Every Girl Has Her Price


Every Girl Has Her PriceEvery Girl Has Her Price”Do you want fries with that?” “No thanks,” Kyle answered looking at the girl’s name tag. “Okay, your order comes to five dollars and twelve cents.” Kyle watched the girl behind the counter get his food. She was physically attractive, but there was also something else about her. Something else that made him think that she would go along with his plans. “Here’s your order, sir. Thank you, and have a nice day.” “Excuse me, there isn’t anybody in line. Could I ask you something, Juana?” “Sure.” “Can I talk to you when you get off work?” “I’m sorry. I already have a boyfriend,” she responded, sounding like she had said the same line a thousand times. Kyle laughed and responded, “No, you misunderstood. I just want to talk. I have a hobby, and if you’re interested in helping me with something, you’ll be able to make some quick money. At least listen to what I have to offer.” “I get off in half an hour.” “Okay. I’ll wait for you at my table.” Juana turned away from him and returned to work. Kyle found a table in the back and slowly ate his food. Silently thanking his grandfather for not only being smart enough to save a large amount of money during his lifetime, but for also realizing that all of that money would be best served if it were left to him upon their death. Kyle had alienated himself from his family when he fought them in court over the inheritance, but seeing the look on his uncles’ and cousins’ faces as the judge awarded nearly all of the inheritance to him was more than worth the money that he had spent on lawyers. “So how can I make some money from your hobby?” he heard her say as she sat down in the booth. “Hi Juana. I’m glad that you decided to listen to me. My name is Kyle Thomas, and let me start out by saying that I am a very rich man. I’m telling you that not to impress you, but so you know that anything that I offer you is legitimate. “Okay, so you’re rich. I’m assuming that you aren’t just going to start handing me money over the table.” “Well, you did agree to talk to me, and we all know that time equals money.” Pausing for a second, Kyle reached into his back pocket and pulled out a crisp twenty-dollar bill. As he handed it to Juana, he continued, “Let me offer this small payment to you for deciding to at least listen to my business proposition.” Juana looked at him for a second, and then reached out and accepted the money being offered. “This is just because I decided to talk to you, right? I mean you don’t expect me to sleep with you just because you gave me some money?” Kyle softly laughed and answered. “Of course, I don’t expect you to sleep with me for twenty dollars. Just listen to my offers, and if you decide to accept any of them I’ll be extremely grateful.” “Okay, Kyle. What business propositions do you have for me?” “Slow down, Juana. I’ll get to them soon, but let me first explain why I chose you.”‘ Juana softly nodded and he continued speaking. “I picked you for many reasons. You are a very attractive woman, but you also seem to have something inside you that I picked up on somehow, even though I can’t explain what it is. Something that makes me think that I’m not wasting my time or money talking to you.” “Wait a second. You lost me. Can you run that by me again?” “Don’t worry about that. Let me continue. I have this theory, actually, lots of people have this theory — I just made it my hobby to prove it. I’m sure that you have heard the phrase, ‘everybody has a price’ Well, I like to prove that by getting people to do things that they would never even think of doing. I like to see what people are willing to do for money.” “I get it. You think that you can get me to do stuff for money.” “Exactly, Juana. For example, I’m going to make my first business proposition to you right now. I’ll give you fifty dollars for your bra.” “You want me to take off my bra and give it to you? For fifty dollars?” “Yes. All you have to do is slide your bra off here at the table, and I’ll give you fifty dollars.” Juana looked down at her shirt. She could see the outline of her bra through the thin material. “I can’t. Without a bra, you’ll be able to see… I mean…” “Well that is sort of the point. I’ll give you sixty.” Juana looked around at the near empty restaurant. There were some customers toward the front, but nobody near her and Kyle. “Do I have to take it off here, or can I go to the bathroom?” “I’ll let you go to the bathroom, but you have to return to the table with it in your hand and give it to me.” “I don’t know…” Juana replied, again looking down at her shirt. “Seventy.” “I’ll be right back.” Juana stood and made her way to the bathroom. Walking into a stall, she closed the door behind her and unbuttoned the front of her shirt. Stripping it off, she d****d it over the door and unhooked her bra. Pulling the straps off her shoulders, she let the bra fall down her arms, catching it in her hands. Juana then grabbed her shirt and put it back on. As she buttoned it, she walked out of the stall and looked at herself in the mirror. She could see her aureole through the thin cotton, and she noticed that the jiggle of her bra-less breasts was very noticeable. Pulling out a brush, she let her hair down, and brushed her long brown hair. She quickly put on some make-up and once she was happy with her appearance, she walked out the bathroom door, thankful that nobody would see her, and returned to the booth. “Very nice, Juana. I like you hair down like that, and the way your tits bounce underneath your shirt is really sexy,” Kyle said as he handed her the seventy dollars. “You have nice dark nipples. They show through nicely. Perfect for my next proposition.” Juana slid into the booth, and shyly covered her chest with her arms. “And what’s your next proposition?” “We’ll start at seventy this time. All that you have to do, is walk behind the counter and get a cup of ice water. As you talk to one of the guys, drink it, but accidentally spill the water all over the front of your shirt. Then pretend that nothing is wrong and return here walking through the front of the restaurant, again pretending that nothing is wrong.” “No way. I have to work with these guys. I wouldn’t do it for a hundred dollars.” “Not for a hundred. How about one twenty-five?” “I can’t. I would never feel comfortable working with them again. My shirt will be completely transparent.” “You can always find another job.” “No.” “One fifty.” “One fifty? I can’t.” “One