Episode 50: BJ and the Gynaecologist


Episode 50: BJ and the GynaecologistJenny dropped Baby Jane off at school on Monday morning after their fabulous weekend of sex, sex and more sex. Jenny had watched her lover Rob repeatedly making her gorgeous black daughter BJ cum with his fingers, lips, tongue and finally cock. BJ had so much sperm inside her; it would be a miracle not to get pregnant. Jenny had given birth to BJ at the age of thirteen and hoped that her daughter could at least finish school before having her own fam1ly. So first thing on Monday Jenny rings her gynaecologist to make an appointment to get Baby Jane onto the pill.Jenny and BJ arrive, nervously at the clinic just before closing time on Friday.Doctor: “Come in you two; there’s no need to be nervous. I don’t bite”.Jenny and BJ sat primly on the high stools, legs crossed, wishing they had worn slightly longer skirts as the doctor stared appreciatively at BJ’s long bare black thighs encased in a tight pale blue mini-skirt. BJ wore a matching blue boob-tube and precious little else. Jenny couldn’t resist resting a hand on BJ’s thigh, easing the skirt even higher exposing the bright yellow thong to the doctor’s gaze.“Oh you beauty” breathed the doctor “now what can I do for you?”BJ: “My Mum wants me to go on the pill, so I don’t get pregnant and have to miss school”.The doctor manages to tear his eyes away from BJ’s face and tits just long enough to consult the PC screen: “So Miss Smith, I don’t appear to have your age on here. Can you tell me your date of birth?”“Err February 29th, 2000” BJ lied, trying to make herself older.“Yes that’s right baby, year 2000 – the Millennium” added Jenny.“Odd – I hadn’t realised that 2000 was a leap year” replied the Doctor, tapping away at the keyboard “Must be all right – the computer accepts it. Now I’ve got a few rather personal questions, if you don’t mind: How often do you have full sexual intercourse?”BJ reddened slightly: “About three times a day – oh and twice that at weekends”.Jenny thought that this might help: “That’s mostly Oral at school and Anal at home. I make sure Rob wears protection for any Cuntal – sorry I mean vaginal, doctor”.The doctor was still busy typing: “Cuntal – I like that term; shall have to use it more. So Miss Smith, if you would pop behind that screen and slip all your clothes off, I’d like to give you an internal examination”.BJ carefully hung her three items of clothing: boob-tube, skirt and yellow thong over the top of the screen and stood beside the Doctor trying to shield her hard nipples from his gaze.“Don’t be frightened my little beauty – nobody’s going to **** you – you’ll be begging for it shortly. Hop up on the examination table and put your legs into those stirrups. That means I can easily inspect your entire Cuntal Area”.Jenny stood beside BJ on the table holding hands, then stroking one breast while the Doctor snapped on a pair of latex gloves.Doctor: “I normally need to apply lubricant for this examination – but you already seem wet enough. I hope you had lots to drink before you came, like I asked. There’s an extra jug of juice here if you need more. I always recommend a full bladder for these examinations”. BJ flinched as two thick fingers entered her pussy: “Sorry – are they too cold? Tell you what – your Mum can warm them up”.Jenny sucked BJ’s juices off the gloved fingers, swirling them around her mouth, and then guiding three fingers back into her daughter.BJ purred, lifting her hips to meet the probing fingers: “You have such a gentle grip on my cunt Doctor – why don’t you make me cum?”Jenny picked up the Hitachi vibrator and ran the wide head over BJ’s clit as the Doctor finger-fucked her. The sound of many fingers and a vibrator in her wet cunt was delicious. BJ tried to sit up to lessen the pressure on her full bladder, but to no avail. Once she started squirting, there was no stopping it. The stream hit the Doctor full in the chest, ruining an expensive shirt, but he didn’t seem to care. He just kept wanking this beautiful creature, prolonging her orgasm for his own pleasure.Meanwhile Jenny had pulled off his wet shirt, trousers and underpants and had his erection in a vice-like grip between her teeth: “Fuck me Doctor, please fuck me now. BJ’s not quite legal yet, but you can have me; anyway you like”.