Episode 3 Of The Adventures of John and Holly


Episode III
Of the Adventures of John and Holly

Part 28: The Separation

Holly had the chance to study abroad, and she took it. She was going to be gone for a month in Europe. This was our last night together before she left early in the morning. We were sitting at the table, having just finished dinner. “I have to go a whole month without you?” I asked her, still coming to terms with her impending absence. “I know baby, I’ll miss you so much” Holly said. “I don’t want you moping around wishing I was here” Holly said. “What do you mean?” I asked her. “I want you to have fun while I’m gone” She said. “Define Fun” I said. “You know what I mean… sex, silly” She said. “Oh SEX? I was going to have tons of sex anyway” I said, playing with her. She rolled her eyes. “And you be sure to have fun too” I said to her. “Were you just trying to get my permission to have sex on your trip?” I asked her, knowing it was the point of the entire conversation. “Yes” She said. “You don’t need my permission for anything” I said. “Well except for maybe a sex change operation or something like that” I said joking. She just smiled at me, that big wide loving smile, her eyes seeing through mine to me. “Holly, I love you, I know that you would never do anything to hurt me, or to jeopardize us, if you want to have sex with someone, you don’t need my permission” I said, seriously. “I love you too John and I know that sex can be for love and for fun, and that its only love between us, and that is what matters” She said to me. Our hands in each others on the table top, our eyes staring into each others. “You know what?” I said to her. “What?” She asked me. “Tonight will be unforgettable, and we will go a month just remembering it.” I said, matter-of-factly. Holly didn’t have to ask why, she knew why. We would both use up the love from the next month in one night.

Holly left the table and told me to come into the bedroom after her in five minutes. I cleaned the table off and then watched sportscenter for a few minutes waiting to go in. After much anticipation, I walked into the bedroom. There were candles lit on the dresser, giving the room a dim glow. Holly was wearing lingerie, a lacey see through garment, a Victoria’s Secret kind of thing. It was semi-transparent and strapped over her shoulders, covering her breasts, down to her stomach and crotch. It was incredibly sexy. She was sitting on the edge of the bed. I took off my clothes, walking to the bed naked and sat down next to her. She put her head on my shoulder. “You will never be able to forget this night” She whispered sexily into my ear. “I love you” I said to her. “Shhh” Holly said, putting one finger against my lips as she pushed me back onto the bed. Holly straddled me, laying on me, kissing me.

Holly and I made out for a very long time, just kissing and holding each other in the dim light. Our bodies pressed against each other, trying to be so close we would be inside of each other, our lips and tongues moving in and out of each other. Holly got up, leaving me on the bed. She slipped the straps off her shoulders, and pulled the lacey garment down stepping out of it. Now naked, she crawled back on top of me. She caressed my body as she came back up to me, face to face. “Tell me when you get close to coming” She said to me. “Okay.” Holly gave me a few quick strokes, and then held my cock behind her, as she lowered herself onto me, me in her. She lay on top of me, her breasts pressing against me, my cock throbbing inside of her. She was looking right into my eyes. She tilted her head and lowered her lips to mine. Her tongue lovingly caressed mine, as she slowly thrusted her body against mine. I didn’t thrust back, she did all the work.

Holly’s hot tight pussy surrounded my throbbing cock, our bodies joined. Holly kept the thrusting at a slow loving pace. After a while her juices were flowing down to me. Our mouths still making love as well. She was approaching orgasm. She was breathing heavily, as her pussy came, contracting around me. She kept herself from screaming, her tongue in my mouth. Then she went straight back to thrusting again. She made love to me still more, our mouths still together with my arms around her back, holding her tight against me. Soon I was approaching my own orgasm. “I’m close” I said. Holly stopped thrusting entirely. She lay still on top of me. She pulled her mouth away, just staring into my eyes. It’s hard to describe what her eyes said to me, or how it made me feel, but its just love I guess.

My near orgasm subsiding, Holly resumed thrusting and our mouths were together again. Holly’s breasts were rubbing up and down my chest, her nipples poking into me. She made love to me. She was close to coming now, and she slightly increased the pace. She came, this time unable to restrain her pleasurable outburst. She embraced my kiss, her hands on the sides of my face as she made out with me. Her pussy still quivering around my cock, she went straight back into thrusting again. When I got close to coming, she would stop, and let me come down. She continued this for at least two hours. She had come probably five or six time, but kept me from coming. I was so excited I was ready to burst. She had made love to me until I could take no more.

“I’m close again” I said. “I love you” She said, looking into my eyes. She pushed her tongue into my mouth, our mouths making love again, she thrusted her pussy against me so hard and fast I saw stars. I came right away, filling her up. Her pussy milking my cock, I filled her love slit with semen. She continued pumping her body against me. My ears were ringing and I was light headed right afterwards. My cock still inside of her, Holly simply lay on top of me. We fell asleep, my cock inside of her, our juices between us. She laid her head on my shoulder as we slept. I wouldn’t see her again for a month.


Let me introduce myself. You all know me, my name is Holly. I have been having a lot of fun helping John write the stories about our past. I spent a lot of time helping him write some parts that were from my point of view earlier in the series. But for this section, we both agreed that I should write it, since John wasn’t there. It’s amazing that so many people are reading our story and like it so much. On to my writing debut. Well here it is.

I looked over at the buzzing alarm clock and realized that it was already 3 in the morning. I only had an hour to get ready and leave for my month of studying abroad. My plane for Paris left at 7. John was still sound asleep and I gingerly pulled myself off him, my body still tingly from the night before. I showered quickly, washing away the remnants of our love from the night before. I kissed John and finished getting ready in a haze. Next thing I knew, I was on the plane trying to get to sleep for long flight.

I was sitting in my chair, staring out the window to the clouds below. I couldn’t wait to get to Paris. I was going to have so much fun between classes. But… a month is such a long time. I wish John could have come with me. I hoped he would have fun while I was gone, because I knew I’m going to have some fun. I knew I would miss him. I love him. For the first time, I actually thought I might get jealous of a girl he might be with. We had really stumbled into sex with many people, and then it became a habit. But I was always there. Now I would be gone. I was confident before, but I was beginning to wonder if this may not be a good idea. I think it was probably just something to occupy my mind for the long flight.


I woke up, and she was long gone. She had to be gone by 4 am. Somehow I missed her leaving. I guess she didn’t want to disturb me. I rose and showered, getting all the dried up juices off me.

Semi-dressed, I went into the living room, and got on my computer. I tried to remember my login and password for the internet sex strangers site. After some thinking, and mainly trying to find the old e-mail, I got my password. I logged on and browsed through the women’s listings. Many of them had pictures. I figured I would try something new. I get lots of college girls, nympho types. But what about sex starved older women? I narrowed the search to just older women in the area. I browsed through, finding some interesting ones. I sent some e-mails to the women. It could be days, or never, before they replied. I decided to list myself, just for this month. I put up my listing. John Morrison, 20 years old. Man seeking woman. It asks for a description of myself. I thought for a while. “Young man, lots of experience, knows how to please. My nympho girlfriend is out of town. She told me to share the love, looking for woman who needs some serious service. One month only, get it while its hottt.” I was proud of it. Maybe I should become a writer… With that up, anyone could search through the male listings by all sorts of categories, and see mine. I even put in a picture. They let you put up pictures of any body-part too, but I didn’t do that. Under the ‘size’ category, I put above average, which is true. I figured I might get a reply in a week or two.

With that business out of the way, I watched some TV, just passed some time. On a whim I checked my e-mail before going to get some food. I had a reply already.

‘Hi John, My name is Veronica. I am Forty seven. I divorced my husband three years ago when I found out he had cheated on me…many times. I got half the bastard’s money, so I don’t work. I moved out here, and I am all alone in my mansion. I need a man to bring excitement to my boring life. Will you rescue this lonely older woman? Please respond quickly, I am wearing my vibrator out!’

“That was fast” I muttered to myself. A rich, lonely, older woman, who is wearing out her vibrator… if this isn’t a case of a lonely woman who needs rescue, I don’t know what is. I sent a reply, and within the hour, we were chatting it up on the phone. I was going to meet her for our ‘date’ on Tuesday, today is Saturday. So there’s that. Going down the list, I had an e-mail from the sex club that I had overlooked, from the excitement of Veronica’s e-mail.

‘John & Holly, we have another meeting on Thursday, hope you can attend. Also, we are having a special party for all the guys next Saturday. Call me or e-mail me with any questions.

“Man, she’s gone a couple hours and I got dates lining up” I said to myself. “I am hot stuff I guess” I said to myself again. Ahh telling jokes to yourself about yourself by yourself. Hey, I thought it was pretty funny at the time. Well, I have three days before my ‘date.’ I guess I can hold over until then. I wonder if Holly was getting any yet…

Part 29: Veronica’s Secret


Soon enough I was settled in my dorm with the 5 other girls who would be sharing my suite. Samantha was in the room with me, while Erica was with Chrissy, and Rachel was in the 3rd room with Betsy. We all unpacked some things as we arrived. We sat together in the living room that connected the three rooms. We sat around talking, we were all very excited. Samantha suggested we go out and see the city.

Remembering John’s directions to have fun, I changed and went out looking for some. Just a few blocks from our dorm, I saw Club Tease, which we realized upon entering was an amateur strip joint. We all went and sat at the bar ordering drinks. There were drunken girls our age, some older, dancing poorly to the techno music. The bar itself was the stage for the girls to dance on. Even though the bar was rather crowded, the same bartender was always around when I was ready for another drink. He was kind of cute, and I flashed him a smile here and there. I figured I could get started having fun right away. As you all know, John and I like to plan and scheme things. I began scheming my grand seduction of the cute bartender. I was going to do a little strip tease on the stage, while staring at him the whole time. I figured it would be enough to get him in bed tonight. I kept up lots of visual flirting across the bar and after the first 3 drinks he stopped charging me.

“Wait… I didn’t pay.” “It’s on the house. You’re too beautiful to be buying your own drinks… but I would like you to pay me back.” I asked “And how would you like me to do that… sorry didn’t catch your name?” “My name is Jack but everyone calls me Jacque. And for the repayment, I was thinking that you’re prettier than any of those girls,” he motioned to the girls giving stripping a try but falling all over themselves since they were more than a little drunk.

“You want me to strip in front of all those people?” “Well… I was thinking…” “Okay” I replied before he finished his thought and jumped up on the bar, “oh, and my name is Holly if you were wondering.”

I’d been wearing a white button down blouse and a short tight skirt. My shirt was gone in a second and my skirt was around my ankles. I found the pole to help keep my balance and started humping it and going down almost all the way to the ground. I faced toward the watching crowd, then turned back, flipping my hair, to look at him. I dropped down to my knees, my tongue out, and grinded my hips against the pole. Going down was easy but trying to stand up, I fell backwards onto the bar. Jack grabbed my arms, helping me down from the bar before I could fall.

As he put me back on the bar so I could sit back down with my clothes, he whispered in my ear “I’m off in a few minutes, wait for me and you can show me some more of those sexy moves?” Laughing and thinking I had nothing to lose, I told him, “I’ll be here… come get me when you’re ready.” Now I was wondering who had seduced who…It doesn’t really matter. I just wanted to fuck him.

A few moments later, he came to get me so I told my roomies that I was going and not to wait up for me. Apparently, I was drunker than I thought and was having problems walking. As soon as we got out of the bar, Jack carried me to his car so I wouldn’t trip. I don’t remember the rest of the night too well, he told me about it before he took me home in the morning.

When we got to his apartment, I tried to walk in but stumbled badly, so he carried me in. When he got in, he laid me on the couch and brought me some Advil and water in hopes of preventing the horrible hangover I’d undoubtedly have.

He sat down just as I was laying back, and I landed with my head in his lap. Jack looked into my eyes for a moment and kissed me, not in the hurried lustful sense I was expecting but instead in a longing, passionate way. I wrapped my arms around and kissed him roughly and shifting, reached for his zipper. This was going in a different direction than Jack was planning so he pulled away.

“What? Don’t you think I’m sexy? Don’t you want to do me?” I asked him playfully

“W…well… of course I do. I just don’t want it to be like this. You’re drunk. You don’t know what you’re doing.”

“I know what I’m doing. I’m trying to get you to fuck me. I need a cock inside me… don’t you want to help me?”

“Listen Holly, you’re a beautiful woman but I don’t think we should do this.”

“Please… I NEED cock. At least let me see it?” I am beginning to wonder if I am an all out nympho or I just play the part of one because I love sex. Wait a second…

Realizing that I wasn’t going to leave without some sort of satisfaction, he came up with a plan. “Come on… let’s go to the bedroom.” He picked me up and laid me down. As he kissed me, he unbuttoned my shirt and pulled down my skirt. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter as he removed my clothes piece by piece until I was lying on his bed naked.

He quickly stood up and took most of his clothes off, just leaving his boxers on and went back to kissing me while pressing his body against mine making both of our bodies tingle. He kissed his way to my ear then my neck nibbling along my collar bone while he was massaging my tits, alternating between the two, making me moan.

He moved his mouth down to my tits, sucking and nibbling on the nipple of one while continuing to massage the other. The more excited I got, the farther down he kissed along my stomach until he got to the top of my neatly trimmed pussy where he spread my legs and planted soft kisses on the inside of my thighs.

He was so close to my pulsing hot aching pussy but he would almost touch it then pull away. I was bucking and screaming trying to get his mouth on my pussy but he wouldn’t hear of it.

“Please… please… I need this. Stop teasing. Please. My pussy wants you. It’s aching for you…” I apparently continued begging so much that he had to pull away to keep from laughing at me. Finally, I grabbed his head and pulled it into my pussy. Accepting defeat, he lapped at my slit from bottom to top, pressing his tongue against my clit. His teasing had gotten me so excited I had an orgasm almost at first touch.

Not letting me come down, he kept lapping at my clit and pushed two fingers into my pussy, curling his fingers up stroking my g-spot. The combined effect sent me into a very powerful orgasm. It was so strong I finally fell asleep, ending the attack on Jack for sex.


It seemed like a week, waiting just three days until Tuesday. Finally it did come. I was going to Veronica’s house at two. So I dressed nicely and left early as I had never been there before. I drove out to her house.

I pulled into the long driveway of a mansion. Her ex-husband must have been loaded, because she had a huge house, and she didn’t work. Probably one of those trophy wives, traded in for the younger model. I was a few minutes early. I walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell. Veronica answered the door. She was tall, around 5’ 10”. She had big curly brown hair, and big tits, probably a large D cup that hang down on her chest. Her face looked to be about fifty. Her figure was nice though, for a forty-seven year old. She was quite thin, and had nice legs. She was wearing a black dress that hugged her body tightly. She was wearing black high heels. She had dangly gold earrings, an expensive looking necklace, and blue eye shadow. “John I presume” she said. “Veronica” I said, seriously. “Come in” She said.

