“…I’m a scientist, so I pay attention; observe what works; what works BEST, and keep doing that or improve on it.”

“Yes, scientists do love to experiment. I can be a pretty good ‘lab rat’.”

“Can you? Are you a willing subject? We are very methodical; take our time.”

“Well I guess it depends on the beginning hypothesis…”

“I’ll have to formulate one. Something that would prove that making love to a woman would be an amazing experience; that their body would respond very favorably to stimulation.”

“Hmmm, I need elaboration on the stimulation techniques applied and the rate of application”

“Well, a variety of techniques would be employed. Specifically, fingertips, at random areas, random intervals…

This hypothesis will likely require a large amount of hands on testing to be proven…”


“…starting with an opening question that reads something like “the effects of external oral stimulation on pulse rates in the test subject coupled with measuring the pulse point stimulations of touch and taste.. ,” as a suggested working title.”

“I like it, please begin to outline the experiment for me by answering some questions. Will the subject be restrained?

“Yes that will be part of the testings; a significant one.”

“Is the tester the original theorists or an unknowing researcher?”

“The theorist is me, and I’ll be participating actively in all testings.”

“Ahhh, I see. So the test results could possibly be biased?”

“Definitely. Heavily in favor of producing the desired effect.”

“Possibly to the point of altering the original theory to match the outcome?”

“Yes. Recursive testing may ensue until desired effects are reached.”

(note: subject is demonstrating early signs of arousal prior to initiation of experimental sequence. Possibly caused by verbalization of the testing applications to be applied)

“I have found all theorists at some point or another will show bias to their own opinions. Do you intend to compensate for that factor?”

“Yes. It is called “observational selection.”

“I see.”

“It is done by choosing the data points that support your thesis, and conveniently omitting any contrasting data. I’ll have to watch for data outliers and treat them accordingly.”

“Of course.”

“Maybe a little more specifics on the actual testing methods to be used is needed for full comprehension.”

“All right. Subject will be stripped naked, instructed to lie on a laboratory table.”

“Cold? Causing spontaneous stimulation?”

“Yes. They’re marble in nature. But subject comfort must be considered, so room temperature will be slightly elevated to compensate for the coolness of the table. Initial reactions expected include; skin tightening, nipple erection, and goose-bumps.”

“At this point the subject will be restrained at the arms and legs, with cloth straps.”

“Sterile and institutional materials, due to the inappropriate tendency for outside stimulation.”

Yes. “Unfortunately, because the effects of anticipatory visual stimulation on test results the test subject will have to be blindfolded for at least part of the experiment.”

“Couldn’t this also be a stimulation causing factor?”

Yes. “I’m afraid it can’t be helped.”

“I am struggling with visualizing these tests being put into use. Perhaps you could demonstrate them with me?”

Yes. “That sounds completely acceptable to me. Let’s proceed.”

(Initial notes… subject’s nipples were found to be somewhat erect upon disrobing. Initial examination also revealed the beginnings of vaginal moistening commensurating with symptoms of arousal. Lab temperature was 70 degrees. Subject was led to an appropriate table, and assisted onto the tabletop by researcher. Instructed to lie down; wrists and ankles were then bound with canvas restraints after checking that subject’s skin would not be chafed unduly. A new set of observations was made at this point: There was visible pulse in the throat. Some licking of the lips was noted, possibly as a result of the drying effect of accelerated breathing. Nipples presented near fully erect. The presence of some gooseflesh on belly and breasts was also observed.)

“Is the pangaltı escort subject all right at this point?”


“Let’s continue with the examinations then.”

(…once the comfort of the subject is ascertained, examinations continue. Some slight reddening and swelling of external labial folds is already apparent. Again, indicative of early stage arousal behavior.)

Now the subject is blindfolded with a soft dark cloth. As we discussed previously. “Is this acceptable?” researcher asks while holding the blindfold up for the subject to observe.

“Yes. I understand the necessities. But, increasing heart rate should also be noted.”

True. Subject is a good researcher as well. “I believe at this point due to the extent and increase of labial swelling another vaginal exam is needed, would you agree?”


“The wetness is increasing. We should begin soon, or the test may be completely invalid.”

“I do notice a ‘warming sensation in the vaginal area.”

“Is there a presence of tingling sensations?”

“Some, slight, but ignorable at this point.”


“We should keep in mind that there is a heavy influence of background preparatory activity on the subject.”

“All right.”

Random oral stimulation is beginning.


(…researcher notes a bit of foggy headedness on his part.)

The first point of contact is the inside of subject’s right thigh, consisting of a prolonged application of researcher’s mouth with gentle but firm suction. Which the researcher knows from pre-testing interview, is a sensitive area for subject.


I am observing some writhing, giggles and some squirming, can subject explain why?

“Contact is causing tickling sensations to be felt by subject.”

