Exchange Ch. 06



Michael realized that the situation was critical. He could not move his limbs at all, he was caught in this leather sack, gagged and blindfolded, and right now there was absolutely no way to influence his situation. Deep embedded and restrained in layers of ensnaring wool, he knew he had to endure; there was no other opportunity. Also… Elaine had found his calendar, meaning he maybe wouldn’t get out of this house for days… for weeks? It was a dizzying thought, both frightening and arousing. It had been an exhausting day so far… Everything was kind of upside down, not least his mind… and he really was tired… and lying there helplessly captured as their baby boy, he fell asleep.

A vibration made him wake up. He felt something or someone touch and all of a sudden the blindfold flap was removed. He looked up and saw two completely unknown women standing there… looking down at him… No, not women… they were more like young girls. The shorter of them touched his face inquiringly: “Wow…” she said, and the taller whispered: “Yes… it’s the new boyfriend.”

The surprised Michael reflectively tried to communicate, to explain the situation: “Mmmmgggg”. But they didn’t make any attempt to answer, they just looked at him with curiosity. Then, without a word they blindfolded him again and gone they were.

Pretty soon after, the blindfold again was removed and he identified Maria leaning over him. She was redressed… she wore a bulky very fuzzy orange mohair sweater with deep neckline showing a bottomless cleavage between her colossal boobs. “Hope you had a good sleep my little boy?”, she said, “While you see, now is time for us to get home to my place.”

She unfastened the carbines head and feet, blindfolded him again and lifted him up from the crib and carried him away. In her arms he felt like a feather, and humiliated… and there was no space really for objecting… he was far too well wrapped up, caught inside the sack… And still blindfolded, not able to see where they were was headed. When she finally removed the blindfold, he was placed in a huge black couch in a living room similar to Elaine’s, but in a darker scale when it came to furnishing.

Still enveloped and gagged, Maria placed him on her lap. “Do you wonder who the girls were?” she asked. Michael nodded. “They are our girls of course. The little one is Rose, Elaine’s daughter, she is 15, and my Melissa is 18. I sent them in to have a look at you. I bursa eskort hope you felt a little embarrassed lying there helpless in front of the two young girls… did you? You see, it is good for them to experience that mommy’s new boyfriend immediately is taken down and turned to a defenseless package. It gives them self-confidence and understanding and will encourage them to do the same with their boyfriends and men in coming life.”

Yes, she was right… He had felt very humiliated and would have liked to explain to the girls that it was all a mistake, meaning he had not really been observant and alert when Elaine and Maria had arranged their ambush. He was a MAN, wasn’t he! At the same time… he knew he was lying to himself… the truth was that he had had no chance to defend himself against their power and cunning. Why was it so difficult to admit?

“Do you remember that I told you my boobs need to rule… to possess you? And to have you in restraints Michael makes me unbelievably excited and horny, it’s such a sexual drive for me. The more hopelessly restrained you are… the more appetizing you become… isn’t that a troublesome equation for you, darling? My breasts are aching of desire… they have already started lactating. So, it means nursing time for you. My nourishing milk will be your nutrition for the nearest future. I will ungag you now but you are not to speak the tiniest little word, just do as I say, is it clear?” Michael agreed with his eyes.

Lying on her lap, his heart began to beat faster, when she from the deep of the bulky sweater liberated one of her gigantic chocolate pumpkins with an enormous, almost black and hard lumpy areola and a tubby swelling nipple. “Here my dear… here is your destiny… open your little mouth… we are coming”, she instructed. With one arm firmly behind his neck, she offered him her gigantic stiff nipple… It was absolutely stunning… almost an inch wide and a two inches tall. It fully filled his oral cavity, like a living gag. And in Maria’s firm hold there was no escape. The massive nipple silenced him effectively… and he sucked, and he sucked… and her sweet lukewarm milk poured down his sultry throat.

Her giant breast was amazing, heavy… covering his face… pushing his head against the strong arm behind his neck… trapped him… and her nipple grew even bigger inside his mouth… it was an odd feeling… sensational… forced, restrained, helpless… and strangely enough wonderful… bursa escort to suck her fleshy uncompromising teat. He noticed Maria periodically shiver… quake. After a while he understood it was about orgasms. Apparently, him sucking her breast was… an orgasmic trigger?

