Etienne and Monique Ch. 06


[Author’s Note: The story of Etienne (Etiennette) and Monique is about two, lesbian, conjoined sisters who share genitalia. It contains BDSM, incest and a small amount of toilet play. All activities are fictitious and any resemblance to individuals either living or dead is purely coincidental…but if you happen to know any conjoined, albino, lesbian twins I could do with some help on the research ;)]


Chapter 6: Employees rights


It was early morning. The soft light of the sun was diffused by the thick white net curtains in the sisters’ bedroom. Both Etiennette (nicknamed Etienne by close friends and family due to her tomboyish nature) and Monique were asleep.

At the foot of the large four-poster bed, on the floor, lay a small mattress and some ruffled white cotton bedclothes. It was Veronique’s place at night, during her working week.

Veronique was attached to the foot of the bed by a long, thin rope running from a retracting reel to an ankle cuff. The rope was almost at full stretch as Veronique stood naked by the dressing table, bathed in the morning glow through the large bay window.

Although not statuesque; Veronique had a composure about her, a pride or self-confidence that some people wear like an extra layer of skin. It gave her more presence and exceeded her stature.

Her hair haloed to a vibrant red as the sun caught it through the curtains, her body was hour-glass shaped and toned. She had enough curves for two people, which was just as well because both of them were lying naked behind her, in their naturally mutated, intertwined selves.

She poured herself a glass of water from a pitcher on the dresser and smacked her lips after taking a mouthful. Smirking as she glanced through a crack in the curtain. Outside on the driveway Etienne and Monique’s parents were packing the car with the help of their housemaid preparing to depart for the airport. They were due for a two month sojourn in the United States, leaving the girls and Veronique to have the run of the place. Their last two weeks in France before the long awaited journey to Japan.

At times like these, the other house staff would depart for their own families. It happened twice every year, but this time was special. Etienne and Monique had Veronique with them.

“Yawn!” Came the sound from Etienne, who lifted herself up on her elbows to the angelic sight of Veronique silhouetted in front of the window.

“God you’re gorgeous my pet.” Etienne said in hushed tones so as to not wake her sister.

Veronique remained facing away from the bed for a moment, it gave her time to smile in satisfaction at the compliment and gave Etienne some time to appreciate her form, framed by the glow of the morning sun. It was an appreciation that had grown within Etienne since their first night with Veronique, borne out of an unexpected compromise and from the love for her sister.

‘Pet’ was a temporarily assigned name Etienne had explained. As a part of the agreement Veronique would have no name during the working day. Etienne was free to insult her, call her ‘whore’ or indeed whatever she felt like, but although Etienne was enjoying the domme status, she felt wrong in insulting Veronique. So instead she chose to remove Veronique’s identity without diminishing her.

“You can wake my sister now.” Etienne requested.

“Oui mistress.” Came the now familiar words from Veronique, who turned and approached the bed, accompanied by the soft clacking sound of the rope reeling in, and the supple bounce of her fleshy orbs. Etienne blinked, watching Veronique’s nipples adopt a rhythmic sway as she crossed the room.

Veronique climbed onto the bed on all fours and dipped between the sisters’ legs.

Etienne closed her eyes to enjoy the sensation of her and her sister’s loins receiving yakacık escort a few soft exhales of warm breath before the first friction sensation of wet and muscular flesh dance across the sisters’ shared folds. Soft sucking sounds and the occasional squelch broke the silence.

Monique came to, breathing heavily. “Uhh, uhh!” She uttered through gritted teeth as she bit down. Etienne’s lips were pursed and her eyes clamped shut. All at once there was a shared guttural groan as the two sisters climaxed and the recognizable “Pssst!” sound in three decreasing bursts as their female ejaculate sprayed Veronique’s face.

“Oh goddd!” Exclaimed Monique who was barely able to talk through her clenched teeth.

“You are,” She huffed after a brief pause.

“The best alarm clock ever!” Monique finally finished her sentence.

“Oui, I know mistress.” Said Veronique with a light-hearted grin, her face dampened by the sisters’ dew.

Veronique licked her lips and used her own bedclothes from the floor to wipe the remnants from her face and off of her chest. They had been through this ritual several times now and unsurprisingly it never became boring. Although they had increased the amount of daily laundry submitted to the family cleaners. Veronique was amazed as to how much liquid came from them.