“OK Jenny – over this desk – get your arse in the air – I fancy a bit of anal, while mecidiyeköy escort your baby masturbates – perhaps we can all cum together”.BJ helped Doctor push his cock into her Mother’s arse, holding onto his balls with one hand, the other bunched up and deep within her own cunt.The Doctor was the first to cum, deep inside Jenny, then BJ repeated her squirt – this time into her Mother’s mouth, which tipped Jenny over the edge into her own climax dreaming it was Rob still slapping his hot thighs against her arse.BJ pulled the boob-tube over head, leaving both breasts bare beneath it and put on the skirt very high on her slim waist, leaving her moist cunt still visible below the hem: “OK Doctor – do I get the prescription now? Can you trust me to take the pills properly, or do I need to come back for another examination? Say – next Friday for an intimate check-up?”Two weeks laterJenny received a reminder from the Doctor that he would like to see BJ again – would 7PM on Saturday be suitable at his house, because the surgery was closed? BJ wore her new lime green bikini under a cropped shirt and revealingly tight lycra shorts. From the back you were forced to look at the small triangle of square dots just above her buttocks where the thong slipped down between her cheeks to emerge at the front, holding her pussy lips apart.“Slip your shirt off, Baby. I need to measure you blood pressure”. The Doctor accidentally brushed against the side of her left breast fixing the inflatable cuff – BJ’s nipples poked out through the open triangle of the bikini top that did little more than frame her delectable breasts. Reading taken, Doctor asked her to remove her shorts: “No more examinations – now I’m going to fuck you. But first BJ, tell me how you lost your virginity”. BJ explained that Uncle Abe used to play a game at bath-time when she was little – he would sit in the bath and lift up BJ on his knees and let her slide slowly down into his lap. She giggled the whole time – landing her bottom gently on his erection each time – then back up again. But this time he must have put more soap on his thighs and her bottom, because BJ shot down so fast she had to open her legs wide to maintain balance and it slipped in.“In your arse, baby?” asked Jenny horrified.“No silly – in my vagina – I was much too young for anal sex. It didn’t hurt too bad. Uncle Abe held me close and made me promise not to tell anyone. ” “And now here you are, babe; cunt as fresh as the day you were first fucked” Doctor licked around BJ’s clitoris, making her cream: “Fuck me now Doctor – give me your cock – stick it up me”.“Wait a minute, baby – we need to complete this examination: Do you have any side-effects from the Pill – are you nipples more sensitive”?BJ rubbed her own nipples into Jenny’s face: “Yes they are, now you come to mention it”.Doctor had his cock inside BJ before she could object: “Baby, you feel so tight”. Doctor fucked away while Jenny stroked her tits across his face.Just then the front door opened and a skinny schoolboy raced up the stairs to his room.Doctor, panting: “That will be Zack, my son”. Then looking down at the delectable naked BJ and her mother Jenny: “I do wish he was more interested in girls. He should be going out with one by now. I’m afraid he may be turning gay”.Jenny sat up: “BJ – put some clothes on and go upstairs – see if you can’t seduce him, while I take over fucking the Doctor”.Zack’s BedroomBJ watched Zack at his computer through the open door. He had thrown off the school uniform and sat in just a pair of black boxer shorts. BJ quietly entered the room; he didn’t seem to have heard her bare feet on the carpet. A video of two near-naked boys playing in the sea was running at the top of the screen; Zack had earphones in, so BJ couldn’t hear their shouting. Zack was busy typing notes with one hand into Word – the other stroking his erection. Zack liked to research his porn story subjects and check his own reaction while writing. [Dave the Author recommends this approach too – his favourite videos usually have titles like ‘Naughty Schoolgirl Punished by Her Aunt’ and Junior Lesbian Lust, but the idea is the same].BJ watched the silent porn video for a few moments – she had to admit she quite liked watching hot young boys playing with each other, unlike her mum Jenny who disliked gay men. BJ found mecidiyeköy escort bayan her nipples hardening under the thin top and a small damp patch spreading into her