Enlightened Descent Ch. 03


Enlightened Descent, is a novelette that explores the relationship between two close friends. Neither was aware of the other’s sexual attraction, and so it is a revelation when they discover their mutual desires. They soon learn that there are very distinct differences in the roles they wish to play however, and this leads to some very entertaining reading.

This story deals with various aspects of the lesbian lifestyle, as well as BDSM, extreme autoeroticism, humiliation and fetish play.




I was terrified. My mirror was the enemy, the whacky curls flying away from my scalp like so much steel wool. I had to be in the office in less than two hours, and I looked like a freak. There was nothing to be done, but face the music.

Driving to Philly, I was very self-conscious, feeling like every person that looked over at me was amused with the spectacle. On the one day when I wished that there was a huge traffic jam, the cars cruised along as if it was a Sunday morning. I was in the parking ramp, a full forty-five minutes early. Cringing, I pulled the rear-view mirror around, and confirmed that I was about to walk into my office like this.

To make matters worse, one of my largest accounts had a meeting with the sales executives and myself. What on earth would they think of me, when only a week before I had met with them in their offices with a stylish cut. All I needed was a red ball nose and some clown white makeup, jeez!

As soon as I walked into the offices, the looks and whispers started. I even heard some muted laughter. I flopped down in my cubicle, tossing my notebook on my desk, as I felt myself becoming overwhelmed. Feeling sick to my stomach, I made a beeline for the bathroom, much to the amusement of the other staff. I hovered over the toilet for a few moments, but realized that I was not going to be sick after all. I lowered my panties and sat, thinking that I might need to pee.

In actuality, I was hiding from my inevitable humiliation before my peers. As I stood, as if in some final insult to my integrity, the reflection of my ridiculous tattoo shined back at me from the polished steel wall of the stall. I pulled my skirt up and looked down at it, PENNY’S CANDY CUNT, glaring up at me from my pussy. What a joke.

“Miss Knight?” Mr. Brodin seemed shell shocked at my appearance. “May I speak to you in my office?” He stood, holding the door as I slipped by him, the entire sales staff staring at me. “What the hell is with the hair?” He chided, before I even sat down.

“I was trying a new style, but it didn’t work out as you can see.” He scowled with my explanation.

“We have that meeting with Stammet & Gloss today. You know it’s your largest account, and one of our most important clients. You go in with this fuzz ball on your head, I’m worried that they will lose confidence in you, and then us.” He leaned forward in his chair. “You take the morning and find yourself a wig or something, will you.” He waved me off, and I immediately escaped to my cubical, grabbing my brief on the way out the door. I was sure everyone thought I’d been fired.

I Googled wig shops in the area on my phone, and found one in a local mall. I wondered if Penny knew what a mess she had made of my life. Of course, the shop was in the middle of the mall, forcing me to parade myself before the other shoppers. I was certain that every one was staring at me. As I entered the shop, I browsed the various styles until I found one that closely resembled what I used to have. I pouted as I admired the fall of the hair, the way mine once did.

“Can I help you?” A young girl that couldn’t have a month out of high school approached me as I admired the wig. “That’s a popular one, and real hair too.” She bragged.

“Real hair, how much?” I begged.

“That one is…” She pulled out her iPad and brought up the price. “…five hundred ninety-five dollars.” My jaw must have hit the floor.

“This wig is six-hundred dollars?” I moaned.

“A human hair wig is never cheap, but you get what you pay for.” She lifted the wig off the stand, and offered it to me. Walking to a convenient mirror, I attempted to pull the wig over my Brillo-pad hair, but there was no way.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to trim your hair for this to fit.” Trim my hair, fuck! This girl had no idea what I had been through the last couple of days.

“Fine, can you just sell me the wig, please.” She shrugged her shoulders and led me to the cash register. I had to charge the thing, and I didn’t even know if it would fit. Dreading the next part, I had to find someone to trim this rats’ nest down enough, so the wig would fit correctly.

It was nearly noon, and I was quickly running out of time. None of the salons in the mall were able to fit me in, so I was frantic. As I made my way back to the entrance near my car, I passed a small barber shop. I was already halfway out the doors when I decided that no cut could possibly be any worse than the hairball. I stood and looked at the spinning pole outside the place, and just about passed out at amsterdam shemale the thought of going in, but go in I must.