The girls did explain that although they only have one set of genitals and one urethral hole, they each have their own reproductive system and their own urethral tract and bladder, which meant that their urethra and vaginas were ‘Y’ shaped and that they each had to pee in turn. It also meant that although they experienced clitoral stimulation jointly, they experienced vaginal stimulation separately.

All of Veronique’s trappings had been brought up from her house in Mornant and the sisters’ had even paid off the landlord so that Veronique had no outstanding debts. She truly had landed on her feet, she thought, with some strings attached…or rather, some chains.

Veronique plodded across the room to the chest of drawers where the girls’ most regularly worn outfits were kept. She bent over to access the second drawer up, as usual giving Monique the best view possible of her pert arse outlining her gorgeously puffy, pink lips. Monique took in the sight with great delight.

“Oh jees sister!” Hissed Etienne as Monique began to play with their pussy again.

“Oh just one more, c’mon, look at that bum, you can’t blame me can you?” Monique said in frustration.

Etienne sighed and switched on the bedside lamp, bathing Veronique’s bottom in a swathe of light.

“Pet, legs apart please if you will and try to spread those cheeks while you find our clothes.”

“Oui mistress.” Veronique replied with a chuckle, she was now very familiar with Monique’s urges.

As Veronique pulled out a suitable skirt, a couple of tops and some underwear she could hear the mumbling and moaning behind her. Veronique removed a pair of socks from the bottom drawer accompanied by the predictable light hissing sound of the girls cumming again accompanied by an expletive or two from Monique.

Etienne exhaled sharply “Whew! Actually, that was rather nice.”

Veronique stood upright and carried the two piles of clothes to the end of the bed. As a part of the arrangement Veronique was not permitted to dress until the sisters had, and by now Veronique had a wardrobe of her own clothes bought for her by the sisters. Some of the clothes were for work, some for play and there were a few special outfits for going out. Their generosity knew no bounds.

Monique, as usual, watched Veronique’s breasts jiggle as she crossed the room. They had a beautiful rhythmic bounce to them that constantly impressed her, especially as her and her sister’s breasts were so small by comparison.

Etienne was always dressed first. Veronique took the bra and hooked it over each of Etienne’s zeytinburnu escort shoulders, she pulled the fabric taught and smoothed the material by cupping her boobs in her hands. She then fastened the hooks on the back and adjusted the straps to fit evenly. She then lifted up a thin white blouse and pulled it over Etienne’s arms in turn and starting from the bottom she did up each button.

Even now, after two weeks, the sisters fascinated Veronique. Their skin was unlike anything she had ever encountered and their gorgeous pink eyes with a hint of blue on the edges seemed almost ethereal. The most magical part of them though was their hair. Once she had heard Julian, their father, describe it as “The locks of an angel.” truly Veronique could not have put it better, but doubted that Julian had a clue about the girls rather more devilish side.

Veronique repeated the process of dressing Monique, but punctuated with a few kisses, as their relationship was a little deeper than that of Veronique and Etienne’s. Veronique had to admit however that they would not have been together if it was not for Etienne, and it is likely that sex would not have been quite as exciting.

Finally it came to their lower half. Veronique let the girls rest on her shoulders as they precariously lifted one leg and then the other to step into their knickers. Veronique pulled them up whilst maintaining maximum contact between her hands and their skin. Once in place she lightly patted the crotch and kissed Monique one last time on her naval before adding and tucking in the mini skirt. Finally she added some plain black slip-ons.

Veronique stood back. The sisters said in unison “So, how do we look?”

To which Veronique replied “You look good enough to eat mistresses.”

Monique’s eyes lit up.

“No sister!” Etienne interjected before her sister could say another word. To which Veronique giggled.

“Good god girl, give me a break at least.” Etienne added with an exasperated chuckle.

Veronique made to move away, but as they had all been distracted, the sisters were stood on the chain and Veronique tumbled backwards landing heavily.

“Ow!” Veronique cried out.

Both sisters looked mortified that part of their play had gone wrong.

“It is my fault little pet, turn over; let me have a look at the damage.”

Veronique rubbed her buttocks and then turned over.

“Bum in the air, face to the carpet.” Etienne ordered.

This was new, Veronique thought, concern from Etienne. But Veronique did as she was asked and stuck her bottom in the air.

Carefully kneeling down, Monique steadied the sisters with one hand on the floor and the other on Veronique’s back.

“A mistress has a duty to her pet; let me make it all better.” Etienne said in soothing tones.

