Episode 23 – 18th Birthday Party


Episode 23 – 18th Birthday PartyThis short episode contains no inc*st, no s*x with anim*ls, no explicit und*rage encounters and hopefully nothing to bother the f*cking censors:Hi my name is Timmy; you might remember that Molly and her mum Natalie came to live with us in episode 1. Molly is gorgeous – long dark hair, big blue eyes and tits to die for. Her mum’s not bad either, once my dad married her, so she became my step-mum, she would walk around the house half-naked with her bunch of lesbian friends, who didn’t seem to mind me watching.Today it’s Molly’s birthday, dad bought her a smart-phone and Natalie a fabulous red mini dress, which is split almost to the waist, showing off both the outside edges and underneath soft curve of her fantastic breasts whenever she leans forwards.Mum and daughter set off to the lesbian club that evening; Natalie had invited all Molly’s girlfriends, and several of her own. Now that Molly was legal, Natalie had booked some male dancers to provide a sex party to remember.To the ClubThe driver of the unmarked police car noticed the red Mini car stopped at an odd angle in the lay-bye, and slowed down for his WPC to take a closer look. The young female police officer spotted Natalie in the driving seat; head thrown back eyes closed, hands firmly gripping the steering wheel. She could just make out a younger girl in the passenger seat wearing a very revealing red dress, her breasts spilling out, the nipple rings glinting in the passing car headlights.”Drive around the block then pull over behind them out of sight, I need to check them out”.The WPC knocked on the driver’s window; Natalie jumped out of her reverie and wound the window down.”Is everything all right here Miss?” asked the WPC, pushing her head into the car interior.The inrush of cold air made Natalie’s nipples instantly crinkle combined with the warmth between her legs, made her giggle “More than alright, we’re having a ball”. The smell of expensive perfume mixed with pussy juice was overwhelming, making the WPC’s mouth water.Molly had not looked up from her Smartphone, flicking her fingers wildly across the screen and panting gently. “What are you playing, that looks like Angry Birds?” asked the policewoman.”Hang-on, I’ve nearly finished this level” replied Molly clamping her legs together around her mother’s hand buried up her very short skirt. “Why don’t you sit in the back and I can explain how this works. Look each time I manage to hit a pig it vibrates my mum’s masturbator, and each time I miss it’s my turn. The Smartphone controls the cuntal and anal probes by Bluetooth, you should just be able to hear them buzzing if she opens her dress”.The WPC clambered into the darkened back seat, shutting the door with a satisfying clunk: “Oh hello, I didn’t see you there” she said to Becki sprawled on the other end of the seat. “I came over because this is dodgy area of town for three ladies to be parked up, what exactly are you doing here?”Blonde Becki stretched out her bare feet to stroke the policewoman’s thigh: “Hi I’m Becki, this is my best girlfriend Molly and her mum Natalie is in the driving seat. It’s Molly’s birthday, and we’re all off to the Pussy Club in town. Natalie couldn’t drive straight so she pulled over when Molly completed level 3. We can’t keep calling you WPC, what’s your name?” “Elizabeth, but my friends call me Lizzie. So let me see these incredible masturbators”.Molly pulled both feet up onto her seat, and adjusted the rear view mirror, bringing her smooth round cheeks into Lizzie’s full view. The foot-well lighting made her bare bottom glow, just illuminating her dark lips between the cheeks.Lizzie: “Wow, just open your legs a bit; I think I can see the silver chain”. Molly slowly pushed her knees apart revealing her soft, moist, bright pink pussy lips extending outwards, and the chunky chain emerging from one hole and disappearing into the other. Becki leant over the seat back and gripping the chain between two fingers, pulled out the two shiny silver probes. Becki sucked in the ‘A’ probe, before handing the masturbator to Lizzie: “There I’ve cleaned off her anal, now you can taste her cuntal juices. First push your tongue into the ‘C’ shaped groove, to get her full flavour”.Lizzie popped the sticky ‘C’ probe into her mouth: “Wow you taste gorgeous” she mumbled around the metal sphere, just before Becki leant over and kissed her full on the mouth, sucking the ‘A’ probe back in. The two women were now joined at the mouths by Molly’s masturbator, so she