I explained my situation to the barber, who was quite sympathetic. He examined the wig, and attempted to put it on my head, himself. “I’m afraid we will have to take quite a bit off, for this wig to fit.” I shrunk down in the chair as I listened to what he said he was about to do. “I’ll start with a number four, that’s about half and inch, and we’ll see.” For the second time in two days, someone was attacking my hair with clippers. I had grown to hate this fuzzball so much, that I actually enjoyed watching it come off. He ran them front to back, and it was as though someone was shearing a sheep. The hair stuck together, and would fall off in huge clumps, which exploded when they hit the floor.

I couldn’t help but giggle as the barber rid me of the perm from hell. I had never dreamed of having my hair cut so short in all my life. The perm was so persistent however, that it still curled, even at so short a length. As the barber placed the wig on my head, I was happy to see that it finally fit. After a minute however, the edges began to ride up my head, until it finally snapped off, the barber catching it before it hit the floor. He shook his head, looking at the inside of the wig.

“Do you see this?” He held the wig, so I could see the lining of the cap. “This was designed to be worn over a smooth scalp. Did the sales person not tell you this?” I grabbed the care manual that came with it:

This product is designed to be worn over a hairless scalp. It may be necessary to remove any existing hair, to prevent the product from slipping off the head. It is recommended that a head wax, such as Woody’s be used, to create the most adhesive surface.

It was now a quarter to one, and I was seriously running out of time. “Fine. Fine! Just shave it, okay. Make it quick.” I begged. I was not nearly so amused as he used a much angrier set of clippers, ridding my head of all its hair. About halfway through, I had to close my eyes, to keep from freaking out completely. In the end, a hot towel was placed on my exposed scalp, and I allowed my eyes to open.

The damp white towel reminded me of how I used to wrap my hair after a shower, and I tried to imagine things as they once were. I didn’t get them closed fast enough as he whipped off the towel though, and I was treated to a full view of my hairless pink scalp. “Oh, shit!” I moaned, as he applied shaving foam over its surface. Using a straight razor, he deftly shaved me completely bald, one strip at a time. When at last he was finished, I was forced to ask him about the wax. Reaching under the counter, he pulled out a short tub of product which he spread sparingly over my ultra smooth scalp.

His hands felt so foreign as they rubbed the wax into my skin. Finally, he used a dry cloth to polish, yes, polish my head! He again took the wig from the counter, but not before I was able to put my hands on my head. The sensation was unbelievable. It was like marble, glass, there not being any resistance no matter which way I ran my fingers. I had to admit to feeling a little aroused by the feel of it, but my appearance was enough to stifle any real excitement.

I was pleased with how well the wig fit. The surface of the liner clung so tightly to my scalp that I could not budge it, even when I pulled at the hair with a brush. Feeling badly for me, the barber refused to charge me anything. I escaped the mall, a more confident and attractive woman. Arriving at my office shortly before two o’clock, I had just enough time to set up for the presentation to my client. None were any the wiser, except for Mr. Brodin, who suspected what I had done. All went well, and the clients were left confident in our ability to represent them.

“Well done, Miss Knight. Very impressive.” He looked closely at my hair as I walked by, and I wondered if he knew that I was bald as an onion underneath. The rest of the office soon stopped wondering what I had done, and when I left for the day, I felt much better than when I arrived. It wasn’t until halfway home that I worried what Penny was going to think about what I was forced to do. In fact, I was surprised that I had not heard from her at all. Lately, I always wondered when I was being watched. She had managed to infiltrate my life so effectively that I had begun to assume she was observing me, all the time.

My apartment was warmer than I was able to stand with the wig, and I soon began to feel moisture under the cap. I turned on the air conditioner, bending down to let the cool air blow against my head, but I had to take it off. Setting the wig stand on my dresser, I slowly peeled the hair from my head. It was like removing my skin, or taking off a too-tight pair of shoes you had worn all day. Liberating.

I couldn’t help but run my hands over its polished surface, and was soon addicted to the sensation. Shedding my clothing to shower, I suddenly realized that I had no hair at all. It was weird to think about, but even stranger to see. The water felt freaky rotterdam shemale as the jets messaged my unprotected scalp, and I couldn’t help myself. My fingers were sliding around my clit as the water mixed with my juices, making a slippery smooth sound. I was in sensory overload and didn’t notice that I was no longer alone in my bathroom.