With that she planted a soft kiss first on one cheek and then the other. She repeated this process three times, each time saying “Mistress will make her pet feel better.”

Etienne paused after the sixth kiss and much to both her sister’s and Veronique’s surprise stuck her face firmly in the valley of Veronique’s bottom.

Veronique maintained her position on the floor, she felt the hotness of Etienne’s breath across the cleft of her bottom before something firm and damp pressed against her anus. She could not stifle a moan; the sensation coupled with her compromising position was thrilling.

“Oh sister.” Came a quiet response from Monique, who was quite obviously turned on by the entire scene.

For a few seconds there was a squelching sound emanating from Etienne’s contact with Veronique. Veronique felt herself relax, allowing Etienne to have more and more access to her.

The sisters had become so overexcited by the experience that they had generated one of the sisters’ shared spontaneous orgasms. It was not enough to stop Etienne from tending to aksaray escort Veronique however and at one point Monique was sure that this time it was directly enjoyed by her sister.

Eventually Etienne came up for air. She puffed for a few moments before speaking.

“Does that feel better now little pet?” She said.

“Ah oui mistress, zat feels much, much better.”

Monique considered mentioning that Etienne had tended to a place that certainly had not been hurt in the fall, and then considered that Etienne would likely reap retribution and make pretty sure it did hurt. She decided to say no more.

Etienne was shaking. She had wanted to do that for some time and had been waiting for an opportunity. Neither of the other girls knew this, but to Etienne the wait was worth it. The spontaneous enjoyment shared by the sisters was different this time; it was caused almost entirely by Etienne, a fact that did not escape Monique.

Veronique regained her feet and moved casually across the room. At the halfway point between her room and the girls she stopped and pressed her hand between her bum cheeks to wipe away the saliva. Etienne was looking away when Veronique and Monique’s eyes met. Monique shrugged but smiled and Veronique returned the gesture with a flapping motion of her hand in front of her face as if trying to cool herself down. A mutual and silent understanding that it was unusual but exceptionally enjoyable.

“Oh and pet?” Etienne said finally, her face still flush with excitement.

“Ah oui mistress?”

“Wear the chauffer uniform please we’re going out for the day.”

“Mes oui mistress, wis or wisout ze knickers?”

“With, pet,” Etienne paused for a moment.

“They can always be removed later.”

“Mmmm yes mistress, as you wish.”

The sisters tended to their makeup. Etienne hinted to Monique which style they would wear today. Ice queen was a look they both enjoyed; white eye shadow with flecks of silver glitter, a pure white eyeliner to really make the eyes stand out and finally a white-silver lipstick with a hint of metallic pale blue at the centre of the lower lip for added drama. The addition of sharp, high hemmed jackets in the same material as the mini skirt added a smack of corporate drama.

As the sisters finished the final touches to their makeup Veronique returned. She wore a white, double-breasted military style jacket with silver buttons, a peaked cap, a white pencil skirt and beneath the jacket which had the top buttons deliberately undone, a white leather collar with silver ring at the centre which hung on a pivot. The collar was a posture collar, forcing the wearer to raise their chin.

“Where exactly are we going sister?” Monique probed her sister.

“To a very special spa sister, we have interesting people to meet and I want to show our pet off.”

“Oh? Are you sure she won’t mind?”

“I’m sure, page three of her slave contract has all of the limitations and she has consented to public humiliation.”

Monique glared sternly at her sister for a few seconds.

“Her slave contract?” Monique hissed.

“I emailed you a copy three days ago and told you about it when we took Veronique on. You know you really should check your mail more often. Look, bring your net book and read it on the way.”

Monique looked accusingly at Veronique who was smoothing her skirt. Veronique just smiled back at her reassuringly and Monique’s doubts just melted away. Those eyes and lips just acted like a drug, calming any fears or anxiety she may have experienced otherwise. But if Veronique was at ease with the contract then Monique had no reason to labour it. Besides Monique was well aware of the contract, she just hated reading legal jargon and Etienne would undoubtedly have written it from a lawyer’s perspective.

Monique was about to lean forward to kiss her beautiful girlfriend just as Etienne stepped toward the dresser. Veronique then remembered the secret to the sisters’ elegant and balletic movement, when they were not looking in the same direction their co-ordination went out the window.

The sisters slumped to the floor doing the splits and fairly soon all three of them were in hysterics.

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