Examining my cousins body!!!


Examining my cousins body!!!Hi to all,Couple of things I would like to share with before I write my story. First, the story is 100% true and second I’m not English so forgive me if my English isn’t perfect.My so call it adventure happened about 9-10 years ago. My cousin is one year younger then me so she was about 18 then and I was just about to turn 19. She was a sweet next door type of looking girl with quiet a petite body. The first sexual thing that happened between us was on a warm summer night coming back from some concert. I was staying at my aunts and uncles house. On the way back from the concert there was 6 of us and 5 spaces in the car. So all the family got in and she was the smallest one so she sat on my lap on the back seat. About two minutes into the drive back home I could smell her skin and perfume and started to get a hard on. God, I wanted to fall through the ground. There was my cousin, my mum’s brother’s daughter sitting in my lap and I was getting hard for her. I thought she would go crazy. But to be honest she figured it out, lifted her skirt over her as so her isveçbahis yeni giriş panties were on my dick and just gently rubbed up and down, slowly so no one would notice. She kept on laughing, as if nothing was happening, all I could see from time to time she would bite her lower lip. Unfortunately it was a short drive so I didn’t cum, and in a way it was lucky coz it would be quiet hard getting into the house in white shorts with a stain on them. We got out and she just looked at me, at my bulge and smiled. That was all that happened and we never said a word to each other.Some months latter she was staying at my house and one evening my folks went out and we were about to go to sleep. From my younger days I still had a bunk bed and I was sleeping on top and she was on bottom. As I was about to switch the TV off I just flicked through a couple of channels and ran into so soft porn. As if some one pinched her she told me to leave it on. Si I did. Watching it for about 5min we were quiet and all of a sudden she got up and said, ”I bet your cock is hard let isveçbahis giriş me see it”. I was always a bit of a shy boy then so just froze. My cock was hard and getting harder. Coz I didn’t move she lifted the sheets and just moved my boxers tot he side and got him out. She told me that she wanted to study my dick and turned the light on. So I got up and laid on the bottom bunk bed so we had more room. I can’t say the evening was filled with crazy fucking but it was so exciting. Neither me or her were virgins but we hadn’t really discovered women’s/men’s bodies then. Just sex in the dark. It was amazing. She slowly pulled my foreskin up and down watching it, smelt my dick, licked it gently, put it her mouth, sucking it up and down. She tried to put it deep (as she later told me she saw in porn movies), that made her cough and tears started to come from her eyes. After about an hour of examining my dick it was my turn. So i lifted her pj’s of and there were to beautiful puffy nipples on not that big tits. God I did everything to them, sucked, pinched, bit… And isveçbahis güvenilirmi in the end came a study of her pussy. I kissed her belly before I pulled down her panties and as I got to the belly button I could smell her sweet pussy! God I nearly came I remember just from the smell. Finely I pulled her panties down and the was this bald shaven pussy which was perfect. I studied everything, her clit, her piss hole, licked everything with precaution. Licked her ass, put first one then two fingers in her pussy, one in her ass. It was amazing. We did have sex in the end which lasted about 1min, but it was the exploring that was exciting. Seeing and smelling, tasting a pussy under bright light. God in my years I have had amazing sex with partners but never felt as horny as then and probably never will! Later on we fell asleep like babies but not together. For the next year or so we had become like fuck bunnies finding a chance just to fuck each other brain out everywhere. We would say were going to a night club and just park somewhere and fuck like mad. Later it just kind of stopped. She started to have serious relationships so did I. Now days I have a long time girlfriend and she is married with a five year old. We do talk about it from time to time but I think will never have sex again. It was just an experiencing faze which I loved but knew it could last.

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