Enjoying Linda


Ok just to set things straight. I wrote this story at the request of Bob who really wanted to find a way to make this a reality, but in the end he decided he couldn’t bring his wife to do this so he quit asking her, therefore the story is not quite finished so perhaps someone else wants to write a ending. This is a story about a woman that is finally convinced to spend an evening with her husband and another man who enjoy her body and expose her to others. There is NO husband demeaning, male eating creampies, or black men with huge cocks, so if that’s what you’re looking for you might as well go else where.

Bob and Linda

Bob sent me an email and I knew right away we were on for a fun evening. The subject line simply said “She finally said yes” and nothing else was needed for me to send a quick response.

Bob had been trying to get Linda to show off her tits and let someone play with them for several months now and we’d even gone so far as to have Linda contact me with and ask any questions she wanted to get to know me a bit. She also had hoped that by showing off her tits by using webcam that Bob and I would both be satisfied. Although Bob and I both enjoyed that adventure, he played with her tits while I watched and gave a bit of instruction, we only used that time to keep talking about what would happen when we actually met up and I would use her tits in person.

It took several more weeks of convincing, and as a special birthday gift to Bob, but Linda finally agreed that she would allow ONE evening where both Bob and I would play with her tits and do what we wanted to them. Of course she said this was an “only time” event, but I thought that once Bob enjoyed the interaction, and Linda allowed it, that they would be able to repeat the event with several of his mates from time to time.

I emailed Bob some instructions about what to bring with him and we made arrangements about where and when to meet.

I was disappointed when I walked into the hotel bar, not that Bob and Linda weren’t there already waiting, but that Linda was dressed very conservatively in a dress buttoned up to the neck. However, we said our greetings and made a bit of small talk and then moved right into a bit of discussion about what would happen next.

Linda agreed that I would be in charge of the rest of the night and that only Bob would have the power to stop what was happening by using a safe word we all agreed on. It wouldn’t matter if Linda used the word, only if it was said by Bob. We all agreed and I quickly said that since I was in charge Linda was way overdressed for the evening and should go into the bathroom, take off everything but the dress and unbutton it so that her cleavage showed. She frowned a bit but got up and left and we both agreed that if she did come back dressed like I requested then she would go through with everything else.

It took a couple of minutes but soon Linda reappeared and as she walked towards us it was very evident that her tits were now braless as they wobbled and bounced with each step. It was also obvious to several other men sitting in the bar having drinks as their eyes followed each step and bounce.

Linda sat back down across the table from me and I congratulated her on her bravery and then told her to unbutton two more buttons. She did this without saying a word and now the dress was unfastened to just below her nipples. We ordered another round of drinks and since Linda gulped her’s down we thought that perhaps another round was in order; but first a couple more buttons needed to be unfastened. Without a word she complied and now the dress was open do just below her waist.

I asked Bob to show me her tits and he slowly pulled one side of her dress open, let go, and then opened the other side and exposed her. Linda sat still and let him do as he wanted much to the pleasure of a couple guys sitting near us. As he let go of her dress it closed just enough to cover her nipples so when the waiter came back he was also given a view of her almost completely exposed breasts.

After Bob and I had finished our drinks the waiter came back and told us that his manager was worried as the dinner crowd would soon be coming in and he’d get in trouble if she continued to let her tits hang out. We told him to sex izle bring the bill and we’d leave and after he returned and waited for me to give him some cash I asked Bob to “show him Linda’s tits for an extra tip.” Linda froze, but Bob didn’t and he once again pulled the top of her dress open so that both breasts were on display. After a short time of exposure Bob let go and we got up to leave, Linda reached to button her dress but when I told her to leave it she did.

As we walked out of the bar and across the lobby of the hotel ALL eyes were on Linda’s tits. Anyone looking from the side could see right into her dress and view her tits, and those that met us face to face were greeted with more cleavage that you would have thought possible. With each step she took Linda would flash a bit of left nipple, then right nipple all the way to the elevator.

When we arrived at the elevators Linda reached over to push the up button and as she did so her right tit came completely out of her dress so that it was completely exposed when she straightened back up. She started to reach up to pull the side of her dress back to the front but after looking at me dropped her hands to the side.

Within seconds the doors opened and the look on Linda’s face was that of relief as there was nobody getting out of the elevator. Bob’s face was filled with expectation as the doors began to open but then turned to disappointment when he saw the lift was empty.

