End of season party


End of season partyAs with any holiday centre, especially where many of the young staff lived on site there was an abundance of chalet hopping and sexual shenanigans going on. Almost every day brought a fresh, scandalous piece of gossip, Jane from the bars has dumped John the life guard, and is now fucking Paul the entertainments manager, and so on.I worked in the catering department as a chef, I didn’t live on site as I owned my own home and I’m married with k**s. The catering department had by far the largest number of staff living on camp, and were therefore at the centre of most of the scandalous rumours flying around daily, thankfully none of which were ever about me, until……… One day the male staff were called into the catering managers office to be informed that the second chef had been fired for the persistent sexual harassment of a waitress, and that we’d all be given our marching orders if this sort of behavior didn’t stop, adding, as a joke, “if you feel the need to touch an arse, do it amongst yourselves lads”. And so it became a running joke, every time you’d bump into a male colleague you’d squeeze their tuzla escort arse or cup their genitals and there’d be talk of spit-roasting, tea bagging, docking, followed by a good deal of playful dry humping, no one would bat an eyelid and no one was excluded. Towards the end of the season, when k**s had to go back to school, our clientele would change from families to older couples and many of our younger staff would leave to go to colleges and universities, to be replaced by newbies, one of which was Jake. Jake was fresh out of school and this was his first taste of a working environment. He was a quiet lad, almost painfully shy. I therefore made it my duty to bring him out of his shell and to make him feel part of the team, this included bringing him into our ‘mock’ homosexual running joke. When ever I’d visit him in the ‘pan bash’ I’d blow him a kiss, caress his buttocks or gently fondle his bollocks, feeling sure I wasn’t the only male member of staff who’d done it. He’d laugh somewhat nervously, then playfully kiss me on my cheek. On the night of the end of season party (fancy dress, yawn) held in the centres ballroom, tuzla escort bayan I was emptying my bladder of copious amounts of lager when Jake walked in and out of the blue said, “do you like me?”, “of course I do mate, you’re a good lad” I replied, “I’m glad” he said followed by “I turned 18 two days ago”, he looked at me as if expecting something “ok then, I’ll buy you a birthday drink” I said and made my way to the bar wondering why he’d looked a little disappointed. Knowing that the party would carry on down the staff chalets after the main party was over, I’d booked a chalet of my own, because that’s when the real party started. After much merriment and frivolity things started to quieten down so I said my farewells and made my way to my apartment. I was lying on my bed in t-shirt and boxers watching whatever shit was on the TV at silly o’clock in the morning when there was a knock on the door, it was Jake holding a 6pack of beer, “can I come in?”, he said, “you’ve got beer, of course you can”, I replied.We Drank, chatted and laughed then sat with our backs against the headboard in companionable silence, then I escort tuzla remembered our brief conversation in the toilet earlier, “why did you want to know if i liked you” i asked, “because I really like you” he said, “I think you’re a lovely lad” I said putting my arm around his shoulders and giving him a playful squeeze, “I think you’re lovely too” he replied nestling his head into my chest. The penny was starting to drop, I had butterflies in stomach, I looked down at him, he looked up at me then planted a small but tender kiss on my lips. BOOM!! Every fibre of my being exalted at that kiss, it was like I’d never been kissed before. I returned a kiss of my own, I felt his tongue probing my lips, they parted eager to accept its moist warmth. As our tongues met and battled, our hands wrestled with each others clothes until we were both naked. I rolled onto my back pulling him on top of me our throbbing cocks rubbing against each other. The kissing became ever more passionate, my hands exploring every available inch of his youthful body, I grabbed his arse cheeks greedily forcing his groin into mine, both of us shaking and panting. He rolled off, “fuck me” he said, “but I…..”, I began to object but the sight of him spitting on his fingers and then rubbing it on his tight hole stopped any objections in their tracks. To be continued X

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