sixty.” Kyle could see that Juana was debating the offers in her head, ready to accept at the right price. “One-seventy. One-eighty. Two hundred.” “Two-hundred dollars!” Juana exclaimed in astonishment. She thought about his offer. Two-hundred dollars. She was tired of working at the restaurant for minimum wage anyway, and with two hundred dollars plus the ninety dollars that he had given her, she would have enough cash until she found another job. “Yes, two hundred.” “I don’t believe that I’m really gonna do this, but I’ll be right back.” Juana stood, walking to the front of the restaurant. Ignoring the customers staring at her bouncing breasts, and her co-workers who were also looking at her, she walked behind the counter and grabbed a large cup. Filling it halfway with ice, she then filled it with water from the ice machine. Juana took a sip, and started talking with one of her co-workers as he leaned onto the counter and tried not to stare at her chest. She made small talk with him, trying to summon up the courage to pour the water onto herself. Moving closer to him, she lifted the cup to her lips to drink and managed to hit his head softly with her elbow. She felt the water spill out of the cup and all over the front of her shirt. Juana took a step back, and fought the urge to move her arms to hide her wet, cold and completely visible breasts. Glancing into the eyes of her co- worker, she could see that he was staring at her dark nipples. “I’m sorry. I’m such a klutz. Is your head okay?” she asked rubbing her hand against his head. When he answered that he was fine, she pretended that everything was normal; that she wasn’t standing in front of everybody in a wet shirt with her breasts on display. She talked with him for a few minutes, continuing to apologize for her clumsiness. Juana excused herself and walked through the front of the restaurant, feeling the stares but trying her best to ignore them. Returning to the booth, she sat down and Kyle smiled at her as he handed her two new one-hundred-dollar bills. “Very nice Juana, and I have to tell you that you look very nice in a wet shirt.” u*********sly, Juana moved her arms in front of her chest and shivered. “The water was really cold now. I think I proved your point. I really have to leave now.” “Wait, Juana. I have more for you if you’re interested.” “Depends, but I really don’t want to hang around here anymore.” “Okay, I can work that in to my next proposition. I want to buy your shirt from you, I’ll start at two hundred. All that you have to do is walk back up to the counter, complain about your shirt being wet and how cold you are.” Kyle paused. “There has to be more than that for two hundred dollars.” “You catch on quick Juana. Then you have to take off the shirt, walk out to my limo in the parking lot, topless, hand me your shirt, then we’ll drive…” “No way. I can get arrested for that, and I’m not going anywhere with you.” “You’ll be out of here before you can get in trouble. Think about it. I’ll make it three hundred. My car is the white limo. I’ll be looking for you.” “I can’t. Everybody will see me.” “That’s my point. Final offer Juana. Five hundred.” He smiled at Juana as he stood. Without looking back at her, he walked to his car and told his driver to start the car and wait. Juana watched him leave, and thought about his offer. Five-hundred dollars was a lot of money, but what he had asked her to do was past the point of decency. With her breasts visible in a wet shirt she could act innocently, but taking off her shirt and walking out, there was no way that she could possibly pretend that she didn’t know what she was doing. She glanced out and saw the white limo parked outside. She knew that Kyle was watching her from behind the tinted windows of the limo. Five-hundred dollars, she repeated to herself. She would have enough money to go shopping for some new outfits. Deciding to do it, she stood and quickly walked to the front of the restaurant. Looking at her boss across the counter, she told him, “It’s cold in here today, Mr. Jansen. Do you have the air on really low or something.” “No, Juana, it’s set like it always is, and you always complain about how hot it is.” “Really. I am so stupid sometimes, maybe it’s because I got my shirt all wet.” She started unbuttoning the buttons as fast as she could. “Maybe if I take it off I’ll warm up.” Now Juana had the shirt completely unbuttoned. She started to strip it off, but then remembered that she had to unbutton the cuffs, and as she fiddled with the buttons, she could feel the stares of her coworkers on her nearly bare upper body. Finally she unbuttoned the cuffs, and with a flourish, she pulled the shirt off, baring her breasts to everybody in the restaurant. “I’ll see you guys later,” she said with a smile. Turning, she walked out the door, passing a couple of high school age k**s. With another smile, she walked by them fighting the urge to cover herself. She hurried to the limo, feeling her breasts bounce and knowing that everybody was still watching her. Kyle opened the door for her, and with a big smile he told her, “Very nice, Juana. I was beginning to doubt that you would do it. As she stepped into the limo, she instinctively covered her breasts with the shirt. “I don’t believe that I did that.” She then started to giggle, “You should have seen their faces!” “You should have seen your face!” he said as he held his hands out.” “What?” Juana asked looking at his outstretched hands. “The shirt. It’s mine now. I bought it from you, remember?” She looked at him, “Wait, if I give you the shirt I won’t have anything to wear.” “You should have thought of that before.” She handed him the shirt, and crossed her arms across her chest as the limo started to move. “Where are we going?” she asked nervously. “Don’t worry, you’re safe. We’re just going to drive around and talk.” “You don’t expect me to sleep with you or anything do you?” “Relax, Juana. You won’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do.” He answered handing her a glass of champagne. Juana took the glass from him, being careful to keep herself covered. “My next business proposition for you is a big one, so I’ll start out at a thousand dollars.” “You haven’t given me the five hundred yet.” “I’m sorry. It must have slipped my mind.” Kyle pulled out a roll of hundreds from his pocket, counted out five of them and handed them to her. “What do I have to do for a thousand dollars.” “It’s actually pretty simple. Think of yourself