Enough Is Enough


“Hiya Daddy, you’re home early.” Jessica called as she slipped through the sliding door and onto the tiled kitchen floor. The twenty five year old blonde was jammed into a pink bikini that was doing its absolute best to keep her melon sized breasts from spilling out and a thong that perfectly outlined her smooth shaven pussy. If it had been dry it might have concealed something but wet from the pool it didn’t even cover the dark circles of her nipples.

“Just had good luck with the traffic honey.” Her father Ryan responded glancing up from his magazine enough to glimpse his daughter’s savory curves before looking back down. It was almost insulting that she pranced around the house in that get up, it was like she didn’t realize that he was a man and that seeing an attractive woman dressed like that had a certain effect whether he liked it or not. “Do you have any plans for tonight?”

“Nope, just gonna sit around the house. Might order some pizza. How bout you what are you gonna be up to?” She crooned as she sauntered into the house hips swaying with each step. Ryan felt a slight stir in his pants as she stepped past him and he got a close up view of her rump as she tugged the fabric of her bottoms of the crack of her ass just inches from his face.

“I’ve got a little work to do so I’m probably gonna get a drink and dig in.” Ryan replied reaching out for his laptop and turning it on. “Pizza doesn’t sound too bad though.”

Jessica had made it to the liquor cabinet pulling down a glass. “What did you want to drink Daddy?” She asked. The girl was up on the tips of her toes stretching slightly.

“Whiskey.” He responded that twitch his pants now an actual hard-on for his daughter. She hopped slightly so she could reach the bottle then poured him a glass and walked over to him leaning over his shoulder and handing him the drink.

“Need anything else?”

A blowjob. Ryan thought for a second. “Nothing at the moment, thanks hun.”

“Just give a shout if you need anything.” Jessica said before turning and bouncing out of the room.

Worthless slut. Ryan thought as he went back to his computer. His daughter Jessica had always been bit of a lay about. Twenty five years and she was only going to school part time, she had never held a single job and if not for a steady stream of boyfriends she probably wouldn’t even have a car. There wasn’t any doubt how she’d gotten herself a car. Free ride ends here.

There was no way that Jessica could have known what her father had in mind for her. No way she could have known that she was about to have her entire life changed forever. If the only thing that she was good at was being a slut then so be it, but she wasn’t going to continue getting a free ride anymore. Ryan was already online with two of his closest friends making certain that they completely understood what the plan was and what part they were going to play in it.

You want to be a slut? I’ll show you how sluts get treated. It wasn’t just that she was lazy that had spawned this plan. It was also inspired by what he’d found on the internet. There was a popular adult website that he occasionally posted on called Literotica. He’d found out that she’d was on the site, definitely one of the most popular posters as well. There were pictures of her in the nude, she’d obscured her face but anybody who knew her would recognize her from the pictures. There was more than just that though, she was constantly posting about her sexual fantasies. Fantasies that included being throat fucked, raped and gangbanged. Ryan wasn’t certain if she’d ever actually had any of those things done to her or if it was just a fantasy but it was going to be reality for her soon.

Ryan finished his drink and grimaced slightly as it went down. Then he got up and poured himself another, this time a double before he walked into the living room with Jessica. As he expected she was sprawled out on the couch watching some chick flick. “Did you order the pizza yet hun?” He wanted to make sure that there weren’t going to be any interruptions once he’d started in on her tonight. She was between boyfriends so nobody would know if she was missing for a few weeks but he didn’t want to arouse any suspicions at all.

“Yup. Sausage and Pineapple.” She said not bahçelievler escort even looking up. She was still in her bikini but lying on her back it seemed that the tiny triangles of fabric covered less, if that was in anyway possible. Ryan found himself watching her breathe for a few moments.

“You put what on the pizza?” Her taste in food was much like her taste in men most of the time, very odd but interesting if you were willing to give them a chance.

“Sausage and Pineapple. Trust me Daddy it’s great, it something Kris got me hooked on.” Kris had been her boyfriend from the Marine Corps. Ryan had liked him, he had a good head on his shoulders and had been very respectful when he was in the house. He’d also had a lot of money to spend because like most young single men in the military he had a steady income and very few bills and that of course let him shower her in gifts amongst them the down payment on her Kia Sorento.

“Ok I’ll trust you, when is it going to get here?”

The busty blonde hit a button on the television remote that brought up a menu and a clock. “Bout ten minutes he should be here.”

“Ok, you want anything to drink? I’m gonna get another shot.” Ryan said. He could already feel the liquor taking hold a bit a pleasant warmth in his stomach. He knew he’d need one more to steel his nerves enough to rape Jessica.

“Actually a cosmo would be nice.” She said rolling over onto her stomach and kicking her feet up like a child.