The house was huge. She led me into the living room, and we sat on a couch. “Can I get you anything to drink?” She asked. “No thanks” I responded. “So are we going to… a movie or something?” I asked, unsure of how the process really worked. “Well, I really just want to fuck” She said evenly. “Oh… okay” I said, still unsure. “Right now?” I asked her. “Is there a problem with that?” She said. “Here?” I said. “Why not” was the response. I stood up, she stood next to me. I pulled a condom out of my pocket. Veronica grabbed the condom, out of my hand. “We won’t need that yet.” She said. Veronica dropped to her knees, her thighs constrained together by her tight dress.

Veronica pulled my pants down, watching the tent grow in my boxers. “I haven’t had a dick in over a year” She said, pulling them down. She took my cock in one hand, stroking lightly to get me fully aroused. “Not too bad” She said, complementing. “Wonder how it tastes” She said, and then she sucked on the end of my cock, playing with her tongue. She was good at cocksucking I could tell already. She took my cock into her mouth, sucking and playing. “mmm” she moaned, as she blew me. “Oohhh yeah” I said. She stood up, still holding my cock in one hand. “My turn” She said.

I got down on my knees, she pulled her dress up. She wasn’t wearing anything under that dress. It was above her hips, exposing her bald pussy. “Shaved huh?” I looked up. I put my hands on her ass cheeks, pulling her hips towards me. I lapped on her dripping, waiting, nearly fifty year old pussy. She was sweet, dripping in anticipation. She shivered from the mere touch of my tongue. “You might want to sit” I said. She sat on the couch, her legs spread wide open. I was on my knees between her legs. I went to work, lapping, sucking, flicking, and fucking her with my tongue. She was screaming out, over and over. “Fuck oh Fuck, John oh FUCK”. She hadn’t had any attention in a long time and it was obvious. I ate her until she came, flooding the couch with her juices.

I sat on the couch beside her. She was breathing very heavily. I pulled the front of her dress down. Now the dress was just around her midsection, her large tits flopping out, her pussy exposed below. I leaned over, sucking on her large hard nipples. “Take me now” She said in a deep sexy voice. “Where did you put the condom?” I asked her. She pointed to the coffee table. I grabbed it, and tore open the wrapper. I put the condom on my hard cock. She still sat on the couch, her legs open. I stood over her. I leaned forward, putting my hands on the back of the couch, and pushing my cock against her dripping slit and plunged inside of her. She wasn’t that tight, but she was tighter than I had expected. “Fuck me hard” she said. I fucked her hard, pounding her pussy with all my might. My throbbing cock jack hammered into her. She was screaming, I was grunting. She came first, her pussy milking my cock. I kept fucking her, getting close myself. “I want your cum in my mouth, I haven’t tasted spunk in a long time.” Veronica said.

I could have warned her that with my sex pace, and now three days no sex, It would be a shooting gallery inside her throat, but I didn’t. I pulled out of her. She got to her knees on the floor, and I stood in front of her. She peeled the condom off of my throbbing cock. She started to blow me, her experienced tongue and mouth and lips doing quite a number on my cock. I warned her of my impending orgasm. She pulled my cock out of her mouth, stroking me quickly just a scant few inches from her open mouth. She looked up at me waiting for my ‘spunk’. I came as she stroked me. I blasted my first shot, like a river of jizz, into her curly hair, down her forehead, over her eye, down her cheek, and down to her mouth. The next blast was smaller, mainly landing in her mouth. That was followed by a massive blast of spunk that showered nearly all off her face with thick white jizz. “OHH” I loudly moaned as I continued to blast her. She was obviously shocked at the sheer amount of cum. She sucked the rest of the cum from my cock. Then she rubbed the jizz into her face, licking some off her fingers. “Fuck. That was a load of spunk!” She said, bewildered. She was smiling, licking cum from her fingers. “There’s plenty more where that came from” I said.

Veronica was sitting on the couch, jizz soaking into her face and hair, “Well that was a good warm-up” She said. I sat next to her. “What do you want to do now?” I asked her. “Why don’t you go out back, perhaps swim in the pool. I’m going to go clean up.” She said.

She pointed me to the back door. She had a huge backyard, with a high privacy fence. She had a pretty good sized swimming pool, with lounge chairs lined around it. I sat in a chair, looking around for a few minutes. I wanted to swim, but decided I should go find towels first. I walked back into the house. I didn’t know where she went, or where anything was. It was a huge house. I walked up some stairs. I checked doors for a closet, unsuccessfully.

I could hear running water so I followed the sound back to its source. Still naked, I slowly pushed open the door, looking in to her bathroom. Veronica was in the shower. I quietly stepped in to the bathroom. She had a large shower, with glass doors that obscured the view, but allowed silhouettes. I stepped up to the glass door, slipping it aside an inch to peek inside. The shower was about ten foot by ten foot, with seats built into the wall, and what looked like an overly elaborate, surely expensive, shower system. Veronica was sitting, on the chair, against the wall; hot water was streaming over her back. She had her legs spread wide open, and a hand held shower head poised just inches from her pussy. She was ‘massaging’ herself. My cock was getting hard from the sight. She was moaning somewhat loudly. After a while working the shower massager, she got down on her knees. She grabbed a dildo from a little shelf, and suction cupped it to the wall. It was big, about 10 inches, and fairly thick. She was on all fours, slamming her ass against the wall, fucking herself with the dildo attached to the wall. The entire room, not just the shower, was steaming up.

I slowly opened the shower door. She was fucking furiously, her eyes closed, and didn’t notice me enter. I walked around to in front of her. She was pounding herself against the wall, her massive tits flailing about. I got down on my knees in front of her. In one swift motion, I grabbed the back of her head, and thrusted my hips forward. She had the sudden surprise of a cock in her throat. She took it in stride. She kept fucking herself with the dildo, and sucking me off, while moaning loudly.

She sucked me good for a while. She came loudly, moaning and groaning into my cock. She finally pulled her mouth off my cock, saliva dripping from her lips. “Oh Fuck” She said, out of breath. She quickly turned around, pulling another dildo, black, from the shelf, and tossing me a condom. Why she has condoms in her shower, I don’t know. Now she was on all fours, facing away from me, furiously fucking herself with her black dildo, and now sucking on the dildo that was attached to the wall. I looked around for some lube. “Do you have any lube?” I asked her. “Just spit on it” She said, sounding annoyed that I hadn’t fucked her ass yet. I put on the condom, then I spit on my cock and then moved in behind her, putting my wet cock against her ass hole. She was blowing a dildo that was covered in her juices, fucking her pussy with another big dildo, and was now being anally penetrated by my throbbing cock.

I pushed in, slamming all the way into her ass. Her asshole was pretty tight, but I’ve had tighter. I bet she probably double fucked herself with dildos. In any case, I was fucking her ass as hard as I could, both of us grunting loudly. She came again, squeezing my cock hard. She lowered herself to the floor, her massive tits pressed against the ceramic. She turned over, lying on her back. She held the black dildo out to me. I grabbed it and looked at her inquisitively. “Double fuck my pussy” She said, out of breath. I had never done this before, although I had seen it done. I sat just behind her ass, her legs split out wide. I pushed my cock inside her dripping red pussy. My cock in her, I pushed the black dildo against her lips, just above my cock. I had to use my other hand to open her lips before it would start to go in. I pushed the dildo in about six inches, while I was all the way inside of her.

“Now fuck me” She said. I wasn’t sure if I should do it with the dildo, or my cock, or both. I started rocking my hips, slowly fucking her. “Mmm” She moaned, her hands playing with her large nipples. Gently rocked into her, and stroked the dildo inside her pussy. My cock was rubbing against the dildo as well, expanding her slit. “Mmm” She continued to moan, a bit louder. I rocked into her a bit faster, and worked the dildo a little harder. She responded well. She pulled the dildo off the shower wall where it had been hanging just above her head. It was covered in both her pussy juices and saliva. She handed it to me by the shaft. “Shove it in my ass” She said, as she was being double fucked. This was a pretty big dildo. My cock in her pussy, dildo just above it, I put the other dildo against her asshole, which was semi open from the anal pounding I had just given her. I stopped the fucking of her pussy, to concentrate on putting the dildo in her ass. I pushed it in, until nearly all ten inches were inside of her. “Stop” She said “Just leave it right there”. I held that dildo in place, and resumed the double fucking of her pussy.

Soon enough she was coming, and hard; three cocks, two fake, inside of her. Her screams of orgasmic pleasure seemed as though they should have shattered the glass door. I pulled the dildos and myself out of her, and stood up. She laid, her arms way out to each side, her eyes closed. She breathed heavily, recovering. I stood there for a second, wondering what was next. “Where are the towels?” I asked.

We lay in the sun for a few hours. She had those chairs that fold down that you see around public pools. We laid in the sun naked, next to each other for quite some time; simply relaxing. “I’m ready for a dip, how about you?” She asked me. “Sure” I said. We both rose from our chairs. Her large breasts bounce and jiggle with her every step as we walked the few feet to the pool. She dove in, in the 5 foot deep section. The pool went from around 3 feet, slowly to 10 feet deep at the end. I jumped in a few feet away from her.

The water was warm, but felt rather cool compared to lying in the hot sun. “Come here and get me big boy” Veronica said, provocatively. I swam towards her. We stood face to face, the water up to our shoulders. I instinctively reached for her large tits. They seemed to almost float, rather than hang on her chest. I played with her tits for a while. She simply moaned softly. She reached one hand down and softly stroked my cock. After some time, we were getting kind of restless. But with no condoms out here, one of us would have to get out of the pool.

Then a man walked into the yard. “Hello?” the man yelled as he walked into the yard. “Hi” Veronica said, hugging me in the pool. “Veronica?” The man said. “I rang the doorbell, but no one answered…” He said, unsure. I looked over. “Chris?” I asked. It was Chris, the black guy from the sex club. “John?” He asked. “I have to confess, I scheduled two dates online for today.” Veronica said. “I forgot about you once we got into it” Veronica said. “Well…you ready for some more?” Chris asked. “Bring me some condoms and I think we can go at it” She said provocatively. Chris pulled several condoms out of his pocket. He tossed one towards me. I grabbed it from the surface of the water. I put on my condom as Chris undressed beside the pool.

Chris jumped into the pool, walking over to us. I was already hard. Veronica reached out and grabbed Chris’s cock. “Ohhh that’s nice and big” She said. “I guess I’ll want you in my pussy and you in my ass” she said. I moved to behind her and Chris in front of her. She stroked his cock a few times. “You boys ready?” She asked. I put my cock up against her asshole, guiding with my hand. Chris pushed inside of her pussy, filling her up. “Ohhh” She moaned. It took some force for my cock to penetrate her ass. Chris started fucking her slowly, but I had learned that lesson already. I went straight to slamming her ass hard, fucking her, her body jerking as I slam into her. “Yes oh yes!” She cried out. Chris took the hint, and started pounding her slit. We filled her up. She came rather hard after some rough fucking, screaming out. We slowed to a steady pump. Eventually we stopped, holding our cocks inside of her.

“Want to go again?” Chris asked her. “No” she managed through her breath “I think that’s about all I can take for the day”. We helped her out of the pool. We all went to the pool chairs. I lay on my back again, drying in the sun with Veronica next to me. Chris got down on all fours and started to eat her out as she laid there. He slowly brought her up to another excited state. “I didn’t think I could take any more of this” She said. She motioned for us both. We stood on opposite sides of her. She sat up in the chair, grabbing each of our cocks with one hand. She pulled our condoms off. She stroked my cock as she blew Chris for a while. She swapped, blowing me stroking him. This went on for quite some time. Finally we were both close to cumming, she sat back and stroked us both vigorously. “Cover my face” She said. She let go of out cocks, closing her eyes, opening her mouth. We both started stroking ourselves just a few inches from her face. Chris came first, blasting her with thick white jizz. Much of it landed in her hair. She licked her lips, and opened her mouth again smiling, waiting. I came, shooting what cum I had left right into her mouth. She took all I gave her, swallowing it down.

We all laid in chairs in the sun for a while longer. “I’m sorry I am too exhausted for you Chris” She said. “It’s alright” He said. “Tell you what, both of you come back tomorrow, and I’ll make it up to you.” She said. “That’s a deal” He said.

Eventually, when our brains returned to normal working order; we realized something. Tomorrow was Wednesday. Thursday was a sex club meeting. Since Holly was gone, Veronica could be my partner for that meeting. So we filled Veronica in on the info about the club. She was quite excited.

Part 30: Slut


I woke up the next morning naked in a strange bed, and when I went out into the living room, I saw Jack sleeping on the couch. I went into his dresser taking a pair of boxers and t-shirt and went into the kitchen. I didn’t want to wake him, but I didn’t think I could fall asleep. For some reason I got the urge to eat pancakes. I went into his kitchen and stumbled my way through the cabinets till I found the necessary materials. I was almost done making pancakes when Jack stumbled in half asleep wearing only his boxers.

“Good morning, I made breakfast. So… about last night… did we…?” I asked, not remember enough to know if we had had sex or not.

“No. We didn’t have sex. You begged and I wanted to, but you were drunk off your ass. You didn’t know what you were saying and I didn’t want it to be like that. The only way I could get away without giving in or throwing you out was to make you orgasm until you went to sleep. I’m sorry if that was a bad thing to do but I…”

“Oh how noble of you, I was too drunk so you just played with me until I fell asleep” I said, faking an angry tone, it just came off as sarcastic.

I couldn’t stop myself from actually laughing at him. “No, that was the perfect thing to do. I’m sorry if I was that difficult to manage. But I didn’t just want to have sex with you because I was drunk. I really wanted to have sex with you,” I said as I leaned forward putting the pancakes on his plate brushing his back with my chest, “and I still do…”I said, flashing him a provocative smile. After he ate, I led him back to his bedroom.

I pushed him down on his bed, and he sat on the edge letting me be the aggressor. I found his condoms in his drawer when I was looking for clothes earlier. I tossed one at him. I stood in front of him. His cock was in his boxers. “Are you going to put that on or not?” I asked. He broke out of his daze. He pulled his boxers off, his cock popping out. I watched him put on his condom. His cock was about five inches long, not that big, but to me size really doesn’t matter all that much. I took off his t-shirt that I was wearing, tossing it over my shoulder.

I descended onto him, straddling his stomach, pushing him on his back. I still had his boxers on. I lowered my bare chest to his, my nipples getting quite excited. I kissed his lips once, then whispered in his ear “fuck me”. He quickly reached down, pulling the boxers down, I wriggled them down Kartal Escort my legs and off. I started humping him, his cock not even inside of me. My pussy was grinding against him, as he reached down struggling to get inside of me. Finally he penetrated me. I grabbed his shoulders, and thrusted my entire body against his, shaking his bed violently. I couldn’t help but start screaming as I fucked him hard, his cock pulsing inside me. His grunts loudly tried to keep up with my higher pitched screams, but failed. He came first, his cock pulsing as he shot deep in me. I continued to grind against his softening cock and playing with myself with one hand until I came, collapsing on his chest.

I walked into the dorm around noon. The other girls were all busy unpacking and making the dorm theirs.

