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I was sitting in the bath, my arms wrapped around my legs, and my head rested on my knees. The warm water relaxing my tired joints. After a particularly deep sigh I heard a noise from the doorstep of my shared bathroom.

“Are you… okay?” Esther, my roommate, was leaning against the doorframe. The door that I’d closed, not that she cared. I turned my head to her, resting it on my knees again and sighing deeply again.

“My thesis was rejected again… Maybe I’m just not good enough.”

“Aww, honey…” She said stepping into the bathroom and closing the door. “You know it’s not your fault they took that essential website off the air.”

“Yeah but if I’d just-”

“Look,” She interrupted me. “You’re just upset right now, because you just got the news, but I know you’ll figure something out once you’ve had time to think about it.” I sighed again. Esther really knows what to say. It’s her thing I guess, she is studying to be a therapist. She was also, in that moment, undressing. Taking her shirt off and dropping it to the floor. “Look, what you need is some loving, knowing that you are appreciated is the first step to feeling good again.” She was sliding her jeans off her hips.

“You know… I’m into heterosexual sex right…?”

“Yeahhh…” She clipped her bra loose and walked over to the bathtub. “I know you like to be fucked in the pussy. Which is something I can provide.” She took off her underwear and stepped into the bathtub. “Plus, I know you like to be kinda submissive which is something I can tailor to too.” She took place opposite to me in the tub. Easing herself into the hot water slowly. I looked at her body, tense as she tried not to sink into the water too quick. And considered her proposal. She was very beautiful. Long black hair, and soft looking skin. Dark eyes lined with eyeliner and great lips too. She looked at me as well, saw me considering it. “We don’t have to, I can just join you in the tub, relaxing together in the water can be very nice as well.” I was still hesitant, biting my lip in thought. She suddenly moved forward, making the water slosh up against the sides of the tub. “I like it when you bite your lip.” She said, leaning over me, hands gripping the sides of the tub and her boobs grazing my knees. Her face was just inches from mine as she whispered it. I couldn’t help but look at her lips. Which she saw as an invitation. She kissed me softly, nothing but our lips touching. When we broke part I had made my decision.

“I’d like to”

“You’d like to have sex.”

“Well you know me. I’m basically always in that state.” She giggled.

“That’s the you I know.” She kissed me again.

She leaned back again, a hand resting on my knee. Her other hand slid down under the water. She was watching me intently, keeping eye-contact, waiting for a reaction. Then I felt a soft touch on my ass, near the bottom of the tub and then a soft finger dragged from the beginning of my slit up towards the top. Pausing directly above my clit. I winced a little. “You are kinda straightforward aren’t you?” I couldn’t keep the nerves out of my voice. She smiled.

“I would like to make this enjoyable for you, and I know you like your clit rubbed sooo…” Her thumb nestled between my lips and she wiggled it around a little, putting a wonderful pressure on my clit.

I hummed. “Straightforward is the way to go.” She giggled and applied some pressure lower too, slipping one lonely finger in my pussy. That wasn’t enough though. And I mewed a little, moving my hips to try and get her to go deeper, give me more. She laughed again, and leaned back. Her fingers left my sweet spot.

“Why don’t you scoot your butt over here and give me some better access to that?”

It felt nice, and deliciously bad, to lean back into the water and spread my legs before her. There wasn’t much room in the bath, so I raised my legs over hers and spread them as wide as the confines of the tub would allow me. She tucked her legs in between me and the tub and scooted forward a little as well. Her knees bended and raised my legs up a little.