Without responding to her he turned and walked out of the room hoping his daughter hadn’t noticed that his pants were stretched out over his hardon. Once he returned to the kitchen Ryan slipped a hand into his jeans and ran it over his cock gasping slightly as he realized just how aroused he was. Adjusting his manhood quickly he went and poured himself a shot then made his Jessica’s Cosmo taking his time with her drink.

That bitch has no clue. Ryan thought as he mixed her drink. No clue at all. He knew he was starting to get a bit ahead of himself, that he needed to calm down as he was grinding his hips against the countertop. Damn, need to keep control only for a little while longer. He was staring at the timer on the microwave. There was less than an hour before Josh and Hank were supposed to show up and they were expecting her to already be in hand by then.

I need to hurry this up. Ryan thought in a sudden panic. His friends might actually arrive before the pizza did and there wasn’t a lot that he could do to change things. The food and his friends would arrive when they arrived. He couldn’t stand there pouring her drink and not certain if her decision to order pizza was going to interfere with his plans for the night.

“Daddy! Where’s my drink!” Ryan jumped at the sound of his daughter’s voice.

“Coming right up. No need to get snippy!” He called back pouring her drink.

“It doesn’t normally take ten minutes to pour a Cosmo Dad!” She was right it had been almost ten minutes that he’d been there zoned out and staring at the bottles. He quickly poured the drinks and headed back into the living room just in time to hear the doorbell ring.

“I’ll get it.” The busty blond said as she got to her feet snatching a twenty from the coffee table and bounced over to the door. The man, really boy who was behind the door nearly dropped the pizza when he got an eye full of Jessica. His soft brown eyes started off on her face but it didn’t take them more than an second to wander down to her breasts.

“Ahhhhhhhh.” The boy droned unable to form any coherent words as he stared at her.

“Pizza.” The boy responded by thrusting the pizza towards her bumping roughly against her stomach and nearly knocking her back. Jessica smiled and tossed her hair back as she took the pizza from him. “Here but I need change.” She said holding the bill out to the teen. He didn’t even glance at the bill she’d handed him he just jammed it into a pocket and then pulled out a ten handing back to her.

“Sorry all I got.” He yammered. Jessica took the pizza from him and shut the door with a bump of her apple shaped rump.

“How much was the pizza?” Ryan asked.

“Fifteen and some change.” Jessica replied with a giggle stuffing the bahçeşehir escort ten between her tits, a slight smirk crossing her lips as she noticed her father’s eyes following the bill. “Sometimes it pays to be cute.” She said as she sauntered over to the couch and set the pizza down opening the box and taking the first slice. “Come on Dad try a slice, trust me. You trust me don’t you? I trust you.”

Ryan turned to his daughter and forced his lips to form a smile as he walked over and sat down beside her. Trust. She trusts me. The idea seemed completely absurd at the moment. He was going to rape and enslave his own daughter. It was the only thing she was useful for but it still didn’t make it right. This is no time for second thoughts. The rest of the guys will be here soon and I need to have her in control by the time the arrive. A deep breath should have completely calmed Ryan. Instead it only gave him enough time to reach for a slice of the unusual pizza. She was right though the unusual combination of toppings did make for an excellent pizza. “Hun there’s something we need to talk about.”

“Yes Daddy?” She asked turning towards him causing her breasts to jiggle slightly.

“See it’s been a long time since you’ve had a job, you don’t really contribute anything to this family and. . .” Ryan trailed off.

“That’s what I’ve got you for Daddy, to take care of me!” She giggled and kissed him on the cheek.

Ryan immediately felt the flash but it wasn’t lust this time, it was rage. His daughter really believed that she was supposed to just stay here like freeloading whore. “See that’s just it princess. You can’t stay here and not pay rent-“

“But Dad-“

Ryan quickly cut her off mid sentence. “The only thing you’re any good at it being a fucking whore.” Jessica’s eyes instantly filled with tears as she looked away from her father. “You think I don’t know how you pay for you car! Or how you get your clothes? You’re a fucking whore!”

“I’m not!” She screamed and was immediately backhanded for her effort turning her right cheek a bright red. Slowly she raised her hand to her cheek feeling the warmth and realizing that he had struck her.

“You are and now you’re gonna earn your keep here the same way you get everything else in life by being a little fuck toy. Do I make myself perfectly clear young lady?”

“No!” She shouted standing up and stepping away from him. “I won’t have sex with you! You’re my Dad that’s gross! I’d rather sleep on the streets.” Tears were starting to run down her cheeks.

“Bullshit.” Ryan called her bluff. “You will be my fucking whore!” He shouted spittle getting on her face.

Jessica glared angrily at her father refusing to open her mouth. She couldn’t shout back at him she could feel her voice cracking every time she even considered opening her mouth and if she started crying she knew he’d win. Tears were streaming down over cheeks now and down onto her breasts. “I’m a whore.” She whimpered.

“What was that Jessica?” He asked taking a step back from her.

“I’M A WHORE!” She shrieked.

“That’s right.” Ryan said sitting down on the couch. “Now you’re going to tell me what a whore does for a man. Everything she does for a man.”

