Entree Ch. 11


Chapter 11: Magic Car-Pit Ride

The summers heat finally caught up with me, smothered me, as if I needed more misery. I was squeezed into a very small space and looked up at my Mistress from between her legs. She held her head in the open window, allowing the wind to blow through her hair as we raced to where ever it was we were going. I’d never been to my Mistress’ home and did not want to think about it right now. I was already upset with myself, for having allowed it to go this far. What began as a game had turned slowly serious and I couldn’t remember how. I was now worried for some reason and couldn’t understand why. My organ was screaming for relief and I wondered when.

I was a slow smoking slab of pork, sweating in an oven so hot I started to cry again. Like a skewered, spitted roast, I wept from every pore of my body, a true weeping virgin. My jaw ached from the ball, my rectum ached from the plug, the straps were tight and pinched me everywhere. My leggings were uncomfortable and my entire body itched. All I could do is pray it was all a dream and I would awaken at any moment. I would be home in bed and everything would be fine. While the car’s movements lulled me to sleep, several hands came to me.

One scratched the back of my neck, one scratched the areas around my butt-plug and the other worried my testicles. What more could I ask for? I groaned softly, vibrated uncontrollably and allowed myself to let go. I was steered by three hands, my lover and her two friends and I drifted away. My head was spinning and my mind started rolling down the steepest hill I’d ever seen, tumbling, somersaulting over and over, down, down, down. Only I was rolling up the hill, rolling over and over, faster and faster, exhilarating, but beyond my imagination. Everything blurred and I closed my eyes to keep from becoming dizzy, until I felt myself thrown into space. I opened my eyes in the heavens and took in my first real breath of fresh air, it was nirvana.

I looked into the wind, then into the dark blue sky and saw all I felt. I tried to capture a billion stars and focus on a moon that wobbled about the skies. My body was in the hands of experts, kept on the brink of insanity, teetering on the verge of ejaculation. I was torn between pain and pleasure, kept in a state of constant excitement and I loved it. With my cock as the rudder and mind a canvas stretched taut, my mistress sailed me into space, as a boat soaring for the outer fringes of delight. I was in a Persian fairy tail sailing through the universe on a magic carpet. I had come to dance with the stars and visit with genies in hopes of obtaining a wish. It was here, amongst the heavenly objects created by a just god, I would find her, my lover, my mistress’ left hand.

It seemed to take hours, days and longer, for my minds search to unfold. I was entirely naked, without tail, leggings or gag. I traveled to every corner of the universe in failure, only to find her after giving up. I found her, in a canopied cloud bed above the earth. She was stretched out, laid open and I saw her as a bride on her wedding night, awaiting husband. The longest finger beckoned me closer, the thumb tapped on the bed and the entire form called to be held in my arms and I raced to comply. There weren’t enough Arabian Knights to slow me down, nor genies with three wishes each. Strange as it seemed, this was all I wanted, the woman I adored and lady I loved. She barged into my life one day, quite unexpectedly and became the first one to ever touch me. She came to me, then pulled me to her, my first lover and first mistress too. I can remember standing there dumbfounded as her hands unzipped my fly and slipped into my pants to take my organ.

I can remember not knowing bursa escort what to do and at first I starred at her like a fool. My hands made feeble attempts in defense but ended up fluttering around uselessly, as my cock and balls were molested. My eyes darted around the office, over every cube within range. I searched for a sign of danger as my attacker squeezed my balls and made me squeal. At that, I looked at her in shock and made to stop everything, but couldn’t. These emotions were too powerful for reason and its lessons on life. No one had ever touched me before and I liked it, I liked it more than anything I’d ever experienced till then. Actually my cock loved it even more, and I had difficulty over-ruling him on anything. I was a virgin and he was tired of being caged. He was thrilled by the turn of events, this hand and that strengthened the hold it’s tentacles had on my mind.

Within moments the hand was drenched in a lubrication it skillfully extracted from me. My underwear soaked through in spots and the front of my slacks were dampening. I was a nervous wreck, incapable of movement or speech, the hand was a consummate lover and its owner had intentions beyond my wildest dreams. Over and over the wicked hand brought me to the brink of orgasm only to stop me short, while this lady started telling me of a game. The hand continued its relentless siege of my heart and soul, as this woman asked me to play along with her. They told me of this game I would enjoy very much and in fact we were playing it right there and then.