bahis siteleri as an actress, and you are going to be paid a thousand dollars for what I am about to ask you to do. We’re going to a local bar, but first I’m going to stop at a mall to buy you a new outfit. Once you put it on, then you have to go into the bar, and walk out within an hourwith fifty dollars in your pocket.” “How am I gonna… Wait, you want me to… No. I told you…” “I’m not asking you to prostitute yourself, Juana. Just think of it as a play, and you’re the actress. The role that you will play will be that of a prostitute, and you have to perform fellatio in that role.” “No way, Kyle.” “Eleven hundred.” “No.” Juana answered strongly. “Fifteen hundred.” “I could get arrested.” “The bar we are going to is safe. No cops there for sure. If you do get arrested, I can get you out, no problem.” “Kyle, I can’t. I’ll feel so degraded.” “Sixteen hundred.” “I can’t.” “s*******n. Eighteen.” “Kyle, no, I can’t do that,” Juana answered, feeling her greed start to take over. “Two thousand, Juana. How many weeks do you have to work at the burger joint to make two thousand dollars?” She thought about what she would buy with two thousand dollars. There were so many things that she could get, maybe something for herself, like the tennis bracelet that she had been eyeing for the last month. “Okay. I’ll do it.” “Good. We’re at the mall. I’ll be right back. Before I go though. I want to buy the rest of your clothes. How much do you want for them.” “You want to buy what?” Juana asked incredulously. “Your pants, panties and whatever else you might have on. Tell me how much you want for them.” “I don’t know Kyle, five hundred.” “Deal.” Kyle pulled out his cash, counted out five bills and handed them to her. Juana felt the car stop, and looking out she could see that they were at a mall. “I guess you want me to take them off now?” “Yes, I do.” She reached down and untied her shoes and pulled off her socks, handing them to Kyle. She unbuttoned the top of her pants, with a sigh she pulled down the zipper. She slid the pants off and handed them to him. “Nice legs, Juana. Now the panties.” “Can’t I just keep these on?” “We had a deal, Juana.” “I know, but please?” “Juana. I keep my end of our little deals. What would you think if I told you that I wanted to pay you less than we agreed upon after you had completed one of my little games? “But…” She looked helplessly at Kyle and with another sigh, she pulled off her cotton panties and handed them to him. “Very nice, Juana. There’s more champagne in the fridge. Help yourself. The controls to the television and stereo are right over here. Make yourself at home. In that cabinet over there are some videos that you can watch if you get bored. I made them myself.” He said with a laugh. Kyle stepped out of the limo, and Juana watched him walk into the mall accompanied by his driver. Sitting naked and alone inside the limo, she sipped her champagne. After a few moments, Juana’s curiosity took hold of her. She opened the video cabinet and read some of the titles. All of the tapes were marked with a girl’s name, with a brief description of the girl and a date. Pulling out the most recent one, titled “Rebecca”, Juana pulled it out of the case and pushed it into the VCR. The television turned itself on, and her eyes opened wide as she watched a woman that she assumed to be Rebecca playing tennis, completely naked and surrounded by a crowd of men watching her. After a few moments, she realized that the tape was made at a local park; she even recognized a few men in the crowd. The tape went blank for a second, and soon started again with Rebecca inside the limo still completely naked and masturbating for the camera. Juana could hear Kyle’s voice telling the woman what to do. At first the woman followed his directions stiffly, as if she was embarrassed by what she was doing, but after a few moments, Rebecca was starting to loudly orgasm. Juana heard Kyle tell the woman to come to him, and the tape went blank as she did as she was told. After a few seconds, the tape continued, and this time Rebecca was in the middle of a park, wearing a tiny skirt and a see through blouse. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath, and the tape went blank for a few moments, and continued with a shot from far away, of Rebecca giving a man a blow job underneath a tree, a police car in the background. Juana looked closer, and realized that the man that Rebecca was going down on was the policeman. Juana could feel herself starting to get turned on, and she let her hand start to gently rub her labia. The camera slowly started to get closer to Rebecca, and Juana felt her fingers start to move faster. Rebecca removed her mouth from the policeman’s cock, straddled him and slowly guided his cock into her. Juana started to imagine what it would feel like fucking a stranger in the middle of a park, knowing that people could see her. Her fingers were now rubbing her pussy quickly, and she occasionally pushed one finger between her labia. She felt herself start to orgasm, and with one hand she started to push two fingers into herself, moving them in and out as fast as he could. Her other hand kept rubbing her clitoris, and she tried to stay quiet as her orgasm started. She heard a the doors of the limo unlock, opening her eyes as Kyle opened the door. Juana heard herself moan in ecstasy, but as hard as she tried, she couldn’t move her hands away from her pussy. She moaned loudly again as her orgasm crescendoed. Somehow she found the strength to stop. As her orgasm subsided, she looked embarrassedly at Kyle and sat up, trying to cover her naked body. Kyle looked at the screen and told her, “You picked a good tape to watch. Rebecca was really into what she was doing. That really surprised me. She works at a church. That’s where I found her. Can you believe that for one thousand dollars she agreed to seduce a cop in the middle of a park.” “I can’t believe that she wasn’t scared. I mean a cop. In the middle of the park.” “At first I thought that she was going to hold out for a lot of money,” Kyle continued, “it took me five hundred to get her bra-less, but as she started to get hot, I started offering less and less money, and she accepted it. At the end of this tape I convinced her to go into a hotel, and I stood out-side inviting men in. She fucked about thirty guys for two hundred dollars.” “I wouldn’t do that.” Juan said. “Of course you wouldn’t.” Kyle answered. “Here’s your outfit. You can put it on now if you