“Hey Holly, we’re just putting up pictures to remind us of home. So how was your night?” asked Samantha

“Oh… I actually don’t remember most of what happened last night. I was insanely drunk and he took care of me and I made him breakfast and we… uh… had some fun this morning,” I said. I found my things, finding a picture of john and I. I handed the picture of John with his arms around me, to Samantha for her to put up.

“Who’s that?” asked Chrissie. “Oh… that’s John. My boyfriend. We’ve been dating for about two years now.”

“Wait a second, you have a long term boyfriend and you were out having ‘fun’ with a guy you just met until noon?” asked Rachel incredulously.

“Yeah, he told me to…” I defended myself.

“Your boyfriend told you to go have sex with other men? I doubt it.” Rachel doubted me.

“But he really did. We’ve gotten used to an insane pace and a month apart without sex would drive us both mad.”

“Likely story. You haven’t even been away for 2 days and you’re already cheating. You should be ashamed of yourself, what are you a slut?” Rachel led everyone against me.

Near tears, I started explaining to Samantha. “You believe me, don’t you? I love him. I would never do anything to hurt him. You believe me, right?”

Soothingly she replied, “Of course I do. You were really drunk last night. Anything could happen and I have the same arrangement with my boyfriend. We got used to having sex at least once a day. I understand completely. It’s only about sex, not love, right?”

“Yeah right, shes a cheating slut, girls like you give us all a bad image.” Rachel said; mad at me for some reason.

“Shut the fuck up, shes crying, you think you’re helping? Get out of here” Samantha defended me, the other girls left the room, rolling their eyes at me. I could see it in their faces, they all saw me as a slut already.

“Th…thanks Sam. I really wanted to have a good time here but my roommates already hate me. What am I going to do?” I managed to choke out between full out sobs. “I… I think I just need to get out of here for a little while until they calm down.”

“Okay Holly. Just remember, not all of your roommates hate you. It’s good to know there’s someone else who is in the same sort of situation as me.”

“Thanks Sam. I’ll keep that in mind. I’ll be back by 11 tonight. I’ll talk to you more about this later? I just need to cool off a bit before I talk to them again. I don’t want to make things worse by saying something in my defense only to end up making everything worse.”

“Of course. I’ll see you later.”


Thursday rolled around, bringing with it the meeting with the sex club. Since Holly was gone, I took Veronica as my partner. It was the first time I had gone to a meeting without Holly. It turns out that not all meetings involve all of the members. They try to make sure all members are there when a new couple joins, but most meetings aren’t as large. This particular meeting involved only six couples, Veronica and I included. We also made a last minute change, moving the meeting from Peter and Kristen’s house, to Veronica’s, since it is simply huge.

I arrived first, helping Veronica get ready for the meeting. We devised a little game to effectively use her large house, and waited for the guests to arrive. Of course Peter and Kristen were in attendance, Kristen with long curly red hair, tall woman, with small perky tits. Chris, the black one, and Bethany, the very tall, long brown hair, also smallish tits, Bethany. There was also Trent and Amy, Jake and Mary, and Edward and Helen. Once the entire group had arrived, we began the meeting.

“It’s just like spin the bottle, but with a twist” I explained to the assembled crowd. “There are 12 people here, we will spin the bottle three times, and those three people will go to a room and have sex. If all three spins are guys, then we will redo the third spin until a girl comes up, and vice versa. So, that makes four groups of three, either Male Male Female, or Female Female Male. The bottle shall decide our sexual fate” I said, playing leader on this occasion. Before we began, we had to empty the bottle of wine, giving everyone a glass, loosening the collective consciousness.

Holding the empty bottle, “Who wants to spin it?” Veronica asked. “I want to” Mary volunteered. Mary was the short woman with dirty blonde hair, very skinny, with small perky tits, and a nice round ass for her size. Mary sat on the floor in the middle of the sitting group. Mary spun the bottle, letting it slowly come to a stop. “Trent” Mary said. Trent stood and walked to stand in the doorway. Mary spun again. “Kristen” Mary announced. Kristen went and stood with Trent. “Please be a girl, please be a girl” Trent repeated. “Ya Please be a girl” Kristen said with him. That elicited a chuckle from the group. The spin came up with Jake, Mary’s husband/boyfriend (I don’t remember if they are married). “Ohh Jake, looks like you wont get two chicks” Mary said. “Thought you would rig the game for me to win” Jake said, walking to the group in the doorway. “Have fun you three” I said.

“Next group” Mary said, spinning the bottle. “Looks like Veronica” Mary said. Veronica kind of blushed and stood in the now vacant doorway. Mary spun again. “Chris” Mary said. I wondered if that spin may have been fixed. Chris stood with Veronica in the doorway. Mary spun the bottle again “Peter”. “Lucky girl” Amy said, noting that Veronica had drawn the two largest dicks.

Mary started spinning again as soon as that threesome found their room. “John” Mary said, my turn had come. I walked to the doorway. Four girls remained; Mary, Bethany, Amy, and Helen. Only Edward and I remained for the men, which guaranteed that both of us would get two women. Mary spun the bottle. “Helen” Mary said. Helen, was quite pale skinned, short with curly short black hair, and small perky tits. The winner of the next bottle spin was Amy. Amy joined us in the doorway. That left Edward with Mary and Bethany. The two groups of three left the room, walking to the separate bedrooms, as the first two groups had.

I opened the door into the bedroom, Helen and Amy followed behind me, closing the door. We were in one of the many guest bedrooms in the house. However organized the game might be, we never said what had to happen in the rooms. I sat on the edge of the small bed. Helen sat next to me on the bed, and Amy stood in front of us. Amy was the oldest woman in the club, in her early forties. Amy also had the biggest tits in the group, as well as long blonde hair. She was wearing a white t-shirt, and jean shorts. I suddenly realized that I didn’t know if she and Trent had any kids. If they did, she was a hell of a MILF. (I don’t think I need to clarify, but that means Mom I’d Like to Fuck.)

“So…Whatever shall we do?” I asked the women, teasing them. “I think we should get ‘acquainted’” Amy said. It was kind of funny how little we really knew about each other, despite the numerous sexual encounters I had had with the girls in the club. “Alright then…Ages, I am 20” I said. “Thirty” Helen chimed in. “Pass” Amy said. “Ohh come on, you’re a hot woman, don’t be ashamed of your age.” I said. After a pause, “Fine, I am 42” Amy said. “Wasn’t so hard was it” I said. “No, especially since I am 44” Amy said, conceding her lie. “Okay, then an easier question… Weight” I said. “Funny” Amy said sarcastically. “I try” I said. “How long have you been in the club?” I asked. They knew how long I had been. “three years” Helen said. “Well, Trent and I were in another club, but once everyone had kids, that was the end of that. So we started a new one with Peter and Kristen. That was about five years ago.” Amy said. “So that’s how it started.” I said. “So you two never had kids?” I asked her. “Yes, we have a 23 year old son, we were quite young” Amy said. “Enough of your questions” Helen said. “My turn; How long have you and Holly been together?” Helen asked. “Over a year and a half” I said. “Were you both virgins?” Amy asked. “Yes” I said. “You two certainly didn’t mess around did you!?” Amy said. “You don’t know the half of it” I said, smiling. “What’s that supposed to mean?” Helen asked. “Let’s just say…If you must know, buy the tape” I said. They gave me a questioning look. “You ever going to make her an honest woman?” Amy asked. “If by honest woman you mean marry her, then yes I will, and we are both agreed that we should wait until we graduate. I plan on doing it the night of graduation, just to make sure she knows that I really want to make her my wife. Like you said, I don’t mess around.” I said. “So are we ever going to get down to business?” I asked. (and surely you are too.)

Helen and I insisted that Amy strip first. Amy stripped off her clothes quickly, letting her tits out, and revealing her unshaved pussy. I volunteered to go next. Amy replaced me on the edge of the bed. I shed my clothes in front of the girls, my cock hanging down semi-erect. Helen stood in front of Amy and I. She slowly stripped her clothes off, revealing her milky white skin and trimmed pussy. With all the clothes removed, we had the ‘now what’ moment. It wasn’t that we didn’t know what to do, just that we could do many things, and had to decide what to do. “Let’s get you ready for us first” Helen said. Amy nodded agreement. Helen dropped to her knees in front of me as I sat on the edge of the bed. Amy grabbed my cock in her hand, sitting beside me. Helen started sucking on the end of my cock as Amy lightly stroked it. Helen moaned as she blew me. “Let me suck him” Amy said. Helen gave way, and Amy leaned forward, her tits resting on my thigh, as she pressed her face all the way down, taking my entire cock in her mouth. Amy pulled back, flipping her hair back to the side. Helen took her turn sucking me off some more.

With me hard and ready, it was time to get Amy and Helen ready. Helen moved just to her left, on her knees between Amy’s legs. Amy laid back on the bed, allowing Helen better access to her slit. I got off the bed, and laid down on the floor, sliding up between Helen’s knees. I started by gently prodding her pussy with my fingers, teasing her. I raised my head up, lapping and licking all over her pussy very quickly. Helen was getting quite wet. From the sounds I judged that Amy was getting pretty close. “I think we’re all ready, Let’s get to the fuckin” Helen said. I stood up, and went to the dresser, where I had put my condoms when I took off my shorts. Helen volunteered to ‘put’ it on for me. She got on her knees, placing the condom in her lips, and deepthroating me. “There” Helen said. She quickly hopped back up on the bed.

Helen and Amy both got on all fours, their asses at the edge of the bed. Their pussies awaited my cock, at near perfect height on the short bed. I stood behind them. “Which one should I fuck first?” I asked myself out loud. “Just fuck one of us already” Amy said, laughing. “Just for that you will go last” I said, imitating a kindergarten teacher’s voice. I stepped up behind Helen. Amy already had her hand in her crotch, masturbating. I held my cock up to Helen’s drippingly awaiting pussy. I gently pushed inside of her. Her warm tight pussy engulfed my cock. Helen moaned as I entered her. I reached my right hand to Amy’s pussy, helping her play with herself. I slowly fucked Helen, as we all moaned quietly. “Fuck me” Amy insisted through her teeth. I pulled my cock out of Helen’s wanting slit. I stepped a few feet to my right, pushing my wet cock into Amy. “oh Fuck” she moaned as I penetrated her. I didn’t ‘mess around’ with Amy, slapping into her ass as I fucked her. Helen already had her hand between her legs in my absence.

After fucking Amy for a while, I switched back to Helen. She didn’t bother taking her hand away from the top of her slit as I fucked her harder than before. She was getting close to orgasm, so I switched back to Amy. Amy also kept playing with herself as I fucked her. I reached out and fingered Helen with my left hand, thrusting my fingers in and out of her dripping slit. We collectively approached orgasm. I knew Helen would cum as soon as I penetrated her again, so I stopped fingering her, leaving her right at the edge. I pounded Amy harder, reaching around to play with her nipples. Judging by the moans and her breathing, I knew Amy was also close. I increased my pace and brought my hands from her tits to her pussy, playing with her. Amy came, her pussy squeezing my cock as she vocally expressed her orgasm. I pulled my cock out of Amy, being quickly replaced by her hand. I quickly pushed my cock back into Helen. I pounded my cock inside of her, sending her over the edge immediately, her pussy massaging my cock to orgasm. I blasted my load deep in her pussy, constrained by the condom.

Once I caught my breath, I pulled out of Helen, and sat on the edge of the bed again. The girls rolled over, and laid on their backs, collecting their breath. “That was awesome, all three of us coming at the same time” Helen said. “You’re good” Amy said. “No, if I was good, I would have kept fucking the both of you, but I came” I said. “You’re a man not a dildo” Helen said. “Let’s get that condom off of you” Amy said. I sat up on the edge of the bed as both women got on their knees before me. Amy pulled the condom off my still semi hard cock. She immediately deepthroated my cock, licking and sucking the juices and jizz off of me. “mmm” she moaned. “Let’s go see how the other groups did” Helen said. We decided to leave our clothes, and walked back to the living room.

We were the last group to finish. To be fair we were one of the last to start, plus the whole question and answer period also contributed to that. All the couples were sitting together again, discussing their experiences, all still naked. Kristen and Veronica, the girl’s that were double teamed, both had faces covered in jizz. I sat with Veronica. “Have fun?” I asked her, sitting down. Cum was still running down her neck. “You could say so” She said. “Now what?” Peter asked me. The next activity Veronica and I had planned was some pussy eating. “All the guys stand up” I instructed, as I stood up myself. The couples were all sitting together in a circle. “Okay, rotate one to your right, and eat” I said. Every guy walked a few feet to his right, and got on his knees between a woman’s legs.

I got on my knees between Amy’s legs. Her thighs were still wet from her juices. I reached up, playing with her tits, as I plunged between her legs. All the women in the room moaned as they received oral. Soon enough the room was filled with ‘oooh’s and ‘YES’s of women cuming. I think Amy came fourth. I sat back, her juices lingering in my mouth, as I looked up at her pleased face. The guys returned to their seats, as I stood in the middle of the circle. I explained the next phase of our plan. I stole Holly’s idea, but she wasn’t here so I took the credit.

“It’s time for the blowjob competition” I said. “All six guys will stand up. The women will get on their knees. We will start the timer and the women will have thirty seconds to blow their man. Once thirty seconds is up, all the women will rotate to the right, and wait thirty seconds before starting again. If you get a guy to cum, you get a point, and that guy sits down. Winner is the woman that gets the most points” I said. “What do you get for being the winner? Kristen asked me. “umm…I hadn’t thought about it. How about, the woman who wins gets to pick her own prize. Within reason.” I said. The women looked at each other and nodded in agreement. “Where do you come up with this stuff?” Amy asked me. “If I had a nickel for every time I was asked that…I …I would have like fifty cents…” I stumbled through that. “Not too good with speaking though” Veronica said. “Well anyway, I’ll do the timing.” I said. All the women got on their knees in front of their husband/boyfriend. Veronica was in front of me. “Blow away!” I said, starting the timer.

Veronica started sucking me off, very hard and fast. She was trying to make me cum in thirty seconds. That wasn’t going to happen, but she tried. All the women blew for thirty seconds. “Stop” I said, watching my watch. “Rotate, but wait” I said. Kristen was now on her knees in front of me, covered in jizz from before. I waited for thirty seconds to be up. “And….Blow” I said. Kristen immediately deep throated me. I looked around the circle as the other five women blew as well as they could. “Stop” I announced the thirty seconds. All the women went ahead and rotated. Bethany was now in front of me. She had long brown hair that tried to cover her small tits. She looked up and smiled at me. I never said anything about the thirty seconds of no blowing. I don’t know who started it, but now all the women took the thirty seconds to try and seduce the men. Bethany had one hand playing with her tits, the other in her crotch. She was looking at me with her mouth open, licking her lips. “Blow” I said.