We entered the lift and we moved in and as people always do turned around to face the doors, I had taken a spot so that Linda would be standing right in front of me facing the doors. As the doors closed I pulled her dress off her shoulders and down to her waist. She jumped as I did this but did not move to cover up her tits. With her dress pulled down around her waist two purposes were served; her tits were totally bare and on display for anyone that my be on the other side of the elevator doors, and her hands and arms were rather restrained by the dress that was wrapped around her elbows.

We rode up the floors to the room in silence, Linda hoping that nobody would enter the lift as her tits were totally exposed and she was helpless in covering them up, Bob holding on that someone would push the button and the doors would open, and myself watching the emotions both had.

When we arrived at our floor the doors opened and there was no one waiting to come into the elevator and nobody in the hallways. As we stepped out into the hallway I asked Bob for the room card and suggested that perhaps they take a ride down and back in the elevator to make sure that everything is OK between them. I later found out that Linda rode down all the way to the lobby with her tits exposed, but covered up just before the doors opened on the lobby level. She didn’t button up, so she was still quite on display as 4-5 other people entered the elevator and rode back up most of the way with them.

While they were on their elevator ride I took the time to check out the room and inspect the goodies that Bob had brought along for the evening. Everything looked good so I went back to meet them at the elevator landing just as the doors opened. Linda looked relieved to get out of the elevator as there were still a couple of men leering at her partially exposed tits. Bob had the biggest smile on his face and I think he would have been happy to stop right there as he’d gotten Linda to show off her big tits more than he had ever done before. But, the night wasn’t over yet.

Just as the elevator doors were closing I walked up to Linda and once again slide her dress down off her shoulders to her waist. The two men in the elevator were able to get a glance of her bare back just as the doors closed. If they had been able to reopen the doors I may have turned her around, but since the elevator moved on we walked towards the room.

Bob went into the room first and just as Linda reached the door I instructed her that she had to lose the dress before entering the room. I think that she felt trapped and she quickly unbuttoned a couple of buttons at her waist and then slide the dress down to the floor, stepped out of it and into the room.

Linda was standing in the room completely naked and looked to be a bit angry as she glared fransız porno at both Bob and I. If the grin on Bob’s face had been any bigger I’m certain that it would have cracked his face open as it looked like he was enjoying this moment as much as he’d enjoyed anything in his life.

Linda told him to get her a strong drink and “let’s get on with this” as it she was determined to go through with the evening as she had promised. What she didn’t realize was that it wasn’t going to be over in just a few minutes but would take the rest of the evening. When Bob brought us all drinks I sat in one of the chairs, Bob in the other and Linda sat on the bed in an uneasy silence.

Finally she got the courage to speak up and told us that she was already really embarrassed and had never been so ashamed before in her life as when all the men in the bar and the elevator had been looking at her tits. She then went on to tell us that since she had made the commitment that she would keep her word and do whatever was asked of her for the evening. But, “this is about my tits and NO fucking!” I think she was trying to regain some measure of control with that statement and I agreed with her and also reminded her that Bob had a safe word that would stop everything.

Linda was standing there naked and feeling at least a little bit better about herself since she’d spoken up and tried to tell us how she felt and what she was willing to do and what she wouldn’t do. I simply nodded in agreement as she was speaking and when she was finished didn’t say a word but continued to watch her stand in front of her husband and myself as she became more and more uncomfortable with her nakedness. We just watched her and didn’t say a word as we finished up our drinks and studied her naked body.

As expected Linda was getting nervous and finally said to her husband “let’s get on with it then”. I looked at her and smiled, and nodded to Bob and asked him to get her ready. With that he went to the bag of goodies and took out the blindfold and the handcuffs. I think that Linda was quite shocked when she saw the handcuffs and she seemed to go a bit pale but as Bob instructed her to put her hands behind her back she willingly complied. After the handcuffs were in place he slipped the blindfold on her and said that “she’s all yours now”.

With that I stood up and slowly caressed Linda’s tits and pulled gently on her nipples. She put up with my caresses and even seemed to relax a bit as her nipples began to stiffen from the attention they were receiving. Then as I was gently pulling on her nipple I pinched it just a bit harder and gave it a nice hard twist. She gasped and complained that it hurt, but when I told her that it was just a the beginning she seemed to be looking around the room for Bob to stop what was going to happen.