want. Or if you prefer you can stay naked until we get to the bar.” Juana grabbed the bag from his hand, happy to be able to put some clothes on again. She quickly opened the bag, and her mouth dropped open as she pulled out a tiny stretch mini-skirt and a short white tank top with spaghetti straps. “I can’t wear this in public.” “You could go into the bar naked if you want.” She looked at him and frowned, “What do I wear underneath.” “It’s in the bag.” Kyle answered. She looked into the bag again and found nothing, “There’s nothing in here.” “That’s what you wear underneath.” She shook her head and frowned. Trying to hide as much of herself from him as she could, she first pulled the skirt over her hips, then she put the blouse on. Looking down, she saw that the bottom of her breasts peeked out of the blouse. “I can’t do this Kyle.” “We have a deal.” “At least let me put something on underneath.” “Nah, the panty lines would be obvious in that skirt, and the blouse looks really nice without a bra.” “I changed my mind, Kyle. I can’t do it.” “We have a deal Juana. I already bought you the outfit. But if you really want out, I’ll let you. Just say the word, and I’ll drop you off right here.” “Do I get my clothes back?” “No, they’re mine, I bought them from you, remember? But I’ll let you keep the outfit that you have on.” “I can’t go into public like this.” “That’s your decision.” “But you told me that I wouldn’t have to do anything that I didn’t want to.” “But you already agreed to do this, and I’m letting you back out if you want.” “But…” “We’re at the bar. We’ll wait for you here. One hour, either come back with fifty dollars, or with nothing. If you’re not back in an hour, you’ll be stuck here.” “I don’t believe that I’m really gonna do this.” Juana stepped out of the car, looked at herself in the tinted windows of the limo. She adjusted her skirt to cover as much as she could, and pulled the blouse lower. As she did, she noticed that the tops of her breasts were nearly spilling out of the blouse, and she pulled the blouse slightly higher. Frowning, she realized that she was going to have to show too much either way, and she turned and walked into the bar Juana’s eyes adjusted to the dim light inside the bar. She looked around the crowded club, then walked to the bar, keeping her eyes down. Sitting on a barstool, she tried to adjust her skirt so that nothing would show, but gave up when she realized that she was attracting more attention that way. A bartender approached her and said, “The gentleman in the blue suit at the end of the bar wants to buy you a drink.” Juana looked down, and saw an older man, probably in his forties wave to her. She wanted to tell the bartender to tell the old man to go fuck himself, but realizing that she was on a deadline, she smiled at the man and told the bartender, “I’ll have a rum and Coke, please.” The bartender walked over to the man and whispered something to him. They both smiled and the gentleman approached Juana. “Hi, beautiful,” he said. Smiling at him, she answered, “Hi handsome.” “Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m guessing that you’re here for something besides a drink.” “And what makes you think that?” He moved closer to her and whispered, “I know your type. Wanna go to my room at the Hilton?” Wanting to slap him, but wanting to get this over with she answered, “I’m not in the mood to go all the way back to a hotel.” She winked at him and smiled. Placing his hand on her leg, he smiled at her and continued, “What are you in the mood for then?” “Maybe for something a little closer…” Juana felt his hand move further up her thigh, “Something this close?” he asked as he moved his hand to the inside of her thigh. “Mmm, closer than that.” “My car is parked outside. Do you want to come with me?” “I don’t know, maybe…” She moved closer to him and continued, “but it would be fun to do it someplace inside this bar wouldn’t it?” He laughed and said, “Yes, it would. Are you offering?” Juana moved closer to him, and placed her hand on his leg. “Maybe, depends on what you’re offering.” “Let’s go sit at a booth. We can have a little more privacy there.” He held out his hand and Juana placed her hand in his. She followed him to an empty booth in the back. She sat down first, moving all the way to the wall and patted the seat next to her. “Sit down handsome and tell me what you want and what you have to offer.” Sliding into the booth next to her, he answered, “I want to see those beautiful tits.” Smiling coquettishly at him, she glanced around and noticed the men in the booth across from her staring. She softly tugged down on her blouse, until it was just above her aureole. “Like this?” “Beautiful.” Juana pulled the blouse lower, and the tops of her dark aureole started to peek out. Smiling at him, she pulled the blouse back up and said, “Do you really want to see them or are you just trying to flatter me?” “I really want to see them.” “Then why don’t you go ahead and pull up my blouse for me. That is if you really want to see them.” The man slowly moved his hands to the bottom of her blouse. Putting a hand on each side, he slowly started to pull it up. When Juana didn’t stop him, he pulled it all the way up, exposing her breasts to him and the men in the booth. Smiling at him, Juana told him, “Why don’t you take a closer look.” He moved his head down, and his hand started to caress the underside of her breast. Juana looked across her booth, and smiled at the men staring at her and licked her lips. Pulling her blouse back down, she said, “Do you really like them?” Sitting up the man answered, “They are perfect.” “Let me see if you’re lying or not.” She moved her hand to his leg and slowly slid it up his thigh. Squeezing his erection through his pants, she smiled at him and continued, “You really do like ’em don’t you? But you seem to have a little problem. All hard and nobody to help you with your little…” Juana giggled and continued, “I mean big problem.” “Uh-huh.” he answered with a soft moan. “I would be willing to help you with your problem.” She squeezed his cock again. “But there has to be something in it for me.” “Anything.” “And since I am in a little bit of a hurry, it would have to be taken care of right here.” “Uh-huh.” Squeezing again she said, “Since you seem to be unable to speak very well right now, maybe you can show me what you have to offer.” He reached into canlı bahis his pocket and pulled out a hundred dollar bill and handed it to her. Smiling