Escort Ch. 01


I always had a fantasy to pay for sex, there was just something about it that made me really horny. I had watched plenty escort porn videos and signed up to some sites where you can look at escorts and read reviews.

I was looking at the local escorts to me, although not too local when one new profile caught my eye. There were no reviews and no pictures. Just a description: Sexy Elle 22 years old (so 8 years younger than me) tall, blond hair, pert boobs, tight shaven pussy, bubbly and will put you at ease. OWO, CIM, protected sex, no anal, £120 per hour.

There was just something about the profile that really made me want to finally fulfill this fantasy. So I sent off a message, explaining that I’d never been with an escort before so would be really nervous, that I was looking to meet for 1 hour and to cum a few times. The next day I received a reply.

The reply sounded great and really piqued my interest: “Hi sexy, I’m new to this as well, so I’d be nervous too. But don’t worry as I’m really easy to get along with and I’ll make sure we have loads of fun and have you cumming as much as you can. I only work some night or Saturday until 16:00 so let me know when suits. Looking forward to meeting you xx.”

God, I thought, Saturday is 2 days away but fuck it, I’m going to book for Saturday morning. So I sent off a reply saying that sounded great and was she free on Saturday around 10:00?

Elle replied almost instantly this time and said 10:00 is perfect for her. “Make a booking on the site and I’ll contact you once it’s confirmed. Can’t wait to have fun with you xx.” she replied.

So I filled in the booking form, and Elle text me at the agreed time to confirm the booking. My heart was racing with a million thoughts, can I go through with this? Is it a scam? Will she look like her description? Will we hit it off? Will I enjoy it or be too nervous?. I was so horny about booking my first escort that I had to go and relieve myself of the built-up longing. I came so much I promised myself that I’d now leave my self until the meeting. It’s only two days away.

The morning of the meeting arrived and I agreed that Elle would text me her address early, so I went to get myself ready. I had a shower, trimmed nicely and shaved my balls so everything was looking good.

I checked my phone and was excited to see a text with Elle’s address.

I was unsure of the area which was around a 30-minute drive away, so I looked it up on Google Maps. I was pleased to see the house was in a nice area. I text back saying thanks for the address and I’m looking forward to seeing you.

I left early since I was unsure of the area and didn’t want to get lost and end up late. I took a bottle of water with me as I was getting a dry mouth. Again my heart was pounding with anticipation and excitement. I had a hard on for the full drive through which was uncomfortable at times. I arrived early and parked up not far away from the house. I messaged Elle to say I had arrived early.

She newcratos messaged me straight back saying, “Great, I’m ready so come to the door.”

I took a deep breath and left the car and walked to the door. All I could hear was my heart pounding and again doubts were creeping in. I rang the doorbell…

The door opened, there was no one there but a voice said come in. I walked in, Elle closed the door and gave me a kiss. I was gobsmacked, she looked even better than I was hoping for. Dressed in very tight PVC type trousers and a tight black vest top. She had an amazing body and exactly my type, she had a beautiful face that was naturally pretty and didn’t have much make-up on. All I can manage is “Wow, Hi Elle, you look amazing.” She took my coat and chatted away. She was right she was very easy to get along with. She got us a drink of water and suggested we went upstairs.

What a view I have following her upstairs and my hard on was raging now. We went into the bedroom. It had a big bed in it with mirrors down one side of the wall.

I asked her if she wanted the payment now.

With a wicked smile, she said, “Don’t worry about that just now. I just want you to lose your nerves and I can see you’re already happy to see me.”

She started taking her top and trousers off, and she was standing there in lovely black matching bra & panties. Man, was she hot.

Elle motioned to me, to get undressed, so I removed everything apart from my boxers. She came close, and we kissed. She was running her hands up and down my body.

I returned the favor, feeling her lovely soft and warm skin.

She moved my hand in between her legs, rubbing both our hands over her panties, and whispered to me, “I’m so fucking horny.”

Elle grabbed my cock, and I let out a soft moan. It felt electric somehow, and I could have come there and then. She pulled down my boxers, and pushed me onto the bed.

She was straight down on her knees. My rock hard cock was pointing towards the sky, she held it against my belly and started licking my balls, sucking on them gently. My god, I feel like I’m in heaven. The warm feeling of each lick and suck had me moaning in delight. She started to wank me whilst using her mouth on my balls but I moved her hand away as it was going to make me cum so fast.

She stopped and asked if it was ok?

I replied yeah but it’s going to make me cum too quick.

With a devilish look in her eye she took the base of my cock in her hand. Slowly Elle used her tongue all over my throbbing head, slowly and firmly sucking my cock but only down about two inches. This was all too much as I tell her I’m going to cum. She doesn’t even move or slow down as I explode right into her mouth. Elle somehow times each spurt with her movement and it feels like I’m cumming and cumming. I was literally drained and flopped back onto the bed. Elle stayed with my cock in her mouth for a good few minutes until my hard on had subsided. It was the best blowjob I had newcratos giriş ever had and it was barely a blowjob it was so shallow.