Bethany started blowing me, as all the women blew. Bethany was very good at deepthroating. I guess having a black husband probably helps that skill develop. Something caught my eye, and I glanced to my left. Trent was being blown by Kristen, and he was coming all over her face. I didn’t realize it at the moment, but they were in the threesome group together, so that was the second time he had blasted her face, which was quite evident afterward. The thirty seconds ran out. “That’s a point for Kristen” I announced, as Trent sat down. I looked around the room, seeing that no guys were sitting, I knew no other points had been scored. “Bethany you have a break, until we rotate again.” I said. Bethany sat on her knees in front of Trent as all the women rotated.

Now Mary was between my legs. I counted down the thirty seconds. “and….Blow” I said. Mary went to work, her dirty blonde hair swinging back and forth with her neck thrusts on my cock. Her tongue worked on my shaft as she rocked her face on my cock. I heard a sound in the collective crowd that caught my attention. I looked up to see Veronica getting blasted in the face by Jake. “Point for Veronica” I said. “Stop” I announced the thirty seconds. Jake sat down, and the women rotated, waiting thirty more seconds. Mary and Kristen had the breaks this round. Now Helen was below me.

“Blow away” I said, letting the girls do their work. Helen was trying hard to make me cum. Since Holly wasn’t in the running, I didn’t care who received my load. Helen blew me very hard and fast. Just to my right I saw Peter pump his load down Amy’s throat, as she swallowed every drop. And just to his right Chris blew his load on Veronica’s face and mouth. “Point for Amy, Point for Veronica” I announced the score. Peter and Chris sat down. That left just Edward and I standing. Since four of the guys had come, four of the girls watched. Amy and Kristen had one point; Veronica led with two points. It was Amy’s turn to blow me, and Mary’s turn on Edward.

“Okay, you handle the time keeping” I said to Peter. He looked at his watch for a few seconds, then “Go” He said, watching the time. Amy tried very hard to get me off, sucking and sucking on my throbbing cock. I watched Mary’s head bobbing on Edward’s cock, to no avail. “And time” Peter called. The women rotated again. Now they were all home again. Veronica in front of me, and Helen in front of her husband Edward. “I tried to psyche out Veronica. “You get one more and you seal the deal” I told her. Veronica licked her lips eagerly. “Go” Peter announced. Veronica started to blow me, her large tits flopping against my thighs as she worked. Helen blew her husband but couldn’t get him off. “Time” Peter called. The women rotated again. Now Kristen sat in front of me; her husband sitting just to my right, told her when to start blowing me. Amy was in front of Edward. Kristen deepthroated me right off the bat, taking my cock into her throat, massaging me. I was ready to blow, trying to hold off. It was a competition among the guys as much as it was between the women. I couldn’t hold anymore and I blew my load down Kristen’s throat, and she swallowed everything I had to give her. “Point for Kristen” Peter announced, evidently proud of his wife.

Now it was down to Edward. He outlasted all the other guys. Veronica and Kristen were tied at 2. Veronica’s turn to blow Edward, but right after her was Kristen. “Blow” Peter told Veronica, as I sat down with all the other guys. Veronica tried and tried, but couldn’t get Edward to cum in that thirty seconds. Peter counted off and then told his wife when to start blowing Edward. Kristen took Edward’s cock down her throat as she had mine. It was obvious when he blew deep in her mouth, emptying his balls down her throat. The group erupted “We have a winner”. Kristen was the Blowjob Queen of the group…this time. “We should have a crown for the BJ queen!” Mary said. “I guess we need to have a tournament with all the girls since Jenna, Susan, Cindy, and Holly aren’t here” I said. “Well what’s her prize?” Peter asked me. “I think it’s up to her” I said. For those keeping track at home, that’s five cumshots she had taken now. Kristen stood up, jizz still running down her face and neck to her tits. She stood there thinking for a moment.

Kristen thought up what became the standard prize for the bj competition. All six guys stood around and watched as Kristen laid down, and the other five girls played with, ate out, and massaged her until she came. Five sets of hands, five tongues, and five sets of tits, all going to work on one woman laying between them all. The five women held her down and played, tickled, toyed, licked, prodded, poked, and sucked on her until she came hard and loud. Now all the girls wanted to win next time we would do this. Afterwards it was time to finish up the meeting. We sat back in our circle, talking about our experience. Once we had all calmed down, we left to collect our clothes from the rooms where we had left them. Then each couple showered together, cleansing each other of sex juices. All of us clean again, the group broke up, everyone heading home to rest, and wait for the next meeting.

The last members had just left, and Veronica and I sat down on her couch. “God that was fun” She said, glowing. “You choked!” I said. “What? I didn’t choke?” She said, confused. “Wait…clarify…it’s a sports term, you had the game won, and you blew it…wait” I said, again confusing her. “You were up 2-1, and you had a shot at both the guys left, and you let Kristen get both of them” I said. “Ohh” Veronica said, suddenly understanding. “I’ll just have to do better next time” She said, smiling. “When’s next time?” She asked me. “What guy left you?” I asked, stunned to think that some man left this sex addicted woman. She just shook her head. We sat in silence for a few moments, wondering where to go from here. “Want to go swimming?” She asked me, a provactively sexy smile on her face. I didn’t respond. I ran for the backdoor, shedding clothes as she ran behind me.

Part 31: Love and Lies


Please be home. Please be home. Please be home. I went to the one place I could think of. I hadn’t been there long so Jack was the only person I knew. I’d rung his door bell 3 times already and was just turning away when the door opened. “Holly! You’re back already,” he said as he opened the door. “Oh my God Holly. What’s wrong? Why are you crying? Come in.” I barely got in the door before I collapsed crying into his arms.

“I… I… I’ve only been here for a couple days and 4 of my roommates already hate me. I don’t know anyone else so this is the only place I could think of to go and I…” “Shh…” he said as he put a finger to my lips to silence me. “I’m glad you came to me. What did you guys fight about?”

“Well… wait… promise me you won’t get mad at me?” “Of course… I doubt you could say anything to make me mad.” “Well… we were putting pictures up of people back home and I put up a picture of me… and John… my boyfriend. We agreed before I left that we weren’t going lock ourselves out of the social world just because we love each other. Everyone has their needs and it wouldn’t be good to have to ignore them for a month. So they figured that we… uh… that we had sex and they are convinced I’m a slut and now they hate me. I don’t know what to do and it’s only the first week and now I have to live with people who hate me for a whole month and…” I rambled on through the tears, in a long drawn out mass of words. Apparently wanting to end my ramble, Jack placed a gentle kiss on my lips.

“Calm down Holly. It’ll be okay.” “You’re not mad?” “Why would I be?” “I didn’t tell you that I have a boyfriend at home, I just jumped on you and wouldn’t leave till we did it.” “It’s okay. You’re here now. Home doesn’t matter… and neither does your dorm. Come on, let’s wash you up. You want to take a shower?” “Yeah.” I managed, drying away some tears.

Jack held me in his arms as we sat on the couch. “I’m sorry if I made the wrong impression..” I said, but he cut me off. “It’s ok. Don’t worry about anything, just be here, be in my arms now, that’s all that matters” I sat with Jack for a few minutes. It was great, I felt so calm afterwards. He helped me to the bathroom, allowing me privacy for a shower.

Once I got into the shower, I was calm from Jack’s embrace, and the hot water melted all the worries away. I stood with my head back, the water striking my neck and running down my body. I’m not really sure why I did it, I guess the notion struck me for a brief second and I went for it. I put my right hand between my legs, my index finger lightly stroking up and down on my lips. Soon I was loosened up, leaning against the shower wall, moaning as I masturbated. I kept going, pressing harder, pushing two fingers inside my aching pussy. I was extremely close to coming, my moans of pleasure getting louder and longer. Suddenly the shower curtain was pulled back all the way. I gasped and instinctively tried to cover myself from the shock of the moment. Jack was standing there, with a towel in his hand. “There weren’t any towels in here…so I came to give you one…and then I heard you….” He said. I was still stunned not knowing what to do.

We stood there, my eyes probably still wide, trying to figure out what to do. “Well…I guess you should pick up where you left off…” Jack said. I tried to speak but my voice didn’t come out till I cleared my throat. “Okay…” He still stood there looking at me. “Go ahead…I’ll just watch” He said. I don’t know, maybe you had to be there, but it was just so funny. We both laughed pretty hard. We couldn’t stop, I was sitting in the tub, laughing hysterically at the situation and what he had said. Through the incessant laughing Jack managed to say “You going to finish or can I take a shower”. “You go ahead I’ll just sit here” I said. “I’ll work around you” He said. Now I was wondering if he was serious or still joking.

He was serious, he quickly shed his clothes and jumped into the shower. I was sitting in the tub on the far side from the shower head. He stood under the shower head just beside me. I sat, my back against the wall, my legs sticking straight over the edge of the tub. I laid my head against the wall, and closed my eyes. I couldn’t help but smile.


I had set up a date with another girl from the internet site. I sat at my computer reading her e-mail to me. Her name was Elizabeth. She was in her late twenties. She was a blonde, medium breasts. She told me about how she found out about her boyfriend cheating on her, and how she wanted to get back at him. He didn’t know that she had found out, and she was going to have some fun with me, getting her revenge. We had a meeting arranged in just a few days. I was getting kind of hot reading her message. I was under some pressure to perform with this one. Since Holly was gone, and it had been a while since I had had sex, I figured I should just look at some porn. I opened up the internet, surfing the usual sites. After some time viewing porn I was getting close. I turned the computer off and walked into my bedroom, and going into the shower.

I turned on the shower, waiting for the water to warm up. I stepped into the shower. My cock had relaxed in the few minutes since I was masturbating. Stepping into the warm water, I started stroking my cock again. I stroked slowly, letting my body build to the orgasm. Suddenly the door to the bathroom opened, and a figure came in. I stopped stroking, but still held my cock in my hand. I was a deer in headlights; except I was a guy with his dick in his hand, same thing.

The glass door opened, and Stephanie, naked, stepped into the shower. “Am I interrupting?” She asked me. “Caught…dick handed” I mumbled. Perhaps that phrase deserves a place in our vernacular. “Are we all lonely without Holly?” Steph said, pouting her lips, making fun of me. “I find ways of filling the time” I said. “filling something” She said. “You owe me one” Steph said, dropping to her knees. Stephanie pushed me against the wall of the shower. She, on her knees, grabbed my cock with one hand, holding it up, and licked from my balls to the tip of my shaft. “mmm” she moaned as she flicked her tongue around the head of my cock. She drew back, and spit on my cock repeatedly. “You like it sloppy?” She asked me, in an exaggerated sexy voice. I responded with a moaning ‘yes’. She took the end of my cock in her mouth, sucking hard; her cheeks sucked into her mouth. She licked around the head of my cock, then released my cock from her mouth, letting out a slurping sucking sound as the suction seal of her lips came off my cock. She turned her head to the side a bit, shoving my cock into her mouth, bulging her cheek out as she jammed my cock in her mouth repeatedly.

Stephanie started bobbing her head up and down on the last two or three inches of my cock, sucking on me, as she had her hand around my cock, just in front of her mouth. Her hand rotated back and forth as it stroked up and down with her mouth. She slurped on my cock. “Im close” I said through my breath. Stephanie kept the sucking and stroking going for a few more seconds. Steph leaned back, stroking me with one hand, propping herself up with her other hand. She stroked me fast as I came, spurting jizz all over her chest in a massive load; spurt after spurt of jizz. Her tits were covered in thick white cum. “mmm” She moaned, rubbing her tits with her hands, the jizz soaking in. “Thanks” I managed through my breath. “Remember…you owe me one” Steph said. I stepped out of the shower, to let her clean herself up.


I awoke in Jack’s loving arms. I was on top of him. We were both naked, and my ass cheeks were soar from the pounding I took last night. I raised myself up just enough to reach the dresser and a fresh condom. Opening the wrapper I looked down at him sleeping. I rubbed my hand across his chest. Jack moaned as his eyes slowly opened. I smiled at him as he awoke, he smiled back, his hand caressing my back as I sat beside him. “Hey” He said. “Let’s go again” I said matter-of-factly. “You never slow down” Jack said, in disbelief. “I didn’t realize this was fast” I said, I guess I don’t know too much about ‘typical’ relationships. I put the unwrapped condom in his hand, and hopped on him, straddling his abdomen. He reached his hands behind my ass, blindly putting the condom on. “Is it on yet?” I asked him, in a falsely annoyed tone. “I’m doing it already”. “There” He said. With that I raised my hips up, looking down between my tits, as he guided his cock to my lips. My hands rested just above his shoulders, as his cock entered my pussy, I quickly thrusted myself down and into him. I don’t know if he banged me or I banged him. Well in any case, we fucked there until I came. Laying on his chest he held me as I recovered. “I didn’t think I would outlast you” Jack said. “How many times did you cum last night?” I asked him, proving the point. “I guess your right” He conceded. “I don’t have to cum” he said, offering me the chance to stop. “I’m cuming again whether you help me or not” I said, driving home the point that I was in control. I regained my strength and slowly rocked my hips around his throbbing cock. When I was good to go I went back into all out fucking, pounding him into the creaking bed. Sure enough I came before he did.

Again he offered to let me off the hook from making him cum, but again I refused. “No, you are going to cum Jack my boy” I said. With that I quickly turned around on top of him. Pushing my pussy into his face was just a side effect to me lunging for his dick. I blew him quickly, stopping briefly to peel the condom off his juice dripping cock. “No” he protested, but it was too late. “What?” I asked. “You don’t have to take my cum in your mouth” He said. “Why wouldn’t I?’ I asked. I thought all guys liked that. Am I wrong? “But I want to kiss you, but its gross when I just blew in your mouth” He said. “Kiss me?” I asked. “After this we’re done, you don’t need to keep the act going. He seemed crushed, in more ways then one. As I looked away from him, back to blowing his now naked cock, I realized that this was another sign that he wanted much more than sex from me. As I sucked him, I could tell he was about to pop. He warned me, the gentleman that he is. I pulled away and stroked his cock as he shot a small amount of cum into the, air landing back on him and the bed. We rose and showered our now sweat dripping bodies. We were toweling off, when “You want to go see a movie…or something?” Jack asked me. “No…I need to get back and do some actual studying today” I said, lying. “Okay” he said. It’s strange that he was nervous to ask me on what was essentially a date when we had just fucked three times. Now I’m no expert, but when a guy has gotten into my pants, several times, they don’t go backwards to dating. They date to get into my pants. So basically he just told me, again, that he wants more than sex from me, or not even sex at all. If I wasn’t with John I probably would have gone for him, but I am so I won’t.