at him, she took the bill from his hand, and pulled her top back up. Looking across the booth, she smiled at the men watching her and slid under the table. Opening his pants, she pulled out his hard cock and felt it twitch as she ran her hand up and down the shaft. Moving her head closer, she softly kissed the head, then wrapped her lips around it. She pushed his cock a few inches into her mouth, softly sucking on it. Starting to move faster, she felt him push into her. She pulled his cock out of her mouth as he started to come. Closing her eyes, she felt his cum spray her in the face. Juana continued to pump his cock with her hand as she heard him moan loudly. Feeling his cock start to soften, she moved back onto the seat, the cum still on her face. She smiled at the men watching her and pressed her breasts together with her arms. She found a napkin on the table, licked her lips, then cleaned the cum off of her face. She asked the man next to her, “I have to get going. What do you think. Was it worth it?” “Uh-huh.” he managed to answer. She climbed over him, pausing when her breasts were in his face. Pulling up her top for him one last time, she felt his lips lightly kiss her nipple. She rubbed her aroused pussy lightly against his cock. Climbing off of him, she adjusted her outfit and started to walk out. Hearing the men who had been watching her show whistle and clap at her as she walked by, she stopped and turned toward them. “Did you guys enjoy the show?” Juana then bent slightly over their booth, pulled up her top and jiggled her breasts for them. Pulling the blouse back down, she turned and moved to the guy closest to her. Hiking up her skirt, she spread her legs slightly, wiggling her bare butt for him. She felt his hand touch her bare skin, tracing a line with his finger from her thigh to her wet pussy. When his hand reached her labia, she felt him start to push his finger into her. She moaned softly and pushed his finger deeper into her pussy. Stopping herself, she adjusted her clothes and walked away. As she strutted through the bar, she could feel the stares from the patrons of the bar focus on her. Her skirt moved higher, and her breasts threatened to bounce out of her top, but now enjoying the attention, she let her clothes reveal whatever came into view Stepping out into the bright sunlight she found the limo. Stepping in, she heard Kyle say. “Not bad, less than an hour. That is if you actually did it.” Smiling at him, Juana showed him the hundred dollar bill and answered. “I made even more than you thought I would.” Kyle looked at Juana and handed her the two thousand dollars. Her skirt had risen above her waist and he could how sexually excited she was. Her left breast had bounced out from under the blouse exposing her bare breast to him. She noticed his stare, and suddenly Juana realized what she had just done and how she was behaving. Pulling her skirt down, she half crossed her legs. She adjusted her blouse, hiding her bosom from his view, crossing her arms in front of her chest. “Can you take me back to the restaurant? I really have to get home.” Kyle noticed her sudden change in altitude with a smile and answered, “Sure, but don’t you want to hear any more of my proposals?” “I think I would rather just go home.” “If that’s what you want. I’ll take you back there right now.” Kyle told the driver to return to the restaurant over the intercom and continued talking to Juana. “I’ll start this one at five hundred dollars.” “No,” she answered coldly. “You haven’t even heard the proposition yet.” “I don’t want to hear it. I can’t believe that I degraded myself for money.” “I might be wrong, but it looked like you liked it. The way you strutted out of the bar and showed off the money you made. But as I said, I might be wrong.” She answered him with silence. “All that you have to do for the five hundred dollars is go back into the restaurant and order some dinner for us.” “In this outfit. No way.” “Five hundred dollars is what, three paychecks for you.” “No.” she answered defiantly. “Six hundred.” “No.” Smiling, Kyle could tell that even though she was acting defiant, she was ready to give in to her greed. “Seven hundred.” Juana paused for a second before answering, “No.” “Eight hundred.” Kyle watched her look down at her outfit and almost whisper her answer. “No.” “Nine hundred dollars, Juana.” “All I have to do is walk in and order dinner for us?” “That’s it. Pretty easy money.” “I can’t. Everybody knows me there.” “A thousand dollars Juana. Think about what you can do with a thousand dollars.” “Let me think about it.” “You don’t have much time. We’re almost there.” Juana watched the familiar scenery pass as they approached the restaurant. The limousine pulled into a space close to the door. Kyle pulled out his wallet, and theatrically counted out ten one hundred dollar bills. “Are you going to get us dinner?” “I can’t do it.” Kyle sighed and said, “It’s your choice, you can go home or you can get us dinner.” She looked down at her outfit, the out the window at the restaurant. The restaurant was full and she could see her boss working the drive-thru window. “I’ll tell you what, Juana. I’ll make you a deal. Go get our dinner, act happy and give everybody a good show, and I’ll make it fifteen hundred dollars.” Without answering, Juana opened the door and stepped out of the limo. Kyle watched her walk hesitantly to the back of the limo. She stopped suddenly, paused for a second, glanced at her car, then at the restaurant. Taking one step toward her car, she stopped again in mid stride, turned the other direction and winked at him. Kyle could see her walk change every step. Her hips started to wiggle more, and she started to almost bounce as she approached the door. Juana walked into the restaurant, and remembered Kyle’s words, “Look happy.” Smiling at a middle age man in line before her, she watched his eyes move over her body, pausing at the hem of the skirt and at her breasts. As he looked at her face, she smiled at him. She could feel everybody’s eyes on her. She could almost hear their thoughts. Most of the women were looking at her disapprovingly. Most of the men were leering at her. As the line moved closer to the counter, she looked at her co-workers and some of them had stopped working to look at her. Smiling at them, she glanced at her boss, who had also stopped to stare at her. “You have customers waiting, guys,” she yelled out, and they suddenly returned to work, occasionally stealing a glimpse at her. Finally, she was ready to order. Her boss walked over to the counter, looked at her and said, “Nice outfit, Juana.” She smiled at him and answered, “Do you really like it, Mr. Jansen?” “Um, yes I do. What do you want to order?” “Let me have one double cheeseburger and a Coke, a salad with French dressing and a milk.” She answered as she leaned slightly over the counter. “I’m so tired today, Mr. Jansen,” she continued, raising her hands over her head to stretch. She could feel her blouse move up, baring her breasts to him. Lowering her hands, she pretended not to notice that her breasts were uncovered, smiling as her boss stared at them. His eyes grew and his mouth opened in surprise. “Do you want tits with that? I mean fries!