tight lycra shorts.BJ slipped one hand down the front just to check and was pleased to feel her lips moistening.Baby Jane read the start of Zack’s story on the screen: “There’s two Ts in buttocks”.Zack spun around in his chair and pulled out the earphones: “Who are you, and why are you reading my story?”BJ: “It’s OK, I quite like gay porn too – oh look the black boy is now sucking the white boy’s cock – they’re called ‘twinks’ at that age I think”.Zack scrabbled around the desk trying to find the mouse to pause the video: “Oh shit – they’re just coming up to my favourite bit”.BJ squatted down between his feet and took his lovely cockhead into her mouth: “Just relax – you are about to witness the best blow-job of your life.” Baby Jane sucked him in, then blew him out, all the time keeping a firm grip on the shaft with her free hand.BJ could tell he wasn’t going to last long when Zack gripped the sides of her head and started fucking her face. BJ kept on sucking hard, swirling her tongue around the tender spot just below his cockhead. Finally she slid her hand down across Zack’s tight balls to press into the perineum. He erupted, bang on cue – what seemed like gallons of red-hot, sticky cum pumping into her mouth. BJ’s mouth turned into a vacuum cleaner, emptying his balls of all his baby-seed –Zack sat back stunned: “But I don’t even like girls”.“Well you seemed to enjoy that – perhaps we can turn you into a bisexual – all the attractive girls I know are equally happy fucking boys and girls – perhaps that applies to boys too”.“OK, enough chat – let’s have a look at that cunt you’ve been playing with – perhaps I could f0rce myself”.BJ was out of her shorts in a flash, pushed the keyboard aside and sat open-legged on the computer table: “Go on, stick your fingers in there” she demanded pulling Zack towards her “don’t worry I’ll keep the tits covered until you’re happy”.Zack nervously inserted one finger into BJ’s cunt; BJ grabbed his shoulders and pulled their mouths together. She hadn’t swallowed all the sperm; so she gave some back when they mashed tongues together. Zack drew back in surprise, but pushed a second finger into BJ, starting to enjoy the sensation of hot wet slippery pussy.“You want to put your cock in her? It’s OK – she doesn’t bite”.Zack “Just as long as you keep your top on- not sure I can cope with tits yet”.“No problem, lover” drawled BJ “just let me suck this lovely cock hard again, and then you can fuck me with it”. BJ bobbed down, quickly licked it and then straddled Zack, still sat on the chair, before he changed his mind.BJ loved the feel of thick hard cock in her tight cunt, especially when trying to convert a young boy.BJ rode him hard, grinding her cunt down his length, holding onto his shoulders. After a few minutes Zack lost all his straight inhibitions and lifted up BJ’s top to massage her breasts.BJ loved it –kissing him hard again, while gripping and relaxing the lovely cock with her cunt muscles. Zack held onto her nipples as BJ came all over his cock, tipping him over the edge and filling her cunt with sperm.“I love you BJ”.“Steady now- this is only your first time with a girl, I guess. There’s lots more cunt out there, just waiting to convert you; and you haven’t tried my arse yet. Perhaps that should wait for our second date. But first I’ve got this cunt-full of spunk that needs cleaning up – so down on your knees and eat me out.”Zack did as he was told – pushing his tongue between her sticky lips, where his fingers and cock had been only minutes before. Now it was BJ’s turn to hold his head – squeezing his face between her thighs, then relaxing – dribbling spunk down his throat. Zack even licked a finger and slid it into her arse:”Naughty boy – that’s out of bounds today – I want you lusting for it every day next week”.BJ led Zack downstairs by the cock to discover the Doctor still fucking Jenny up the arse –her fabulous F-cup tits flattened against the table: “Hi babe, how’s it going?”Zack: “I think I’m in love – that cunt is amazing – so wet and slippery – and next week we get to try Anal”.Jenny: “Looks like he’s ‘cured’. Shall we give them a Lesbian demonstration love?”BJ crawled under şişli escort bayan her mother – cunt to mouth – mouth to cunt – Doctor still fucking Jenny’s arse. Jenny licked BJ: “You taste hot, baby”.BJ licked Jenny: “So do you Mum – I love you”.InvitationNext day, after Jenny had