“Perfect.” She mumbled, her hands on my raised inner thighs. “are you comfortable?” When I nodded her hands slipped smoothly to my pussy again and she started massaging the entrance, not yet dipping a finger in, while also softly but rhythmically rubbing my clit. The effect was very nice, it was like she provided the warmth of the warm bath but for my inner being. But it also made my vulva very sensitive. I was still a little too shy to beg but I was very close. Which she knew, she kept it up until I was almost rolling my head from the madness. Mewling and moaning uncontrollably in rhythm with her movements. Then she suddenly pushed two fingers in. I immediately tried to fuck those fingers, get them deeper inside me. But the hand she had been using up until now for my tender little clit moved to push escort bayan kağıthane me down and I made possibly the saddest sound in history. She chuckled. “I know what you want… The walls are pretty thin you know.” She was fucking me slowly, a thumb back on my clit while the rest of her hand still held me down. I had a hard time listening to her words, being a little preoccupied, but still was afraid that I knew what she was talking about. “You like to be fucked by big dicks, you like your pussy full and stretched and fucked.” She said, emphasizing her words by slamming her fingers inside me, adding an extra so I was stretched to three. “But that’s not all you little SLUT,” I gasped as she fucked her fingers hard inside me. “You like to TELL them ‘Noooo it’s too BIGgg.” She imitated my whiny girl voice to near perfection. “Please be careful with my PUSsy. And then you like to GIVE them a small HINT for them to CONTinue. So they keep FUCKing you.” Her strokes increased in tempo and I knew I was very close to coming. “But You know what I think?” AAAAHHH “I think you like to pretend you didn’t give them permission.” NNNNHHHhh “I think you get off on fantasies of losing control.” OOHhh GOD “You want to be used don’t you?” AH! “Don’t you?!” Yes! God damn! YEss. I came into a moaning and shivering heap.

“GOddamn Esther.” I had trouble catching my breath. “Jeesh.” I leaned my head back on the bathtub edge. “I mean that was great but…” Still catching my breath. ” Did you have to get so personal? She leaned forward, climbing in between my still spread legs.

“You do though, don’t you.” She said, her lips hovering above mine, so I could feel the words before I felt her soft kiss.

“I mean yeah but.. damn man.” She chuckled and her hand was already traveling south, just gently petting the sensitive area between my legs. “Does that turn you on?” I asked, a wicked grin on my lips. The view was amazing, her face next to mine, she was kneeling between my legs, and her back and ass were raised above the water, they still gleamed with wetness. She had the audacity to blush at my question, and avert her eyes a little. “Two peas in a pod then, or two halves of an apple or however the saying goes.” I laughed. We kept silent for a little while, nice and close to each other, in the warm bath, her hand still caressing my twitching pussy. “Soo…” I eventually said, my mind getting a little clouded again. “You want to play some more?” She perked up.

“By play you mean explore our fantasies some more?” A finger dipped in between my thickened lips and she dragged it up and down. I couldn’t suppress a shiver.

“Yeah. But first I wanna thank you.” I said before I kissed her on the lips. A more insistent kiss this time, we both explored each other. Getting to know each other anew. She leaned back and I could do nothing but follow until I was the one kneeled between her legs. (it took some clumsy adjusting in a slippery bath) I worshiped her mouth, I worshiped her neck, I worshiped her breasts, nipples on the waterline. She tasted sweet, and like the spicy bath bomb I’d used. She put a hand on the back of my head and pushed me into her breasts engulfing my face. I just kissed and sucked and licked until she set me free again. “Can I… lick your pussy like that?”

She nodded, exited. “You want to?”

“I mean I’ve never done it before but yeah.” She pushed me back slightly as she raised herself out of the water. Taking place on the edge of the tub and resting her back against the wall. Then she spread her legs as far as they would go. And I was sitting between them looking up at her.

“I am going to rub my pussy all over your face.” She said, rubbing her sensitive nipples. “I am going to use your face to make myself come.” She said as one hand traced my jawline and a thumb found a way to my lips. I opened them and sucked softly on her thumb, before she dragged it along my face. Then I leaned forward. Nestling my head between her wet thighs, the bathwater dripping from them onto the baths edge and back into the water. I kissed her there first, going from one thigh to another slowly closing in on the sweet prize. I didn’t know exactly what I had to do to get her off, but from the first lick I knew I wanted more. I kissed from the top of her slit all the way down. Then I got a little bit more hurried because I felt her impatience. With every kiss she shivered and as I moved back up she even moaned a little. Then I put my lips on the top of her slit again but this time dared my tongue to sneak out. Flicking her clit. I could hear that that had the desired effect. I licked her like that for some time, alternating between flicking with the tip of my tongue and broad laps. But only when I finally dared to suck her clit, the most effective spot I’d reckoned, she did what she’d promised me. She dug her hand into my wet hair and pushed my face into her pussy, escort bayan beyoğlu alternating between pushing and releasing me to dictate when I should suck. My hands had been on her inner thighs for all this time but now one moved so that I could fuck her pussy. As I slid my fingers in and out of her very wet pussy her movements became more and more frantic, pushing my head into her pussy longer and moving my head around between her legs. Then when she was close to coming she started talking.