resumed playing the special version of Angry Birds ensuring she missed every pig, so that Becki and Lizzie’s mouth received the full vibrations.Meanwhile Molly’s mum Natalie had swivelled around in her seat around and with some difficulty in the cramped space was undoing the policewoman’s uniform, starting with her utility belt and then pulling off the serge trousers. Natalie: “Wow what pretty red knickers, I bet they’re not police regulation” and then slipped in one hand massaging Lizzie’s thick pubes. Natalie’s thumb sought out Lizzie’s clitoris and her middle two fingers slipped upwards into the wet cunt stroking around to locate the g-spot. It didn’t take long for the policewoman to climax in this sex-charged lesbian atmosphere, and she clamped her thighs tight around Natalie’s hand as the waves of orgasm overcame her natural defences.Next Becki attacked Lizzie’s breasts, ripping open her blouse and flipping them out of her tight half-cup bra. Becki clamped down hard on one nipple while massaging the other: “Lovely soft tits – must be nearly D cup – let’s see if I can make you cum again”. Lizzie started to fight back, carefully 1xbet yeni giriş extracting her police truncheon from the utility belt and pushing the handle between Becki’s thighs.Becki: “Whoa, we need some lubricant on that brute” fumbling a small green bottle from the door pocket. She poured out a good dollop, rubbing it up and down the truncheon before accepting it between her cunt lips. “Wow that’s great, keep pushing, it feels awesome. If you could just slip a finger up my bum, you can have my climax all over your hand”. Becki shrieked as her orgasm hit, and then reluctantly handed back the truncheon, which Lizzie licked all along its length, before pushing back into its holster.Being a CopWPC Elizabeth Barnes: “OK you horrible lot give me that masturbation device” whilst trying to stuff her large soft breasts back into the red bra. Becki reluctantly handed it over adding “you’d better have this bottle of lube until your bum-hole gets used to the ‘A’ probe. Oh and stick one of these little pads just under each nipple for control”. Lizzie: “Where do I get the Smartphone app? I’m sure it’s not the standard Angry Birds game.”Becki handed over her climbing club instructor’s card, with the drawing of her dressed only in the pink leather climbing harness: “The web address for downloading it is on the back – we haven’t decided on a proper name yet – you might find it as Angry Bints. If you ever want to learn rock climbing I’d be glad to have you – the harness holds the legs apart really well – the boys and girls just follow the scent trail up the rock face, then we have amazing sex at the top”.Lizzie: “I suppose I’d better check your ID – Molly oh yes – dark hair 34C bust and you are 18 today, congratulations – legal at last. Becki that ID card looks a complete fake; I think you’d better cum down to the station, so that we can inspect your crevices more thoroughly. Natalie you must have only been 15 when you had Molly, not surprising you seem more like sisters”.Natalie: “Hate to rush you, but you’d better get that luscious pussy back in your uniform before your colleague arrives, he seems to be taking a distinct interest in my daughter’s bare breasts”.Lizzie hurriedly pulled up her trousers and had the belt attached before he knocked on the driver’s window.”Here” said Natalie “try him out with this male version; it’s just got an ‘A’ probe and a loop which holds his penis erect, you should get a great deep fucking. It will fit any bloke, in case you have someone else special in mind”. Lizzie: “OK thanks for a lovely time ladies; I’ll be off”, squeezing the inside of Becki’s thigh, she whispered “I’m going to have this pretty body, you are mine”, then to all the occupants “have a great evening, drive safely”. The Pussy ClubNatalie, Molly and Becki arrived at Kurt’s Pussy Club without further incident, most of Molly’s friends were already there dancing, drinking and joking around. The Sweet and Tangy identical twins were up on stage dressed in just tight red shorts, writhing around each other, rubbing their bare breasts together. Molly couldn’t resist joining them, squeezing between their hot bodies, her own generous breasts adding to the delicious sweaty mix. Having pulled Molly’s dress off her shoulders to fully expose both breasts, Sweet-Ami spotted the small discs stuck just below her nipples.Sweet-Ami: “So what have we here babe? Should I press or squeeze them? Oh look Molly is going all limp when I whack her breasts together, do