Part 32: Lying From You


I got back to the dorm room and went into the room I shared with Sam. As I hoped she was sitting on her bed. I sat down beside her, as she was clipping her toe nails. “I need to talk” I said. “Shoot”. “Well, it’s about Jack”. “What is it hun?” She said, still concentrating on her feet. Kartal Escort Bayan “Well, I think he is falling in love with me” I said, in a depressed mood. “And you don’t love him”. “No… I told him about John and its purely for sex between us.” “But he can’t handle that, and he is confused by the platonic sexual relationship” Sam said. “Yeah”. “And you don’t want to break his heart” Sam said, finally turning to me. “Yeah…I mean if he is going to just fall deeper and deeper in love, then I have to break his heart. I will have to break his heart at some point, so the deeper he is the harder it will be for the both of us.” “Have you outright told him that its just sex” “A couple of times, he knows” I said. “Then you have to make a decision” Sam said. “Break it off now, or lay down the truth” I asked her. “Well those or just ignore the problem.” Sam said. “Ignore it?” I asked. “Yeah…you still sleep with him, but avoid any talk about anything else, make your visits brief, he will get the point.” Sam said. “What if he doesn’t?” I asked. “Well you could always just break it off. If you need pleasuring there are alternatives.” Sam said, looking me straight in the eye, and smiling mischievously. “Like what?” I asked her, playing dumb. “I think you know” Sam said, walking over to the dresser, putting the nail clipper away. “What do you think I should do?” I asked after a pause. “If it was me, I’d fuck him till he loves me, then I would skip town.” She said. “That’s pretty cold” I said. “Well, it beats being alone” She said. “Yeah and how many stalkers have you had as a result of this policy” I asked her jokingly. “Only three or four” She said sarcastically.


I still had the guy’s meeting only with the club. The e-mail never said what we would be doing. So I e-mailed Peter on Thursday night, after the meeting. I got his reply Friday afternoon.

‘John, We as a club have a listing on the same Sex with Strangers site that you and Veronica were talking about. Look under groups. Anyway, we got a woman who wants to be gangbanged, and of course we will fulfill her requests. Hope to see you Saturday.’

I didn’t realize they used that site too. I logged on to the site. You could browse through by several categories. I found it. Couples Sex Club; any women want to be with a bunch of men? That’s us. There was even a naked picture of a bunch of the guys. I wasn’t in it, it must have been taken a while ago. It is kind of amazing that a woman would set out to be fucked by eight guys at a time. Then I wondered if the women of the sex club have a similar ad. Guess not. What man in his right mind wouldn’t respond to an ad of 8 women looking to fuck 1 guy. It doesn’t work like that the other way around. I looked at the men’s listing again. It has a sex history link. When you click on it, it takes you to a page where people that have met you or your group from the site can rate you. It’s kind of like eBay’s feedback. I was amazed at the number of listings on this. The guys had gangbanged at least twenty women. I read some of the comments. ‘FUCK MACHINES, too much meat for me to handle, not even five women could have fulfilled their needs. These guys can fuck and fuck and fuck’. I clicked on the name of the woman who wrote that comment. It took me to her listing. Twentys, single, loves getting gangbanged. She even had a nude picture. She was a blonde, skinny, small tits, but very hot.

“Are you looking at porn?” Sandy asked me, walking past me from the kitchen. “No…sort of” I said. “You’re always horny” She said. “No arguments there.” I said. Stephanie wasn’t home, just me and Sandy. She stood in the doorway to her room. “Wanna fuck?” I asked her. “Are you serious?” She asked. “Usually” I said. She shrugged her shoulders. “Ok” she said, turning and walking in to her bedroom. “I guess I am a god with the ladies” I mumbled to myself. Okay so that’s a lie…okay so that’s entirely wrong, I guess I am just surrounded by women that are as horny as I am.

I finished up on the computer, checking my e-mail one last time and logging off. I walked into my room to get some condoms. With love gloves in my pocket, I walked back into the living room and over to Sandy’s room. I must have taken too long, since she was already naked and masturbating with a vibrator. “Starting without me?” I said, shedding my clothes. She just kept moaning with the vibrator inside of her. I pulled a condom out of the pocket of my pants, laying them on the floor. I put on the condom and turned towards the bed. Sandy’s massive tits were somewhat flattened as she laid on her back. “What position you want to do?” I asked her. She didn’t even look up at me. “Fine” I said, jumping on the bed. She had her legs spread wide open, playing with herself. I moved up, so that I was face down, but propped myself up. She didn’t take the vibrator away from her slit. I reached down and pulled her hand from her pussy, the vibrator popping out, still buzzing.

I plunged my hips forward, jamming my cock inside of her. She had her eyes closed, probably imagining someone else. She was a lesbian, so I guess I can’t blame her. Plus it’s kind of hot that she is thinking about another woman right now…I pumped her slit, the bed shaking and banging against the wall. “ohhhh yeah” she moaned. Her massive tits rolled around on her chest as her whole body thrusted back and forth. I kept fucking her hard.

I rolled her over on her back. She had her legs split completely wide, her pussy just below her ass, exposed. Her face pressing into the bed, I sat up, pushing my cock inside of her again. I grabbed her hips and pulled and pushed her against me. My throbbing cock pounded inside her tight pussy. She moaned into the bed. I smacked her ass, just to see what she would do. No response. As I was fucking her, I smacked her ass a little harder. “Ohhh fuck” She kept moaning. I guess she likes it. I smacked her ass a few more times as I fucked her from behind.

I rolled us on our sides. She was facing away from me, I was facing her back, as we lay on our sides. I reached around and groped her tits with one hand. She had one leg on the bed, the other straight up in the air. I pushed my cock inside her pussy. I held her outstretched leg as an anchor, pulling against it to fuck her harder. My chest and hips smacking into her back. Both our bodies thumped together, the bed shaking wildly. She was breathing hard, and I was getting closer. “What have we here?” Stephanie asked, walking into the room. We must have missed her coming home. Neither of us responded to her, just kept on fucking. Stephanie, still dressed, crawled up on the bed. She laid down, her face just in front of Sandy’s pussy, her ass back by Sandy’s face. “Yeah fuck that lesbian pussy” Stephanie said loudly. She leaned forward, sticking her tongue against the shaft of my cock. She didn’t move, but her tongue ran up and down my cock as I thrusted in and out of Sandy’s dripping pussy. Stephanie started licking Sandy’s pussy, getting her even closer.

Sandy came, her pussy contracting around my cock. She screamed out loudly, arching her back, pushing back against me. “YESSSS” She screamed. Stephanie reached down, grabbing my cock, pulling it from Sandy’s pussy. Stephanie started sucking my condom and pussy juice covered cock. “Fuck I’m close” I moaned. Stephanie grabbed the end of the condom, and it came off, snapping. Stephanie resumed blowing me. She kept stroking her face on my cock. I moaned loudly just before I came. Stephanie pulled off of me, stroking my cock as I came, covering Sandy’s thigh with my cum. I had Sandy’s breast in my hand, reaching around; both of our chests heaving. I couldn’t see it, but Sandy jumped, as if Stephanie was tickling her. That must have been Steph’s tongue on Sandy’s thigh, lapping up my jizz. “How long were you watching us?” I asked her through my breath. “Long enough” Steph said. The thought hit me that in 24 hours I, along with 5 or so other guys, would be gangbanging some hot chick. I wonder if Holly is having the kind of schedule that I am…


The next day I took Samantha’s advice. I called Jack and made sure he was home. I walked the several blocks to his apartment building. Once he let me in, I didn’t hesitate. He opened the door, and I walked past him straight to the bedroom. He was slow following. “You coming or am I going to have get started without you” I said, as he walked into the bedroom. He stood in the doorway and watched me as I undressed, leaving just my black bra and panties. I tossed a condom at him from his dresser, and then hopped on his bed. ‘I’m Waiting” I said. He sat on the edge of the bed, and he looked like he was trying to say something. Something like ‘I love you’ but I didn’t want to give him the chance to say it.

I pulled him up onto the bed. “Holly…” “Shut up and eat my pussy” I said, pushing my crotch over his face. We got into the sixty nine position, with me on top. I didn’t want him to be able to speak, so I kept my pussy right on him. I unzipped his pants pulling out his semi hard cock, taking it into my hand. He obediently lapped and sucked on me while I did the same to him. Soon we were both close to coming, so I sat back on my knees, my pussy still above his face. I applied the condom to his erect cock. I quickly turned around and straddled him down to his hips. I immediately put my mouth on his, shoving my tongue inside his mouth. I grabbed his face, pulling it to mine as we made out. I let one hand drop between my legs as I put his cock inside of me, then thrusted hard, still kissing. Neither of us lasted long. I came first, grinding my juices into him as I screeched loud pleasure noises, still pounding into him. He came a split second later as I milked him.

I leaned over the side of the bed, grabbing my vibrator from my jeans pocket. It was just a nub, barely an inch long. I got back on the bed, putting us back into the sixty nine with him on the bottom. I handed him the vibrator just before I put my crotch in his face, and plopping my face down in his lap. He went to work with the vibrator and I went to work reviving his softening cock with my mouth. He got my juices flowing with his tongue and the vibrator, and his cock came back to life in my mouth.

With the both of us ready to go again, I quickly went back to missionary with my tongue in his mouth, his cock in me. He couldn’t talk, only fuck, which was my goal. He thrusted up and I thrusted down, our bodies slapping together, moans filling the air. My brown hair came over my face, covering both of us as we kissed through the thrusting. I came again, juices drowning his cock, being his second erection he wasn’t anywhere near coming again, so we stopped. His throbbing cock in my pussy, as I collapsed to his chest, my tits still constrained in my bra. His chest was heaving, my body going up and down with it. “Fuck that was good” I muttered, without thinking. We laid in silence for a few moments. “Holly…” He started, then paused. I was thinking, ‘aw crap here it comes’. “…I love you” He finished. I laid there, eyes wide, he couldn’t see my face. I decided to play it off. “I have a boyfriend, remember” I said in a perky voice, and with that hopping off him and walking into the bathroom. I was worried he would press the issue. A moment later I walked back into the bedroom, grabbed my clothes, putting them on as quickly as possible and walked out the front door, while he laid on the bed staring at the ceiling. I was sure that the second I was out the door he would say ‘fuck’ to himself, but I wasn’t there.

I made the walk back to the dorms in the cool night air. My hair was all messed up and clothes disheveled. In the dorms I walked, Samantha was sitting in the living room with a few of the other girls. They were all giggling, clearly having hit the bar earlier in the night. I walked past them to the bedroom, and Samantha followed me. “How’d it go?” She asked, knowing the answer when I look in her eyes. “Bad huh” She said, slightly tipsy. “Did you at least fuck him” she asked. I just looked in her eyes, offering no response. I was close to crying. I didn’t want to hurt him, I couldn’t help that he loved me. But I was still emotional about it.

Samantha leaned over and kissed me, softly. She pulled back after a second, looking into my eyes. It was the look of ‘should I have done that’. It was followed less than a second later by me grabbing her and kissing her back. We rolled onto the bed, making out, our long hair mixing and falling as we rolled around. Her soft tongue lapped at mine, my hands reaching around her back for her bra strap. Soon enough we were both topless, reaching down to each other’s crotch. Within a few minutes the heavy kissing turned into a sixty nine where we continually rolled around. She came very quickly from my intense oral. Her intense orgasm combined with the alcohol knocked her out completely. Once I realized she was asleep I turned around, laying face to face with her. I hugged her tight, pulling the blankets up over our naked bodies, and trying to sleep myself. I kissed her once more on the lips as we fell into deep slumber.


Saturday came around, and with it was the gangbang. For those not following along, The Sex club Holly and I belong to occasionally sets up gangbangs with all the guys and a woman over the internet. I wonder if the women get together with anonymous guys. Well there was going to be five guys going to this woman’s house. I found out her name is Louise. I arrived at her normal looking suburban house. I was greeted by a very tall black man. I was a bit confused, but it turns out Louise isn’t so single. Long story short: She wants to get fucked by a whole lot of cock, her boyfriend included. I was the last to arrive. Peter, Chris ( the black one), Dan and Edward were the other guys from the group. With me and Carl, her boyfriend, that made six guys. As we know from before, Peter has the biggest cock of the group, Chris coming in second. Louise was a brunette, with an almost completely flat chest, very skinny, around twenty five years old.

We were all sitting in the living room. I arrived, getting filled in on some information, and sitting down. All of us here, the events began. Louise stood up in the middle of the group. “Okay, Hi everyone” she started. “As you all know, I love cock.” She said, giggling. “You don’t have to be shy, fuck me in any hole. There are condoms over there if you need any, and lubricant too. I don’t like cum in my mouth, so don’t blow your load in there…Well let’s get started” She said, laying down ground rules. I do realize that a disproportionate number of women in my adventures seem to be cum guzzling nymphos, but I don’t write about every time I have sex. Just because it is not written in my story, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. If I wrote about every single time I had sex…Let’s just say I would have to get a new hard drive to hold it all.

“Everyone ready?” Louise asked, standing in the middle of all of us. Carl stood up, and we all followed, walking closer to her. We all stripped her clothes off as a group, until she stood in the middle of us all, being groped by six pairs of hands. Her boyfriend Carl whipped out his cock, which Louise immediately took into her mouth, dropping to her knees.. Carl put us all to shame, his cock was probably about ten to eleven inches long. No wonder she loves cock. If normal sex for her is taking that huge thing, then great sex must have a lot of cock to overshadow her regular experience. We all followed suit, pulling our cocks out. Louise went around the circle, stroking and sucking each guy off. She deepthroated every cock in the room, except for Carl’s.

Once we were all ready to go, we all took off our clothes. We all walked to the table where the condoms were. All six guys got their cocks wrapped, and walked back to her in the middle of the living room. Carl sat on the couch to watch, leaving her to us. I grabbed the lube at the table, squirting some on my cock. No one seemed to make the first move on her. I walked up to her. “Do I really need to ask?” I said. “Judging by the shitload of lube you put on your cock, I’m guessing you are going for my tight little asshole” She said, smiling. I stood directly behind her, Chris walked up in front of her. We both picked her up, holding her up between us. I pushed my lubed cock against her asshole, meeting resistance, as Chris penetrated her pussy. We held her in the air between us, thrusting into her. Louise was being filled from both sides, squeezed together. She squealed as we fucked her.

The other three guys stood around watching as we fucked her senseless. Not wanting to hog her, we both stepped aside, letting two guys fill our place, as she resumed the same position. I stood by Carl on the couch. “She doesn’t let you do anal does she?” I asked him. “Nope” He responded. “You look like you should be a fucking pornstar” I said. “I guess I could” He muttered. “You guys should join the sex club” I said. “We are thinking about it” He said, watching his girlfriend being ass and pussy fucked by two strangers. The guys were still rotating positions. I decided I should go back in the circle, and not get left out.

The five of us stood in a circle, shoulder to shoulder. Louise was bent over, one guy fucking her pussy from behind, as she leaned forward and sucked off the guy across from her. She rotated around the circle like this for some time. Carl joined in, making the circle six guys. She kept rotating around the circle, through some of her orgasms. I blasted my load deep in her pussy, as I pounded her and she was sucking off Peter across from me. She made every guy cum, inside his condom, either in her mouth or pussy. Afterward, she got back on her knees, and sucking and stroking every guy’s dick. She kept this up until we were all hard again.