“Oh shit, yes slut, yes! Suck my pussy! Oh My God!” One of her hands had been twisting and pulling her nipples but now joined the other on the back of my head, digging deep into the hair, and forced my head into one place as she rubbed her pussy all over my face, riding it until she came with a loud. “FUCK” She held on to my head just a little bit longer, until I teasingly flicked her clit with my tongue again. Then she pulled my head back. I looked up from between her legs, feeling quite satisfied. “Proud of yourself eh?” She said. Rubbing her hands through my hair and panting. “Get that grin of your face.” She said as she rubbed my face her fingers feeling random and frantic at the same time. “Turn around.” She finally said, in an authoritive voice. That voice sparked something inside my instantly. So it took a while for me to react. “Well?” She said, impatiently. To which I finally sprung to action and shifted my body so I was facing the other way.

“If we’re going to do this…” I said, while following the directions she gave me with a guiding hand in my back and on my ass. “Shouldn’t we have a safe word or something?” I finished, from my position on all fours on the bathtub floor. She opened the hot water tab to re-heat the water. And was silent for a while.

“Why? Because you like yelling no, while not really meaning it?” She finally said, in a teasing tone of voice. I felt hot water flow between my legs, when I looked around I saw she was steering it that way on purpose, stirring the bathwater with one lazy hand. It was near stinging hot and just to tease her a little bit I spread my legs a little more, and raised my butt a little higher.


“Let’s do a fruit or something.”

“Pineapple?” I proposed.

“That is an unsexy fruit.”

“Pineapple then? Or kiwi?”

“Kiwi is better, it’s shorter to say.”

“Kiwi then. It’s decided.” I looked up at her and raised my hand for a box. Which she returned.

“Now you can say no all you want.” She said. Smiling wickedly. As she splashed some of the hot water unto my ass. Then she spanked my ass. The sound echoed wetly through the bathroom. “That’s for not immediately obeying me just now.”

I gasped, but not in a about-to-stop-her way. And wiggled my ass, which earned me another two slaps.

“Next time do as I say as fast as possible okay?” She kept slapping my ass. One hit on one cheek and one on the other. I liked it.

“MMmmm yes.” I answered.

“Good.” She kept up slapping my ass. Then she started varying, sometimes sliding her hands softly over my buttocks and sometimes slapping. I was on edge, not knowing what to expect. Then her roaming hands got a little more touchy, pinching and shaking my butt. Still intermingling with a hard slap now and then, by this time they took me by such surprise that she could coax a squeak out of me. Whenever I squeaked she laughed, and eventually she said: “I love that little sound, your butt is getting quite red too.” And then just kept it up for a while longer. By now my knees started hurting but I wasn’t about to complain. Not yet anyway. Her roaming fingers finally found their way to my pussy and I knew my lips were swollen AF because I’d felt them rubbing together for a while now. So when she dipped a finger between them it felt great. “You’re so wet.” She said, dipping a second finger in immediately after. And pumping them in and out of me. “You want me to fuck you?”

“Mmm yes.” I answered as her other hand found my clit.

“I’m sorry, what yes?”

“Yes fuck me.” I was almost to embarrassed to say it out loud but I knew this would be our secret. Her fingers started pumping harder and she added a third just to fill me up a little bit more. She got me going quite fast, and just when I thought that the build-up to a nice orgasm would start she stopped. Her fingers leaving my pussy. I moaned and backed my ass up, still a little above begging but letting my butt do most of the talking. She chuckled.

“Look who’s a little slut.” Then I felt something cold and hard pressed against my pussy. I held very still as the object slid easily up and down between my pussy lips, giving an extra rub to my clit. “Not such a wiggly little slut now?” She said, her mean streak showing through as she positioned whatever it was at my sensitive entrance, putting quite some pressure on it. But given the size of the object it didn’t slide so easily in.

“What’s that?” I asked voice stricken with nerves.

“Just a shampoo bottle.” She answered pushing harder and I felt my pussy strain.

“Is that… safe?”