“I don’t remember giving you permission to masturbate.” She was there, and only a shower curtain between us. I ran my hands over my head, as if I could magically restore the perm she had wrought the day before. “Dry yourself off, and meet me in your bedroom.” I was sure she was about to berate me for buying the wig, but when she saw my bald head, I couldn’t imagine what she would do. Shutting off the water, I quickly ran a towel over my skin, because that’s all there was. I took a deep breath and opened the bathroom door.

“Holy shit, Allison!” She rushed over to me and ran her hands over the smoothness that was my head. “What the fuck did you do to yourself? I mean, you’re bald!” She looked over at the wig that hung so limply from the stand on my dresser. “I was about to give you a demerit for that, but now, I just might have to give you two.”

“What!” I shouted, but then quickly regained my composure. “Why?” I begged. “If you only knew what I have been through today.” She shook her head, running her fingers through her own hair.

“Well, I suppose you better tell me.” And so, I explained the entire day to her, and did indeed garner some sympathy from her in the end. “Awe, and now you’re a bald little baby, huh?” She pouted, mockingly, as I stood before her. “Well, no demerits I guess, but this…” She picked up the wig, and I was suddenly terrified she was going to do something to it. “…is only for work, understood?” I nodded, but realized what she was implying. “Now, get dressed, we’re going out.” My eyes shot open with her command, but there would be no negotiating. She laid out a short skirt, low-cut blouse and some fuck pumps with five-inch stiletto heels. I didn’t recognize the clothes.

I went to my top drawer and pulled out some panties, but she shook her head. “Your clothes are on the bed, and only what is on the bed.” I looked at the skirt and it was the most abbreviated thing I had ever attempted to wear, and without panties. When I was all put together, I looked like a hooker out of a science fiction movie. “That bald head of yours is going to be a big hit.” She laughed.

I was more than a little shocked as she led me through the apartment complex. I don’t think I had ever felt more exposed, even when I was naked. When we were safely in her car, she reached into the glove and pulled out what looked like a leash. She confirmed my suspicions when she wrapped my neck with a pink dog collar, the leash dangling from a ring in the front. “Nice.” She smiled, shifting the car into drive.

Just sitting in the seat, I felt so exposed, my pussy quite visible as it peaked out below the hem of the ‘skirt’. Driving through town, she suddenly stopped without warning. She nodded towards a tavern that seemed fairly innocuous. “Get out.” My mind said move, but my legs didn’t respond. She finally dragged me out with the leash, and walked me over to the dimly lit place. I tried to pull down my skirt, but there were so many things about me that were embarrassing, that was only one. Why this tavern, it seemed no different than any corner spot? I was wrong however, as I so often was. How could I do this and retain my sanity?

Everyone in this place was female, and I realized quickly that it was a lesbian hangout. There was a quick cheer from the small crowd as I was dragged up to the bar. A young woman came up to Penny, kissing her full on the lips. A pang of jealousy coursed through me as I watched them. “So, is this your slave?” The woman caressed my head, and then noticed how exposed I was below. Her hand quickly found my sweet spot, and I lurched from the contact.

“Not yet, Edie, but she’s well on her way.” Penny admitted, but that was news to me. Slave?

“Love the bald head. How’d you ever talk a pretty thing like this into doing that?” Again, she stroked my head, eliciting a positive response from between my legs, where her other hand was cupped.

“Oh, she did that all on her own.” Edie smiled, shaking her head.

“Really, my goodness girl. You have got it bad, haven’t you?” She admonished. With that, Penny pulled on my leash, leading me into a hallway at the rear of the tavern. Several women followed us, and I was feeling more than a little vulnerable. Pushing though a door, we were in a comfortably furnished room, several chairs and sofas positioned around the perimeter. The women who followed, each took a place around me, while Penny held me at the center of the room.

“Okay, Allie. Please them. All of them.” I looked over at her, desperate, but receiving only a curt smile. Leading me to the girl closest to the door, she forced me to my knees. She spread her legs, her cunt opening like a flower and emitting her strong, but enticing scent. Unable to resist, I crawled between her bare blog shemale thighs and pushed my mouth against her. My tongue danced over her clit, as she grabbed my hairless head, forcing my tongue deep within her. Penny continued to pull at my collar, causing me to gag occasionally. Perhaps a reminder that she was still in control.