Elle jumped onto the bed beside me after having a good drink of water saying, “Well that’s a great way to start a Saturday eh.”

We both laughed and I agreed.

We chatted for a bit, and she told me she was a Student and loved sex so thought she would try escorting. She was pleased that I wasn’t like some of her clients, Older overweight men who were not very nice she told me.

Who knows if it’s true but gives me an ego boost.

The next thing she is removing her bra and panties and asks me, “Would you like to play with your new toy? I’m yours so take full advantage.”

I don’t hesitate and start to play with her perfectly pert breasts, her nipples harden to the touch, and she moves them towards my mouth. I start gently sucking on them much to her delight. My hands start to wander over her shapely behind and in between her legs. I rub my fingers over her shaven pussy and see they are glistening with her juice. Elle opens her legs for easier access and a better look. It’s a perfect pussy, just the type I like, neat and tidy but with well-defined inner lips. One thing I said I wouldn’t do was to go down on an Escort. But there was no way I wasn’t when confronted with this peach. I started kissing in between her thighs and around her pussy, Elle is breathing heavy now. I get to work on her now very aroused clit to big moans. I slip a couple of fingers in her pussy and her advert was right. She was very tight and I could wait to get my cock inside her. I play with her, and she says she is coming, her pussy is now fully aroused and soaking wet.

Elle asks me to stop as she is too sensitive.

My cock was now solid again and Elle was determined to get it in her mouth. I love how horny she seems and really seems to want to have fun with me. I was worried things would be mechanical but not with Elle. She was now in between my legs and really stared sucking my cock, changing from fast to slow, using her tongue all over my head, running it up and down my shaft, sucking my balls, again I was in heaven, she was going down much further but not all the way down. I don’t have a massive cock but it is a decent size just under seven inches and never had any complaints.

Suddenly Elle stops, and reaches over to the bedside table, she has a condom in hand now and tells me, “I want you in me right now.”

Holy fuck that makes me super horny.

She puts the condom on no problem and it looks like she is going on top. Who am I to complain, I just lie back and let her take charge. She teases the end of my cock rubbing it back and forth on her soaking pussy. She slips me in and very, very slowly slips down my solid shaft. I can feel every inch of her and the heat is amazing.

All I can do is let out a long “fuuuucccckkkkkk,” as she takes me all in.

Elle grinds me all round so I can feel every millimeter of her. She starts pumping up and down on my shaft.

Her change of pace is really something and before long she tells me she is cumming. Elle flops onto me and kisses me deeply.

She then really picks up the pace and is fucking me faster and faster, I’m bucking my hips in time with her and we have a fantastic rhythm going, after a few minutes I feel my balls tighten and begin to twitch. As I scream I’m cumming she keeps fucking me. Once I’ve finished cumming I pull her in close and we have a cuddle. That’s now the best blowjob and the best fuck I’ve had.

Again we chat for a bit and I have no idea if the time. There is no sign of a clock either.

Elle starts playing with my cock again and suggests it’s time for round 3.

I’m game if you are I tell her. This time she flips up into 69 position and I start slowly using my fingers teasing the outside of her pussy. Her moans really add to the blowjob and it now feels like she is using a small vibrator in her mouth whilst she sucks me.

Elle spins round and, without me even realizing has a condom on me. “I want to watch you fuck me from behind,” she tells me.

Elle gets up on all fours and I slowly push my cock into her. She pushes back onto me as I thrust into her. I use my hands to play with her breasts whilst fucking her slowly. We are both watching in the mirror and it is one horny sight. I pull her head back gently by the hair for a kiss and use my free hand to play with her clit.

Elle tells me she wants me to fuck her on top so she expertly changes positions.

I slowly enter her and use her legs to pull her slowly down my shaft. I start fucking her slow making sure I feel every inch of her hot wet pussy. Elle puts her legs up and onto my shoulders. I use them to really start to fuck her fast. Elle crosses her legs across my shoulders and the difference in tightness is unbelievable. I tell her it won’t be long until I cum.

I fuck her for a few more minutes.

Then Elle says, “I want you to finish on my face.”

I pull out, remove the condom and climb up her body. She motions for me to stick my cock in between her breasts. I do this, and she starts giving me my first tit wank. It feels so good and what a sight it is watching my cock thrusting in and out of those amazing breasts. Before long I’m somehow cumming buckets all over her neck and face. I am totally drained as is Elle.

She grabs a couple of baby wipes, and we clean up and cuddle in.

“Would you mind if I have a cigarette?” Elle asks me.

I tell her only if I can have one.

We lie having a smoke naked in each other’s arms. After a bit of time I have a shower and get dressed. I take out the money and pay her.

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that,” she laughs.

We have another nice kiss as I leave.

Once I’m back to the car I realize that I was with Elle for over 1 hour 30 minutes. By the time I get home I still have a huge smile on my face. I’ve just had the best sex of my life and fulfilled a fantasy. It could not have been any better.

Elle text me saying “Had so much fun with you today. Hope to see you again xx”.

Oh, you will Elle, you will…

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