I roughly grabbed both of her nipples and pulled them so that her big tits were sticking straight out from her chest. I was pulling hard enough the she started to follow me across the room like she was on a leash. I gave them a quick yank and she wasn’t able to keep up with me and her nipples pulled from my grasp and she fell backwards a couple of step before she caught her balance. She had also let out a very loud gasp as her nipples pulled free and I told her that if she couldn’t keep quiet I was going to gag her for the rest of the evening and I didn’t think that she would like that very much.

She promised that she would try her best to not make a sound but she might not be able to help herself. Already her nipples were starting to look a bit swollen and puffy while at the same time they were still quite stiff. I instructed Linda to stand straight and stick her tits out as much as possible as I once again went to the goodie bag that Bob had packed for tonight.

Linda was doing her best to stick out her tits, and Bob was busy with the camera both taking photos and movies of his wife’s tits being abused. I had her turn around so she was facing Bob and then let her have a quick smack on the top of her right tit with the riding crop he had packed. As expected she squealed a bit and her knees buckled up as she went down on the floor. She complained about how much it hurt and was whining until I reminded her that she was a willing teen porno participant and that I would get the gag for her if she couldn’t keep quiet.

After a few moments she stood back up and with my instructions turned once again to face Bob and the camera. I told her that he was having fun watching and that they would both be able to enjoy the evening many more times since he was catching it all on video.

I told her to stay quiet and stay still and when asked if she could do that she nodded yes and took a deep breath while she pulled back her elbows and stuck out her tits. I will give her a lot of credit as she stood still and without much more than a quiet whimper let me swat her tits with the riding crop.

I tried to apply an even number to both of her breasts, getting the top, the sides and the bottom at least once. The most difficult for her was when I let the crop strike right across her large nipples. She buckled at the waist after the first one, but then once again slowly stood straight and let me whip her other nipple. After that I told her we’d take a little break and Bob offered her a drink and rubbed some lotion on her tits.

Linda’s tits were bright red but I had been careful to not hit them too hard so there would be any lasting damages. I could hear her asking Bob how much more would she have to do and would he please use the safe word so that it would stop? He looked over at me and then told her that we were almost done, but in fact he had little idea of what would happen next.

After Linda had a chance to catch her breath and recover a bit I asked her to stand again and once again went to the bag of goodies to retrieve what I needed for the next session. Linda stood and seemed to not understand what was happening as I slipped a loop of soft rope around her right breast, however as I pulled it tighter she winced but didn’t complain. I wrapped each of her tits with a half dozen of so loops of rope so that each of them was once again sticking straight out in a very unnatural position from her chest.

After tying off the rope I asked her if she’d like to go for a walk with us and show off her tits? She seemed to panic at the thought and said no, please no, so I then asked if she was ready to suck and fuck instead even though she’d said no to that at the start of the evening.

It seems that adultery wasn’t something she was looking forward to doing so she just softly said the work “walk”. This wasn’t really something I had planned but no matter I wanted to take whatever opportunity was presented so after a bit of discussion with Bob we made a quick plan.

Bob picked out some clothes for her, a short skirt and a button up blouse. The blouse wasn’t sheer, but since it wouldn’t be buttoned up it didn’t matter. He quickly unfastened the handcuffs and took off Linda’s blindfold.

I thought maybe she was going to pass out as she caught sight of herself in the full length mirror. Her tits were bright red from the riding crop, but now they were also starting to turn a darker shade of red from being bound. He brought her a cloth to wash her face a bit and then helped her into her skirt and blouse, no panties and obviously no bra since her tits were still bound with rope.

Bob tied the shirt just below her tits which left it open enough that anyone who looked at her would be able to see the rope between her breasts and the inner sides of her tits that were also wrapped in rope. Once she was dressed I suggested that we go downstairs to the bar and have a drink or two. Linda slipped on her shoes and without a word went with us to the doorway.

We walked down the hallway and there were two men already standing waiting for the elevator to arrive. As we walked up to then it was obvious that each of them were checking out Linda and trying to look at her tits. It was apparent that something was different about her tits since they were sticking so straight out from her body. When the elevator arrived we all got in and when the door closed instead of looking forward as usually happens both of the men kept their eyes fixed on Linda’s tits.

There was no pretense of catching a glimpse as both of them were staring quite openly at Linda. I asked Bob to “show them her tits” not really knowing if he would or not but with a huge smile on his face he eagerly pulled open her shirt so that her tits were fully on display. He held her shirt open until we reached the lobby and the doors started to open and then quickly tied it up once again, only quite a bit looser this time.

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