Each woman I was brought before required the same service. Each opened their legs to me, and each had her own unique aroma. Some were hairy, and some were hairless, but all enjoyed my baldness. Some even commenting on the fleshy orb that bobbed between their thighs, while grabbing it like a handle, forcing their pleasure out of my lips and tongue.

At the end of it, my tongue was numb from the repeated ministrations I had doled out. All were appreciative, and all would now be my tormentors. I was laid over a cushion and stripped of my clothing, my back arching as my arms and legs were held down like skin being stretched over a drum. Penny stayed by my face, while each woman nestled between my legs and teased my clit and labia with their mouths. Teasing my nipples, pulling them so my breasts were conical points that jutted from my chest.

I writhed with pleasure and pain, as they saw to my needs. I could smell myself as I was brought to one orgasm after another. Something was happening to me, for I no longer felt any humiliation or shame. Only the lust of the creature I was becoming seemed to matter. And only when each of the women I had pleased, had in turn pleased me, was I released. My arms and legs ached from being held so tightly, but I was massaged back to normalcy as I slowly curled up on the cushion.

We moved back to the bar, and it was only after several minutes that I realized I was still quite naked. The drink that was made for me was strong, and it seemed to numb me from the inside out. Penny seemed proud of what I had done, and looked at me with some pleasure. When things had settled down, she handed me my clothes, as scant as it was. I was in no hurry to put them on, but did so at her request. Sitting at the bar, she asked me a question that I perhaps knew was coming.

“Allison. You are happy with all that has happened tonight?” It was more of a statement than a question.

“Yes, it was wonderful.” I smiled, and I knew I was glowing, or thought so anyway.

“Would you like to forget about the whole demerit thing?” I thought hard about that. There is no doubt that the fear of exposure, had driven me to do things I was uncomfortable with. But at the same time, I had experienced some of the best sex ever.

“I don’t know. I enjoy your having so much power over me, at least I think I do.” I admitted.

“Then be my slave.” She smiled, and there was some crazy energy that passed between us in that moment that was different than anything before it.

“How would slavery be any different to what we have now?” I asked, sipping the semisweet concoction I had been given.

“You would need to surrender yourself to me fully.” I was puzzled by her terms.

“I thought I was already surrendering, what would be the difference?” I asked.

“Well, for one thing you wouldn’t have the whole demerit thing hanging over your head. There are some fundamental differences besides that, Allie.” She became very serious all of a sudden, so there was a pause while I gauged how best to respond.

“I can’t imagine things getting any crazier in my life, I mean, look at me.” I laughed, slipping my fingers over my scalp, but she could tell I was not trying to be funny. “What would be different?”

“I am not going to go into the details here, but let me put together what I would be expecting of you, and you can decide.” She took a long drink from her glass, finishing off the contents. “We need to go.” She motioned for me to finish mine, and then reattached the leash to my collar. I waved to my new friends, who never really acknowledged our leaving. A car horn startled me as we crossed the street to her car, a group of men hanging out the window, lustfully catcalling after me. “They should be so lucky.” Penny smirked, as she held open the door for me.

We raced along the streets, and I knew we were headed for someplace new. The lights faded into the mundane low-key buildings of uptown, and that was where we ended our journey. The parking lot was nearly full as she led me to the entrance of the building. There was no name, only boarded up windows and a steel door. The collar seemed tight as she pulled against my neck with the leash, intensifying my humiliation.

“Keep your mouth shut, do exactly as I say, and you’ll be just fine Allie.” She knocked on the door, and a small hatch opened like something out of a movie. Suddenly, the door was opened, and I was pulled inside. Down a dimly lit set of stairs and then another, until I could hear the rhythmic thump of club music. I felt hands all over me as I was pulled through a crowded room, music blaring and lights flashing. I was confused by my surroundings, but saw enough to know that I was in an S&M club. There were people in cages, and people crawling on the floor, and clothing seemed to be at a premium. Just as I noticed that, I was stripped for the second time by Penny herself. So brief was the blouse and skirt that they fit easily into her purse, leaving me naked except for the collar and shoes.

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