I had no doubts about enjoying the game and continued scanning for any approaching fellow workers. I knew little about my bold assailant and wondered what brought her to me. She was a vice president, had a private office somewhere upstairs and I was a nobody. I glanced down at the wrist whose hand was working on my hard-on and smiled at the scene. I pictured an adolescent couple tumbling around under the sheets and felt elated for my poor neglected organ. The front of my pants were now soaked through and I became concerned without really caring. I looked up to find the female mugger smiling at me, unconcerned about the results and I looked down quickly. Hot flashes surged through my body and I flushed with a terrible shame. I was trembling, excited beyond measure and intrigued by the idea of the game as I tried to understand it. I was pushed well-beyond myself while held at bay, and my cock promised to kill me if I didn’t play along. I had little choice and told her of my interest, in a tiny voice full of sputtering. I spoke in a meek voice that told of my inexperience and I am sure it was a factor in everything hence. For the next twenty minutes she told me the rules of the game. I was stunned to say the least, but my cock was convinced by the hand and there was nothing else I could do.

It was a simple game. This woman was to become my mistress while I courted her left hand. I would learn how to become a puppy to her and in return, the hand would be my lover. I would strive to play the part of a show dog and when successful, the hand would become my bride. My head was spinning and watching for the approach of a fellow employee, while trying to understand everything, was making me dizzy. I must have asked some meaningless questions and accepted foul responses that I gulped down as an elixir meant to cloud judgment. I no longer cared what made sense or not and knew what I wanted. I reached out and took her wrist in my hand, using it to steady myself. The vice president, mistress, my mistress smiled at my reaction and her hand redoubled its efforts. My mistress knew she was holding me up and tested my need for dependency further. I loved what she was doing to me and never wanted her to stop. görükle escort It would be stupid to turn down the game, shear lunacy to refuse something that felt this wonderful. I wanted the hand, I wanted the feelings and didn’t wish to jeopardize the relationship, or what ever it was. The game must go on.

Soon my mistress was at my apartment every weekend and the game slowly evolved without constraints. I was allowed to be myself, or at least the way I saw myself through the eyes of my mistress and her hand. Regardless of what they expected, my cock was in love with the hand, and we spent hours watching for her from the apartment window, drooling in expectation. When she was there it was heaven and I learned to love her as much as my cock did. Together we worshiped her as our princess and learned to be respectful, while using her sexually. We learned the arts of pleasing and the disciplines of denial. We learned our places in all worlds, in all relations to our mistresses and played to win the game in each.

We were a pair of puppies, or one dog and only my mistress knew. She soon had me under her thumb, under heel and toe. She soon had me walking a fine line and promising to take me a little further. I’d one day earn the right to orgasm and it wouldn’t take long. For the first time in my life another’s hand would bring me off and I’d do anything to make it happen … I was doing anything! It was a moment I lived for and I did everything my mistress ordered, in hopes of winning the game.

My mistress took me far in a short time and convinced me I liked being her puppy and I did. She taught me of my needs, my desire to be humiliated while having sex and I found it true, truly exciting. She dug into areas of my psyche unbeknownst to me, into mine shafts of decadence and golden opportunity. She drilled into and extracted molten rock from areas of perversion long festering as bubbling magma.

Each eruption emboldened me and led me further into the game, but my mistress was always one step ahead. She extricated and brought to the surface the most disgusting inner qualities she could find in me, those she could have the most fun with. She helped me understand compulsions I’d neglected and she stoked the furnaces of desires too long denied. My world was turned upside down and I clasped to my chest the only concept I cared to think about, sex. Because that’s all a dog thinks about anyway, I know because my mistress told me so and my mistress wouldn’t lie.