When satisfied, when her left was emptied… she pulled it back inside the fuzziness, twisted Michael 180 degrees and provided him her next; also as magnificent… with its bulging rock hard nipple reaching out… calling for him… his attention. And he suckled obediently… aroused… until satisfaction.

But Maria was not finished, did not let him go. She kept him in her embracement, held him hard, still gagged by her giant nipple and with his face squeezed against the colossal encasing breast. Holding him tight with closed eyes… she loudly moaned when her final orgasms flowed through the big body.

Afterwards, still with him in her arms, she sighed content: “That was not bad, sweetheart… not bad at all. You have been a good little boy. I think you deserve a walk… get some fresh air, what do you say about that?”

Her proposal made him happy. He had been immobilized for hours and really looked forward to get freed and get up on his legs. He found her fair… and friendly, and really welcomed her idea..

He was to express his appreciation when Maria… unexpectedly, pushed the teat gag back into his mouth… fastened it, silenced him… taking no notice to his mumbling objection. Still caught in the pink leather sack, in her strong arms, he was carried away… into an adjacent room.

He didn’t quite understand why, as she had promised him a walk? Why gag him again? Why didn’t she release him… or would she rather do it here… yes, of course.

Maria stopped in front of an abnormally big carriage… a baby carriage… placed in the middle of the room… which seemed to be a hall room or similar. The carriage was big… but for sure not big enough for an adult. He got confused, what was she up to? In his mind he was all set… to be freed… why this pram?

But he was wrong. Wrong about the pram, and wrong about getting released. Maria placed him in the pram basket, on his back… and folded the sack… his legs, shanks, almost 180 degrees. Meaning his lower legs and feet got positioned under the bottom of the carriage… where she fastened them with a bar across the ankles. Thereafter, with a snap hook, she secured his head at the bursa escort bayan head end of the basket and finished with leather straps across his thighs, hips and chest… it was very quickly done. Finally, she placed a knitted drape around the stroller basket which came to hide his folded restrained legs.

He tried to react, tried to object… but he just couldn’t while he was defenseless already before she placed him in the pram… and, he neither had the strength nor the ability to fight against… and his confusion… not to know what was ongoing… before it was too late, before he was helplessly sealed in this bloody humiliating carriage… He was not a baby… he was a grown up man… and he wanted to break out and start it all over, on HIS conditions… but he couldn’t, he couldn’t move at all… just look up at her, beg her with a pleading look. But she didn’t listen to him… he could see that in her eyes… she liked what she had done… she enjoyed his even more humiliated state. Please!

Michael was now prepared for his walk, although not in the way he had thought. Once again he was immobilized without no chance to get anywhere. Furthermore… Maria called and at a sudden the girls appeared, dressed in bulky warm sweaters, woolen scarves and matching knitted mittens. Apparently dressed for outdoor activity.

Michael reacted strongly. He quickly understood what was on its way… Bu their deal didn’t include anybody else but Elaine and Maria, and especially not the girls. He got really upset, fought his shackles and cried out loudly… protesting, but achieved very little. Shit, he was helpless. Caught inside the sack and effectively sealed in the carriage and as the gag only allowed muffling unintelligible sounds, his trying to get attention… to get Maria understand HIS demands… was difficult. She had fooled him! In anger he shouted out loud: “Ggggggggfff”. But Maria just looked at him… teasingly winked with one eye.

“Hello my sweet girls”, Maria said, “Michael is ready for his walk now. Here, an extra blanket. Take good care of him, have fun, see you soon.”

Melissa and Rose rolled the pram out in the yard. Together they carefully tucked him in with the striped mohair blanket. The only visible parts of Michael were now his eyes and the big degrading teat filling his mouth and cut him off from any possibility to influence his situation.

Side by side Rose and Melissa strolled along the lonely country road in the frosty afternoon. They talked sociable and encouraging to the embarrassed Michael, who for the moment could do nothing but listen, looking up from his inferior position… taste the humiliation and deprivation of being at the mercy of the two girls.

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