“Don’t worry.” She said, lessening the pressure and sliding the shampoo bottle around in my pussy juices. “I know what I’m doing, plus, I’ve cleaned it, so it should be all right.” She pushed again, and this time I hollowed my back to position my pussy for easier entrance. Biting my lip in anticipation. This time the shampoo bottle entered me a little and I got a real sense of its girth.

“Oh, it’s a little big isn’t it.” She pushed harder, and I felt my pussy stretch as it sunk deeper.

“You think your little pussy can handle it?” She asked as she kept pushing.

“Hmmm maybe, maybe just be a little gentler?” She relaxed the pressure on the shampoo bottle and even pulled it slowly back out again, leaving my pussy empty. At the entrance she wiggled it softly, as her fingers found my clit again, and then suddenly she pushed it back in, with a force I hadn’t expected. My pussy was forcefully filled. “AH” She retracted the shampoo bottle until it was almost out and then fucked it back in again, then she started on long steady strokes alternating between filling my pussy and emptying it almost entirely. As the bottle slid in and out easier and easier I started to fuck back, moving my hips over the thick invader. As I was reaching my top, fucking harder and harder, she suddenly added a finger in between my pussy and the shampoo bottle, renewing that delicious feeling of tightness. “No, that’s too much.” I screamed, as my pussy was stretched out. She didn’t even hesitate but kept fucking me, using the finger to pull me even tauter. Getting me almost to the brink of coming.

“You want to come?” She asked suddenly, while I was moaning loudly, making it obvious that that was indeed my intention. “Because you’ll have to do something for me.” The fucking slowed. This wasn’t good. I tried fucking back but the rhythm was lost. “You have to beg for it honey.” The shampoo bottle with its added finger slid slowly in and out of me as I considered if I was too beyond hope to care about my dignity. I mean If she could say things like that… My pussy was aching for this orgasm, it was spasming around the bottle.

“please…” I finally managed, as the shampoo bottle almost came to a halt.

“Please what? I wanna hear you say it.”

“Please fuck me.” I was blushing to behind my ears.


“Please make me come.” The bottle was back, pumping its steady rhythm.

“Rub your clit.” She ordered as I felt her fingers leave that sweet spot to settle on my ass, parting my ass cheeks. I obeyed her and quickly had myself back on track. As she fucked me with the shampoo bottle, hard and deep, I rubbed my clit.

“YESS Please!”

“You coming honey?” She asked, not slowing the delicious pumping.

“OOOh Yess I’m so close!” I felt her thumb circle my asshole, applying a soft pressure to another one of my wet, wanton holes. A part of me felt conflicted, no one had ever touched me there before, but a more vocal part of me screamed: “YES Please Fuck Me!” The shampoo bottle pumped in and out of me, my clit was being rubbed into ecstasy and now my asshole gave way to her thumb, it slid in without much difficulty. “OOOH that feels so tight!” It added to the tightness in my pussy, and I felt greatly full. Then she started to fuck me with her thumb as well and I exploded into orgasm, coming uncontrollably. When I came down from those heights she was still fucking my oversensitive pussy, just to tease me.

“You like that?” She finally said, as she unhooked her thumb from my butthole.

“Ohh yes.” I moaned wholeheartedly. She applied some pressure to the shampoo bottle, pushing it back into my twitching pussy.

“I want you to see how much of this bottle you’ve taken. Can you turn around?” I hesitated. “Try closing your legs and just rolling over.” She moved out of the way, and I twisted around, the bottle held firmly inside me by my thighs. It felt deliciously full. When I laid on my back she moved forward again, spreading my legs and putting a finger on the bottle, applying the littlest amount of pressure, but it didn’t matter because I was so sensitive I could feel it throughout my entire pussy. “Maybe you have to raise your hips above water to see.” She said, putting a guiding hand on my ass. Once my hips were about on eyelevel she wiggled the bottle a little bit and then pulled it out a bit. The bright green lid came into view. She played with it, slowly pushing it back and then puling it out again. Until the entire bottle came loose and she held it up to me like a trophy. It was rather big, and round. It wasn’t texturized at all but it had quite some girth.

“Damn” I said, upon seeing the thing.

“Yeah” she agreed. “And it was in you until about… here.” She said, indicating a part rather close to the lid. I licked my lips.


“Yeah” She said again. “Wanna lick it clean?” She asked, offering it to my lips.

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