Erotic Fiction #1


It’s a late spring night in New Orleans. It’s warm outside, perfect weather. You and I have just completed a series of pool games and drinks at Madigan’s. I am wearing an elbow length, button down blue flowered shirt, khaki pants, which appear to be painted on my body and black leather mules. You look handsome in your usual khakis with a button down Chaps Ralph Lauren shirt, blue, matching your eyes. We go to your car and get in so we can head to your place and get naked.

As you drive I sit in the passenger seat and look at you. I think about all the fantastic positions you are going to put me in. Thinking this and smelling your cologne turns me on. I begin to run my hands along the inside of my thighs. We get to your place and go up the stairs to get to apartment F.

We go in and you show me your bedroom. Since I won 5 of 7 pool games, that makes me the champion. The champion gets to decide what happens when we get to your place….

I ask you to please light some candles as I rub my hands along the zipper on your pants. I then ask you to relax on your bed and enjoy the show, the only rule being that you cannot use your hands at all until I am completely naked. I slide out of my shoes and lean against the wall. I run my hands along my chest, neck, face and through my hair as my hips gyrate slowly. I begin to unbutton my shirt as I watch you. I caress the exposed part of my skin as I go, slowly, still gyrating my hips.

Once my shirt is unbuttoned I pull it over my shoulders so that it falls off my body and hits the floor. I am wearing a silky white bra. Still moving my hips, I caress etiler bdsm escort my chest around the bra and move towards you. I climb onto your lap as you lay down on your bed. I hold your hands down as I grind on your loin and allow my breasts to fall out of the bra into your face. My pants are so tight I can feel your stiff cock bulging against me. Grinding, I remove my bra. I cover my breasts with my hands and begin to fondle them. I lick my fingers and fondle them some more. My nipples become hard. I shake my breasts by moving my shoulders back and forth. I hang my voluptuous breasts over your face so that your lips can make contact. I slowly move my body left and right so that your lips can alternate. I begin to feel myself become wet between my legs from the grinding and your lips on my nipples. I climb off of you and stand in front of you. I unbutton and unzip my pants. I turn around and sway my ass as I pull my pants down over my ass, revealing my silky white thong. I bend over completely to remove my pants.

As I do this you remove your clothing, and when I turn around I am excited to see you naked. I look at your sexy body in complete lust. You place your hand on your cock and stroke it lightly. I am so turned on that I can’t help but drop to my knees and grab it. I gently take your cock into my hands and slowly rub it along my face, neck and breasts. I return it to my face and rub the tip along my lips slowly while I lick my lips. I lick the head of your cock as you relax and enjoy. I begin to move the head in and out of my mouth slowly, sucking hard. Eventually etiler elit escort I move more and more of your cock into my mouth until I consume it entirely. I run my fingertips along your balls and caress them as I slowly and repetitively take your hard cock into my mouth. I stop to remove my thong. I stand in front of you bent over and slide my thong off, revealing my hot and wet pussy. It’s well shaved with a little patch of hair on my pubis remaining. Since I am now completely naked, you are able to use your hands.

I say to you, “Now you are in control. What would you like me to do?” You tell me to lay on my back and spread my legs. I do. You climb onto me and kiss me slowly while your hands do everything they wanted to do while I was stripping. Your hands cover my breasts and play with them, as well as all other parts of me. My heartbeat races in ecstasy. I can feel your hard and strong cock rubbing against the inside of my thighs and across my wet soft flesh. Your mouth begins to move down my body as I moan and writhe in complete excitement. You stop everywhere ending up licking the inside of my thighs and teasing my wet pussy. You lick around the edges, teasing and daunting until you decide to satisfy my clit. You lick it slowly at first, eventually your tongue goes wild…. Licking furiously and fast.. I am so turned on that I begin to cum for the first time. I moan and squeak in pleasure. And you know I only want more.

You quickly move your face to mine and kiss me. I can taste myself on your lips and it’s sexy. You slide your hard dick inside me etiler escort slowly, just penetrating with the head, back and forth slowly, I cannot stand it, I beg you to get inside of me entirely. I say, ” Give it to me. PLEASE!!” As soon as I said please I felt your cock inside me….. The feeling of your cock deep inside me is just something I cannot find words for, so good………You then lift my legs up over your shoulders and kiss my ankles as your cock satisfies my hot pussy. You then begin to move me into so many different positions, the ones I was thinking of in the car.

You tell me to get on top of you and I gladly comply. I ride you and kiss you with so much pleasure. My pussy is dripping juice all over your cock and balls because I am so wet and I have cum so good. Your hands and lips are all over my breasts as I cum again. Then you tell me to turn around. I do. I turn so that my pussy is in your face and your cock is in mine. I begin to suck it feverishly, like it is the only source of oxygen on the earth. You are licking my pussy and I just can’t handle it, it feels so good, I cum again. Your cock is really hard now, like a rock. You tell me to lie on my stomach, spread my legs and lift my hips. I do. You slide in between my legs and kiss my neck, my back and the sides of my butt cheeks. I feel your rock hard cock between my legs and I say, “Please put it inside me.”

I want you so bad I could scream. Your hard cock enters my wet anxious pussy. You kiss my neck, face, and lips. I moan in ecstasy and cum again, begging you to never stop, I just want more.. You then tell me to get on top of you again. I do. I climb on top of you and slide my wetness all over you. I put your cock inside me. I move my hips slowly, then faster as your hips move, just plain workin’ it… As I begin to cum again, you do too… I feel your hot cum inside me and know that I got you off…. Do we sleep or do it again?

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