dropped off BJ back at home an email arrived from Rosie at the Lush Sex Shop. Apparently they had won the Hottest Mother and Daughter competition – and were the couple that most customers would Love to Watch. Jenny wasn’t quite sure what these customers would Love to Watch them doing, but had a shrewd idea. The prize was two vouchers for an Intimate Massage session at the shop, plus free use of all the sex toys.Jenny forwarded the email with the attached photos to BJ, who rang back straight away: “Brilliant idea Mum; I love the look of that boy giving a massage – he seems to have one fist completely inside that woman. And Mum, I get to ride that Sybian – look at how all those customers are watching that girl fucking herself stupid on it. Please can we go, Pretty Please”.Intimate MassageRosie: “It’s a shame Rob can’t be here, but we have made a lifelike dildo for each of you. Jenny, perhaps you can stick yours down to that table and fuck yourself silly on it. BJ, love, come over here – I’ve set up this fucking machine for you, using Rob’s cock – just look at that curve – it should really get you cumming”.Jenny stripped off and lowered her wet cunt onto Rob’s dildo – opening her legs wide to give the assembled audience a good view. BJ couldn’t resist a quick fondle, before being led away to a monstrous ‘X’-shaped frame with straps for her wrists and ankles leaning up against a pillar. Rosie strapped BJ onto the frame after removing the last of her skimpy clothing. Rosie kissed BJ full on the lips while stroking her deeply between the legs. BJ moaned, thrusting her cunt forwards onto her assailant’s fist. The crowd cheered at BJ’s discomfort; Rosie then attached a pair of heavy nipple clamps and smacked BJ’s breasts around experimentally. BJ moaned again, wiggling her butt against the X frame, waiting for the dildo penetration.BJ didn’t have to wait long – Rosie lifted the fucking arm into place between her legs and pressed ‘Play’. Rob’s cock dildo lifted up and entered BJ’s cunt; pushing apart her wet lips. BJ shuddered, holding her breath while the cock slowly slid upwards, then downwards, then up again, entering her further on each thrust. Soon the dildo balls were slapping against her buttocks at the top of each rise – BJ howled as the cock mashed her pussy to pulp. Rosie eased off the power, allowing BJ a moment’s rest – the cock free-wheeling between her slick lips. Rosie knelt down to lick BJ’s clit, sucking her girl-cum from the cock shaft.Rosie turned up the speed again, keeping a firm grip on BJ’s clit with her teeth. BJ came and came and came – she couldn’t stop her body shaking – juice was erupting down the sides of the dildo – Rosie licked it all up, then offered it back to BJ on her tongue. They kissed and snogged open-mouthed for what seemed like ages, before Rosie had to break off to come up for air: “You little beauty, I think you enjoyed that”. BJ was too breathless to reply, just jumped around until the heavy nipple clamps started rotating around her breasts. This was the signal for the crowd to go wild – several women rushed at BJ to grapple her breasts and set the fucking machine going again. Jenny was first to stroke her daughter and whisper: “How would you like that beauty up your arse, baby”?BJ: “Mother – you are disgusting. Yes of course – I think I can take it. Perhaps you’d better lick it first, just to be sure”.Jenny held BJ close, licking her neck, then lower around her breasts, then between the legs and finally up her arse. Jenny pulled the dripping dildo out and pushed it backwards to engage in her daughter’s perfect bottom.“Oh shit, Mum – I didn’t think you were actually going to do it. Please be gentle with me”. Jenny set the fucking machine to very slow – just easing the upward curving cock-head into her arse. BJ did scream – it really hurt.BJ strained against the ankle and wrist restraints trying to arch her body away from the dildo probing her arse. All it did was allow the cock a straighter route into her guts. Jenny was still on her knees, sticking her tongue between BJ’s slick pussy lips, watching the knob pounding away: “OK, I think she’s had enough punishment today – let’s untie her Rosie”.Rosie reluctantly switched off the fucking machine and released BJ from the restraints – she slumped to the floor, panting, thoroughly satisfied cuntally and anally.

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