you suppose she is wearing some sort of masturbator?”Sweet-Ami crouched down between Molly’s feet and stuck her head up the very short skirt, searching for the device. From behind Tangy-Ami rotated Molly’s hips around her sisters tongue buried in Molly’s cunt. Once Tangy-Ami also dropped to her knees, burying her tongue in Molly’s bottom, she didn’t stand a chance, climaxing noisily, hanging onto Sweet-Ami’s head to keep her licking the buzzing ‘C’ probe.After a short recovery Molly announced the party was started and the stage was cleared for the first real dancers.Two gorgeous blondes wearing little but a small black bikini, a long tail, thigh length boots and a cowboy hat jumped up onto the stage, kissing, rubbing each other’s breasts and gyrating their pert bottoms.Taste TestingMolly’s favourite game of the night made all her friends line up and present their pussies for a blind-folded taste test. Molly lay face-up on a special table that supported her head at a slight downward angle at crotch height so that one at a time the girls shuffled their wet pussies onto her tongue for a blind identification. Molly was allowed to use her hands and mouth, but no looking to identify each friend; any that she got wrong had to chew on her cunt for 2 minutes before rejoining the queue. Sweet-Ami was first up, having wiped a pimento olive over her lips, but this was no challenge for Molly who proudly announced “Too easy Ami you can’t fool me with an olive”.Molly failed to guess the next girl, who carefully wiped her pussy with vodka, removing her own taste, so she had to lick out Molly.Next up was far too easy, Molly said “You taste just like me, you must be my mum”.Tangy-Ami was too easy to guess correctly, even with a length of banana protruding between her pussy lips.”Open wide” then a slippery prick head flopped into her mouth. “Oh yuck, this tastes of Becki’s arse; you must be one of the lucky dancers”.The next giveaway was feeling the leather climbing harness thigh straps pressing against her face as Becki thrust her wet cunt down onto Molly’s nose and mouth “Becki” mumbled Molly “Don’t go, I love you”. Becki casually rubbed her crotch back and forth 1xbet giriş over Molly’s chin, dribbling pussy juice down her throat.Molly had to cheat on the next girl – the taste was electric on her tongue, but she couldn’t identify the owner. Molly managed to slide the blindfold off one eye, and caught a glimpse of jet black outer pussy lips surrounding deep pink inner succulence. “Jasmine you beauty, I didn’t know you were coming. Oh don’t go, yes please grab my tits. That’s it mash them around. Let me get my tongue right up you, delicious, thank you babe”.Next an enormous penis pushed down her throat so quickly she had no time to taste it “You want to try that again honey?” asked the owner. He pulled it almost out of Molly’s mouth, so just the shiny tip was left between her lips. “Wow that tastes fantastic – is it really Gemma’s bottom? You must be Kurt”. With that he stuffed the entire length back down her throat, making Molly heave and try to push Kurt away. She might as well have tried to dislodge a cobra from its prey; Kurt didn’t let up fucking her face until he filled Molly’s mouth with gobbets of red-hot semen, and ground her breasts to tiny lumps of aching flesh. Molly swung off the table pushing furiously at Kurt’s thighs fighting for breath, trying to dislodge his prick from her mouth – she had never felt so abused and full. “Happy birthday babe, you swallow like a vacuum cleaner”. Very timidly Molly crept back up onto the table, after slipping off her dress. She rested her head in the special groove, expecting a soaking. Immediately a deep aroma of pussy filled her nostrils as another familiar cunt ground down on her nose and mouth. This time she could feel the girl above her rubbing her clit – the vibrations made the lips quiver around her tongue. After a few moments the pussy lifted up and squirted right down her body, hot drips of pee splashing against her nose and chin. Molly drank it all in, revelling in the taste of her friend’s juice “Oh Gemma, lovely to have you, I’m glad you missed my dress, welcome to my party”. Becki and Gemma escorted Molly off to the ladies to clean up, standing her up at the sink and washing her breasts with warm soapy water. As the soap dribbled down between her butt cheeks Becki fixed a dildo to the front of her climbing harness and pushed it in gently, then forcefully up Molly’s arse, who was forced to grip hold of the sink for support. Gemma mashed up her breasts and