Erotic Awakening


I wake. It’s the early hours of the morning. I can see the soft glow of the moon shining through the curtains, softly illuminating the room.

A movement. A sigh. Dawn lies beside me, facing away on her side.

The duvet rises and falls in time with the rhythm of her breathing.

I can hear her sighing again. A dream. Something nice, comforting.

My cock grows hard.

Perhaps she is thinking about earlier today? In the shower, perhaps, or when we were in the lounge watching a dvd.

It doesn’t matter. Her hair is shining in the soft light and I can see it play across her face, her cheeks strangely flushed and her lips pouting as she draws breath again.

I roll toward her, nestling into her, my arm around her hips, drawing her tight.

My cock, now rubbing against her ass grows harder still, a drop of liquid seeping from the tip.

She sleeps.

Should I? Would she mind? I feel so naughty, like a child who has been caught stealing from the cookie jar.

My cock hardens again, this time pushing in between her ass cheeks.

She sighs. Is she awake? I take the weight from her hips, and slide myself around to better angle myself.

Again, should I? What if she is angry at me?

But my cock is hard. And the light from elmadağ escort the moon reflects from her face as she lies peacefully, slumbering.

I reach around, feel my way with my fingers first, sliding one through the crack of her pussy, gently, probing inside her soft folds.

A reaction. Another sigh, then I feel her involuntarily reacting.

My finger, now glistening with her juice, pulls free. Smearing some on the head of my cock, mixing with the precum oozing from my cock head, I place my finger in my mouth, sucking it dry and taking her taste into my mouth.

Arching my hips forwards, I place my cock against her pussy.

Again, listening to her breathing, waiting to ensure she is steady and asleep. Then I slowly push past her pussy lips, my cock, already lubricated, sliding into Dawn.

Softly, carefully, I arch my hips to drive forwards, until I am inside her as far as I can reach, my balls pressed against the entrance to her pussy.

Is she awake? Still, I listen. Another sigh as my cock twitches involuntarily inside her.

Then I reach round again and gently take hold of her hip in my hand, spooning up against her back.

I can’t help myself. I slide gently out, then back in again.

The smell of esenyurt escort our sex fills the bedroom like a rare fragrance. Dawn sighs again and stretches to push into me.

I panic momentarily, wondering if I should pull out, but she settles against my chest, spooning back into me, and her arm moves over where I am holding her hip.

Again, I begin to slide out, then in, enjoying the exquisite friction between us, taking in the smell of her hair and the softness of her skin, feeling her hand brush against mine.

I softly kiss Dawn’s back, my lips barely touching her skin. My cock throbs as I squeeze my ass muscles with every stroke.

Then. She stirs.

I stop, scared, my cock — now deep inside — trapped. My own breath holds short.

She turns her head to me and opens her lips. The light plays over them and I can see Dawn’s face is flushed.

I lean forwards and kiss her, my lips over hers, our tongues reaching out and playing intertwined.

She moans softly as I begin to thrust into her pussy again, my cock sliding in and out with long, insistent strokes, faster and faster.

Her hand grabs mine and pulls it to a breast, pushing my fingers over the surface and over her nipple, which hardens under our collective etiler anal yapan escort touch.

And, eyes still closed, she moans into my mouth, our tongues now seeking each other out in a strange erotic dance.

And now I slide my other arm underneath her, rolling her onto her stomach, all pretense of sleep abandoned.

Having broken free of our kiss, she moans openly as I position her to pull her knees forward, then press in behind, taking her doggie style.

Thrusting my cock in and out, in deep strokes, I push one of her hands down onto her pussy and we both play with her clit, her stroking and flicking, me vibrating my fingers down upon hers, building a staccato rhythm.

And still her eyes are closed, feigning some form of sleep as she pushes back to meet my thrust.

I can feel the cum rising up from my balls, threatening to overwhelm. I groan, signaling my imminent climax, and increase the speed and depth of my thrusts, pressing our hands into her clitoris, fingers into her pussy.

And then, I cannot hold back any longer. With a primal moan, I feel the come boiling from my balls, through my cock and deep inside, the heat spreading through and around us both, my hips banging in shaking spasms into Dawn’s ass cheeks.

And, still inside her, I pull us both down onto the bed, sliding our bodies so that I am holding her tightly from behind, while we feel the shaking squirts from my cock subside.

And, still sweaty from our love play, we lie entwined, until sleep takes us both again.

And the moonlight plays over our faces.

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