… Do you want any fries?” “Fries, yeah, let me have a big, hot order of fries, and don’t forget the milk Mr. Jansen.” “The milk? Oh yeah, the milk.” He turned and quickly got her food. Carefully putting it into a bag, he stared straight at her bare breasts. Not taking his eyes off of her chest, he handed her the order and stuttered a thank-you. She smiled at him and turned to walk out. Just in front of the door, she dropped the milk carton, turned to her boss and said loudly, “I am such a klutz sometimes.” Bending at the waist, she picked up the milk carton, feeling her skirt rise. Not bothering to fix it, she walked out the door, returning to the limo with her breasts still exposed and the hem of her skirt nearly to her waist. She climbed into the limo, and as she got in she fixed her skirt and pulled her blouse down, covering her breasts. “Was that happy enough?” “Very nice show, Juana. Here’s your cash.” “Thank you.” “You’re welcome, Juana. Now I want to buy back the outfit you have on. One hundred dollars.” She laughed at him and answered, “Only a hundred?” “Only one hundred. I’ve already seen all of you.” Giggling she replied, “Two hundred and we have a deal.” Kyle handed her the money, and she pulled off her top and handed it to him. Smiling at him, she pulled the skirt off and tossed it to him. “Do you like what you see, Kyle?” “Very much. Now tell me you aren’t having fun.” “I have to admit that I have had some fun today.” “I can tell. Spread your legs for me.” “You aren’t going to pay me?” she asked as she opened her legs for him. “How much do you want?” “This is free.” She put her hands on the inside of her thighs, pressing her breasts together. Shaking her breasts for him she said, “I am so horny.” “Wait a second.” Kyle stepped out of the limo and opened the trunk. He returned with a video camera and told her, “Keep going.” Watching him set the camera up she asked him, “You’re going to let other people see this tape?” “Some, but I keep them mostly for myself. I show them at parties sometimes and to other girls.” Kyle focused the camera on Juana, “Play with your pussy Juana.” Juana smiled at the camera and moved her hands between her legs. Slowly and softly she slid her finger along her lips. “I’m so hot, I need to be fucked now. Fuck me, Kyle, please.” “Maybe later, but for now make yourself cum for the camera.” As she felt the car start to move, she opened her lips with both hands, “C’mon Kyle. You don’t want to fuck this?” “I want to watch you fuck yourself.” Sliding a finger inside, she let out a soft moan. Looking straight into the camera, she caressed herself, “Wow, I am so horny.” Starting to breathe faster, she started to rub her clitoris with her other hand. Juana arched her back and closed her eyes. Her fingers moved faster and faster. Pulling her finger out of her pussy, she concentrated on rubbing her clitoris. Moving her finger in a tight circle, she could feel her orgasm begin. Opening her eyes, she looked at the camera. Loudly she began to moan, “Mmmmmm. Oooohhh.” Pushing her hips into the air, she pressed against her own hand and her cries of ecstasy grew louder. With a final moan, she moved her hand from between her legs and collapsed into the seat. Kyle continued recording Juana as she came down from her orgasm. “Are you ready for my next proposition, Juana?” Her desires satisfied for the moment, Juana tried to cover her naked body and answered. “Can I put some clothes on first?” “We’ll see.” “At least can you put down the camera?” “Not right now. I wanna get all of this on tape. Are you ready for the next proposition.” “I guess..” “I’ll start this at five hundred dollars. We’re on our way to another bar…” “I’m not going to prostitute myself again Kyle.” “Don’t worry, this one’s different. This time I’m going to give you some extra cash, and you will be the one paying somebody to…” “I’m not gonna pay some guy to fuck me!” “Patience Juana, patience. Let me finish. Like I was saying, you will be the one paying somebody. But there’s a twist.” “No.” “You haven’t even let me finish. The twist is that you have to pay this stranger to come back to the limo with you, and let me videotape the two of you together.” “No,” Juana answered quickly. “I didn’t finish yet. You have to come back with another woman; not a man, but a girl.” “No way Kyle, I’m not a lesbian or anything like that.” “Let me show you something.” Kyle opened the video cabinet, pulled out a tape and pushed it into the VCR. “I found these two girls at a junior college. They were walking out of the building together and they looked so good together that I gave them five thousand each to let me make a tape of them together. They had never done anything like it before either, but I’ve talked to them a few times since. They told me that they liked it so much that they moved in together. Who knows, Juana, maybe you’ll like it too.” “I don’t think so, Kyle.” “We’ll be at the bar in about half an hour. Watch the tape, and then we’ll talk.” Juana looked at the television and saw two girls, about the same age as her, one blonde and the other brunette. They were sitting in the limo, listening to Kyle. The two girls on the tape laughed, then their mouths touched. At first the kisses were just pecks between giggles, but soon the kisses started to get longer and more passionate. The brunette slowly started to move her hand toward the blonde’s breast, and as she opened her mouth to let the blonde’s tongue into her mouth she started to caress the other girls breast. The blonde fell back onto the seat, pulling the other girl güvenilir bahis on top of her. The brunette’s hand pulled the blonde’s blouse up, and she slid her hand under her bra and started to caress her bare breast. In what seemed an instant, the