rubbed her clit until Molly came loudly, biting Gemma hard on one nipple; she loved it. DancersAfter the three friends had cleaned up, put back on their minimal clothing and returned to the bar a dance session was in progress. The two blonde dancers in cowgirl outfits were straddling rocking horses with enormous black dildos emerging from the saddles and sliding effortlessly into the moist cunts. Each time they rocked forwards the dildos slipped out and then were rammed home as they rocked backwards. The audience of nearly naked boys and girls applauded loudly each time a dancer winced from the intrusion between their legs. Two male dancers, just wearing satin shorts, appeared behind the girls, pulling on their tails to release their anal plugs. After licking all around the rotating bottoms, they each pushed in one then two fingers; all the while the dancers still rocking the horse-mounted dildos into their cunts. The next step was inevitable, but the audience still cooed as fingers in arses were replaced by hard cocks as the girl dancers continued rocking. Now they were being double-fucked, cuntally under their own control and anally by the dancer behind them. It was a beautiful sight, breasts straining to escape from the black bikini tops; bikini bottoms undone and discarded, boys and girls merging at the crotch. Some watching assumed the intercourse was just being acted, but Molly could clearly see the pain on the female dancers faces as both holes were being rhythmically pounded. Sweat was running down their breasts and dripping off at the nipples; sometimes gathered up in the boys hands and used to massage them between the legs. With perfect timing the two boys withdrew from their girl’s backside together, spewing sperm up the girls’ backs, and burying their bollocks between the creamy arse cheeks.Floor ExerciseWithout bothering to wipe off the sweat, pussy juice and spunk the two female dancers dismounted from the rocking horses and lay down on the soft play area, starting off a large circle of all girls facing in the same direction. The girls alternated between face-down, with a small round cushion under their tummy to raise their pussies, and face-up with their head supported on a cubic cushion to keep their mouth fully engaged between the next girls thighs. The play area was a bit like a c***d’s soft play room, but made of large flat leather cushions pushed together. Each head was firmly stuck between the next girl’s legs, licking out her cunt or arse as desired. Feeling a bit left out the two male dancers pulled apart the female-only ring at Becki and Molly’s position and inserted themselves between them one face-up ,one face-down. The boys were used to hanging out with bi-sexual girls, so didn’t object to a bit of prick themselves. So the first one got to lick Molly’s arse, the second to suck off his mate, and drop his own prick into Becki’s waiting mouth. Around the circle each boy and girl concentrated on bringing their next girl to a rapid climax with tongue and fingers, and getting themselves off.Kurt spotted Molly’s mum Natalie returning from the ladies room and invited her to sit on his lap just outside the circle of writhing naked flesh: “Welcome 1xbet güvenilirmi to my club, now let’s see if we can get better acquainted”. Hitching up her long split skirt she straddled Kurt, pressing her pubic bone into his rising condom-clad prick.Kurt watching Gemma getting eaten out by a random girl: “Isn’t she just gorgeous, fantastic high tits, perfectly sculpted black arse, pussy lips that invite your tongue. Really glad I made an honest woman of her”; slipping both hands upwards into Natalie’s top.Natalie, getting a little excited: “So where is your daughter, Kit isn’t it, I haven’t seen her here” allowing Kurt to fondle one breast.Kurt: “We dropped her off with some friends in London; she’s probably playing with their little boy right now. k**s, only 3, they learn so young. We have a fairly open relationship: Gemma’s allowed to play with any woman she fancies, and so am I”. By now Kurt was fondling both breasts quite firmly “I can see where Molly gets her fabulous nipples from; you should really get yours pierced too, I’d play with them all day”. Natalie, slightly incoherently: “Umm, your prick is pressing into my leg, could you just move a bit that… oh my, that’s it. Wow you’re huge” as the big black cock slipped effortlessly between her slick lips. Kurt carried on massaging her breasts, as if nothing unusual was happening below the waist: “Yes as I was saying we have a steady stream