“You really love cock” I said. She moaned a ’yes’ her mouth wrapped around my cock. We all moved her to a new position. Chris was on his back on the floor. Louise got on top of him, putting his black cock in her pussy. Then Peter got down behind her, putting his cock in her ass. They double fucked her very hard. I immediately walked in front of her, putting my cock in front of her face. Carl joined me, standing right next to me. Louise switched off sucking our cocks, as she was double penetrated. The other guys switched, two new cocks in her ass and pussy. After a while, Carl was under her, his massive cock deep in her pussy, I was pumping my cock in her ass, as she sucked and stroked the other four guys.

The events concluded as all the guys blew their second loads in various ways. She was exhausted, her holes probably very soar. She thanked us all for the fucking. I told Carl they should join. We all left, exchanging information about the next meeting.

Part 33: Falling


I was sitting down at a small table by the window, looking out into the street. I had my cup of tea that I sipped on sporadically. My thoughts couldn’t escape the situation with Jack. I don’t know what to do. I like him, he is a nice guy. But he loves me, or thinks he loves me. If I break it off with him he will be crushed, if I tell him I don’t love him he will be crushed. If I just don’t address the issue, just avoid talking about it, then I won’t have to break his heart, I don’t think he will let me though. But if I keep stringing this along, if I keep letting him believe that I like him, then it will just hurt him more when I do break it off. He is so cute; he has an innocence that I can’t get past. Maybe I am suppressing some feelings for him. What if I do have feelings for him, but I subconsciously destroy them because I want to be faithful to John. Is that wrong? Is that fair to Jack? But no, no, I don’t love Jack. Is it wrong for me to entertain the idea of loving Jack? Is that being unfaithful to John? It’s hard to know where the lines are drawn in the relationship we have. It isn’t wrong for me to have sex with someone, and its not wrong for him to have sex with someone, but emotional attachment is wrong. Why do we have to put these limitations on ourselves? Why can’t I be attached to more than one man? Why would that be so bad? I guess it all goes back to trust. The only true thing in life is resting in the arms of your lover, knowing that the two of you have complete confidence and compassion. That’s what life is, having that one person that completes you. Samantha is good with these things. I should talk to her about it. She is helpful to me. I love her smile, the way her lip…I can’t put it into words…I just like that about her. I think I will go ask her what I should do…

I laid on top of my bed, trying to pass some time, reading a book. Although I was staring at the pages, I couldn’t take my thoughts off the reality of my situation. Jack loves me. I know it. I don’t love him. I think I’m falling for Samantha. Once I think about these things I have to think about John and I. I have taken for granted our future together. I knew I loved him basically right away. We have such a great relationship it’s hard to believe it will ever end. But it is in some jeopardy. Samantha walked into the room, shutting and locking the door behind her. It’s only four in the afternoon so it’s a little strange for her to lock the door.

“Hey Holly” Samantha said, turning from the door. I shut my book and set it on the dresser. “What’s up” I said. My heart pounded away with her presence. “I’m horny, and I know you can work that tongue” Sam said, licking her lips. She walked over to my bed, taking her shirt off in the process. Our lips were locked instantly, her tongue exploring my mouth. Our hands ran all over each other, carelessly disrobing each other. To my surprise we didn’t get into a sixty nine, but rather she crawled down putting her face between my legs. Samantha licked gently, giggling as she looked up at me. Her tongue parted my lips and entered my hot wetness. Her breath came over me, tingling. She fingered and tongued, sucked and licked. Soon I came, the other girls knew what we were doing from all the screaming I did. My hands clutching at her hair as I spasmed out of control. She had pleased me. It was my turn to please her. I knew in that moment that I loved her. I think love is putting the happiness of your partner above your own. Putting your health and well being behind theirs. She enjoyed pleasing me, and I was very excited about being able to please her. As we exchanged positions I kissed her, this one meaning more than before.

Samantha now on her back, I went to work. She moaned softly as I ate her. She was extremely wet before I got there. Her breathing became very rapid and I knew when she was about to come. When she did come she held my face between her legs, arched her back screeching out. She didn’t know it, but in that moment I told her I loved her, only problem is my tongue was inside her lips. Both of us coming down from our orgasms we laid in my now messy bed, in each other’s naked arms, not talking. We were together and as close as is possible in more ways than one.


It was time for my ‘date’ with Elizabeth. I got to her apartment around three o’clock. I knocked on the door. “Hi, John” Elizabeth said, opening the door. She stood in the doorway completely naked, her c-cup tits perky on her chest. She was unshaven, with nice long legs. I walked inside, “Have a seat” she said. I sat on the couch. Elizabeth sat next to me. I clapped my hands and rubbed them together, “Let’s get to work then” I said. “What do you want to do?” I asked her. “Have sex” She said, her tone of voice said ‘duh’. “Well sex means a lot of things, let’s get specific” I said. She stopped to think for a second. “I want to get back at my boyfriend for cheating” She said. “Do you orgasm when you have sex with him?” I asked her. “Well, sometimes” She said. “Let me guess, selfish guy, when he’s done, your both done?” I said. “Ya” she replied. “Let’s go to the bedroom” I said.

I followed her to the bedroom. We stood at the foot of the bed. “Don’t worry, I’ll do all the work” I said. I motioned toward the bed. She sat up on the foot of the bed. “Lay back” I said. Elizabeth slid back till she had her head on the pillows. “Do you have a vibrator or a dildo?” I asked her. “No” She said. “I guess I’ll have to do this manually” I said. I stripped at the foot of her bed. I crawled up on the bed and on all fours until we were face to face. “Close your eyes” I said. She closed her eyes. I gently kissed her on the lips, then kissed her neck. I rubbed my hands up and down her sides as I kissed lightly down to her breasts. I stopped to suck and lick each of her nipples, massaging her breasts with my hands. I slowly rubbed my hands up and down her stomach, as I kissed down to her belly button. I ran my hands down the outside of her thighs, and to the inside. My mouth hovered above her glistening slit. She moaned in anticipation. I kissed her hips on either side of her slit. My hands feeling their way back to her tits, slowly playing with them.

She was trembling, waiting for my touch on her pussy. I licked her thighs, one stroke up each one. Then I centered my tongue between her legs. I placed my tongue against the bottom of her pink slit. Gently holding my tongue against her lips, I breathed on her pussy, she was moaning already. I very slowly licked from the bottom of her pussy to the top. I brought one hand down from her tits. I slowly inserted one finger into her dripping pussy, simply holding it inside of her. Her pussy was tight. I licked the top of her slit, holding one finger in the bottom. I began to slowly pump my finger in and out of her, her lips clinging to my finger. I lapped up and down quickly on the top of her pussy. I slowly brought my finger to a steady fucking of her slit.

I abruptly stopped. I pulled my finger out, sat back from her. “Keep your eyes closed” I said. I didn’t touch her at all, sitting between her spread legs. I sat watching her breathing. I was going to make her want it so bad she couldn’t stand it. I took the opportunity to get off the bed, and put on a condom, pulling it from the pocket of my shorts laying on the ground. I crawled back onto the bed. I spread her pussy lips apart with my hands, exposing her pink slit. I leaned down, and shoved my tongue deep inside her. I sucked and licked all over her dripping wet pussy. I toyed with her clit with my tongue. She was moaning loudly “Yes oh yes”. I let my hands wander around her body again, my tongue lapping against her lips. I kept this up until I thought that penetration would send her over the edge.

I pulled away from her slit, crawling further up the bed, until my cock was poised above her pussy. I don’t know if she knew it was coming, her eyes closed. I held my cock to her slit, but not touching. I suddenly thrusted, my cock penetrating her deep. “OHHH FUCK” She screamed. I thrusted in and out hard. She came hard, screaming, moaning, her arms reaching back, her back arched, her breaths uncontrollable. Her tight pussy squeezed my cock hard. I pulled out, and sat beside her. She slowly recovered, breathing returning to normal. “that was wonderful” she said, euphoric. “That was just the warm-up” I said.

I slowly ate her out again, finger fucking her, playfully bringing her up. Once she was near orgasm, I fucked her hard and fast. We did this three times. “FUCK” she said loudly. “I can’t take it anymore, just fuck me, FUCK ME, FUCK ME” She said, having just come down from her third orgasm. I grabbed her, putting her on all fours. I moved behind her, putting my cock against her slit. I fucked her doggy style. I pounded her pussy, my hips slapping hard against her ass. She was moaning and screaming as I fucked her from behind. “FUCK oh Fuck YES” She moaned. “OHH YEAH” I moaned, fucking her. She let herself fall forward, her face in a pillow, just her ass sticking in the air. I pounded her hard. Bringing her to another orgasm. I slowly fucked her through her orgasm, stopping to let her come down. “Have you cum yet?” She asked me, her voice shifting from her lightheadedness; her ass still in the air behind her. “No” I said. “Fuck” She said. “My pussy can’t take any more” Elizabeth said. “I could fuck your ass” I said, hopeful. I upright on my knees. She rolled over, looking at me.

Elizabeth suddenly threw herself forward, impaling her mouth with my cock. She took the whole length of my cock in her mouth and throat. She pulled back, stroking her mouth on half my cock, stroking the other half with her hand. “mmm” she moaned. “I want to taste you” She said, pulling the condom off my cock. She pushed me back, I fell on my back, she crawled up, shoving her face down on my crotch. Her hair covered the scene, but she was blowing me hard. Jamming my cock down her throat. “Shoot it down my throat” She said. I just moaned as I came near, and finally came. I blasted her throat, filling her mouth with cum. She pulled off after the first few blasts. She jerked my cock as I continued to cum, splashing jizz off her face. “Fuck that was good” I said. “Your telling me?” She said.


I sat on my bed, all the other girls were asleep. I think Samantha might have been awake, but pretended to be sleeping. I picked up the phone and dialed. *ring* It was a eight hour difference, so it was midday for him. *ring* Please be home, please be home. I kept repeating the thought in my head. *ring*

“Hello?” John answered
“Hi” I said with that excited something in my voice
“Hi stranger” He said, his tone lifting, realizing it was me.
“How’s Paris, are you having fun?” He asked.
“Its great” I said, lying just a little bit.
“So are you making friends?” He asked.
“Yeah, there is a girl, Samantha, she’s my roommate, she’s really nice” I said, keeping my voice down, but I was pretty sure Sam was awake anyways.
“Nice? Huh, so you slept with her?” He asked me.
“Possibly” I said, starting to giggle. I didn’t want to tell him I loved her. I couldn’t spring that on him now. What if he isn’t having a good time.
“That’s my girl” John said. His love for me seemed to ooze through the phone, I was surely blushing like crazy, excited.
“Anyone else, other roommates perhaps” He asked.
“Your concocting the image of six girls in a dorm in your head right now aren’t you?” I asked him, laughing.
“More like remembering” He said. True enough, maybe not six, but we have done things like this.
“So have you or no?” He persisted.
“No I haven’t slept with any of the others. Just Samantha” I said. I didn’t really lie. I didn’t tell him about Jack, but he didn’t ask. Or did he? Well, it wouldn’t help things to mention Jack to him, so I guess it’s ok.
“So how have you been?” I asked him


“So how have you been?” Holly asked me, the loaded question right off the bat.
“Oh I’m great” I said. Idiot, you aren’t with your girl, you aren’t great. Poor word choice. I never found myself nervous about my words with her before. But now with the lack of contact the importance of the conversation was magnified.
“Having lots of sex I’m sure” She said. I could almost see her gleaming smile, blushing cheeks.
“Some” I said, obviously sarcastically.
“Who?” She asked.
“Well, I figured that I should spread my…my talents to women that are lonely and need a good man. So I found this older woman that’s divorced.” I said
“Your talents huh? I’m gone a few days and you are an artist” Holly said, teasing me.
“Anyone else?” Holly asked. Now I had to wonder if it was a good idea to tell her about Elizabeth. I guess that’s the thing with lies. They start innocently, I just didn’t want her to think I could be that happy without her here.
“Well Steph and Sandy of course, but that’s about it” I said, neglecting to mention Elizabeth.
“Take care of those girls for me will you?” Holly said.
“I’ll try” I said.
“Oh, and don’t let them fool you, they made a porno. I think they used our video camera when we weren’t home. I saw the tape in a store here.” Holly said giggling.
“Oh really” I said, pondering a way to use this information against them. Not against them like Hoover, but in some humorous way.
There was a pause, a silence that seemed to go on too long. But it just kept going, silence.
“They say the best way to break the awkward silence is to talk about said awkward silence” I said, breaking the awkward silence.
“Where do you come up with this stuff?” Holly asked me.
“I’d like to think that its pure genius” I said, humbly.
Holly laughed at me some more.
“I was wondering…Have you ever wanted to try phone sex?” I asked her. I had imagined it a few times. It’s kind of sexy, but pails in comparison to sex. We have so much sex we never had a reason to have phone sex.
“I don’t think I have ever even thought about it” Holly said.
“It could be fun” She said.
“How do we start?” I asked.
“I don’t know I’ve never done it” She protested.
“I haven’t either” I defended myself
“What are you wearing?” I asked her, trying to get it started
“A large sweatshirt, sweatpants, no bra” She said.
“I reach under your shirt, and pinch your bare nipples” I said.
“Really? I don’t feel anything” She said.
“I don’t think you understand the concept” I said, teasing her
“Let’s try this some other time, I don’t feel it right now, and my roommate is right here, I don’t want to masturbate on the phone.” She said.
“Alright, Well I’ll talk to you later I guess” I said, ending the conversation, since it was so late for her.
“Love you” She said


“I Love you too” John said. We both hung up the phone. It was just a small lie. I’m not sure why I didn’t tell him. I should have. I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway. Finished up getting ready for bed and laid down, staring at the black ceiling, trying to sleep. But I just kept thinking about John, Samantha, and Jack…We have never really discussed it. I think I love Samantha. I know John isn’t interested in guys, but I sure am, him mostly. But I am also interested in girls. Is it cheating if I love a woman? I mean…it is but it isn’t. Maybe he would think its hot and go with it. Or maybe its against the entire trust of the relationship. I can’t ask him if its ok for me to love a woman. He would see right through it and know I already do. I should have asked him a long time ago. Things are starting to get complicated…

Part 34: My Wild Love


Samantha gently rolled her body off of me. We were sweaty from the “workout” we just had. We both lied on our backs, breathing heavily, coming down from orgasms. Samantha lay to my left, we both stared at the dark ceiling. I gently took her right hand into my left hand as she lay beside me. I rolled my head over to look at her. Her eyes met mine, beckoned from my touch on her hand. My heart was pounding for reasons other than sexual now. “I love you” I semi-whispered.