This is to be expected, and is noted. Continuing on, the next point of random contact is subject’s erect nipple. This time, firm suction is coupled w/ flicking of the tongue against point of contact


More squirming, no giggling this time, but a sharp in-drawing of subject’s breath.

“This causes my…no, the subjects’ chest to swell in anticipation creating a slight arching of the back.”

Yes. “Arms appear to be tugging at restraints, is this accurate?”


Ankles are noticeably twisting in the restraints. Next contact at bend of subject’s arm. Gentle bites this time, moving upward to be repeated rapidly at the base of her throat. Researcher’s tongue detects a noticeable rise in pulse rate.

“I am getting so hot…I mean, perspiration begins to appear above subjects brow and between the breasts.”

Researcher again notes his own arousal. Researcher is also concerned for the subjects’ comfort…”is it still chilled in here,” he inquires.

“Uh-huh, but it’s getting warmer.”

Yes. Contact is halted for a moment to observe subject, responses do not appear to be diminishing in the least.” Does subject agree?”

“Oh yes”.

Researcher notes his clothing has become confining.

“What’s happening?”

“Observations.” Next point of contact is the researcher’s mouth on subject’s clitoral hood area.

* Very sharp intake of breath*

Response is instantaneous and surprising in its intensity. Subject appears to be tightening against all restraints. Researcher notes that labial folds have now fully engorged with blood and slid slightly apart revealing the entrance to the vagina.

“My…err; the subjects’ unshaven pubic area should make the observations easier.”

“Yes, it does aide in an unobstructed view.” Now, coupling clitoral stimulation w/ finger contact to the vaginal area.

*Rear-end attempts to lift off the table in invitation*

Researcher inserts two fingers into subject’s vagina (vernacular: pussy).

“My…uh, subjects’ desire for penetration is causing subject to attempt to ‘scoot’ down, to meet the fingers.”

Researcher employs a slight upward curling motion with said fingers, clitoral stimulation continues. Clitoral hood is now fully retracted and the clitoris is observed to be erect. “There is a strong detectable pulse here.” Wetness has intensified w/ inner stimulation to theoretical pendik escort G-spot region. Subject is openly challenging restraints, breath is rapid and shallow.

*Upward thrusting of pelvic region*

Researcher notes a decided upward trend in his own sexual responses, as is demonstrated by his erect penis. Researcher assures subject…”The next point of contact is not oral. It involves direct contact of researcher’s glans penis with subjects’ clitoris.

*Subject is finding it difficult to verbally respond.*

Researcher begins stimulation of subject’s clit w/ his penis. Subjects’ extremities are writhing noticeably. Vulgar verbal responses are noted in subject, researcher pursues this interesting trend by responding similarly, asking subject “Do you want me to fuck you now?”

*Verbalization of researchers’ intentions causes yet more rapid breathing in subject and sharp intense responses. Subject’s pelvis thrusts upward violently*.

“Now. Fuck me NOW!”

Researcher slides his fully aroused cock into subject’s pussy, after applying appropriate Provo-lactic.

*Subject moves to the edge of the table to facilitate penetration.*

Researcher now removes subject’s restraints and blindfold, to facilitate freedom of motion. Subject immediately responds to freedom.

*Reaching for researchers torso to pull him towards subject*

Researcher buries his cock in subject’s wet pussy and begins hard thrusting.

*Subject returns in-kind, back arched upwards while thrusting her pelvic area toward research tool*

“Research probe reaching critical depths. Perhaps the subject could aide the researcher in observations at this point?”

“Most definitely. Rapid heart-rate in researcher and subject should be noted.”

“Who cares….”

Researcher fucks subject hard.

Subject realizes tests may have to be repeated for accuracy, and informs researcher.

“Yesss. Repeated, detailed trials.” Researcher begins to feel distant probe response.

*Subject suddenly pulls away from researcher.*

Researcher is momentarily confused…”What…”

*Subject turns climbs up on knees on the table and thrusts her rear towards researcher. Reaching between her legs, guides probe into her pussy again.*

Yes. Enjoying this new angle, rapid, intense fucking continues. Researcher holds subject by the waist and fucks her deep. Noting hard wet smacks as his cock bottoms out.

*Subject begins to fondle her breasts. Pinching, pulling…*

Researcher massages subject’s ass. Gently pushes a finger firmly around the region of other port of entry.

“Fuck me harder”

Researcher complies. Adjusting his stroke length to remove probe from subject’s pussy before ramming it back inside.

*Subject begins to meet each thrust with intensity.*

Researcher notes spasmodic vaginal movements around the probe. Grip/release/grip.

*An involuntary tightening of the vagina walls is noted by subject.*

A warm, slippery liquid is excreted by subjects’ vagina as it begins oozing over researchers probe. Researcher notices incoming data indicates probe overload imminent. Researchers’ thumb continues firm pressure in perinea area of subject’s ass, while maintaining deep thrusting with his cock.