of young girls through the flat. Gemma likes to take in waifs and strays, give them a good meal and a place to stay. She loves to practice Brazilian waxing – she likes her girls to have a little landing strip, before she eats them out. Must admit I prefer completely bald, just like this delicious mound” he replied, dropping one hand between Natalie’s legs to stroke her pussy and push big black cock another inch further in. Natalie panting slightly as her cunt is stretched wide: “So what happens to these girls after you and Gemma have had your wicked way with them?”Kurt continuing to maul one breast, and now seeking our Natalie’s clit with the other hand: “You catch on fast; well if they’re attractive and clean, I’ll give them a trial at one of the clubs – strippers mostly, but we’ve picked up a few great lap-dancers that way, some even make topless barmaids, we like them young”.Natalie, now panting hard: “Think I’ll just stand up a moment, so you can get that thing in further” Kurt lifted her off the ground, wrapping her legs around his waist “Oh shit, you’re huge”. Natalie hung onto Kurt’s shoulders leaning back to get as much of his bbc up her as possible. Gemma looked up from sucking one of the male dancers: “Go for it daddyo, really pound the bitch” Turning to the dancer: “Hey why don’t you exercise that thing in my backside, I could do with a good bumming”.Dancer: “I’d be delighted little lady, you do have a very fuckable bottom. Can I lick it first?” Gobble, gobble, gobble.Then Molly looked up from chewing on a very taste cunt, licking juice from all around her mouth: “Go mum, you look great wrapped around him; milk the bastard dry”.Natalie rode Kurt to a fantastic orgasm, her legs turning to jelly as he continued to pound upwards into her wide open cunt, while still mashing her breasts to pulp.Back in the circle two of the topless barmaids, just wearing very tight white shorts, moved amongst the girls and boys lapping at crotches, offering drinks. Most chose Bailey’s – the thick Irish Liqueur – to be poured into their partner’s bottom, so that it slowly dribbled down between the cheeks and into their mouths, via a pussy or prick. The barmaids sprayed each other’s breasts in whipped cream and crouching either side of Molly, rubbed it all off onto her body, just for fun: “Happy birthday baby, you have the most amazing nipples. Can we chew them? One each. Oh yes they taste fantastic”. Molly with a mouthful of cunt and Bailey’s: “Cheeky little cows, keep those pussies hot, I’m going to fuck you later”.Once right around the circle one of the barmaids peeled off her damp shorts offering her bottom to Kurt’s eager tongue, who licked her from arse to cunt and back again several times.Police ReturnJust then the WPC Elizabeth walked up behind Natalie flailing about on Kurt’s prick: “Wow I see you’re having fun, missus”.Becki rose up from the floor, pussy juice spilling down her thighs: “Come here you beauty; I need to rip your uniform off, and stuff that truncheon up your tight arse”.Lizzie: “Now I’m off duty, I was hoping to find you here, you little slut. I’m going to handcuff you to something and make you scream for a climax”.Natalie sank to the floor, completely fucked up by Kurt, pulling Lizzie down with her, kissing her hard on the lips.A small crowd of girls surrounded the pair, unsure why this woman in fancy dress was attacking Molly’s mum. Natalie started pulling of Lizzie’s uniform, revealing her bright red bra and thong. Becki assisted by biting Lizzie’s bum, and then spotted the tell-tale silver chain joining the two silver probes: “Oh you naughty policewoman you’ve been running around arresting people with one of Uncle Mike’s newest masturbators buzzing your orifices”. Becki whipped off Lizzie’s red bra and found the two discrete blue stickers perfectly fitted just below the nipples. Squeezing hard she made Lizzie squirm as the Cuntal and Anal probes revved up inside her body. Lizzie, panting: “Bring that lovely creature Molly over here; I need to tie her nipple rings together”. She pushed Molly onto her back and arranged one of the male dancers over her chest making a soapy-tit wank-passage for his penis, without Molly needing to use her hands. Molly pulled Lizzie’s large pussy lips apart and forced in her tongue, buzzing against the Cuntal probe. The dancer splashed spunk under her chin at about the same time that Lizzie climaxed under the combination of Molly’s teeth on her clit, the masturbators and Becki’s onslaught on her tits.

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