Erdély – A Gothic Tale


Erdély – A Gothic TaleThe morning came again at Gyulafehérvár, but this, this was a different day.After seven weeks of battles, the siege was broken. The Turks were defeated and destroyed, their Wallachian allies, the traitors, were surrounded and had to surrender. The enemy was definitely crushed and peace reigned on Transylvania.The valley was silent but on the city walls chants of soldiers were raised to the sky. Wine and beer for anyone. The fortress held and Hungarian troops, once again, proved victorious on the battlefield.But in that moment of triumph, I was worried. Will Wallenthal be spared by the retiring enemy forces or would they explode their rage on the small town? I took my steed and rode towards the village, with a small pause to rest the horse and drink.When twilight came down a gleam was clearly seen not too much distant. “Gallop towards that light, Dorian, before it’s too late”.I arrived there, where Wallenthal had to be but a smell of gun powdrer and smoke filled the air, the houses were grounded and nobody could be seen there, until a cry captured my attention. I run towards the voice to see a young woman with her offspring.”Who are you?” she asked me, filled with fear.”I’m Prinz David von Wallenthal”She bowed down and asked pardon.”Don’t bow down to me, madame. Do you need my help?””No, Prinz David. I’m okay””Where are all the others? What happened here?””In the afternoon, when our husbands were working in the fields, we heard two cannon shots and the ground shook. We ran out of our houses, towards the forest, where we could hide in a cave. We stayed there until someone came to rescue but nobody has done yet””My soldiers will be here tomorrow, we’ll rebuild the city and the Sultan will pay. Where is the cave you were hiding in?”I followed her instructions and reached the cave where I found a good number of people, man, women, young and old. My heart was relieved. The men kneeled at me and I, dismounted my steed, went towards them. “Don’t kneel today, my friends. Today is a glorious day! Are you all safe? Where’s Ildikó?””Prinz David, Ildikó…Ildikó was captured by the Turks. She tried and protect us against a squadroon of eight cavalrymen but was hit and captured””Where did they go? Tell me!””Southwards””When did this happen?””Two hours ago””Run, Dorian, run”It was midnight when I saw a fire and smelled the presence of humans. I unsheathed my saber and charged against the sleeping or half asleep men. I slashed kartal escort the last one three times and asked him where Prinzessin Ildikó was.”She is now ours” he laughed “and not anymore yours”.A last hit by my saber ended the dialogue.I was kicking and punching the nearest trees when a miracle happened. The dark nightsky brightened up, a blinding light halved the sky and a voice came out of the shadows.”David, my Prinz””Prinzessin, is that you?””Yes, my love. It’s me.””Come to me””I can’t, my sweet love. I’m not anymore with you””I hear your voice, you’re still with me””David, I have to go…I love you””No, don’t leave me, Ildikó, stay here!”The light disappeared and silence fell on me.My eyes were wet with tears, I would have followed the surviving Turks and cleared them from Europe, when I heard a noise coming from the bushes. I took my gun and pointed in the direction of the noise.”Come out of that, whoever you are”It was a dwarf, maybe an elf. “I know you want your Prinzessin back, David””Who are you? And how do you know me and Ildikó?”I’m the Spirit protector of Wallenthal, when the city was built I promised I would have defended it from all enemies””And why Ildikó was k****d?””She’s Hungarian, not Saxon…the prophecy has no power over non Saxons””So why are you here?””There’s still a chance for you to have Ildikó back””Speak now, then, don’t wait!””In the forest there’s a pond, and a submarine cave. A witch lives there, go to her and do as told””Why should I trust you? You’re just in my head!””What do you have to lose, David?”I rode towards the pond and dived to reach the cave. There was an underwater passage, then rocks and sand. And finally air.”Come here, Prinz David””You know me””I know anything””Then tell me what I have to do””Calm down, Prinz! Tell me what you really want first””I want my wife Ildikó back””She was k****d?””Yes, defending Wallenthal””She’s Hungarian””Yes””There’s just one way to have her back but it will cost you””I’ll pay whatever amount of money you want””Do you think I need money? It’s your souls that I want””Will Ildikó be really with me?””Yes, I promise””Take my soul, take whatever you want. I want Ildikó back”She rose up from the ground and stood up. Black haired, black eyed, dressed in black holding an axe, or maybe a hammer in her hand. She left her weapon and came next to me, stripping of her clothes. She went on her knees and lowered my trousers.”What bostancı escort are you doing?””Shut up”She took my cock in her right hand and gave a firm shake, then kissed the cock head and hit her cheeks