“She sucks his penis.” She sobbed.

“Put your fucking hands behind your back. What else does a whore do?” Ryan asked.

Jessica did as she was told putting her hands behind her back clasping her hands tightly. “She fucks them.”

“Good.” Ryan smiled. “On your knees.” Jessica obeyed him the shame of kneeling before her father sending a flush through her already reddened cheeks. She watched as her father slid his belt out of his pants and rested the leather over his shoulder. “Now convince me you’d rather suck dick than have me tan your backside.”

Jessica’s red eyes moved to her father’s crotch where his pants were straining to hold back his manhood. She’d never given any thought to her Father’s size before but she could tell that it wasn’t small just by the tent in his pants. Jessica hesitantly reached forward and unbuttoned her father’s slacks. “Let me suck your cock.” She whispered.

“Jessica make me believe it or I swear I’ll beat every inch of your worthless ass!” He snapped bakırköy escort the belt threateningly. That got her moving tugging his pants down to his knees and nearly ripping his boxers down.

“Let me suck you Daddy! Please!” She looked up into his eyes pleadingly. Her father didn’t keep her waiting any longer, using her hair like handles he slammed his cock into the back of her throat in one brutal thrust that nearly emptied her stomach. Jessica’s eyes instantly filled with fresh tears to stream down her cheeks.

Jessica brought her hands up to his thighs trying to push him away managing to get enough room for her to breathe. “Pleas-” She was cut off by a her father thumping his cock against her forehead roughly.

“Shut the fuck up and keep your fucking hands behind your back.” There was a pathetic whimper of protest but Jessica did as he said and put her hands behind her back and opened her mouth again. “That’s a good girl, I knew you’d make a good fuck toy.” Ryan moaned as he pushed his cock back into her mouth forcing a mouthful of spittle to erupt out of her mouth.

Ryan loved the way her throat felt each time it his dick caused it to spasm around his cock. Spit and tears were streaming down her throat and over her tits. “Take off your top bitch, I wanna see those tits.” Jessica tried to look at her father and plead with him to stop but she knew it was useless so she pulled her top off and dropped it to the floor. “You want me to stop Jessica?” Ryan asked as he pulled his cock out of her mouth and rubbed his spit soaked cock all over her face covering her in spit.

“Yes Daddy.” She whimpered trying to catch her breath.

“I want you to get up on the couch and hang your head upside down. I’m going to fuck your skull until you can get your pussy wet. If you can get wet I’ll fuck you. If you complain I’m gonna fuck you in the ass and I promise you’ll regret it.” He said calmly. There was only one thing for Jessica to do. She crawled over to the couch and lay upside down, her legs over the back of the couch and her head hanging upside down. Jessica opened her mouth while she started rubbing at her clit and trying to fantasize about something.

Reality was her father’s hips positioned at her lips and pushing his already soaked cock into her mouth. He gave her just a moment to relax her before he plunged into her throat. Jessica gagged and sputtered being upside down made it even worse as her drool ran into her nose and into her eyes. It felt like he’d been fucking her face for ever when he finally stopped.

Ryan gripped Jessica’s hips and yanked, rolling her off the couch and jarringly onto her knees. Her face was buried in the cushions as her own father mounted her from behind pulling the fabric of her thong to one side.

Jessica whimpered when her father took her by the hair and yanked her face out of the cushions. “What are you?!” He shouted tugging at her hair.

That feeling of having her hair pulled, of a thick cock thrusting inside her, being held helpless to a man’s will. These things were exciting to Jessica. Her body didn’t understand that this wasn’t normal and she felt her cunt moistening and clinging to his cock. There was a woman in the room with her and her father moaning. It took a moment for her to realize that those pleasured groans were escaping her own lips. Hot tears blinded the beauty as her father started thrusting faster and faster.

“Please Daddy no! Don’t cum in me!” She whimpered as her Father’s cock started to pulse inside her. Faster and faster any sense of rhythm lost as he slammed his cock into her pussy. “No, stop Daddy! My tits! My face! My mouth! Let me swallow it!” She felt his cock twitch inside her at the mention of her swallowing his cum. “I’ll swallow it Daddy!”

“Really?” He growled into her ear.

“Yes!” She screamed but it was too late. One final thrust and Ryan pushed as far into her as he could manage and spurted his hot juice deep into his daughter’s womb. A second thrust and she could feel the hot cream oozing out of her cunt and onto her thigh.

“Scoop it up.” He growled as he pulled his cock out of her and slapped it on her rear. Jessica looked at her father in disgust but her fingers moved between her legs scraping the slime from her thighs and bringing it up to her lips. She hesitated for a moment but the look in Ryan’s eyes made her obey licking her fingers clean.

“Good. Now go take a shower and then come back down honey we have a lot to talk about.”

“What if I get pregnant Daddy?”

“Then you’ll have a lovely so or daughter.”

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