*Subjects movements begin even more rapid intensity.*

Yes. Probe entry/exit patterns become less structured.

*Subject seems to know probe is reaching maximum usage level* “Are you gonna cum?”

“Yes.” Probe reporting red-zone readings.

“I can feel it.” *As an enlargement is felt.*

“Yes!” Researcher feels swelling near the base of the probe, propagating up the shaft.

*Tightening and shrinkage of external probe sac is felt on subjects’ vaginal lips.*

Researcher buries probe in subject’s pussy, spasms noted.

*Veins begin to rise more in probe. Researchers’ verbalizations are more intense.*

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard.”

“You ready?”


“Oh yes. Give it to me now!”

*Subject responds physically by causing thrusting to become yet more intense.*

Researcher is unable to prevent probe discharge, pulls subject firmly onto probe. Discharge is imminent.

*Suddenly rus escort subject withdraws, turns around and takes probe into her mouth.*

Researcher realizes he has become the subject. Subject is firmly sucking while manipulating with her hand. Playing with the head of researchers cock with her tongue, and gently nibbling with her teeth. Researcher attempts to warn subject, “I am…, I am going to… cum… all… over… your… face!”

*Subject is still gently tugging at researcher’s sac and manipulating his cock, more intensely now.*

Probe discharge erupts. Researchers’ breath is drawn in sharply, eyes roll back and mouth drops open as his ass thrusts ever deeper into subjects’ mouth.


*Subjects’ mouth is full, subject turned researcher cannot respond otherwise. Researcher turned subject is unable to articulate words. Probe discharges repeatedly into researcher/subjects’ mouth and onto face. Subject is swallowing and spiting at same time. It begins to run down the probe and drip onto subjects breasts.

Researcher realizes subject is not unfamiliar with this type of probe. “mmm” is all he can manage to say, as discharge begins to ooze from subjects mouth. His probe is still discharging…although intensity is dropping. Researcher watches subject deal w/ probe discharge, as places his probe onto her breast and begins to ‘manipulate’ remaining discharge from probe; completely draining it.

*Subject continues vulgar auditory stimulation,*

“I want your hot cum on my tits.”

*Opening her mouth to show residual probe discharge, allowing it to ooze from her mouth Subject slowly climbs back up onto table, brushing her taut nipples against researchers’ face as she gets in position*

“My turn”.

“Oh yes.” Researcher takes subjects pussy into his mouth, and begins to suck and tease with his tongue. Inserts two fingers into her vagina, sucking on subject’s clit as if it was a nipple. Thrusting in and out while continuing to suck on her clit. Subjects’ body begins to meet ea thrust with her own.

“I’m gonna cum”

Researcher sucks down hard on subject’s clit and curls the two fingers up, stroking inside, suddenly subjects’ legs engulf researchers head in a vise-like action, squeezing. Shuddering motions begin throughout subject’s body.

*Subjects hands reach down and grab researchers’ hair, pulling him even deeper into her vagina, her back arches and her pelvic area thrusts higher.*

Researcher meets subjects’ intensity and sucks her clit firmly, with his fingers deep inside.

*Intense shuddering begins throughout subjects’ body*


Researcher feels involuntarily spasms around his fingers. As more vulgar admonitions emit from subject…

“Suck my pussy”

Researcher stands somewhat, lifting subject’s ass off the table, face still buried in her pussy. Researcher wonders if female ejaculatory response rumor is true. Still enjoying the taste of subject’s wet pussy. Still continuing the thrusts, her body meeting the researchers’ mouth.

*Suddenly the subject feels the release from deep inside her body.*

“Here it comes!”

Researcher again feels a flexing in the vaginal area. A tightening begins everywhere in and on subjects’ body. Researcher anticipates some sort of release, although uncertain of nature or magnitude. Subject thrust her pelvis up in one last long hard spasm, her legs tighten on researchers head as she grabs his hair and buries his face deeper in her wanting pussy. Immediate release of pressure is apparent by creamy hot liquid shooting into researchers’ mouth. Surprised researcher continues sucking, and swallowing the orgasmic fluid. Lapping this up by running his tongue along vaginal lips causing more spasms and cream to be released.

“Oh Dear God Yes!!!”

*Subject collapses to table.*

Researcher eases subject’s ass onto the table. Quickly finds an appropriate covering and lies down next to her and shares her cum with her via a kiss, deeply probing with his tongue. Researcher idly strokes subject’s hair, holding her in his arms.

“Hmmm, you do realize that these tests will have to be reconducted?”

“Yes. After a recharging period has passed”

*Subject smiles dreamily, closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep.*

Researcher kisses subject gently one last time.

“mmmm…life as a test subject may not be too bad”

The last sounds researcher hears from subject. Researcher watches subject sleep for a long while before succumbing himself.

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