I fell from the heavens and landed on my lover, a hand the size of me. It was dressed as a recently deflowered bride in the remnants of a beautiful gown, now ripped and torn as needed. She was lying on her wedding bed, on her back, with arms and legs spread wide. I landed on my stomach and stretched to wrap my arms and legs around her while my hard-on sought his first sexual experience, but my lover had intentions.

It’s middle finger curled and the tip came to my mouth, to poke at my puckered response. I opened wide and it slipped inside, then ran down my throat in a swift plunge. My eyes opened wide and made to tear, as a thumb tip came to my behind. It nudged my sphincter open and wheedled itself inside, then it too, in one swift motion popped inside and was gripped by my terrified chute. I was now skewered and prepared for my first orgasm.

Excluding nails… The finger was at least three foot long and from three to four inches wide. It fucked my esophagus gently and kept me retching along the entire length. My lips labored to form the perfect seal around the digit and I tried without success to relax my throat. The thumb was over two foot long and from four to five inches wide. With apparent delicacy it fucked my rectum escort bayan and had me clenching my buttocks. In jumps and starts I tightened and relaxed, while gnawing in vain on this massive intrusion. I endeavored to relax my sphincter and the entire length of my ravaged chute, but this was all so new to me.

Instead of getting my arms and legs around my lover, my extremities fluttered uselessly on the sides, guided by the tempo of my invaders. My paws seemed to float in the clouds and I could no longer feel them, nor cared. My body was held close to the soft, moist palm and I tingled to its warmth while struggling to get closer. My boner was mashed between us, resting in and along an area of the palm designed for him, vibrating uneasily.

He too was guided by the rhythm of the invaders, regulated to oscillations beyond his control. He was lost to a continuous vibration meant to keep him on the brink of ejaculation without benefit of release. He hardened to the brink of exploding and drooled as never before, yet never got off. In moments we had the palm and front of my body saturated in fluids and stickiness. Without much success I struggled to press our bodies together and mash myself onto this wondrous creature. Then the palm closed ever so slightly, it moved only enough to envelop my waiting cock and allow me to fuck. As if by instinct, I fumbled into gear, unsure and concerned about my performance.

I was fucking someone of the opposite sex! My first sexual experience, my first intimate relationship and now… my first orgasm with a real woman. I pushed the rules aside and began humping like the dog I was. I couldn’t find my paws to brace myself, but bore down on my first ejaculation anyway, while skewered on a spit. Every hole and pore of my body exuded some type of moisture, some type of dewy lubrication that added to the feeling. I thought I was fucking my lover in earnest and hoped I was pleasing her as well.

I was humping and pumping my heart and soul out. I was reaming and screaming, squeezing my insides from within. I was finally at the door, finally arriving and the orgasm built with the lava now surging to the surface. The molten seed rushed through the tube on its way to give tribute to the one eliciting its release. It pushed to the surface and I was prepared to release the mother of all sighs, when the flow was cut short and pain plucked me from the sky. Gone were the finger and thumb, gone was my lover and magic carpet, gone were the clouds and the world I once knew. I fell to the earth and opened my eyes, awake.

I looked up, then turned my head to look back at my mistress. I was in her hand and she looked somewhat displeased. She was still holding my cock in the pinch she used to deflate his ego and it kept a great many tears in my eyes.

“What did I tell you about acting vulgar,” my mistress said in a terse voice. I became as motionless as trembling discreetly would allow. Once quieted, her hand brought me on again and I was a throbbing hard-on in no time. I had watched my mistress control me and was left with an adoration I couldn’t understand. She brought me to the point of humping, but I stayed still and allowed myself to be brought to the brink several times without moving a muscle. I panted, sweat and trembled like an earthquake while closing my eyes and tensing every muscle in my body.

“We’ll speak more on the subject of vulgarity later,” I heard my mistress say and I opened my eyes again. I looked to her and she spoke on. “We’re finally here Fluffy.” I turned my head in time to see us pull into the driveway. We were definitely in the country and the house was definitely large. My mistress opened the door and ordered me out. I looked at the gravel road as I climbed from my mistress lap and felt the crunch of stones under paw as I landed. My mistress followed me and came to stand over me with her hands on her hips, legs spread, feet planted firm.

“Well Fluffy, this is it … your new home!”

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