with it. After having kissed the cock again, she put it between her tits and told me to fuck them as she was holding them with her hands.Shocked but still believing in the return of Ildikó, I did as told. My cock became well hung in an instant and felt the softness of the boobs which were surrounding it. My hands held her head firmly but she told me to slap her face.I couldn’t disobey and gave her a hard slap, and another, and another, and again. My rage and desperation took over.”Yes, keep on. Make my face red”Every time I slap the witch, I saw a spark hitting the rocks inside the cavern. The witch relaxed her boobs and put my cock inside her mouth, sucking it with such a vortex that no human could ever manage. Who was she? A good or an evil witch? I grabbed her hair and pulled her head towards me, feeling her tongue licking the lower part of my cock, even when my cock head clearly hit the back of her mouth.An evil sound came out her mouth and she puked on the ground a strange mixture of saliva and precum.The sparkle became a small flame on the ground.The witch bent over and told me to penetrate her. If I had chosen the wrong hole, not only Ildikó would have never been thrown on the Earth again but even I would have been k****d, drown in the water.I couldn’t fuck her pussy because if she remained pregnant I might have generated some kind of evil so I fucked her ass.My cock entered her tight asshole and stretched it with a cushioned noise. “ah, ah, aaaaah” I shouted”Yes, my Prinz, keep on” A soft voice similar to that of Ildikó hit my ears. I had to keep fucking the witch ass.Any time I gave a hit on her anal wall, the flame got bigger and the voice became louder.I hope my cock could go on until it was necessary. I grabbed both of the witch’s arms and locked with my left arm, while the right hand pulled her long her. As speed increased, I saw a glimps against the cave walls: it was Ildikó.”Keep on, David, if you want her back, keep on”I was exhausted but somehow managed to keep fucking, I had no idea how long my cock was hung, nor what time of the day it was. The witch squirmed around my cock and the anal walls shrinked and the pressure caused me to cum straight in her ass. maltepe escort I pulled off my cock from her asshole now filled with cum.”Ahahaha I have now taken your soul, my Prinz” but then added: “If you manage to escape the cave, Ildikó will be yours, otherwise you will be mine”I took my saber and hit the evil witch on her eyes, blinding her before she could reach her hammer. I dived in the water just an instant before the cave crumbled.The water wasn’t still anymore, waves came crushing against me throwing me backwards. With all my resources I tried to fight and land safely, only Ildikó was in my mind. But the Earthly forces were too much for me and I had to surrender to the flow. I closed my eyes and said a prayer when a roar, almost an explosion, woke me up. The waves changed directions and slowly brought me to the ground. I laid there, out of power and desperate, I closed my eyes for a deep sleep.When I opened my eyes again I was in a bed, a poor bed in a very small house. It was the first lady I had found in Wallenthal. “Where am I?””You’re safe, Prinz David” and went away.”Don’t- don’t leave me alone” but the lady had already gone.I closed my eyes for a minute, crying desperately, to open them again and see Ildikó in front of me.”Prinzessin Ildikó, is that you?”Without a word, she kissed my lips in the sweetest, purest of the ways.”I’m here and will never leave”She stripped of her tunic and laid next to me, I turned towards her and embraced. Ildikó took my hands and wrapped them around her neck.She turned again and was face to face with, we kissed. My tongue touring her small mouth, her tongue crossing mine like in a duel of tongues. Caressing her blonde hair again was what I had hoped during all that happened. My hands fell on her big boobs and I grabbed and kissed them. She raised and put her hands on the floor, with her legs still on the bed.”Take me, David”My cock had already become hung and Ildikó was with me, I took it and put inside her tight, almost virgin, pussy. “Yes, go deeper”I went deeper.”Fuck me like a whore”What happened to Ildikó?My cock crashed against her cervix which made her cream around my cock but Ildikó was not satisfied yet. She turned back to me and stayed on her back, with her legs up in the air. I fucked her “pile driver” until I could no longer keep and cummed inside her.Ildikó rose up, kissed me on my forehead and went away. Did I dream all that or was it real?I found Dorian out of the house and rode towards Wallenthal. The people of the city were rebuilding their houses, the church, and they were adding a small fortress on the top of a small hill.Two women came towards me, a blonde and a dark haired. Each of them took one of my hands and caressed their chin before kissing me as twilight was blowing the day away.

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