two girls were naked and running their hands over each other’s bare body. The blonde was now on top, and she gently moved her mouth down the brunette’s body. She took a nipple into her mouth and as she looked up at the other girl, she softly nibbled it making the brunette softly moan. The blonde laughed softly, and kissed her way down the brunette’s body. She shyly kissed the brunette’s pussy, slowly running her tongue along the lips. The camera focused on the brunette’s face. The pleasure that the girl was feeling was obvious. Her eyes were closed and she moaned louder. The camera moved down, and Juana could see that the brunette was holding the blonde’s mouth against her clit. The camera zoomed out, and now Juana watched as the brunette started to orgasm. Her cries of ecstasy filled the limo as Kyle turned the volume louder. The brunette was now lifting herself into the air, and the blonde was doing her best to stay with the brunette’s frantic movements. Suddenly, the brunette pushed the blonde away from her and started to laugh as she said, “Stop! That’s enough.” The blonde tried to continue, but the other girl covered herself with her hand and wouldn’t let her. Juana heard Kyle’s recorded voice, “Now it’s your turn Jamie to make Karen come.” The brunette looked into the camera with a smile, and as the girls changed positions, the screen went blank. “We’re at the bar, Juana.” Juana quickly blinked, trying to focus on Kyle instead of what she had seen on the tape. “What, Kyle?” “We’re here. Five hundred dollars to go inside and bring another girl back with you.” “No, Kyle, I can’t.” “I bet you’ll like it. Let me change the offer a little. We’ll make it two thousand dollars, but whatever you have to pay your partner comes out of that.” “No, Kyle.” Juana answered trying to sound convincing. “OK, maybe you’re right. Two thousand isn’t enough, you might end up with nothing. Five thousand.” “Five thousand dollars?” “You have to pay the other girl, though.” “Do I have to wear that outfit?” Juana asked pointing at the tiny blouse and skirt. “No. I want you to look more approachable. I have another outfit for you. It’s not quite as revealing. I want you to be able to talk to some girls, not fight off every man in the club.” Juana softly bit her lip and answered, “No, Kyle. Not with another woman. I’ll go in there and bring back a guy.” “It has to be a woman, Juana. I like you, so I’ll make it six thousand.” “Let me see the other outfit first.” Kyle opened the door and walked to the trunk. Returning with another bag he handed it to her. Juana opened it, pulling out a tight pair of jeans and another tank top, but this one would actually cover her. “But I have no clue how to do this. I’ve never tried to pick up a girl before. So how am I supposed to find a girl to come with me?” “It’s not that hard, and you will have the cash to help you.” “I don’t know. I don’t think I can do it, but I’ll try. Six thousand right?” “Uh-huh.” “What happens if I try but can’t find a partner.” Juana asked as she slipped the jeans over her thighs. “Then you get nothing.” Pulling the top over her head she smiled at him and said, “I’ll try, but I don’t think I’ll be able to do it.” “Confidence, Juana. You need to think positively. Be back here in less than two hours.” Juana opened the door, and for the first time noticed that the sun had set. “What time is it?” “It’s eight, you have until ten.” Kyle answered as he stepped out with her. “I thought you were going to wait here for me.” “Two hours is a long time to wait. I’ll go in after you and you won’t even know that I’m there. When I see you leave, I’ll be sure to get back here before you do.” Juana walked into the bar. Finding an empty stool, she sat and looked around. The bar was half full, and some couples were dancing to the retro music that blared from the speakers. The bartender approached her and said, “That guy over there wants to buy you a drink.” Juana looked at the guy, middle aged and already half drunk. She leaned forward and whispered her reply, “Tell him that I told him to go fuck himself.” The bartender laughed and Juana continued, “If any other guy offers to buy me a drink, give them the same answer for me, okay?” “How about if a woman wants to?” “Then you can tell me about it. I’m Juana, by the way,” she replied with a warm smile. “Nice to meet you, Juana. I’m Randy. What are you drinking.” “Rum and Cokes,” she answered. She watched the bartender approach the middle-aged guy and whisper something to him. The guy looked at her with a frown and Juana laughed. The bartender walked to the other end of the bar, and whispered something to a woman dressed in an expensive business suit. She laughed and looked at Juana. The woman walked around the bar and approached Juana. “Hi, my name’s Laura.” “Hi, Laura. I’m Juana,” she answered with a coquettish smile. “Randy tells me that you aren’t looking for any guys tonight. Is that true?” Juana continued to smile and said, “It’s true.” Out of the corner of her eye, Juana saw Kyle waving his arms. “Excuse me, I’ll be right back.” “I’ll be right here waiting for you.” Laura answered with a smile. Juana walked past Kyle and continued toward the bathrooms. Kyle quickly caught up to her. “What’s the matter, Kyle?” “Not her, she’s too old.” “Sorry,” she answered sarcastically. “You didn’t give me any specifications.” “Well, I am now, not her, she’s too old. Look for somebody younger and more attractive,.” Kyle answered. “You think this is easy? I’ve never done this before. How am I going to show her that I’m not interested?” “You’ll think of something,” Kyle answered with a wink as he left her alone in the hall. Returning to her stool, Juana sat and heard Laura ask, “So can I buy you a drink?” “Sorry, not tonight. Maybe next time.” Laura gave her a confused look and walked away. Spending the next hour and a half trying to pick up another woman, Juana looked at the clock and realized that she had run out of time. She looked across to Kyle, shrugged her shoulders and frowned. Kyle walked around to her and said, “You tried.” “I really did, but nobody was interested. I had a couple of “maybes” but as soon as I started talking about going to a limo so you could watch, they got turned off. I tried offering them money, I even offered one girl five thousand, but she wouldn’t do it. That brunette over in the corner said she would do it if you just watched and didn’t videotape us.” “I guess you just had bad luck on this one. But I’ll make you a