed her harder, his tongue battling with her own as he kissed her. His cock drilling hard and fast inside her making both of them whimper and cry out in pleasure. “Oh fuck your pussy feels so good baby.” He growled against her lips.

She smiled and licked his upper lip. “Not as good as your cock feels. Fuck me I’m going to cum.”

Jason drilled harder and faster into her driving her ass into the rug as he pounded hard and deep into her body. “Oh yeah baby, cum for me, coat my cock in your wonderful juices.” He lowered his head and took one of her nipples between his lips sucking greedily at it.

“Ugh, yes oh yes I’m cummminnnnnggggg…” She cried holding his head tight against her breast as she went flying over the edge and her body shook with release.

Jason growled against her tit as he wrapped the nipple with his tongue and fucked her even harder than before. His cock was flying in and out of her hot body and both were panting and crying out as each reached for that glorious release. Amelia clung to him as he pushed her over the edge once more. “Fuck yesssssssssssssssss….” She screamed as her pussy tightened around his pounding cock.

“Fuck I’m cummminnnnnggggg…” He cried out suddenly bottoming out in her and letting go, his cum splashing all over her inner walls.

“Yes oh god yes, fill me up.” She cried tossing her head back and forth then relaxing against the rug and looking at him with lust filled eyes.

He lifted his head and looked into her eyes. “God, you were as perfect as I knew you would be.” He kissed her softly then pulled out of her body and rolled over onto his back pulling her with him so she was resting on his chest. She tangled her fingers in his chest hair and sighed softly.

“That was amazing.” She purred kissing his chest.

He smiled and wrapped his arm around her holding her close. “You were amazing.” He kissed the top of her head then lay back trying to get his breathing under control.

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