Sam’s grip on my hand tightened a little bit. “Don’t say that” Sam said. I sat up in bed, looking down on her. “Why not…I love you” I said. “Holly…” Sam said, but didn’t follow up with anything else. “There is something between us, something more than sex, you have to see that” Escort Kartal I said, telling her what was on my mind. Sam sat up too, looking me right in the eyes in the near darkness. “Holly, I do love you. But I love you like a little sister” She said. Stabbing my heart. I didn’t have a response, sitting there mouth agape. “It’s physical between us, that’s all the sex means. And I do love you. I just don’t love you like that Holly. So when I say, don’t say it, I mean that if you persist we won’t be lovers, and we will lose what we have now. You wouldn’t want that would you?” Samantha said. My hot sweat was now definitely a cold sweat. I tried to think if I should say something or just stay silent. “How can you say its only physical” I said, accusingly. “How can you not have these feelings. You must be suppressing your love for me for one reason or another.” I said putting her on the defensive. Sam just looked at me. “I know, I know, that there is something in you that feels the same way I do, and you are stopping it from coming to fruition for some reason, possibly subconsciously. There is no way that you don’t have this to.” I said, accusingly, but increasingly moving toward somber. How can she say that, she has to be suppressing her feelings. “Holly…I don’t think we can do this anymore. You can’t control yourself, and I won’t let you fall in love with me when I don’t love you back” She said very plainly. “No more sex between us, its deluding you.” Sam said, stepping off my bed naked, and walking the few feet to her bed.

Sam turned back to me, as I sat there in shock. “Good night Holly” She said, climbing in bed. I stared at her as she rolled over facing away from me. I sat there in my bed, eyes wide, not having a clue what to do. I need to talk to someone. I can’t call john, he doesn’t even know I like her. How am I going to confess that I love her. There isn’t anyone here I can talk to. I couldn’t sleep, not here. I was very close to breaking into tears. I don’t want to cry here, not with her here now. I have to get out of here…

I went to the only other place I knew, despite my better judgment. I knocked on Jack’s apartment door, having walked alone in the dark streets. I had hastily thrown on some pajamas before giving Samantha a chance to stop me. I knocked again, waiting, hoping for an answer. Finally the door opened. “Holly!” Jack exclaimed, pulling me inside. My eyes were clearly near crying. “What’s wrong ?” Jack asked, trying to comfort. He held me in his arms, closing the door behind us as we entered his apartment. I looked up at him, his worried eyes. “What’s wrong?” He repeated. At that I uncontrollably broke into tears, collapsing into him. He held me up and moved us gently to the couch. I sobbed into his chest, as he held me.

After I cried for a few minutes I had enough control to attempt to speak. “I thought…I love Sam, but …but Sam won’t love me” I managed, morphing straight into another round of sobbing screeches. “It’s ok.” He said. “You are here now, just be here, forget that, be here, be in my arms, right here right now” Jack said calmly, rubbing his hands over my back, trying to warm me up. Soon we were lying on our sides, my face buried in his chest. He continually found ways to comfort me. “Holly…I …I” he stammered. I knew he was about to say he loved me, which I didn’t want and couldn’t deal with now. “Stop” I interrupted him. There wasn’t much we could do, I ended up sleeping in his arms right there on the couch.


Holly would be home in a week. When she returns, I plan on completely blowing her away. I love her, and we have been apart for the longest time since we have met. This is the last day I would have any sex until she comes back. I had met Elizabeth three times this week. I have given her much pleasure this week. She called me wanting to meet again. I briefly imagined what Holly might be up to. Probably fucking. But I don’t care. I am absolutely confident in her and I, there needn’t be any doubts of us.

So now here I was, reading Elizabeth’s latest e-mail to me. She wants to come here tonite. So I was sending her an e-mail with directions. Stephanie walked up behind me. “Hey” I said. “What’s up” She said. “I got a date tonite” I said. “Oh really” Steph said. “yup” I said. “Who is she?” She asked. “That girl Elizabeth; I have met her four times already, she has never had good sex until me” I said, bragging. “Oh really?” Steph said, not really believing me. “She didn’t even own a vibrator or anything” I said. “How old is she?” Steph asked. “Mid twenties I think” I said, not remembering exactly, there are too many women to keep track. “Really?” Steph said. “You think she’s ever been with a woman?” Steph asked, a huge smile coming across her face. “I doubt she even knows you could do that” I said. The scheming began.

Elizabeth arrived that night. I opened the door letting her in. I told her to sit on the couch for a minute. She sat down, her back facing Steph’s room. I walked into Steph’s room, bringing her back with me. Elizabeth turned around as we walked in the room. Stephanie was completely naked, her small perky tits bouncing as she walked. I sat down next to Elizabeth, Steph sat across from us.

“Elizabeth, this is Stephanie. Steph, Elizabeth” I said, performing the introduction. “Hi” Elizabeth said, her eyes still a bit wide from the sudden nude girl. “Hi” Stephanie replied, sitting with her legs crossed, trying to cover her hairy pussy. “Have you ever been with a girl before?” I asked Elizabeth. After a pause “no, I can’t say that I have.” She replied. “Do you find her attractive?” I asked Elizabeth. She didn’t respond, still staring at Steph. “It’s okay, you won’t hurt her feelings if you don’t” I said, assuredly. “Very attractive” Elizabeth said very quickly, like she was short of breath. I think she was getting hot from looking at her. I leaned over to whisper in her ear. “What do you want to do to her?” I whispered.

Let me back up for a second. Since the first time I had been with Elizabeth, I have been with her a few more times. In those times I had, not introduced, but enlightened her to the magical vibrator. She had known about them, but never used one. Now she has one under her pillow. She had also dumped her cheating, terrible in bed, boyfriend. This week I was akin to a human sex toy for her, making ‘visits’ to her house when she needed to be serviced. She had come to the level of sexuality that I had introduced her to. So of course, I was now pushing the envelope. Okay, lets pick up where we left off.

“I don’t know” She whispered back in my ear, unsure. “Do you want to lick her pussy?” I asked, still whispering. “You two are getting me all wet, conspiring quietly over there” Stephanie said. “She’s all wet…”I said, provocatively. “Why don’t you go over there and taste her” I said, loud enough for Steph to hear. “Go over there” I said out loud to Elizabeth. She stood up, and slowly walked up to Steph, still staring at her naked body. I took the chance to go get the tools, leaving them alone for a few moments.

I returned to see Elizabeth sitting on the couch next to Stephanie. Elizabeth had one hand slowly, gently exploring Stephanie’s body. Their eyes were locked together, and Stephanie moaned slightly at Elizabeth’s caress of her breast. I sat down on the couch across from them. I had a vibrator in each hand. “Need any help?” I asked them. Stephanie’s eyes came over to mine, but Elizabeth was preoccupied with Steph’s body. I tossed Steph both vibrators, one at a time. Stephanie set the vibrators on the couch beside her. “Let’s get you out of those clothes” Stephanie said to Elizabeth. For those not keeping track, Elizabeth has medium length, slightly curly blonde, golden blonde hair, and around c-cup perky tits, Stephanie has shoulder length dark, sandy blonde straight hair, and smaller, large b, small c tits. They were making out on my couch, Elizabeth shedding clothes.

Soon enough Elizabeth was naked too. They had their arms wrapped around each other, making out deeply. I walked over to the couch, grabbing the two vibrators from Steph’s side. I got down on my knees, Stephanie immediately spread her legs. I put my hand between Elizabeth’s thighs, and she slowly spread her legs, exposing her dripping slit. I switched on each vibrator, the plastic buzz of sex toys overwhelmed the slight moans of the kissing couple. Vibrator in each hand, I extended my arms until the tip of the vibrators were pressed against their lips. I slowly worked the toys up and down their slits, slowly working them up. Stephanie grabbed the vibrator in Elizabeth’s slit from me, taking over. I grabbed one of Elizabeth’s hands from Stephanie’s breast, putting the vibrator in her palm, then guiding her hand to Stephanie’s pussy. I stepped back and watched as they continued making out, using their free hand to play with each other, and the vibrators working into each other. My cock was pushing against the inside of my jeans.

I unzipped my pants, dropping my boxers as well. My cock sprang from its cloth prison. I stepped up, putting my cock in the general area of their kissing faces. Stephanie knew what to do, immediately grabbing my cock with one hand, and disengaging their tongue lapping to suck on my cock. Elizabeth followed Stephanie’s mouth, but I think only to keep kissing her. Their hands were slowly pumping vibrators in and out of each other. Elizabeth was licking against Steph’s tongue, which was licking up and down my shaft. Their tongues were both flicking against my cock.

Elizabeth seemed to open her eyes and suddenly realize what was going on. She knew she was licking my cock, but she didn’t think about it. Now she came from her feminine concentration on Steph, to wrap her bright red lips around my cock. Elizabeth started to blow me as she had many times before. Stephanie sat back, watching Elizabeth suck me off. Steph concentrated on Elizabeth’s dripping pussy, pumping the vibrator faster and harder inside her.

Elizabeth was moaning on my cock as she pumped her neck up and down, her lips and tongue blowing my cock. Elizabeth was nearing orgasm, and Stephanie leaned forward, still pumping the vibrator, licking and sucking her pussy vigorously, Elizabeth came, trying to scream, my cock in her throat. Her juices squirted out on the vibrator as Stephanie leaned back, still pumping her. Elizabeth dropped the vibrator from Stephanie’s pussy, and leaned back against the couch, breathing heavily. “Want to finish me off?” Steph looked up and asked me. I wasn’t sure if that meant fuck her or eat her, but I said “Sure”. She immediately stood up, and turned around, facing Elizabeth on the couch. Steph bent over, putting her hands on Elizabeth’s thighs to hold her up as her ass stuck out behind her. I stepped up behind her, shoving my spit dripping cock in her dripping pussy. My cock slid inside her hot wet slit, taking in my cock. I pushed until I was all the way inside of her. I started pumping my hips into hers, fucking her, rather hard. Stephanie was moaning loudly, breathing heavily, as Elizabeth reached up and played with her tits.

Stephanie came, her pussy milking my cock. She immediately pulled away, sitting on the couch beside a recuperated Elizabeth, and grabbing my cock with one hand, pulling me to her. Elizabeth sat up, their faces beside each other. Stephanie stroked my cock vigorously for a few seconds, looking up at me expectantly. She was smart enough to know I would blow at any second, and she didn’t want me to explode in her mouth. I did come with some strokes of her hand, blasting jizz all over their faces and tits. Cum covered, they continued to make out on the couch. I didn’t want to interfere with them any further. I walked a few feet to the tv, and put in one of the homemade porno tapes, and walked to my bathroom to take a shower; leaving them to their own devices.

Part 35: Love Lost

I awoke in Jack’s arms, on his couch. I lifted my head and saw that he was awake. “How long have you been awake?” I asked him. “A while, I could sit like this forever” He said. “Thanks for this, for last night” I said. There was a big smile on his face. “No problem.” He said. “Mind if I take a shower?” I asked. “Go ahead” He allowed me to get up. I walked through his apartment to the bathroom, locking the door behind me. ‘What am I doing here, this isn’t a good situation, he loves me, he thinks I am vulnerable, and he is doing everything right, I can’t do anything with him, he loves me, I don’t love him…how…how can I explain this to john. Will I explain this to him, WHAT THE FUCK!’ I thought, pacing back and forth in his small bathroom. I got undressed and stepped into the shower, cleaning myself quickly. I wanted to get out of here as soon as possible. God…it’s a week before I go home, I cant be around Jack and I can’t be around Samantha…why am I in this mess…FUCK! I washed up, and cut off the water, grabbing a towel. Dried off, I redressed and opened the door.

I walked into the apartment. I didn’t see Jack, I could escape. There was a note on the door.
Went to get some things, I’ll be back soon, don’t worry I will solve everything when I come back

‘Oh god’ I though, wondering what it was he was going to do to ‘solve our situation’. It didn’t say when he would be back. I couldn’t leave now could I? I had to stay and see what he would do. I sat on the couch, and turned on the TV. I couldn’t understand much of what was being said, but it was my futile attempt to pass the time. I waited an hour. How long will he be gone? I scrounged up some food to hold me over. I watched TV, contemplating everything.

I love John, that I know. I think I love Samantha. No. I do love Samantha. I know she has to feel something towards me, it isn’t just physical, it can’t be. Jack loves me, and now he is going to “solve” our situation. I think I am cheating. I am falling in love, I can’t do that. I mean, even if she does love me…what do we do. Do I stay with both of them. Could I be shared between them. Maybe she would love John too. Maybe the three of us would all love each other, and we could all get married. Well maybe not officially. I think that is probably every man’s dream. But no, I don’t think we could do that. Doing porn is one thing, but there is no precedent for something like that. I want to have kids, what would we tell them, you have two mommies and a daddy. What about our parents, what about neighbors. God it would be a nightmare. We could keep it secret, like tell people that she is my sister that lives with us. Could I share John with another woman though? We know we can share each other temporarily, for fun. But in love…that’s different. What the fuck am I going to do. This could…will effect the rest of my and john’s life. What if he doesn’t approve of me loving her. What if we break up over this. I have taken for granted that we will marry and have kids. I mean, the only certainty I really have is that I love him. Without that…without that I have nothing. I wish I had never come here.

The hours passed excruciatingly slow as I burned through endless scenarios and contingencies. I kept coming back to one and only one thing for sure. I love John, he loves me. Jack finally came back, I heard his key unlocking the door. I got up and walked to open the door. Jack opened the door before I got there. “Here” he said, extending his hand with a small box. I stopped in my tracks. “What is it?” I asked, not wanting to know. “Take it” He persisted. I took it from him, and opened the box to reveal a gold ring. “What is it?” I asked, wanting to know if this was an engagement ring, hoping against that. “Its…a ring” He said, wondering why I didn’t know what it was. “Jack…you know I have a boyfriend, I love him, I can’t accept this.” I said, trying not to crush him to bad. “You have a boyfriend?” He asked me, sincerely. “Yes, I told you many times” I said, getting somewhat mad. ‘What the hell?’ I thought to myself. “But you said he didn’t love you back” He protested. “What!” I said, trying to get to the root of this, and I had to suppress my anger from surfacing and making this all worse. “You said last night” He defended himself again. I suddenly realized. “NO, I said Samantha doesn’t love me, I wasn’t talking about John” I tried to clear it all up. He was visibly crushed on the inside. “…But…well why can you love another person than John, but you won’t let yourself love me.” He said, getting angry with me. “That’s different” I said, walking past him and to the door. “Wait!” He said insistently behind me, but I went right out the door, shutting it behind me, running down the stairs to avoid him catching me.

I ran half way, walked the rest to the dorm. The Sun was about to set, and the clouds were overcoming the skies. I opened the door into the dorm, the other girls were in the living room, giving me weird looks. I can’t deal with them now. Sam was not among them. I walked into our room, and she was sitting on her bed reading. I sat down on my bed. Sam looked over at me. “Are you alright Holly?” She asked. “No. I’m not!” I snapped at her. “Holly…there isn’t anything either of us can do about this” Sam said. “Yes there is, you can be true to yourself, true to me, and let your feelings do what they want, I know you feel something for me, why wont you love me!” I spouted out quickly, standing up. Sam sighed. “Holly…your making me sad, I can’t help you. I don’t love you like that…you have to understand and respect that. I don’t want to hurt you, but I can’t help you.” She said. The pause continued.