deal. If you can somehow get behind the bar and convince one of the bartenders to let you give him a blow-job right there, then you can earn your money.” “In front of everybody?” “Yes. Well, not in front of everybody, just the people by the bar.” “Do I have to take anything off.” “Show your tits and let him come all over them.” “But this place is packed. I don’t think that we can do this.” “You can try.” “Six thousand dollars?” “Yes. Six thousand.” “I’ll try.” Juana answered. She got the Randy’s attention and winked at him as he approached her. “Another rum and Coke? “Actually, I would rather have something else.” “Name it, I canmake it.” Juana leaned toward the him, and whispered into his ear, “I want to suck your cock, Randy.” “Whoa. I thought you weren’t interested in any guys.” “I’m not interested in any guy. Randy. I want to suck your cock right now.” “I have a break in five minutes.” “I’ll be waiting for you,” she replied, licking her lips. Juana looked over at Kyle and winked with a smile. She drank her rum and Coke slowly, and soon Randy returned. “We can go in the back.” “Right here. I want to make you come right here.” “In front of everybody?” “Behind the bar.” Juana hopped over the bar and landed on the other side. She brought her lips to his and passionately kissed him, running her hand down his body, softly caressing his butt. Letting her hand slide between his legs, she felt his hard cock through his pants and broke the kiss. Taking a look around, she saw the people around the bar watching them. Breaking the kiss, she winked at Randy with a sly grin on her face, pulled the straps of her top off of her shoulders and pulled the tank top to her stomach, baring her breasts to Randy and whoever was watching. Slowly kissing her way down his shirt, she knelt in front of the startled bartender and unzipped his pants. Reaching her hand inside, she opened the front of his boxers and pulled out his cock. Grabbing it with one hand, she looked up at him as she ran her tongue along the head. Slowly, she put her lips around his cock and slowly let it slide into her mouth. With her eyes open, she looked at her audienceas she bobbed her head back and forth. She looked up at Randy and saw that his eyes were closed and an expression of ecstasy was on his face. She felt him slowly start to rock back and forth, and she let him fuck her mouth, softly sucking on his cock as it went in and out of her. He started to move faster, and using all of her coordination, she kept up with him, not letting too much of his cock into his throat, but not letting it fall out of her mouth. Soon, she felt his thrusts start to get more erratic, and she pulled his cock out of her mouth and pumped it with her hand. With a soft groan, Randy pushed into Juana’s hand and started to orgasm. Moving her hand as fast as she could, she felt his cum spray onto her chest, some of it splashing onto her face, not stopping until he put his hand onto hers and pulled his cock away from her. Juana looked around the bar and saw everybody stare at her. Soon one of the guys started to clap, and as more people joined in, the applause was joined by whistles and yells. Standing up, her blouse still at her stomach, she licked her lips and bowed. As the applause grew louder still, she hopped over the bar and walked outside, the bartender’s cum still on her exposed skin. Once outside, she turned to see some of the crowd following her, “Show’s over guys,” she said as she pulled her top up. The small crowd that followed her broke into applause again, and with a smile Juana stood and pulled her top up, again exposing her breasts to the crowd and curtsied. Waving her hands to them she adjusted her top and waited for Kyle. As the crowd realized that the show really was over, they slowly drifted back into the bar and Kyle soon joined her. Walking back to the limo in silence, Kyle opened the door for her, and as she sat inside the limo, Juana started to quickly strip off her top. “What are you doing Juana?” “I’m taking off my clothes so you can fuck me, Kyle.” “I haven’t even…” “Shut up, Kyle. If you don’t fuck me now I’m gonna **** you.” Peeling off her jeans, she opened her legs and started to wildly rub her clit. “C’mon, Kyle.” When he hesitated for a second. Juana threw herself at him and started to rub his cock through his pants. Pulling his pants down, she freed his hard cock and started to lick it. Pushing him down, she sat on top of him and pushed her pussy onto his cock. “You’re gonna fuck me now if you’re ready or not.” As Juana let herself down onto him, she felt his cock slide into her. Rubbing her clit as she bounced up and down, she told him, “I’ve wanted a cock inside of me since I left the restaurant topless and all I’ve been able to do is tease. Yes, I’m a slut, Kyle. Fuck me, Kyle, fuck me.” Juana pushed his cock so it was completely inside her, and she started to rock back and forth, feeling his cock tease her clit. “Ohhhh. Your cock feels so good, Kyle. Mmmmm.” Juana sat back up and moved her hand onto her clit. Bouncing on him, she furiously rubbed her clit and moaned uncontrollably as her orgasm started. Arching her back, her orgasm overtook her and she erratically continued her bouncing. Collapsing on top of him, she pressed her lips to his and rolled so he was laying on top of her. “Fuck me, Kyle, fuck me, fuck me!” she screamed at him. Kyle pumped into her as fast as he could as Juana’s screams of ecstasy were filling the limo. “Harder Kyle, fuck me harder. Faster Kyle, ohhhhh, fuck me faster and harder Kyle. Ohhh, yes, yeeesss, yeeeessssss.” Kyle felt himself start to lose control, and with a final push, he felt his orgasm release, and his cum filled Juana as she continued to scream. “More, Kyle! Fuck me more, Kyle. I need more!” she pleaded. “Give me a couple of minutes,” he answered. Pushing him off of her, she rubbed her clit and her orgasm continued. Finally, with a final moan, her orgasm crescendoed and she fell back onto the seat. Closing her eyes, she gently rubbed her labia. Satiated, she looked at Kyle and smiled. “Sorry. I needed to do that.” Kyle laughed softly and said. “Sorry? For what? I have one more proposition for you, Juana.” “What’s that, Kyle?” “Do you want a job? I bet I can pay you more than the burger joint and you’ll have a good time and make lots of new friends.” “I’ll think about it. Just take me to my car please.” Laughing, Kyle answered, “We’ll see, Juana, We’ll see.”

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