The irony suddenly hit me. I was in both roles at the same time. I was the wanted that didn’t love in return, and the one that wanted and their love wasn’t returned. I was playing both parts, and I still didn’t see the other point of view when I was in the opposite situation. I couldn’t sympathize with Jack, I couldn’t understand why he was doing this when I was with him. But then I couldn’t understand how Sam could be so cold and block her feeling when I was with her. The truth was I didn’t love Jack, Sam didn’t love me. That was that. There was no changing, no fixing that, we had no control. You don’t choose who you love. The realization of the moment faded. I knew how she felt, I knew how he felt. Yet, I still couldn’t turn my back on my feeling for her. I felt obligated to continue.

“I Love you Sam, I love you” I said, strongly then weakly. “Holly. There isn’t anything I can do about that, and you know it. You have to let it go” She said. Samantha stood up and met me in between our beds. Sam took my hands into hers gently, looked me right in the eyes. “Let go” Sam whispered. I looked back into her eyes, mine tearing up. “Let go” She whispered again. I tried to suppress the tears so I could speak. “But I …” Samantha cut me off. “Let go” she said at normal volume. I sniffled. I stared into her eyes. Wanting her, wanting to be with her, wanting to be closer to her. Wanting. I breathed in, obviously preparing to say something. Trying to make my final stand, my last shot. I barely moved my lips before she cut me off. “LET GO!” Samantha yelled right in my face.

My whole body felt dead. Like I had no spirit, no soul, no energy. My hands fell from hers. The tears came again as I walked away from her, not turning back. I walked out the door, the tears overcoming me. I didn’t even look at the other girls. I leaned against the front door sobbing. I think I was waiting for her, but she didn’t come.

I opened the door and walked out without looking. As I closed the door behind me I ran into someone. I looked up, wiping away some tears to see Jack looking back at me. “Holly please” He said. I walked past him towards the stairs, sobbing still. I tried to run faster than him, but he caught up to me at the bottom of the stairs. Jack put one arm around my shoulder and he stood beside me as I walked to the door. “Holly…please” he pleaded again as we both pushed open the door. The sun had set and the clouds were pouring rain down on the streets. This didn’t stop me though. I kept walking, hoping he would take the hint. The tears and sniffles kept me from speaking. The rain soaked my clothes almost instantly. My hair was running into my face, dripping cold water over my now freezing body. The only warmth was Jack’s arm still on my shoulder. “Holly…I love you” He continued to comfort me. Even though I now fully understood what he was feeling, having gone through it just a few minutes before, it still caused my sobs to increase.

Finally Jack stopped trying to keep up with me, and gently grabbed my shoulders with both hands, forcing me to look at him. His palms were on my shoulders, his eyes before mine. “Holly! I love you!” He said. He started to cry for the first time that I had seen. “I love you” he repeated, weakly, the sadness overcoming his voice, cracking it. The rain continued to pour over us both, our clothes soaking wet. We stood on the sidewalk, crying staring into each others weeping eyes. I decided I had to let him go, he had to let go. Samantha did it to me by telling me to let go. I thought that was pretty cold. I had to do it better than Samantha did.

I suddenly sprung forward, our bodies colliding as I wrapped my arms around him, and he embraced me back. I wanted this moment to last a little while, so that he could always remember this. I was about to tell him to let go, somehow, I had to tell him to move on. But he spoke first. “Come with me…Come back with me Holly” He said. I was stunned. I had to tell him and now he was making it worse. “Come back with me and live with me…” He paused waiting for a response. He knew I would object that I had a boyfriend. “Look…Last night I thought you had broken up with your boyfriend, that was just a misunderstanding. But I went all night and all morning thinking what we could be. What we could be together. I want you to move back with me, marry me, live with me, grow old with me.” He said, putting all his hopes, his dreams, his desires out in the air. I had to admire him in that moment, he had courage. You had to give him that. I wish I could have made him happy. But I couldn’t.

I slowly pulled back from his embrace. His hands fell to his sides, in disbelief, he knew I was about to reject him. “Come with me” He said, barely restraining the tears. I slowly turned my head side to side, signaling no. I thought he was going to collapse to the ground. But he surprised me. Jack suddenly lost the tears and shouted without compromise in his voice “WHY NOT!”. I stared into his eyes, knowing I would never look into his eyes again. I knew I had to do something strong. He was coming on stronger and stronger. I had to end his hopes, it was the only thing I could do. “BECAUSE I DON’T LOVE YOU!” I screamed back, and stormed past him into the street. I didn’t want to look back. Halfway across the street I couldn’t hold back. I stopped and turned around. He was still facing toward the building, as he had before I left. I stood in the middle of the street, the rain still pounding down. He stood there unmoving. He dropped to his knees, and doubled over, holding himself up with his hands. He cried loudly, sobbing as loud as was possible. I was tempted to walk back and comfort him. I didn’t loathe Jack, but I didn’t love him. I could never be less than a lover to him. I couldn’t help him, he had to go through this alone. I sincerely hoped that he would find love someday…it just wouldn’t be today. I turned around and walked to the other side of the street, not looking back now. I walked, not looking up, not going anywhere. I wandered aimlessly in the cold drenching streets. I was shivering uncontrollably, the tears had stopped but were still fresh and more were still poised to be unleashed.

At some point I stopped. I didn’t know where I was, but I stopped and leaned against a dripping brick wall. The tears overcame me again, and I slid down the wall till I was sitting against it. I was sobbing, it was pouring, cold and dark. I just want this to be over. I just want to be with John. I cheated on him…I cried more. I cheated on him, I don’t deserve him. But if I cheated on him…maybe he cheated on me. Maybe I’ll go home in a week and we will just be over. The end. All I want out of life is love. I had it. Had I lost it…lost it forever?

Part 36: All You Need Is Love


I waited the excruciating week before going home. But it did come, despite my fears. I got on my plane, I sat in the chair, stared out the window, and thought. I felt so detached from the world. It’s like nothing is real, I’m staring out the window, and I don’t think I am really here. It all seems like a bad dream. John would be waiting for me. Did I even deserve him. I did these things…I don’t want to think about them…I did these things that I shouldn’t have done. He had been faithful to me, though I had not to him. I want to be in his arms again, I want to feel his love for me. I need him to feel my love for him. I am so down, I will see him, but I am dreading it. I am afraid. Afraid of the possibilities. Maybe he has had a change of heart. The whole world seems to be falling apart, disintegrating around me.

The plane touched down, rocking the whole cabin as we slowed and came to our gate. I walked off the plane, bag in hand, looking for a familiar face. John’s face came through the sea of faces. I stopped, standing in the middle of a veritable highway of travelers. I dropped my bag, falling to the ground. John’s eyes were quite excited. I was down, dreading the possibilities. Maybe my emotions were just shut off. I looked at him as he fought toward me, I stared at him coldly. He was only feet away “Holly” he shouted, his voice, his smile, his face, his eyes, they all hit me. I suddenly without thinking, knew it would all be ok. I don’t know how, but I saw that all, realized it all, in just a split second. My emotions returned. My eyes came back to life, suddenly smiling, and tears of joy came to me. I rushed forward to meet him, his arms wrapping around me as I wrapped around him. We held together in a tight hug that I wished could go on forever. No words were spoken. We both pulled back, still hugging, but face to face. Our eyes told each other what we thought. We walked hand in hand to baggage claim, waiting for the bags to come around the conveyor belt. John carried my bag, as we walked hand in hand to his car.

We got into his car, and John started to drive home. “How was it?” John asked me. “I just want to be home” I said. John persisted with the questions. I couldn’t hold back, I let loose, confessing everything. I told him the whole story, all of it. By the time I was done, we were nearly home. I was afraid he may not understand. He sat quietly, driving. I was hoping he wasn’t about to confess something similar to me. But he didn’t. “You want to know what I did?” He asked me, smiling. “What?” I asked. “I tried to have fun, waiting for you to come home. I am basically euphoric that you are with me again.” He said matter-of-factly. The repercussions I had feared never came. We were fine. He didn’t care about what had happened over there at all. And he hadn’t done anything here that I didn’t approve of. Maybe I didn’t want to jinx us by thinking about it, but it happened. We were just fine, just like it never even happened. I was extremely elated, just happy to be home, happy to be with him, and have absolutely no worry not a care in the world. Euphoric is a good word for it. I laid back in the chair, staring out the window for the last few minutes before we got home.

We pulled in, and John handed me his keys. I went up unlocking the door, as he followed behind with my bags. Finally, we were inside. Back home, it seemed unreal. I felt like I would wake up at any second…but I didn’t.


Holly had seemed so distressed, distraught maybe. But she seemed to have that all lifted off her. She actually thought that I would be mad that she had fallen in love with a woman. That’s not cheating…That’s hot. I guess she still doesn’t quite understand the male psyche. She seemed pretty tired though. She had gotten up quite early, to get on a plane for like ten hours, to get here for it to still be early. Jet lag. Maybe she just wanted to be home. She went into the bedroom and crawled into bed. I followed her. “You hungry?” I asked. “No” She said, happily. “come lay down with me” She said. She still had her sweats on from the flight. I took off my shoes, and stripped down to just boxers. I pulled up the sheets and crawled into bed beside her. She laid on her back, I laid on my side, perched over her, our bodies meeting in the bed.

We looked at each other for few minutes, without saying anything. “Did you take care of Steph and Sandy while I was gone?” She asked me. “You could say that” I said. “Did you get a lot of action over there?” I asked her. “Not really” she said. “It got complicated real fast.” “Well…your home…that’s not complicated” I said. Holly reached one hand up, feeling my chest, running her hand down my body. I in turn reached over caressing her. I pulled her shirt off, and she wriggled her pants off. All clothes were gone in a matter of seconds. Holly stroked my stiffening cock with one hand, while I played with her tits. She rolled on top of me, shoving her hips down against me. She stopped to line up my cock with her lips. Holly pumped her entire body against mine, our moans came suddenly. It was a spur of the moment thing. Just bam we were fucking. I could sense all of the tension, all of the complications of her journey, vanishing into thin air, as we fucked in our bed.

Holly came, her juices flowing down my cock. She collapsed into me, her chest on mine. Her head rested on my shoulder, just beside me. We sat in silence briefly. “So good to see you” Holly said, quietly. “I missed you so much” I said. “I’m so glad it’s over” Holly said, euphorically. “I missed you so much” I reiterated. “I don’t want anything to be complicated anymore” Holly said. “It’s easy…All you need is love” I said to her. “I love you Holly” I said. “I love you too” She replied. “I don’t want us to ever be complicated” Holly said. “Do you want to try…a normal love life?” I asked her. “I think so” She said. “Let’s not think of it as a regression. We are taking time off of all this other stuff, to be together. Just the two of us. Then we will go from there” I said. “I just want to be with you, and nothing should ever get between us” Holly said. “I guess we had to have this wake up call to remind us…remind us that sex is just sex…but Love is everything” I said. “Love is all you need” Holly said into my chest. We laid in elated silence for a few minutes. “Want to take shower?” I asked her. “Yeah”

I helped Holly up and went into the bathroom with her. I turned on the hot water, and waited for it to get hot. I helped holly step into the shower. I stood there at the entrance to the shower, leaning against the wall, watching her bathe in streams of water. I looked at her body, seemingly glowing, exuding her happiness. “You don’t have to wait outside for me” Holly said. “I just wanted to look at you” I said. “You can come in if you want” Holly said, as if she had to tell me that. I stepped in, and leaned against the wall below the shower head. The water came out just above me, and flew through the air onto her. Holly faced away from me, soaping up her body. She turned around, washing the lather off of her body. She stepped towards me, leaning against me, her tits pressed against my chest. Her hands wandered down my side, and mine around to her back. “If we are going to just have sex…just us two…you shouldn’t be shy” Holly whispered into my ear.

My hands wandered down to her lovely round firm ass. I lifted her slightly in the air, till she was on her tippy-toes. I slouched ever so slightly. Holly held my cock in her hand, pressed the head against her lips. Holly pressed forward, my cock gently stroking in and out of her tight pussy. This continued as we started moaning. I pulled out, sitting down on the shower floor. Holly laid down on her back, her legs up in the air. I sat with her legs up on my shoulders, my feet on either side of her head. I rocked forward, pushing inside of her. She rocked her body back and forth, countering my motion. I reached down with one hand, massaging her pussy above where my cock was throbbing and stroking in and out of her. The water was still streaming down, landing on her chest. Her tits rocked back and forth on her chest as she moved with the sex.

I was getting close to cumming. I rocked into her harder, we were both moaning loudly. I told her I was close. “Shoot it all over me” Holly said, excitedly. I pulled out, elevating myself slightly. Her legs still on my shoulders, I held my throbbing cock just above her pussy. I came, my cock spouting jizz that flew up to her chest, stream after stream dousing her chest, stomach, and crotch with my spunk. I sat back, her legs still on my shoulders, breathing heavily. She rubbed her hands around her tits, playing with my cum. I reached forward, fingering her excited pussy to orgasm. We laid back in ecstasy, catching our breath for some time.

Suddenly the water lost all heat, and was now ice cold. It would have been funny to watch us. We laid there for a long time, then suddenly broke for the door, scrambling to safety. Out of the shower we stood there. We were in a suddenly conscious, awake state, but had to laugh at ourselves. I reached in, turning off the shower. But we just kept laughing at ourselves. We got towels and dried each other off. We stood looking at each other, as if to ask ‘what’s next’. To you it seems like a joke. ‘What’s next?’ Duh…sex.

We went back into the bedroom. Holly jumped up on the bed, on all fours, turning back to look at me. She patted her ass cheek as if to say ‘here boy’. I fucked her doggy style. It was pretty frantic. We basically fucked continuously in various positions, some without names. Just rolling around, fucking, nor caring about anything else for several…several hours. The orgasms lined up, building on one another, for both of us. I kept it up, with the help of her oral skills, through three more orgasms of my own, and countless many of hers. To actually try and break it all down and describe each act would literally take longer to read than it took to actually do. Which was a long time. At the end of the marathon, their was pussy juice all over the bed, and jizz as well. We collapsed into our own love juices, panting, our bodies red and glistening. “I need another shower” Holly said panting. “Why the hell do we need other people when we have sex…im fucking…literally, fucking exhausted” I said. The panting continued to occupy us for some time. Finally Holly broke the silence of the moment. “Want to go again?” She said. We both literally laughed out loud. “Want do you want to do tonight?” I asked her, I was laying on my back staring at the ceiling, dizzy. Holly was face down over the edge of the bed, hanging off. “God…what time is it?” She said. “Ok…what do you want to do tomorrow” I asked. “You” She replied. “What about this week” I asked. “huh huh…you” She replied. “I guess I could assume that…but what ELSE do you want to do” I asked her. “Well…your free right…we could…have some…ok, lots of sex” Holly said. I guess this whole monogamy thing might work out just fine.

Special Thanks to Pussy Cat for ideas, input, and revisions

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